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tv   Kultur.21  Deutsche Welle  April 12, 2021 3:03pm-3:31pm CEST

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druther with the major tasks that lie ahead for germany today or tomorrow this week and in the coming months you can win this that's what we want to talk to they see as you very soon and find a joint solution or i'm sure that together will have every chance of winning the elections to stocks by. let's bring in our chief political correspondent on the crane for more on the story that we heard very clear words there from the party leader i mean lusha tell us more about what he's been saying. well he spent much of his press conference displaying his leadership credentials and also talking about policy matters in a way that made it clear that he views himself as chancellor merkel's successor on issues like e.u. policy family policy and management of the corona crisis but he and the party late leadership also made it very clear today that they are
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looking for party unity that means unity between the big sister the christian democrats and the but they're a good party the c s u and therefore the final word has not yet been spoken until mr lasher does meet with mr sergio who leads that are very insistent party and the 2 can show a united front the decisions today by the party leadership both in the executive committee and the broader leadership were not unexpected because this is the leadership of the christian democrats and they are known to be skeptical skeptical about a shift in the balance of power toward their ego therefore there are some christian democrats who have emphasized that it's important to look at what the membership of the party in the federal states the party association is saying rather than only
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what the leaders have in mind however this where today it may not be the last word but it is a very strong word with a lot of weight in favor of mr lasher of these 2 candidates melinda who is more popular. absolutely mr there's a very interesting new poll that shows that among c.d.u. members who voted for the party c.d.u. and c.s.u. members who voted for the party in $27.00 only about 32 percent would still give their pope the vote to the party if mr lasher it is the chancellor candidate if it were mr cert 70 over 70 percent say they'd stay with the party that is a massive difference and if we look at the general population there is at least a 20 percentage point spread between those who favor mr sort of very much in the majority and those who say mr lash it would be a good chancellor so massive gaps if you look at the polls you mentioned that i'm in la should sees himself as
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a natural successor if you well to chance on the macro someone who will uphold her legacy how much will that help him. that's a potential strength it could also prove to be a weakness 6 months ago it was still a strength as germany was looking pretty strong in coming through the corona crisis and the chancellor was riding high in the polls and that is no longer the case in the c.d.u. has been dropping in the polls we saw that also recently in 2 state elections the government's corona crisis management very much called into question the city you are so facing a scandal because of corruption and mask i'm pretty sure meant so a lot of strikes against it and i mean i should if you does become the candidate is going to have hard work to do to win back trust many many germans with you mr sold out as the bolder and more innovative candidate here our chief political correspondent melinda crane but the very latest there thank you.
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israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says his country will never allow iran to obtain nuclear weapons netanyahu made those comments after tehran blamed israel for sabotaging its largest nuclear facility israel has not done directly claimed responsibility but israeli m e israeli media reported that an israeli cyber attack was behind the incident a spokesman for iran's foreign ministry said his country will retaliate against israel in due time the natanz enrichment site suffered a large scale blackout on sunday just hours after you a name and which meant was restarted at the plant the incident took place barely a week after e.u. back talks in vienna on reviving the international nuclear cord with iran. let's get some perspective on the story now we have by indecl dorf he has an iran analyst thank you very much for joining us what do we actually know about what or
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who was behind this cyber attack. at this point obviously we have to make some educated guesses and i think that the fact. attacks like this have happened before and that that has always been an open secret that that any israeli operation was behind it we can assume this time that this is the case again what is your already pointed out a lot of speculation is going on and nobody has claimed responsibility so far but it would be the most likely scenario and mike ok so let's talk about what happened because iran says that these steps centrifuges were damaged tell us some more about this infrastructure and why it matters why it's important. this is a key nuclear enrichment site in iran and obviously a key target for those who assume iran is in fact pursuing a. nuclear program that is supposed to produce nuclear weapons in the end right now
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there are talks going on in yemen as you already hinted to and we have over the last week seen in the tend to tack on and on this like tanker that has been supposedly carried out i think israelis and this nuclear facility is critical for you want enrichment and its progress and enrichment and it can be assumed that this progress and. the development of new centrifuges will supposed to be. undermined and that's what this attack i assume has been about well iran says this is also israel's afeard to sabotage these negotiations in vienna they mentioned where do those talks stand right now. there has been in fact some promising signals that the u.s. and iran in particular in directly conveying messages to each other through europeans the chinese and the russians were also party to this through the nuclear agreement that they are trying to find their way out to reste or the nuclear deal
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that was signed into a new 15 and israel has been an explicit opponent of this and with criticism coming from the prime minister but also other parts of the israeli leadership that this deal should not go ahead and this is why everyone assumes that israel has been behind these operations to halt these diplomatic talks going on and as you said and not still a lot of speculation what and we're not sure but it is not the 1st time that iran has claimed that its nuclear plant was sabotaged so how vulnerable are their plants for it to outside attacks. well we have to say that on the one hand obviously the security detail in all of these nuclear sites is quite advanced but at the same time cyber operations carried out by for example are obviously of most high tech quality one could think of and i don't really think that any
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security set up and in fact protect. against these attacks and that's also the reason why one can assume that most of it has been behind it because of the high advance operations skills that are necessary to in fact conduct such an operation iran analyst joining us from disavow thank you very much my pleasure. now to some other stories making headlines ukraine says russia has not answered its request to start a dialogue over the buildup of russian troops on its border kiev says moscow was a mass more than 40000 forces on its eastern border and the same number in crimea russia says the troop movements are defensive. a tropical cyclone has damaged several towns on australia's western coast leaving tens of thousands without power tropical cyclone so broacha hit the coast around 550 kilometers north of perth an area that rarely experiences tropical storms there are no reports of injuries or
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deaths. mean mars ousted leader aung san suu kyi has again demanded a face to face meeting with her lawyers as the military brought new criminal charges against her suchi faces multiple charges that could see her barred from office for life she has been in custody since the military seized power in february . india has recorded a new surgeon covert 19 infections daily cases have topped 168000 that means india has now recorded more infections during the pandemic than any other country except the us authorities are hoping to slow the spread by imposing new restrictions and trying to persuade more people to get vaccinated but many states are complaining of a vaccine shortage fears are also growing that many are failing to observe rules on social distancing. on the banks of the sacred beaver ganges brimming despite india's soaring infection rates millions are expected to attend
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the ku mayla festival covert 1000 tests are required to enter the area but other precautions are ignored still worshippers have faith that they're safe. for their 'd babies noya sure i think david moyes should. just. put it off by reading moscow. has been in some sort of distancing for the book. yes we were afraid to come during coven $1000.00 but nothing should happen to us by the grace of mother goddess ganges everything will be fine there are no problems. but there are problems for the police who say they are too overwhelmed to enforce the rules. we are appealing to people to follow the guidelines but in the riverbank area social distancing becomes difficult if we try to enforce
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it severe accidents or situations like stampedes can occur but make it in force and the strength to go prevention measures in india very luck downs are in force in many areas including maharashtra the hardest hit state it's also home to mumbai india's economic powerhouse. across india another event is attracting attention the so-called vaccination festival a 4 day drive to accelerate the national rollout. india's inoculation program had been relatively successful but several states are reporting vaccine shortages. in contrast to this festival authorities hope the vaccination festival will help bring infection numbers down. for more on the story let's bring in. standing by for us in delhi hina misha on the one hand we're seeing this dramatic surge in covered $1000.00 cases and at the same time millions of people seem to be
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gathering so why are there are no restrictions in place. there are all stupid distractions like the hood of the really big muscles to show up with what would make it so difficult but the spinners on the back to look at that people are also expected to maintain social distancing from family on the eurasian at the festival it is usually it will change once it's been reduced to a month because so much but of course it will be pretty sufficient so it's going to try to do is have a company for 3 this is just not possible or doing floors with crowds this massive didn't create did it not if they go about finding people meeting all stampede similarly in detail actions when you want to i don't country we have seen massive political realities and what about opposition parties as well of the. party prime minister that it will be massive rallies to be sent so why the country is imposing
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on the restrictions that often so on specially monster tips that such events and that allow them to be meet us as humans we will as the spike even for them and the michelle we heard about this a 4 day vaccination drive what could that have changed. now to me it looks like a not like the prime minister julia to utilize his white or platypi to look between the people to join out at high not just to get. as not you would vaccination restless dave just how do we do a day over 2 decades now but of course i didn't come to the good vaccine well as impressive number one of over 100000000. i don't mean you know what is happening but once again you look at the site simplification it's not that large a number is still behind talk it's and this finding is not listed in the backseat hesitancy so the festival is an effort to counter that oh it was not seen it just
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live up to. our correspondent mission to us while they're reporting from delhi thank you very much let's take a look out some other developments in the pandemic germany has surpassed 3000000 infections the robert cock public health institute says more than 78000 people have died from or with covered 19 china's top disease control official says the country is formally considering mixing coal with 1000 vaccines to offer greater protection against the virus that's after data show china's domestically produced vaccines were less effective than some alternatives and australia has scrapped its target of an ocular leading its adult population by october health authorities say the astra zeneca vaccine should no longer be given to people under the age of 50. coronavirus restrictions are being eased in england today non-essential shops hairdressers and gyms will joint joint outdoor spaces and pubs to reopen prime minister boris johnson is calling it
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a major step towards freedom the openings come after us fast vaccine roll out and falling numbers of corona virus cases and deaths but the government is also warning people against complacency. for 3. 1 ladies and gentlemen take your seats at your 1st break they found out it's been a long wait for this pub in london but it was ready to open its doors the moment restrictions were lifted after midnight on april 12th and for these pub goers it was not a moment too soon. you know it's been. i've been saying these lot socially for a while when. it gets a bit well not least almost good to be. tough measures have been in place in england and in other parts of the u.k. since early january to suppress a surge in corona virus infections that swept the country late last year. along with outdoor service at pumps and restaurants on monday gym centredness studios
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were also allowed to reopen as well as hair salons and non-essential retail shops that's good news for many businesses which have struggled to stay afloat amid several stretches of lockdown over the past year. yeah it really really worrying it's my only thought of income so it's probably a personal family as well. britain has had europe's worst corona virus outbreak with more than 127000 confirmed deaths but infections hospitalizations and deaths have all fallen thanks to the lockdown and a mass vaccination program that is given at least one dose to more than 60 percent of the adult population. let's bring in our correspondent in london. is standing by for us hi charlotte it's good to see you i imagine a lot of people are pretty excited about these reopening sedate so tell us what the atmosphere is like in london today. that's right we've been seeing images of people
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queuing up outside shops you had in that report just the excitement for many it being announced go outside in pubs again at the moment there was some who even sat outside at need nights to mock the easing of these restrictions with with points to so a lot of excitement here in the u.k. in england at the moment but i think you really do have to bear in mind the toll that the last year has taken on the u.k. we had a number of. u.k. has one of the highest death tolls in the world over hunching 20000 people have lost their lives to code it has been in and now very strict restrictions particularly over the last few months where it's not been possible in various points even to meet someone from another more than one person from another household outside it's clearly also taken a huge toll on businesses as well many jobs lost many businesses are having to
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close so this is easing now. for many here in england is being seen as the 1st mate or is a major step towards some semblance now of normality a good deal to the u.k. a successful vaccine program overhaul for the adults now have now received at least one dose of the vaccination and of course months of lockdown dropping case numbers fatalities dramatically here at the same time health officials are warning that people cannot become complacent charlotte so what restrictions do remain in place. that's why the government is edging people to behave responsibly today and going forward prime minister boris johnson has said his road map out of lockdown is cautious an air of bastable so long town is being eased in stages this is the the 2nd stage of the easing of restrictions but what that does mean is there are some still in place for example mixing indoors with members of another household not out
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of hospitality industry opening up out doors today but not indoors that still to come next month foreign travel still not allowed so a lot of a lot of those restrictions are still in place but the prime minister saying over and over again that this is now a one way road to freedom so we are expecting those restrictions to be over the coming months w's charlotte shell simple reporting from london thank you. sports now in bundesliga football minds boosted their survival chances with a late victory against cologne the 3 chill wind continues their climb up the table but the result means the end of the road for cologne coach marcus he's been fired with the team stuck in the relegation zone. marcus gives dos cologne hadn't won in 7 games the home coach would have feared the worst when mind scored with their 1st shot on goal john paul boy put the finishing touches on
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a neat new. clothing were handed a way back into the game on half time penalty the verdict on 3 due to his equaliser just rewards for cologne's efforts that domination continued in the 2nd half the free kick finding its way to las garry headed to host seems would deserve to lead. the football can be a cruel game when you're fighting for survival cologne barely had time to enjoy that goal as months hit back with a sucker punch. but devastating council rounded off by kareem only see. the visitors had found their way and it was another break down the left that won the game in injury time. play andre pereiro the might see hero poking his shots past emotionless t.-mo for. heartbreak for the hosts who seems not to believe what they were seeing but the
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reality came quickly after the game is still given the sack with cologne in big big trouble. russia is celebrating 60 years since the cosmonaut yuri gagarin made history as the 1st man in space the city of st petersburg put on a laser show one sunday to mark the anniversary the garden's achievement made him a national hero and ahead of moscow a victory in that space race with washington and that 1st flight still captures the imagination of russians 6 decades later. the ousting off into the unknown and a place in history. inside the vostok one rocket was eureka garren a soviet air force officer. he became the 1st man in space orbiting the earth for 108 minutes and the 1st human to see the planet from the heavens but i'm
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watching the forest the rivers the clouds by the time get darren ejected out of his space capsule and parachuted to earth he was a soviet hero he was celebrated by people and leaders alike. crowds crammed into moscow's red square to cheer him. 6 decades later homemade tributes skybound. hundreds of space and through z s gathered to launch cardboard and plastic rockets into the air in st petersburg celebrating cosmonaut extend a pantry living memories flooded me across scam was part of the ground control team at the launch 60 years ago. who. will leave you
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we had a few sleepless nights before i pulled 12 so on the day we felt anxious to be honest i really needed to sleep but i was so tense i couldn't even close my eyes we had to keep working. in. the mission showcase the soviet union's technological elite 1st into space the full of the united states. goals of the launch of eureka garren had a colossal propaganda effect. they became so important because suddenly we were koehler of the united states the only group should. get our and success supercharge the space race and cemented the soviet union as a space superpower a position that russia still holds today to the international space station. right
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coming up next on news asia taiwan success story in tackling the coronavirus how does the silent of 24000000 people who poured in just a 1000 cases. and japan's new champion will see the response to the death you might say yes historic win at the masters. the responder to have those stories up next on news asia stay tuned.
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their story their very own personal drama.
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after the chesterfield remember the book and they share private footage with us that has never been seen before. the back of the treme obstructs april 26th on d w. it's kind of the face that's like a budget of course because i want to see a gemini with a mate the last few years have been quite o'brien early. and learned a lot higher. when it comes to. perhaps the pick of the new line i'm going down the road for it i'd like to be even better if there isn't there a conflict when you feel you are giving your realize it's called just another way of living you read to me and 3rd me.
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and you let me know yes yes we need you and how last year's german songs that we bring you. as you've never had to have a surprise yourself with what is possible who is magical really. important. who talks to people who follow along the way i admire and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping hardlink is joining us from eccles la stops. this is due to lose a show coming up today the island that's beach called it made teen. chardon has recorded just a little 1000 cases of the colder waters in a population of 24000000 so how did you do it and what lessons are there for others . for countries like the philippines perhaps struggling with an alarming surge in infections that's made hospital beds scarce. and
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a master stroke he did not yama becomes the 1st japanese man to win as.


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