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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2021 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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this is news live from berlin a warning that sectarian violence could return to northern ireland the just call for calm after another night of clashes between police and protesters it comes on the anniversary of the agreements that brought peace to the problems also coming up the. military salutes and just moments of silence as britain and the world trip pay tribute to prince philip $1.00 day after the queen elizabeth's husband died.
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and really mohammed thanks for joining us arns prime minister has warned of a return to sectarian violence in northern ireland after another night of unrest in belfast the warning comes as our lands and the united kingdom are the 23rd anniversary of the good friday agreement which ended nearly 3 decades of conflict there was more violence on friday despite calls for calm following the death of prince philip scuffles between protesters and police led to 14 officers being injured the tensions many stems from the pro british unionist community in bell in belfast and it's fuelled by bitterness over the preg that agreement which imposes border checks between the province and the rest of the u.k. . joining me live now from belfast is henry mcdonald he's an author and aren
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and correspondent thank you very much indeed for being with us here on detail that you so for decades is seemed like he's had returned to northern ireland and now this what's happened. well basically you are a crisis of confidence in the unionist community they believe the european union. britain to keep northern ireland the single market house in a sense economically the couple are separate. organon from the rest of the u.k. i'm not as critical of constitutional insert they added into other factors. you know over. all morning sectarian division monographs by the good friday. an oxy cocktail of social forces that reduce the violence a lot but i would say tonight it's relatively calm it's not what it wants and in iran in the case of the rioting is peter we know at least for now our kill henry
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the belfast city council of bryan smith has been speaking about the reasons for the rest assisted us to talk about young people who have no hope little opportunity to castel or concentrate on well or life chances are remarkably a fact that 3 the circumstances of the structural inequalities that were going on with post conflict. they're all of occasions of practice i think northern ireland has been used as being used as a pawn that's been used as a pawn by the british government it's been used as a pawn during by the european union. how they were warnings that the split between london and brussels could potentially lead to violence in northern ireland what could have been done to prevent something like this will ever happen with the 1st year or so but i would argue also problem government also that rule and using more . on this big argument. were actually what needs to be on i think in
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my opinion some modification of the call to lessen the destruction. those goods from great britain and the norm aren't to. undermine the undermining all of the impression that some why northern ireland is one sought out site it's the u.k. without the consent of its population and remember consent of the population is that bad rock all the good friday it mean that near 23 years ago there can't be any hostile cheers unless a majority vote for it. or critics of the agreement say well the political impulse buy lawman and the brussels flies in the face of that it goes on their mind the consent principle and this is very very interesting i'm not sure why the fuck it there is this order and like you said today marks the 23rd anniversary of the good friday agreement which you say it's under arrest of being under threat i think it
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is on rescue me as it is proved to be general survey masacre it has survived serious only shorter and sectarian widening in the past what makes this kind different. argument on an r.e.c. order that restraint our question of constitutional existence when our own which is it is it in and gotten to get dressed and a good job with the agreement at risk sure ok heading with on a life ross in belfast thank you so much for your time. now people in ecuador head to the polls on sunday for a presidential runoff election with the 2 candidates in a tight race there offering vastly different policies for reviving the economy and dealing with the pandemic over here now from our correspondent in quito in just a moment but 1st here's a look at the 2 men hoping to lead the country. the ecuadorian general elections
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are coming to a close and the reza roust the left wing candidate gives one last speech deferred up his constituents without respect and social distancing roles thousands of people join to celebrate his potential victory. and i don't know about him and i rose will be the president and we the people will be watchful of his government i mean you know. the right wing candidate here we are more lasso also parade through the streets of quito the 65 year old banker is running for president for the 3rd time he promises to lower taxes increase the minimum wage and build 200003 houses are yes. i ask all people to vote for the last of the sunday follow biosecurity measures were mass and bring out the whole. once the campaign is over all eyes will be here in the national electoral council
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the building security has been reinforced authorities fear attacks as many people doubt the institutions integrity. the doors of this institution have been always open that's why there is not the slightest doubt that our work is highly technical we will respond to and respect what the people express in the balls in the meantime tension is palpable in the streets of society has become highly polarized between the right on the left besides getting the pandemic under control and creating measures to foster the date an economic recovery the greatest challenge the next president will face unifying all ecuadorians during national record structure. all joining us live now from quito is your hon ramires who just heard that report for us for to help you now you are here ecuador is in a deep crisis as you said in this report economy is at an all time low just tell us
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a little bit more about some of the main issues concerning voters and also who has the best chance of winning. both candidates have a very good chance of winning this election tomorrow most of the polls talk about a very close to a result even even even they talk about they take in the cult this would bring a lot of uncertainty in the days to come to the country and a lot of on stability but something that is very interesting is that i have been talking to many people in the streets of key to these last days and most of them have told me that they haven't still decided for whom they are going to vote tomorrow it means that this election could could be decided of the very last minute and that's why the result is very unpredictable. also saying that there is the split between the left and the rights when it comes to the politics there in ecuador what would it take to unite the country.
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that is going to be the biggest challenge of the next president even though it will there is going through a very deep economic crisis and even though they pandemic is close to get in out of control here in the next the president will have to reunite the country and that's a huge challenge to a ship this he must put aside. the left wing on the left and on the right wing ideology but especially to create he must seek political alliances a lot of him to go burn bring peace to the country. and you're on we know on sunday day that there are also elections taking place in peru and also in bolivia what are the chances that we'll likely to see a shift to the left and that's america. in america is turning little by little again to the left we have seen this for some
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years with alberto fernandez in argentina rather in mexico we saw it last year with winning the election in bolivia so a potential win in the off on the rest are i was hearing tomorrow it would it would mean. that the left is again for us and again present in latin america i would be a relief for authoritarian governments like cuba. and i relief an oil law is foreseen a russia in the world right that is developing is you hungry mina's life for us in quito thank you so much. now britain is mourning prince philip husband to queen elizabeth he died on front from fighting at the age of 99. next saturday april 17th flags will fly it's half lost until then although the palace has not to gather people are still coming out to pay their respects and
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today the military paid should reach to the prince. gun salutes run down to cross the united kingdom in honor of prince philip who died on friday at the age of $99.00 from what each barracks in london. actually hills precocity in belfast. cardiff consul. and edinburgh castle. all 4 corners of the nation press the pause button for a short while to remember the prince who also held the title of the of edinburgh gun salutes were also held at sea on british navy ships in honor of prince philip who served in the royal navy during the 2nd world war the prince found a special place in the public's heart. i wanted to bring my kids here
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a i they grow up or remember this. the royal family i would be part of the royal so if you were coming i play all right so what i've seen just obviously from doing history in the past studied and things like that here is absolute rock. that i enjoyed watching me cringe in the future she says of the she was a rock to her as well say i i think it's just lovely just to be near where the the atmosphere you know came to see off of. that live a great life i am. the royal romance began 82 years ago the then teenage princess elizabeth met a hundreds of young naval officer during an official visit to dartmouth naval college in 1939 and he just happened to also be a prince from the greek royal family joined their engagement was announced several years later on queen elizabeth the seconds trying to 1st birthday in april $947.00
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to a delighted british nation the rest is history buckingham palace announced that the juke of edinburgh burial is shed yule to be held at st george's chapel in windsor the palace also said in a statement that despite this time of sadness the coming days will be an opportunity to celebrate prince philip's remarkable life. some sports news now in sas is the game in the bundesliga saw the holes for travel to frankfurt both teams were in fine form and season as they close in on champions league qualification and it was no surprise that they served up a cracker. has added firepower to an already potent frankfurt's attack. on the other hand have one of the league's best defenses read left back who called them in france with just 6 minutes gone. the lido a lasted 2 minutes.
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she commodified in simi style rection needed to trick that stop and visiting defense. frankfurt had the momentum their top scorer andre silva muscled his way down the right. the only new rich to direct just sharing his parent club ray out madrid won't let me sing. the defensive mix up had wolfsburg back 11 immediately after half time to vote fake horst. but the hosts were relentless fast silver scored his 23rd of the season to make it 3 cheers before another punishing attack was eventually finished off by eric durham. for 2 and still 30 minutes left to play. a brief goal truce was broken in the closing stages frank for
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a defender to pushing through his own net. but it was nothing more than a consolation for wolves work as frankfurt held on to the wayne audi hooter's site cementing their grip on the champions league places. and that's what you're up to date this is the daily news live from berlin you can find much more news and analysis on our website dot com i mean a bonnet like. we're all set to go. this is a ship where. we take all.


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