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tv   Projekt Zukunft  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2021 7:03pm-7:30pm CEST

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husband. so we mourn today with her majesty the queen we offer our condolences to her. family. and we give thanks as a nation in the kingdom the extraordinary life and work of prince philip. and britain flocks will continue to fly at half mast all over the country until the princes funeral. now arlen's prime minister has warned of a return to sectarian violence in northern ireland after another night of unrest in belfast the warning comes as our land and the united kingdom mark the 23rd anniversary of the good friday agreement which ended nearly 3 decades of conflict now there was more violence on friday despite calls for calm following the death of prince philip scuffles between protesters and police led to 14 offices being injured tensions mainly stem from the pro for chess unionist community in belfast
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and it's fuelled by bitterness over the break that agreement which imposes border checks between the province and the rest of the united kingdom. well joining me live now from belfast is henry mcdonald he is an author and also an ardent correspondent thank you very much indeed for being here with us on the w. now for decades it seemed like peace had returned to normal but what's happens now . well i don't think the bidens see the law if they send you the skill of the kind of violence that was. years ago. and i don't think it's going to return to the level of. 27 violence but there is still a big risk much will the violent disorder it's. all i.e.
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the relational or more than arms of the european single market and whether it's a kind of a de facto order on the ari seat or. not is the ultimate issue but who. will i snored on the next few months will watch ok henry we know that the bell fasi council has been speaking about the reasons for the taking the stand you're talking about young people who have no hope. the structural inequalities that were. there all of occasions are practical i think northern ireland has been used as being used as a pawn that's been used as a pawn by the british government it's being used as a pawn curing by the european union. now we know that though the split between london and brussels could have led to violence and all the line and but again the question really is what could have been done to fend this up and was it really
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expected well i think once his community she thought in some way i was you know i've been away from the rest oh absolutely you're. widespread i'm ready but that's more and i just i do think oh the brussels on long island to mollify. the whole the whole. people in certain. yards are saying. well i think. she is just going along with the british for. the moment if there are modifications and 1st less. shots into the goods and services from britain than what an army might lessen the impression that there is some sort of constitutional right you know or. so many of your. own work to do not touch the entire
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lot and today marks the 23rd anniversary of the good friday agreement would you say it's now under threat i think it's being very resilient that it's been quite successful it is and that 24 seventh's by ants form struggles of the from. the other or them you expect that well it's always right i don't normally read why . one community feeling that. there are yet well i mean so the leaders in brussels don't run london and the washington scene. i mean we're going to this. is it's going to fester. all right that's journalist and author harry mcconnell thank you very much indeed seth of joining us from belfast thank you. well let's take a look at other stories making headlines around the world mean more security forces
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have killed more than and the more than 80 and secure protesters in the city of boggo this is northeast of you have gone myanmar has been in turmoil since the military seized control in february. and chad's president it just has held his last campaign rally ahead of the sunday presidential election he is expected to secure a 6th term in office extending his 3 decade long rule human rights organizers have accused his government of cracking down on the opposition in the run up to this vote. and doc you all just in egypt have unveiled the ruins of an ancient city dating back nearly 3 and a half 1000 is the sites located near the valley of the kings in luxor is the largest ever discovered in egypt experts are calling it the most important find since the discovery of to come to. germany's a right wing populist alternative for germany party is holding
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a convention ahead of national elections in september hundreds of delegates are meeting in person in the eastern city of dresden despite rising numbers of coronavirus cases in the country protests are taking place outside the conference and the party's anti islam anti mass migration stance as well as its criticism of lockdown measures have courted some controversy after internal struggles between its extreme right faction and more traditional conservatives the party is that they are now calling for unity. let's cross over now to dresden and speak to simon young who's at the party convention and some of the f.t. is finalizing a strategy for the selection in september what are the main issues at hand for the party. you know what they've been discussing here is their campaign program which they launched last night and that's under the slogan germany
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but normal they're emphasizing an idea of what they see as normality a vision that includes such things as the return to compulsory military service and nuclear power and more coal fired power stations and also of course ditching the euro well many people will ask whether really that is a vision of normal germany that a lot of people want to see but the a.f.d. says to other political parties don't care what ordinary people think i think behind all the discussions here east is still a discussion of why the debate within the party about which direction whether to drift further to the right or whether to somehow try and seize the middle ground of german politics an attempt to oust the moderate leader one of the co-leaders of the alternative for germany that failed here in dresden this weekend and also an attempt by some of the delegates to make sure that this party conference would
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decide who would lead the party gere in this important election year of course federal elections in september that too has failed that might have strengthened the right so there's a small victory if you like for the moderate wing of the day here in dresden this weekend but these internal battles they rage on we also know that the air team members have also been quite active in these anti corona demonstrations here in germany what sort of discussion do you think the pandemic will have. i think it's quite a role here the. term he was talking about lockdown craziness and an orgy. that the government has introduced they really try to present themselves as the party that standing up for civil rights and people's liberties it has to be said that the f.d.a. itself originally accused the miracle government of of of not knowing which way to
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go in the pandemic and now of introducing too many lockdown so they themselves have changed their position on that and that simon young life lost their interest and thank you very much. that tens of thousands of people are being evacuated after a volcano erupted on the caribbean island of st vincent the volcano has been spewing smoke and ash across the island it was dormant for decades until last december. what suits the eruption ejected smoke kilometers high into the air oh. my god the last of free air created an ash cloud so thick it hid the sun poor visibility forced airlines to cancel flights to and from st vincent here that's this low down explosion here and that's this smoke started talking to me and i does get punished on the sea i mean that's so my brother knows
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let me go over 16000 people living near the volcano were ordered to leave the area for their own safety by st vincents prime minister ralph gonsalves as one. residents queued for many buses taking only what they could carry with them. but they weren't enough places for everyone he will pull in some regions evacuation efforts didn't go according to plan. that was supposed to be moved by what is but didn't materialize i didn't really. happen but he didn't materialize are the result of course is what lead to a new ward looking for. more police local people boarded ferries at night to neighboring islands dominica grenada and have agreed to accept evacuees from st vincent but only those people who are already vaccinated against the coronavirus
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and shelters on the island have to limit the number of people they can admit to prevent coronavirus outbreaks scientists from the university of the west indies warned that the volcano could keep erupting for days or weeks. just in sports news now and saturday's early games in the bundesliga have finished so let's take a look at the scores the linen surprisingly held the buy in to a draw leipsic thrashed bremen frankfurt edged out to vote in a thriller and her drew with club on friday in a failed edged one nil. and the home side picked up 3 crucial points in the fight against relegation and on goal by team santa maria on 69 minutes won the game for being a filter lifting them out of the drop zone at least until their needed rivals play on sunday. and saturday's late game between stuart garton daughter and is underway
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on sunday the host of earth and cologne play in mind live a christian visit hoffenheim on monday to round off match day. the news live from ballin up next is our tech show called shift we stopped at how the 4th industry is booming see that. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and if your newspapers when official information as a journalist i have worked on the street for many cancers and their problems are always the same 14 the social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption who can afford to stay silent
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when it comes to the fans of the human scene or might the folds who have decided to put their trust in us. name is jenny paris and i weren't. the hype around e-sports is real competitive video gaming has been on the rise for years and in 2020 it attracted over 400000000 viewers in some countries gaming is even part of national college but with the success come new challenges e-sports i want topic on shift today. in 1909 the multiplayer 1st person shooter video game counter-strike was released today the international counterstrike tournaments with millions of us this would
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have been unthinkable to play yes 20 years ago for one thing the internet back then was often too slow for opponents to play online so they had to have local area network or law. parties beyond that no one dreamed you could money through gaming the daughter to tournament the international is $1.00 of the world's biggest sports events this year's prize pool is almost 35000000 year olds no doubt this contributions to the popularity of sports which even the coronavirus pandemic didn't dampen. these sports fans live for moments like these. but when corona hits gaming tournament like e.s.l. one has to be held virtually the online version even larger audiences for the electronic sports league. weren't any traditional sports or other entertainment events. so even during the e.s.l.
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pro league group stages before the playoffs we saw 3 times as many viewers as we heard during the playoffs last year. the playoffs in 2021 that tough games are still fast pass and shooting games like counter-strike sucky games like the foul revolutions on strategy games like league of legends to over the past few months and lots of people have also been playing bally rent which combines the hero base shooters johnette with tactical gameplay what's the target b.n.p. not rich not the games are still being developed to appeal to players but now they're also made to be fun to watch. valor and is therefore in a very good starting position. because of its connection to league of legends or rather the target audience riot already has it has an easier access to the markets and other sports games markets ability sports to their nonstop. league of
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legends still has huge numbers of fans around the world including wooden kim and john so young from so oath dream of competing with top players in an international e-sports championship at south korea's capital does offer the best training conditions players like lee fake us starting to look at treated like pop stars and east coast newcomers actively recruited the nurturing groans of all those south korea's p she bangs which sounds exciting but it actually just means p.c. rooms. large internet cafe's with up to over 100 computers were ginning didn't sue took us to see what. it's saturday incentives and student districts and weston still. mentions who are good friends. and almost every day they meet at a p.c. . never around 4500 of these internet cafes in salone and new ones
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open all the time. well there aren't as many prejudices today. before a few games a lot of people would see you as being addicted to computer games. but now if you were good but something to be proud of. times have changed here's a bit of my. game of choice is league of legends one of the most successful video games in the wild. teams of 5 people with different characters fight against one another the goal is to destroy the other team's base. who didn't jane says both have computers at home but they prefer n.p.c. bangs to venues of more than just places to play for many young south koreans they're an important part of their social lives. the day we were on route with
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woodridge and so happened to be a game day for the south korean league of legends leak a number of professional teams compete in the league and transfer fees for top players can be in the millions or euros almost like with soccer stars a match day many fans don't stay on the culture at home and so those who prefer to watch the games in eastport spot. this is retro game. although there's nothing retro about the game being shared today 2 top teams from the south korean league i play in against each other. when the season is underway their spot shows is sports matches almost every day. and can't get enough of them that proper now as they call themselves. ok later on the world is there going. gaming culture has definitely risible pristine beach. gaming has become so popular that we could watch much as they are these here and to be open
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and free. riders are going about their. millions of fans and millions of euros and prizes and sponsorship that sounds like a success story but not everything in gaming is gold the one thing that struck me is that they are usually may meet men in the top teams women. but in east boards especially in the professional sector laws they must less than their male colleagues and the on a journey public is america and one of the best known female sports cost us under. she did commentary on you sports events for you mainly from european and chinese leaks for her one of the biggest problems in gaming is massaging the sexism in society is bad sexism and gaming is worse and that's not to take away all the good that gay men can do as a community because it can be simultaneously one of the most inclusive and wonderful communities and also one of the most vitriolic and hateful communities
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you know if you're on voice comms and you have a woman's voice you were instantly met with a bunch of backlash it's very easy to check just going to you to fold i want to travel holes through really fun to watch this all of the vitriol that can come out women when they're just trying to play the game at a casual and for fun level never mind at a professional level. indiana often experience this herself. these these she only occasionally streams which. she also gave forecasting a while ago that you sports scene which just to talk sic any of my male colleagues if i say anything it just means less than if they said it and after thousands of hours and thousands of statements just meeting last a venture you just can't take it anymore so is the industry doing anything. to improve the situation you put the question to chris organize a of the tournament. sports scene mirrors younger
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society many people spend time there under the cover of online on an image see they say things that they probably wouldn't say you know life face to face. that's why it's important to implement rules here as well. you know or very strict a big. boat or events during a broad costs but. that's the only way you can guarantee that anyone who wants to take part or watch can do so in a safe environment. there is still a lot to do with many of these balls are provided with adequate support and some end up quitting the game seen feeling frustrated that's not acceptable and it also means a lot of potential is being wasted so when might this change versa lucian's on the problem won't be fixed and the next 5 hear is it will be fixed when i have children and i raise them to love videogames as much as i do when and hopefully if they have
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an interest in it babe become a part of this community that's when the problem will be fixed and it's interesting that it's one of the few areas where women and men there's no biological difference what you're competing and like we all agree that men can run faster than women and men are stronger than women but e-sports you're not running or trying to move everything you want a mouse and keyboard so it should be a level playing field but because of the inherent sergeant you that comes with it women aren't. all wow would really take up enough space to to get back good everybody should be able to make the most of their potential in east balls for them and operators even advertise with this promise it's a global market over in abidjan the largest city in the core d'ivoire many young people train hard every day after school. every afternoon after school young people fill this cafe and walk in district of average on. a 5 year old city
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cracker yes it's found. health you know i was 45 years old when i started playing video games at 1st we just watched our older brothers play my big brother had a computer as i grew older i started playing more too especially at university. record time his passion into a profession these days he has a deeper understanding of the gaming market as a sports are becoming more popular in and across africa the industry is providing and fro ing number of jobs and the number of gay men have big dreams. and i don't just play here to have fun i want to be the best and to be the best you have to keep playing i'm discovering. sidique back yoko wants to build the largest gaming community in africa he's working with a number of startups to help them develop games for the local market. and
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understand yuki we're starting to see a number of local studios entering the gaming market. they are making content that contains the colors sounds and stories from here. you know. what's up if this also allows africa to also be represented in the gaming universe don't you the market has a lot of potential internet and smartphone technology out. on the uptake in africa and 2 thirds of the population under $35.00 millions a game is a few is and many read for content with which they can identify not from games like craigslist and semblence from south africa or the action role playing game korean from cameroon global hits. for the moment the african market is still comparatively small. but thanks to gaming enthusiastic like to think about the outcome of this could soon change for. the east coast market in africa is booming according to one
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study the continent's you suppose audience supposed 30000000 in 2020 and is expected to rise to 53000000 by 2023 no wonder at the planned africa series attracted international investors professional teams from 16 african countries set to compete in the series what's your take on the market can you suppose be a global game changer one that drives innovation and helps regions flores or have they been overhyped let us not on you tube facebook or the d w dot com and until next time.
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their patience is running out their range is rolling on life without electricity. presidents of you harness sports. like millions of other people in africa they often experience power outages the government is facing what causes them and what solution is harder. 77 percent. next on details. well you. know you're ready for some great news i'm christine would love on the my comedy mike but you know what the problem in the detail the news hour ago the show then tackles the issues shaping the car with more time to off on him to go talk to all the time stop talking to you once making the guitar stand one speech hind the way on the streets to give you enough room on the inside the d.w.p. for a guy. in the 60 minutes. we've got some tips for
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your bucket list. corner. for some such. some great country more years to boot. w.h.y. we go. alone and a warm welcome to a brand new edison of the 77 percent my name is liz show and i'm honored to have your company. coming up on this week's show we're talking about electricity or the lack of it. we ask south africa why so many communities still have.


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