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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2021 9:15am-9:30am CEST

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and the angst it did the rest was just minutes left to play marcus involves and equalized anyon a win for 2nd place lots of cuts fines laid to 5 points. this is day to day news live from berlin well the stories is coming up on 1st all right there's much more news and analysis on our web site d w dot com sees that. we have an important news. smoking news healthy post decides are good for the beans global warming doesn't exist. until he goes well not yet comes from the. industry is controlling your thoughts here tends to link seeking to the rail
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science it's not easy to spot. the great books of the 20th century. present day hoaxes. and who's behind the. manufacturing ignorance starts may 3rd on d w. this week on world stories. tech jobs instead of terrorism in belgium. pollution instead of prosperity in nigeria. but we begin in germany. while politicians continue discussing the 3rd lock down citizens are increasingly frustrated with the consequences of the pandemic. the bergdorf family in berlin
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a year after the corona virus pandemic began everyone is at home everyone is busy at their computer well almost everyone. leandro is struggling with his mouth homework the 14 year old spends up to 9 hours a day at his laptop 1st for his lessons then for homework sometimes leander has to force himself to keep up with his tasks. what. you just get sad you don't have any energy you almost get a little depressed that's a heavy duty word depressed but it's true. just don't feel like doing anything anymore and. his mother paula also spends her days homeschooling she's a teacher and looks forward to the day when she can finally teach inside the school again 1000 back summations could make that happen. then i got a message from my school yesterday that invitations for all teachers to get
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vaccinations are in the mail. that's very good news. and now i know i will have a vaccination appointment he didn't mean germany's vaccination rollout is taking a long time so far only 10 percent of the population has been vaccinated the 1st to get the job were people over 80 and staff in hospitals and nursing homes paula bergdorf isn't allowed to just go stand in line at the vaccination center without an invitation right now she's looking forward to having rapid testing introduced at her workplace self tests that people take at home will make the school a little safer but in germany these are still not available everywhere paula worries about losing connection to her students. one is comics you don't hear anything from them not a no don't feel like it or yes just silence. and then of course you wonder where
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are they what. the father of the family mark has set up his home office in their bedroom he'd rather work here than take the bus and subway to work during a pandemic he considers that too risky in a europe wide comparison germany only comes in as average when it comes to working at home instead of remaining at the workplace less than 40 percent of german employees work from home mark is finding it quite a challenge to work in this environment as god's will for me it's hard for me to combine my working world and the atmosphere that normally surrounds me with working at home with my child my dog my wife it's quite challenging at times months when a sport is exempt missile marc is trying to imagine what the future will be like after the pandemic is over he's in charge of a startup that's developing ideas for a new kind of tourism after coke at 19 all in all the bergdorf are very grateful
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that they've made it through the pandemic healthy so far. after the terror attack 5 years ago and bacon belgium became known as a terrorism hotspot. a young tech entrepreneur wants to show that the brussels neighborhood has more to offer. molen bag 5 years ago after terrorist attacks in paris and brussels the whole world knew that word and this place this district became infamous as the home base of a handful of bad guys the rest of my index almost 100000 residents felt unfairly stigmatised i was really frustrated and said. i also wanted to explain to peace. well guys. it's a nice area with people with quality. and this is not our city of terrorist
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ybor he was also felt last growing up like those small and black men who would become bombers he dropped out of school at 13 but where they turned to crime he taught himself to code and became a successful tech entrepreneur without the fancy diplomas from expensive schools that many top business people have. so yeah. he did have something the desire to help others succeed in 2015 while nearby the terrorist cell was planning its attacks was a recreated a nonprofit tech incubator so mullen that kids would have a place to go a chance to dream big what he calls a different ecosystem provides trainees everything for free the rest is up to them this is this love for to give to people. you know it's just people come and take your opportunity. if they have no money it's free if they have no computer we can
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lend a computer they have no time we are almost 20 hours before you know every day from the single room where he started cerise ecosystem now takes up the whole building and had a turnover of $2000000.00 euros last year google c.e.o. sundar pichai visited recently to make a donation in person the world is changing was a recess the big companies recruiting his students are less focused on traditional degrees 93 percent of graduates have tech jobs or have founded their own companies there are also spin offs in the netherlands and italy laura hebert a digital marketing student travels in hour each way from. meant to be part of the whole in geek community i think it's the best training center in brussels ucas it's like recognize from big companies what outsiders used to deride as
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a no go zone is now the place to be. the chinese government is ramping up pressure on hong kong. more and more pro-democracy activists either flee the country or end up in court like li turk am . a small flat in downtown hong kong weather woes only will see young dedicated to the 18 i channel in krakow is located the military repression in beijing 32 years ago changed the course of many people in china and hong kong including leach again i was there during the doing for the massacre and i was the plane for free days after my release back to hong kong i crashed and i will spend my life time by people democracy in china and so that those who sacrificed were not being very. streeter case all leisure is facing
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a difference fate critic c n n in massive track now being carried out by painting this time on this most liberal and democratic city hong kong in the wake of anti-government protest here an age this was hostile organizing and that's handy and authorizes and that's really it was over a 1000000 people took part was one of the few without found questions every one of the defendants a high profile figures apart from media tycoon she knew i own a former lawmaker and icons of the opposition movement like martin lee who is know this father of 2 know this issue of the charges carries a maximum 5 year jail term. yet this case is just the tip of the iceberg with over $10000.00 adults arrested off the city's system intensify the fear. all denies hong kong's tenement morning vigil every year calling for an end to china's one party case and that to take to make him
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a prime target and beijing security this year he will likely be absent for the very 1st time in this era in a way that going to joe's part of the struggle now i would come by saying that this is already. a blessing for me that i would only have to go to jail after 40 years of activism in hong kong. but i'm ready to pay the price and ready to face it having witnessed hong kong's decades long struggle the 64 year old activist is not optimistic but he believes that his successors will continue to fight for democracy and to define the leverage to call. the niger delta is not only one about because most important oil producing regions it's also one of the most polluted places on earth instead of prosperity this black
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gold brings residents sickness and death. the niger delta once offered to reach spoilers for farmers and fishermen like my. no it's a trade to humans and the ecosystem goal all human spills happen if people are exposed to high levels of chromium the mark you read. most of them died before the age of 40. our lives in bordeaux depend their laggy on the sea. we depend on the sea seafood. to do almost all of those sea foods have gone down find them again because of the oil spill and this has led to. the level of poverty i find no if not find the word to describe a study in 2012 estimated that 16000 babies died within the 1st month of their
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life they died because of oil producer ssion in the niger delta state officials admit that the situation has become even worse since then how many people would do better there last week how many were buried this week where die. because this is i don't want their. poverty. in time so food in terms of cost and even the necessities of life you know what i. bust areas of the states would always out talk sick the u.n. says it could take 30 years to clear up the contamination. residents and activists blame the multinational oil company for their plight they have pretty shown their government to provide hospitals and schools to improve their living conditions. in the hopeless there isn't
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a las cruces and in the very. developed the did the foam on the. well as that does it clear up with my just a measureless also on and pam it will do people that i've been reading just place through this species. the region provides most of nigeria's revenues but the communities see they get nothing in return and their government has neglected them under the f. them to be effect. is this art. or is it. just technology.
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artificial intelligence create our. distant future time night me. sure i do like. i as an artist are 21. next. earth. where does this powerful emotion come from. and how can we conquer. the science of fear. in 45 minutes on d w. what secrets lie behind these walls. to discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage
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sites kuti w world heritage 360 get kidnapped now. or . work like. cracked. bones like a machine if indeed been mentioned but was not as in. i mean maybe one day they will they will have their own preferences that we care about and they will be you know to become like a new whole new species.


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