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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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this is g.w. news live from berlin a warning that sectarian violence could return to northern ireland leaders call for calm after another night of clashes between police and protesters the comes on the anniversary of the agreements that brought peace to the province also coming up. military salutes and a moment of silence as burton and the world pay tribute to prince philip the day after queen elizabeth's husband died. and the goals fly in as champions league
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contenders crankset and old clash in the going to sleep is the big match on saturday. and really mohammed thanks for joining us arlen's prime minister has warned of a return to sectarian violence in northern ireland after a night of unrest in belfast the morning comes as islands and the united kingdom on the 23rd anniversary of the good friday agreement which ended nearly 3 decades of conflict scuffles between protesters and police on friday led to 14 officers being injured tensions mainly stemmed from the pro purchase unionist community in belfast and its fuelled by business over the break that agreement which imposes border checks between the province and the rest of the u.k. . joining me live now from belfast is henry mcdonald he's an author and aren and
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correspondent thank you very much indeed for being with us here on detail that you so for decades it seemed like peace had returned to northern ireland and now this what's happened. well basically you are a crisis of confidence in the unionist community they believe the european union. britain to keep northern are the single market house and the sense economically all are separate there's more going on in the rest of the u.k. i'm not as critical of constitutional insert they added into other factors which as you know already outlined on warning sectarian division to monitor asked by the good friday what an oxy cocktail looks social forces that reduce the violence of the last year they actually say tonight it's relatively calm it's not what it wants and in iran in the case of the rioting the war is peace and we know at least for
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now our kill henry the belfast city council of bryan smith has been speaking about the reasons for the rest assisted us to talk about young people who have no hope of little opportunity her education our concentration and well our life chances are remarkably a fact that through the circumstances and the structural inequalities that were they know what most complex. there are of occasions of practice i think northern ireland has been used as being used as a pawn that's been used as a pawn by the british government it's been used as a pawn during by the european union. how they were asked warnings that the split between london and brussels could potentially lead to violence in northern ireland what could have been done to prevent something like this will ever happen with the 1st year or so but articles of public government also federal and using martin are . on this our pm of social road we're actually what needs to be on i think in my
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opinion some modification of the call to lessen the destruction. great britain and the northern ireland to. underline the undermining role of the impression that some why northern arm is one foot outside of the u.k. without the consent of its population and remember consent of the population is the bedrock of the good friday it mean that near 23 years ago there can't be any cost to switch gears unless a majority vote for it. the critics of the agreement say well the political impulse buy lawn and the brussels flies in the face of that it goes on their mind the consent principle and this is very very interesting i'm not one of the 5 there is this or and like you said today marks the 23rd anniversary of the good friday agreement which you say it's under risks of being under threat i think it is on
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rescue me if it is proved to be general if the survey masacre it has survived serious only shorter and sectarian widening in the past what makes this kind different ways argument on an r.e.c. order that restraint our question of constitutional existence when our own which is it. and the cottons that get dressed and the boat with the agreement at risk sure ok hang with donald life ross in belfast thank you so much for your time. well a 2nd look at other stories making headlines around the world meanwhile security forces have killed more than 80 protesters in the city of fargo north east of here and gone more has been in turmoil since the military took control in february. chad's president idriss deby has held his last campaign rally ahead of sunday's presidential election debbie is expected to secure
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a 6th term in office extending his 3 decade long rule human rights groups accuse his government of cracking down on the opposition in the run up to the vote. how germany's right wing populist alternative for germany party is holding a convention ahead of national elections in september hundreds delegates have come together and person in the eastern city of dresden despite rising cases of coronavirus in the country leaders are hoping for a show of unity and to move away from the internal struggles that have plagued the party. there the biggest opposition party in germany but on saturday they mostly stood in opposition to each other alternative for germany's election campaign launch was sidetracked by internal power struggles the party shying away from choosing the top candidates for september's federal election those wanting to topple current leader for being too moderate will have to wait. come here for good
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we are now going into the election campaign internal struggles for positions or disputes have to rest and we have to deal with the opponent outside. we as a party want to bring a different spin to politics. their lead candidates will be chosen in the coming weeks the far right party was founded in 2013 focusing on euro skepticism but in recent times though they've been capitalizing on anti immigration views. one thing that's remained constant is the turmoil at the top with the leadership often riven by very public factional disputes that's something they're hoping to avoid this time as they meet in dresden to agree on their policy platform this election they're looking for votes in dissatisfaction with coronavirus restrictions they also stated a desire to leave the european union and reject action on the environment.
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we in germany are not able to have a big influence on climate change. when you look at the programme of the green party if we achieve that that is the destruction of our industry and of our industry that's not what we want. with the polling around 12 percent and most parties are already refusing to join a coalition with them a limited role seems likely to await the a.f.d. in the next german parliament. now correspondent simon young has been at the party convention interest in and he explained the main issues for the f.t. ahead of the tempest election. year what they've been discussing here is their. campaign program which they launched last night and that's under the slogan germany but normal they're emphasizing an idea of what they see as normality
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a vision that includes such things as the return to compulsory military service and nuclear power more coal fired power stations and also of course ditching the euro well many people will ask whether really that is a vision of normal germany that a lot of people want to see but the f.t. says to other political parties don't care what ordinary people think i think behind all the discussions here he says it's still a discussion a wider debate within the party about which direction whether to drift further to the right or whether to somehow try and seize the middle ground of german politics an attempt to oust the moderate leader one of the co-leaders of the alternative for germany that failed here in dresden this weekend and also an attempt by some of the delegates to make sure that this party conference would decide who would lead the
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party during this important election year of course federal elections in september that too has failed that might have strengthened the right so there's a small victory if you like for the moderate wing of the day here in dresden this weekend but these internal battles they rage on. now britain is mourning prince philip husbands to queen elizabeth he died on friday at age 99 the hand palace announced his funeral will take place next saturday april 17th flags will fly as hamas until then all the palaces off the. crowds not to gather people are still coming out to pay their respects and the military have been paying their tribute to the prince. but. the gun salutes run out across the united kingdom in honor of prince philip who died on friday if the age of $99.00 from what each barracks in london. actually hillsborough casale in belfast. cardiff castle.
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and edinburgh castle. both full corners of the nation press the pause button for a short while to remember the prince who also held the title of the cuke of edinburgh gun salutes were also held at sea on british navy ships in honor of prince philip who served in the royal navy during the 2nd world war the prince found a special place in the public's heart. i wanted to bring my kids a as they grow up or remember this. the royal family i would be called the royal so only 300 k. all right so what i've seen just obviously from doing history in the past started i think that yeah he's absolute rock. and i enjoyed watching the queen's interviews and she says i'll see if she was a rock to her as well say i i think it's just lovely just to be near near the the
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atmosphere you know going you just seeing all 4 pairs. that live the great learning buckingham palace announce that the juke of edinburgh has burial as should you all to be held at st george's chapel in winsor. the palace also said in a statement that despite this time the sadness the coming days will be an opportunity to celebrate prince philip's remarkable life. to some sports news now and saturday's big game in the bundesliga solve old travel to france that's both teens who are in fine for the season as they close in on champions league qualification and it was no surprise that they served up a crack. shows added firepower to an already potent frankfurt attack wolfsburg on the other hand have one of the league's best defenses really cold them
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in france with just 6 minutes gone. the lido lasted 2 minutes. she came out of the fire didn't see me style rection needed to trick that stop and visiting defense. frankfurt had the momentum their top scorer andre silva muscled his way down the right. young man you've reached to direct just sharing his parent club ray outrage was missing. a defensive mix up had wolfsburg back to level the media after halftime he vowed fake horst. but the hosts were relentless fast silver scored his 23rd of the season to make it 32 before another punishing attack was eventually can be stopped by eric. for 2 and still 30 minutes left to play. a
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brief goal truce was broken in the closing stages frankfurt defender pushing through his own net. but it was nothing more than a consolation for wolfsburg as frankfurt held on for the win already hooter's side cementing their grip on the champions league places. and in. horse racing rachel blackhole has made history by becoming the 1st female jockey to win britain's most celebrated race the grand national blackmore's how horse whenever times to victory over the course is 30 fences in perfect timing her success comes 44 years off a woman 1st competed in the race the rider for marlins has established herself as one of the sport's eating jockeys. on this is d w news live from up next is world stories looking at how the pro-democracy movement is operating in hong kong you can also find much more news analysis and video on
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our website w dot com our head of a homage thanks very much indeed for watching and i'll see you look at the top of the al by. people in trucks injured when trying to free the city center more and more refugees are being turned away. pretty clearly demonstrated. extreme. than $300.00 more secure.
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because no one should have to. make up their own mind. w. . made for mines. this week on world stories. tech jobs instead of terrorism in belgium. pollution instead of prosperity in nigeria. but we begin in germany. while politicians continue discussing the 3rd lock down citizens are increasingly frustrated with the consequences of the pandemic. the
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bergdorf family in berlin a year after the corona virus pandemic began everyone is at home everyone is busy at their computer well almost everyone. leandra was struggling with his math homework the 14 year old spends up to 9 hours a day at his laptop 1st for his lessons then for homework sometimes lando has to force himself to keep up with his tasks. and look at how what kind of what you just get sad you don't have any energy you almost get a little depressed that's a heavy duty word depressed but it's true. you just don't feel like doing anything anymore and about and then it's. his mother paula also spends her days homeschooling she's a teacher and looks forward to the day when she can finally teach inside the school again 1000 back summations could make that happen let's have a guess then i got a message from my school yesterday that invitations for all teachers to get
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vaccinations are in the mail. that's very good news. and now i know i will have a vaccination appointment. that i mean germany's vaccination rollout is taking a long time so far only 10 percent of the population has been vaccinated the 1st to get the job were people over 80 and staff in hospitals and nursing homes paula bergdorf isn't allowed to just go stand in line at the vaccination center without an invitation right now she's looking forward to having rapid testing introduced at her workplace self tests that people take at home will make the school a little safer but in germany these are still not available everywhere paula worries about losing connection to her students one is a mix you don't hear anything from them not a no don't feel like it or yes just sign. and then of course you wonder where
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are they. the father of the family mark has set up his home office in their bedroom he'd rather work here than take the bus and subway to work during a pandemic he considers that too risky in a europe wide comparison germany only comes in as average when it comes to working at home instead of remaining at the workplace less than 40 percent of german employees work from home mark is finding it quite a challenge to work in this environment is god's will for me it's hard for me to combine my working world and the atmosphere that normally surrounds me with working at home with my child my dog my wife it's quite telling. jing at times months motor sport was exempt from mark is trying to imagine what the future will be like after the pandemic is over he's in charge of a startup that's developing ideas for a new kind of tourism after coke at 19 all in all the bergdorf are very grateful
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that they've made it through the pandemic healthy so far. after the terror attack 5 years ago more than bacon belgium became known as a terrorism hotspot. a young tech entrepreneur wants to show that the brussels neighborhood has more to offer. molen back 5 years ago after terrorist attacks in paris and brussels the whole world knew that word and this place this district became infamous as the home base of a handful of bad guys the rest of my index almost 100000 residents felt unfairly stigmatised i was really frustrated inside. but i also wanted to explain to people the guys modeling big it's a nice area with people with quality. and this is not our city of truest
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ybor he was a real also felt lost growing up like those small and black men who would become bombers he dropped out of school at 13 but where they turned to crime he taught himself to code and became a successful tech entrepreneur without the fancy diplomas from expensive schools that many top business people have one that the degree of they have. so yeah. really nothing he did have something the desire to help other succeed in 2015 while nearby the terrorist cell was planning its attacks was a recreated a nonprofit tech incubator so mullen that kids would have a place to go. a chance to dream big what he calls a different ecosystem provides trainees everything for free the rest is up to them this is this look for to give to people you know it's just people come and take your books unity. if they have no morning is free if they have no computer we can
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lend a computer they have no time we are almost open 20 hours before you know every day from the single room where he started was or is ecosystem now takes up the whole building and had a turnover of 2000000 euros last year google c.e.o. soon to put child visited recently to make a donation in person the world is changing was a recess the big companies recruiting his students are less focused on traditional degrees 93 percent of mulling get graduates have tech jobs or have founded their own companies there are also spin offs in the netherlands and italy laura hebert a digital marketing student travels an hour each way from ghent to be part of the mall in geek community i think it's the birth training center in brussels because it's like recognize from big companies what outsiders used to deride as
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a no go zone is now the place to be. the chinese government is ramping up pressure on hong kong. more and more pro-democracy activists either flee the country or end up in court mike leach i am . a small flat in downtown hong kong weather woes only museum dedicated to the national 18 i tenement krakow is located the military repression in beijing 32 years ago changed the course of many people in china and hong kong including leach again i was there during the doing for massacre and i was the pain propre days after my relieve pressure to hong kong i clashed that i would spend my life time by people who are mockeries in china and . 5 were not being a very. strong case all is facing
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a difference fades critics say and i don't massive track now being carried out by the aging this time on this most liberal and democratic city hong kong in the wake of anti-government protest here an age this was hard for organizing and attending and authorizes and that's really it was over a 1000000 people took part was one of the few without violence questions every one of the defendants are high profile figures apart from media tycoon she knew i or a former lawmaker and icons of the opposition movement like martin lee who is know this father after all this issue of the charges carries a maximum 5 year jail term thanks so much this case is just the tip of the iceberg was over 10000 i do suggest it. is the 1st verdict among the 9 charges for which he's on trial beijing's recently imposed weeping national security law and his overhaul of the cities that to
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a system intensify the fear. all denies hong kong's tenement morning. every year calling for an end to china's one party rule for decades and that can make him a prime target and beijing security this year he will likely be absent for the very 1st time in this era in a way that going to jail is part of the struggle now i would convert my by saying that this is already. a blessing for me i would only have to go to jail after 40 years of activism in hong kong and but i'm ready to pay the price and ready to face it having witnessed hong kong's decades long struggle the 64 year old activist is not optimistic but he believes that he successors will continue to fight for democracy and today finally we stood on.
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the niger delta is not only one about because most important oil producing regions it's also one of the most polluted places on earth instead of prosperity this black gold brings resident sickness and death. in. the niger delta once offered to reach spoilers for farmers and fishermen like mike to. know it's a threat to humans and the ecosystem go all the spiels have braved people exposed to hate it was of course me i'm the one my cute. most of them died before the age of 40. our lives. depend largely on d.c. . we depend on the c. c. . to d. almost all of seafood have gone you can't find them again because of the oil spill and this has led to the. level of poverty i
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find no if not find the word to describe. it's thought that in 2012 estimated that 16000 babies died within the 1st month of their life they died because of oil producer in the niger delta state officials admit that the situation has become even worse since then how many people would do better their last week this week. where die. because this is i don't want their. poverty. in time so food in town so cars and even the necessities of life what are your. vast areas of the state's waterways took sick the u.n. says it could take 30 years to clear up the contamination. residents and activists blame the multinational oil companies for their plight they
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have petitioned their government to provide hospitals and schools to improve their living conditions. it hopeless there isn't a law school who says that in the very. developed you did the phone. with us but got it cleared up with my just in measureless also on and palm it told the people who read that joe place through this species. the region provides most of nigeria's revenues but the communities see they get nothing in return and their government has neglected them and did f. them to their fate.
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is this art. or is it just technologies. artificial intelligence create our. distant future nightmare. lawyers delight for. me i as an artist 21. next. entered the conflict zone with tim sebastian for years now the government of bangladesh is being criticized around the world for its human rights record my guest this week from back eyes gallery's me foreign affairs advisor to the country's prime minister well real far to stop denying the truth about the repression they've inflicted and clean up their act conflicts. in 16 years. literature invites us to see people in particular
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that i like to see myself as the kids find the strength growing up. my objects are going to share with a friend. to do the books on youtube. what do you recollect. correct and have all. seen if indeed been mentioned was known as an. i mean maybe one day they will they will have their own preferences that we care about and they when you know they become like and your whole new species.


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