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the c.d.u. leadership in berlin came out the smalling clearly is supporting their man army lashing that the markers are in bavaria would throw in the towel but he hasn't done that he he came out about half an hour ago and said that this is a difficult situation it requires careful thought a few days more thought he thinks both men seem to agree that some kind of decision on this question of who will be running to replace and succeed anglo-american in september needs to be sorted out soon but not today says we need a few more days to think about this and he pointed out that the conservative party's standing with the voters has been dropping in recent months and it's not looking good he's saying you know we don't have the right policies we don't have the right appeal to voters at the moment and of course by saying that he's saying that perhaps he is the man who can help to bring the poll numbers back to where the
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conservatives both c.d.u. and see if you want to be the simon does this mean that the contest is still wide open. well it's hard to say because the c.d.u. the americans party the christian democrats they are the largest part larger party by far in this in this pairing of tea parties and they expect the they have the 1st priority to say who will who will be the candidates and they've come out fairly clearly at least the leadership today has done so but i think mr assertive believes there are quite a lot of local policy associations and activists and also members of the bundestag even on the cd you take it who would support him the reason being that he's much more popular in the polls with the country at large and also with conservative
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voters in particular than lash eighty's he thinks he can do a better job than as he said in his press conference even a difference of 2 or 3 percent at the polls in september would mean a difference of how many quite a significant difference of how many conservative candidates gets into parliament that's something the members of the bun the struggles are worried about simon i only got 20 seconds with you what is behind the popularity of mr serger i think it's that image of dynamism these try to cultivate particularly in the corona crisis sees he's positioned himself as somebody who has been tough willing to get things done willing to take unpopular decisions and by contrast is sometimes been a bit king that see you and locked down so that maybe one of the key differences between them is every simon young reporting thank you. we turn our attention now to the mideast where israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says his country
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will never allow iran to obtain nuclear weapons mr netanyahu made their comments after tehran blamed israel for sabotaging its largest nuclear facility israel has not directly claimed responsibility but israeli media reported that an israeli cyber attack was behind the incident a spokesman for iran's foreign ministry said his country will retaliate against israel in due time the natanz enrichment site suffered a large scale blackout on sunday just hours after uranium enrichment was restarted at the plant the incident took place barely a week after you back talks in vienna are reviving the international nuclear accord with iran. i'd like to welcome and now mr anon tabata by in distilled or if in iran analysts or a very warm welcome what do we know about who and what was behind the cyber attack . i guess we're still in the zone alls more or less
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educated guesses and it makes perfect sense to describe the rationale behind this attack to the israeli government and its intelligence. organization mossad we know the israeli position on the jessie j. is continues to be extremely hawkish and the nuclear agreement that you already referred to which is now discussed in vienna to restore the nuclear agreement is something that is worrying the prime minister that benjamin netanyahu in israel a lot so this is why everybody's pointing his or her finger to to israel at the moment and now iran says that the centrifuges that were damaged were so important about this particular infrastructure. well the centrifuges are essential to. conduct enrichment and iran has been. using connecting using in
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cascades centrifuges also in the way to to exert pressure on the parties to the nuclear agreement using more modern more efficient centrifuges and this is certainly something that is supposed to raise eyebrows internationally so that the nuclear agreement is more seriously tried to the resort and that's also why this nuclear site is so important and why it may have come under attack from israel the timing is very significant absolutely it's key and we saw an attack on the iranian ships last week. apparently there are concerns that these talks in vienna are leading to the restoration of the milk or cream and that is something that has some serious opposition mainly in israel but also in saudi arabia and other countries that are allies to the u.s. the arc enemies of your own. now what will the impact be on those talks whether
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they stand. currently it really looks promising i have to say it looks as if the u.s. and iran the 2 most important parties arguably to the nuclear agreement are trying to work out a path that both sides can sell domestically and to serve the poor the purpose of what the j.c. has been about and the talks in vienna were halted for the moment on friday but are expected to resume as early as this week and there has been some progress in this respect but lots of the tiny details of it are in fact now in progress and that makes it so sense of a sensitive at the moment and possibly such events such as yesterday can make it even more complicated but i obviously hope that all sides will stay focused on what mung on what matters iran analyst and nonna by many thanks for joining us
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my pleasure. take a look now at some of the other stories in the headlines there right now the global chemical weapons watchdog says it has reasonable grounds to believe the syrian regime used chemical weapons and a 2080 to tackle the in the bleacher report by the o.p.c. w. found the syrian air force dropped a quarry in bomb on the town of set up to the syrian government has consistently denied using chemical weapons in the country's civil war. ukraine says russia has not answered its request to start a dialogue over the build up of russian troops on his border kiev says moscow has mass more than 40000 forces on his eastern border and the same number in crimea russia says the troop movements are defensive. mean mars also leader uncensored she has again demanded a face to face meeting with her lawyers after the military brought new criminal charges against her so she faces multiple charges that could see her barred from office for life she has been in custody since the military seized power in february
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. at least 2 firefighters have been hospitalized after battling a massive blaze in the russian city of st petersburg a fire broke out at a historic factory in the city center dozens have been evacuated from the vicinity firefighters are still working to douse the flames. india has recorded a new surge in covert 19 infections daily cases have topped 168000 well that means india has now recorded more infections during the pen demick than any other country except the us authorities are hoping to slow the spread now of the covert pandemic by imposing new restrictions and trying to persuade more people to get vaccinated but many states are complaining of this vaccine shortage fears are also growing that many are failing to observe rules on social distancing. from the banks of the sacred beaver ganges brimming despite india so. during infection rates millions are
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expected to attend the ku mayla festival covert 1000 tests are required to enter the area but other precautions are ignored still worshippers have faith that they're safe. for their baby boy you sure thing they did more you should. just. put it off by reading moscow. has been in some sort of defense a group of. hope yes we were afraid to come during covert 19 but nothing should happen to us by the grace of mother goddess ganges and everything will be fine there are no problems. but there are problems for the police who say they are too overwhelmed to enforce the rules. we are appealing to people to follow the guidelines but in the riverbank area social distancing becomes difficult if we try to enforce it severe accidents or
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situations like stampedes can occur we'll go but make it in for some distance the. prevention measures in india very luck downs are in force in many areas including maharashtra the hardest hit state it's also home to moon by india's economic powerhouse. across india another event is attracting attention the so-called vaccination festival a 4 day drive to accelerate the national rollout. india's inoculation program had been relatively successful but several states are reporting vaccine shortages. in contrast to this festival authorities hope the vaccination festival will help bring infection numbers down. more on the story now joined by did. just swallow and in fact good to see you a few weeks ago india was exporting to the world a vaccine has been that was scrambling to get its own population inoculated we've
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just heard that the regulators in india have approved russia as a sprint the vaccine what would that mean for india's vaccination campaign a lot of the procedure and still ongoing an expert panel has recommended that a coup will off sputnik and it is cured it will stop being given to people as well as by night that is to be you know and it can definitely be now i must point out that the indian national government keeps insisting that india has enough to do with it's already all due to lack of i don't think giving but she. did which is the after that it got screwed and a domestically manic back should and do and it backs in a by a company called part of biotech but now many states come out to say that the odds on a shark there seems to be a conflict between the states and the national government on why exactly is happening but if there is a shortage did you ask topix what's and the man back to the flattening they don't
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want to be fighting in companies in deals with the manufacturers of the russian manufactured about and using a domestic this continually had these supply of indian vaccines given an update it's not as high as it should be now and there will be a 4 day vaccination drive we understand how much could that achieve. well look at the ecological the show is to use by instant means was used to all of the into the process to turn out for vaccinations not of course an absolute novelist indians blacks and asians right does look impressive be that in the country has changed over 100000000 jabs in i'll be 85 years however when you look at the last number of the placenta of the population it is not that impressive and it is far below all of the dogs in getting but it's a they have recorded instances of vaccine has a disease as well as vaccine because there's this festival of going to counter that however small thought we have not seen the significant uptick in people joining up
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with a vaccine right so there's there's an issue with vaccine conference if i understand you correctly what's more behind this dramatic surge in covert 1000 is it also that people are just letting their guard down well that would definitely be a possibility but it is also shouldn't be the bullet in that god down in february as well for example but the average if it were back then was about $13000.00 so there are some of the awesome suspicion that the increase of cases could be related to the new parents as well of course events like the well made up polygamist that we just spoke seek and elections does not help and there is an expectation that they lacked the allowance or the means for these events when it was. there a shot just wall of reporting from delhi thank you for your continued coverage. meanwhile corner virus restrictions are being eased in england today non-essential shops hairdressers and gyms will join pub outdoor spaces to reopen prime minister
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boris johnson is calling it a major step towards freedom the opening is come after a fast that scene roll outs and falling numbers of corn a virus cases and deaths but the government is also warning people against complacency. for 3. 1 ladies and gentlemen thank you all states have your 1st free they found 6 out it's been a long wait for this pub in london but it was ready to open its doors the moment restrictions were lifted after midnight on april 12th and for these pum goers it was not a moment too soon. you know it's been chewed on i've been saying these lot socially for a while when yes it's just good to be well not just almost good to be. tough measures have been in place in england and in other parts of the u.k. since early january to suppress a surge in corona virus infections that swept the country late last year. along
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with outdoor service at pumps and restaurants on monday gyms and fitness studios were also allowed to reopen as well as hair salons and non-essential retail shops that's good news for many businesses which have struggled to stay afloat amid several stretches of lockdown over the past year. when yet really really worry and it's my only source of income. of personal finance well. britain has had europe's worst corona virus outbreak with more than 127000 confirmed deaths but infections of hospitalizations and deaths have all fallen thanks to the lockdown and a mass vaccination program that has given at least one dose to more than 60 percent of the adult population who. are let's go to did abuse or charlotte shell some pill she is on the story for you oh charlotte mr boris johnson calling this
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a major step forward how excited are people about these changes and now what's it like being in london today. that's right later i think a lot of people would agree with doris jones this is a this feels like a major step forward it hasn't that been months since people have been able to gather like this any cop out old felt like they think was the right though maybe it's the people who are gathered here they tell me but of course there's not just the good good it's the people who are wanting to have a couple of drinks a day is also great news for the public they've had a very very difficult time we know that across england loss of jobs thousands of jobs have been lost businesses have closed so. it's a day does feel like a major step forward that people are hoping for everything from september over normality to retire. yes obviously all lot of optimism there where you are but
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health officials continue to warn that people should not become complacent because there are still many variants that are spreading quickly what were structures what will mean in place. that's why the government here is still urging caution today reminding people that there are still these restrictions in place now as some of the lockdown measures are being used as you can see a lot 7 of others were made for example dining at pubs and restaurants you know out of the i mean there's a big indoor space just behind me which have to remain empty there are also limitations on the number of people who can gather outside the number of people that you can you can't mix with the household in the only home a lot of restrictions still in place here that's because boris johnson the prime minister has said he wants easing the 1st directions to be cautious but irreversible so it is happening in a moment that with the goal in 5 weeks to unleash move restrictions and then move
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going forward in june as well and what about the rest of the country you're charlayne how is the rest of the u.k. doing. right well i would call in gold and moving islands generally throughout this pandemic and full brutally been in line with the rules and regulations being put in place in england today though that is just england that is there celebrating they are looking over to qatar struck hospitality and non-essential shops and as well those 2 i think think conjunction are unique to england today but womanish is all going to be our no 3 of the nations out over the coming week my child a child some people reporting from i want to thank you very much. and now for some more developments in the pen demick germany has passed 3000000 infections the robert capa public health institute says more than 78000 people have died from or
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with covert 19 china's top disease control officials says the country is formally considering mixing covert 19 vaccines for greater protection against corona virus well that's after data showed china's domestically produced a vaccines were less effective than some alternatives and australia has strapped its target of inoculating the adult population by october although they say the astra zeneca vaccine should no longer be given to people under 15. cents for susan now if we athletes around the world are preparing to travel to tokyo for the olympic games this summer but many are still waiting to find out if they will be vaccinated against coronavirus ahead of the event in germany the debate over whether athletes deserve to jump the queue trost strong opinions from both sides. alexandra and dolo. chile's only 2 and javelin thrower
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thomas all want to compete at the olympic games whether they've been vaccinated against coronavirus or not germany is following strict vaccine rules only people in high priority groups can get the job for now athletes have to wait that. was why it's actually an athlete to demand to be vaccinated 1st would be the wrong signal to send. there's little public support in germany for prioritizing vaccinations of athletes one survey taken in february showed only 24 percent of people in favor of prioritizing athletes with 73 percent against among women the idea was even less popular some olympic athletes are worried that the risks they take to compete being ignored. how long do we have to wait before people decide it's ok for athletes to get vaccinated or not the games begin on the 23rd of july but german athletes have to arrive early to allow their bodies to adapt to the time difference in japan with
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a gap of several weeks between vaccine doses they're running out of time. and that athletes have full vaccine protection by the time they travel to the inn in pick gains. in the eyes training programs also defined when it makes sense for an athlete to get the vaccine and. sportsmen and women may suffer from side effects for several days some countries have already dealt with this issue mexico has promised it's a limb paeans they'll be vaccinated in time india hungary denmark israel and the philippines have made similar commitments with you ania's has already started to vaccinate its participants inoculated athletes can train and travel to competitions with more security and now there are calls for german politicians to support the country's olympians all of. the sports committee of the german parliament could be more proactive every 4 years the olympics become the focus of olympic athletes
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careers is what they live from and how they make their money we should give our athletes every chance to do that. good. the i.o.c. also plans to make doses of chinese vaccines available to athletes at no cost ahead of the games a strategy that could help the embattled event avoid more controversy and pass off safely. and they're going to see the minus boost at their survival chances with a late victory against well the 3 to win continues their climb up the table but the result means the end of the road for cologne coach marcus it is tall he has been fired with the team stuck in the relegation zone. marcus gives those cologne hadn't won in 7 games the home coach would have feared the worst when minds scored with their 1st shots on goal john paul put the finishing touches on a neat move. close one handed the way back into the game one half time penalty the
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verdict on 3 tutors equaliser just rewards for cologne's efforts that domination continued in the 2nd half the free kick finding its way to only a scary headed to host since we deserved leads. the football can be a cruel game when you're fighting for survival cologne barely had time to enjoy that goal as months hit back with a sucker punch. but devastating council rounded off by kareem. the visitors had found their way and it was another break down the left that won the game in injury time. play on 3 pereiro the minds hero poking his shots past emotionless t.-mo for. heartbreak for the hosts who seems not to believe what they were seeing but the reality came quickly after the game he stole given the sack with cologne in big big
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trouble. meanwhile bottom of the table shocker earned their 2nd victory of the season is a bit augsburg when nel the only goal came after just 4 minutes when so wide to sarah dart took advantage of some sloppy goalkeeping serger was celebrating his 24th birthday was shot his 1st win in their team games but there's still 100 water coming up next our science magazine at some art today looks at how tiny freshwater polyps could shed light on how so much food.
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it. is quite as simple as it seems. to understand the world better we need to take a closer look. at. the experience knowledge
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to follow she. ought to. imagine how many polish old loves us right now in the war right now climb a tree to take off the story. faces life lesson wait for just one week. how much force can really do. we still have time to ask i'm going. it. says. that some scribes and morning news like. their story their very own personal drama.
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of the chesterfield remember leaf. and they share private footage with us that has never been seen before. bactrim mobile starts in full 20 minutes on d w. what makes of ok no erupts. how does too much food affect the balance of our gut flora. and which animals have the most successful relationships and says to those questions and more coming up.
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well come to you tomorrow today at the science show on t w.


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