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tv   Markus Lanz  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2021 5:30pm-6:30pm CEST

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on the same side where you do the math i want you to write 3 words or 3 phrases that are qualities of yourself that you can laddie let the world see what are qualities of yourself or characteristics of yourself that you had out of your house to go see the world what are 3 things you glad that people see. you know going into the back of the net the back of the mass of things we normally don't let people see you know we don't talk about what you write those words his back a man asked. if we don't give men in boys started with boys these tools to say i'm hurting in
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a healthy way then we're going to keep losing them up believe and that's what we keep seeing and that's there's this to this this is a question he says i'm sure you hold on to something that you need to let go of it as i say that that question does it resonate with when have you felt most alone. i used to hear people say when i was young ok you know it's not a day to go by that i don't think about this particular person i uses where up and down if they will be why i'm not sure because you know you've experienced some type of death in your life time it's just going spirits and life you don't know somebody who's passed away but it just don't get you to sing after my brother prayers are got rid of press and i like i lost everything like i lost every day my place the
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state my car everything and then add became the person who was in a position in need and not many people help me out every day i wake up like i have a flood of emotions that is go. like memories just like flashed through my tonight here in like a medically like makes me say so i got like break that every morning i wake up and i like got a break this last cycle like me felt like this f. everything and then i get enough to have to go like still put on this matter still put on this face till it is person who everybody knows being positive the brains of everybody with life you know it's and so. i'm really dreading the 28th. that's today and it's been on my mind i consciously translate translate so like. feeling like i want to just. be angry. and then felt like i want to just
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a facilitator mode and just you know. so that's about. all i say you know it was it was there right now now i know that is this is a battle it's a mental battle. so you're not a facilitator right now. you know we're hearing that. you know opportunity to receive regular. user. there's no there's no time you have to wait for a special case just read. we have to like sometimes craft those situations for us so. it means going into the woods in it in some trees with sticks like maybe it means taking a piece of paper and was markers and like i don't know it just requires us to like
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it so we need so that create that experience for stillness which i would need to ask for a fellow and. i don't think that we.
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look to that or there's a. beautifully said. thing. what's happening right now is opportunity for men to be human and to say all of my imperfection all of my. uniqueness i sometimes don't feel like i am everything i would they want to be. but i can take everything i got. elevated today i think that's what i think they want i think that that what i felt in that space is that we could we could do this every week for an hour and it was so powerful for us.
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to go by the rhetoric. and. make. a misstep face experiment but the mother did was she sits down and she's playing with her baby who's about a year of age and. this baby starts pointing at different places in the world and
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the mother is trying to engage her in play with her and then we guessed mother to not respond to baby. the baby very quickly picks up on those and then she uses all of her abilities to try and get the mother back she smiles at the mother. she wants because she's used the mother looking where she wants. the baby puts both hands up in front of her and says what's happening here. she makes that screeching sound. bite come on why are we doing this. even in this. 2 minutes when they don't get the normal reaction they react with negative emotions turn away they feel the stress of it they have seen the most control of their posture the struggle at their expense.
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lucky on. relationships depend on the ability to repair the inevitable ruptures that occur when you lose touch how do you get back in touch with somebody who would pay for your he does this in the name of manhood in the name of being a real boy or one of the boys. when a boy starts to register the loss of connection like that one year old baby might have lost touch and start to have the feelings of the boss of voice comes in and says are you a baby you don't need that relationship. oh. yeah. a polygamous friend. i'll buy him
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a for my bike and that's how it shames the registering of the feeling of losing connection. and therefore the ability to act on those feelings and to restore the connection. so it makes the breaking relationship irreparable. once you interrupt or you impede humid relational passes. you set the stage for any form for pressure. we are the was there to ensure it undercuts what's essential for the. democracy
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rest of the boys because if you don't have equal voice you can't resell conflict in a relationship if you you barred to pin the use of force who has more strength. my the person in the bottom can't have a voice that is deemed worth listening to because you can't listen to that voice you keep doing what you're doing and. then the person on top doesn't feel the feelings of the person on the bottom which you can see in this society right now all the time. and so what we're saying is you have a psychology that's maintaining the politics. and the politics is pendent on the psychology. of the hour and the other thing is if you premise manhood
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a mess killin of the on the gender binary it means to be a man means not to be a woman or like the woman. and to be. in the superior position so any move toward democracy which. pretty volatile it becomes a threat to mankind and that's what you see me that's what's playing out. and if man has threatened if eyelets is in the. last.
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this is a puzzle that we have to figure out which is how to make this change without in the process shaming them which will provoke violence. and it's like figuring out how to make that move without it triggering the really institution of the patriarchal structure.
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when i saw as a child and an 18 or 19 year old israeli soldier a few years older than me yelling and shouting and insulting my father and my father couldn't response because a few responded it would probably be treated even worse maybe even physically beaten up then what does that create for me looking into this role model of a man and say wow he can do anything about this what does that do to me as a young boy and how that even traumatized me and saying this is the man i'm supposed to look up to. and i know what his silence he was protecting and protecting himself but this is the complexity of this picture of the system this expectation that men stand up for their rights and stand up for protecting their children and others when in reality they're not able to do that within that system
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. and. we see this every day as part of students every morning at 3 am at distin young men shells and sell them every day being humiliated standing in these sort of slaughterhouse with their heads down and will be the ends to the system of oppression just so that they would be able to board for that day and to bring going off money to buy bread for their families. there is a humiliation that these people experience that can only be manifested in violence either internally where they feel they're not mad enough they're not good enough and as a culture expression towards their why use the words their daughters even towards their sons it's a masculine occupation that the masculine lies as an entire community.
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especially when we talk about political energies for me these are masculine energy is that they are in this conflict how men relate to each other. political entities relate to each other. from my experience and see the way men relate to each other is a lot of doubt. we have friends you know we call them friends and these are the men we hang out with or we go bowling with but to say like you have intimate relationships between men it's very rare to see and this is because men are afraid of each other. how men will they teach others mistrust of fear of men relate to women there is mistrust and fear and the 'd only way to express any form of relationship with the other is in how it relates to power and domination.
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this is exactly what becomes manifested of the political level the scope of the stimulus of israelis and their political either these will trust each other it's all about who has more power than the other who presents a better argument than the other who has control over the other. this is the future of the system that i think both 'd men and women are trapped. mean. crying when things
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went for me yeah in sports specific. i was very looked down upon and i knew her father was my father's friends i was that yes there would be times when i would get upset and i would i would tear up an outcry and then very distinctly the start of one season. i didn't have that problem anymore i just didn't cry the problem christopher guest. the problem to your father right family pathologic rolls from generation to generation like a fire in the woods taking down everything in its path until one person in one generation has the courage to turn and face the flames what would happen to me then as probably get i get shouted down beaten down. for my insubordination for my insolence it was like that yeah.
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in the board nation for your info yeah it's a you know a father you know the furniture. yeah i ask most of the man i see what kind of father did you have what kind of father do you want to be we you let me help you be that man who should know that. but most of us are making it up most of us are trying to do better than where we came from. where you want to say to. right now if you were in from if you would you want to say to him. so he can. break through will. stand up to you know when you go off a working man i know say it again no no no no
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work no. deal whatever i want to feel doesn't matter that i missed the shot doesn't matter. here's the revolution you can teach a man how to love him so if you can heal the wounded disconnection you can teach a man how to show up and be responsible for the people around him you can educate people out of this but it's not straightforward teaching because you have to also deal with the trauma and now chris i'd like to meet the 5 year old and i want you to find them 5 year old who's living inside him what do you feel if you look at him. heartbreak you know. going to. go on if you open the back of your throat.
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tallow tell him out loud as i look at you my heart of pretty so i'd like a new way of heart is breaking yeah go. you know how much you're going to suffer you know. you don't deserve it yeah. i've missed you so but. you know we needs you we need you here and we want you here and i want you here. i want you as a part of me you know. both deserve of what you deserve and that's what he did. one of the as i say they've been across the board is your feelings never left you
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you feel left that they've been here the whole time just to the dish in instead of out and they'll be right there for you give men structure give men your conviction that they could do it and they can do it. ah. there is a pew research study in 2018 that showed that although we say we value kindness and compassion be valued the more in women that we do in other we say want men to talk about their emotions or share these things it also should be found that women tend to value men who are. boys especially are not just hearing the
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messages we tell them they're also seeing our behaviors and that communicates something even more strongly. i think that that one of the roles of girls and women are to kind of be more consistent in what we're saying we value in voice and manner and again it's not about one midst of another thought like oh value if you're sensitive over if you're macho but ballyhooing when men show up and bring themselves into the conversation when they show up openly and honestly and sometimes being honest and open it's going to mean that they're going to say things that we don't like the being of the person is not about only saying things that we want them to say it's about them being of the tell us the truth and so i think you know can we handle the truth can we are we strong enough can we tolerate enough to really allow people to enter the conversation as they are because i think unfortunately we often we want to hear what we want to ears. that goes both ways i don't know that it's from the advice for women and girls i think that's
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also advice for just anyone who. wants to have healthy relationships to kind of event eat. not always be told and to get exactly what we think we want and sometimes will be civil rights will be pleasantly surprised to get something more than what we were asking for expecting. that's the hard question when i join the jam no one spoke to me for a whole year nobody spoke harshly to me but they just didn't speak to me at all even though i went 6 times a week and i didn't dare challenge their guesses about vision of what i'm on. that class slowly but surely after
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a year the women started to talk to me and after the women started talking to me then suddenly a man dared to say a lot of time whatever the. rough but. 15 latha sally field at the beginning of my transition i was totally convinced that i wanted to start with the major procedures at the mouth of crack the family left. at me laugh at my genitals breasts i wanted the gender reassignment surgery badly. that any doctor i wanted the beard quickly i would shave a lot to get my ear to graduate and i was really stressed out and not in a healthy place mentally. i was trying to achieve a type of masculinity that i didn't even believe that i don't believe outward appearance makes you a man but i still felt i had to establish myself as a man. yes.
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shipped on monday all of a sudden i looked like a man almost a man but i didn't feel like being a man i really enjoyed being a woman and i didn't feel like giving up being over my body. it was a gift to myself when i said i won't give it up. and it will go i'm in my place this is to our i'm trans that's when gender so when people ask if i'm a man or a woman i say i'm trans i was
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a woman for 20 years and now i have a man's appearance but i'm somewhere in between that down. the real. the solution is within us we're all born with a voice that we're all born with a desire to engage responsibly with other people so basically let's clear out the impediments because we have the human capacities that are necessary to solve the problems that we collectively face right now and one of the things that's really getting in the way because he mobilizing basic with least no capacity is better
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to crawl to solving whether it's climate change or poverty or inequality or fascism human problems. we can either make it not an anomaly and build connections and then governments shift them to build more real be more vulnerable each other and in the more we have this new generation recognize kindness and caring and loving how are those be the alpha trains arguments to submit how we just be a kind caring loving community where we don't judge and army each other. good being power for food for us and in the relationship breaks the back of patriarchy. 'd being relational that's what we're born for being relational that's how we are designed and this is how we function
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best since the pearl of great price is the only thing that will really make us happy. are you ready for some break means i'm pristine one glass on the i already my graduate of the brand new dean of the news africa michel that tackles the issues shaping the continent now with more time to off on an in-depth look up to all of the transfer of power off to you what is making the impacts and what's behind it where on the streets to keep you in the force on the insides d.w. news africa. 13 it's one g.w.
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. more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction of. christianity from established itself. both religious and secular leaders or eager to display their power. to trace began to. create the tallest biggest most beautiful structures. just amazing it's builders and architects change with each other. this is how massive churches are created a. contest of the field rules stores. of d.w. .
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this is g.w. news a live from berlin britain and the world mourned the death of prince philip. military salutes and moments of silence pay tribute to the 99 year old husband of queen elizabeth the 2nd look at how his country is creeping along with the royal family also coming up on the show a volcano to life sparking an evacuation frenzy thousands are fleeing from the caribbean island of st vincent and scientists warn a bigger blast could follow. and france declares on a burgeoning sea after
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a devastating frost ruins gray park and some of its best known wind regions. hello i'm claire richardson welcome to the show britain is mourning prince philip husband to queen elizabeth after he died on friday at the age of 99 flags will fly at half mast until the day of his funeral which is yet to be announced although buckingham palace has asked crowds not to gather or lay flowers jaring the pandemic people have been coming out to express their grief today the military paid their tribute to the prince. sound. across britain military guns fire salutes delayed prince philip a day after his death. many british people are
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pausing to mark the passing of a man they held dear. i have a huge huge amount of respect for the royal family quite emotional actually i'm still here about it and we have. a nice break as we walk into parliament square on my toes for i 71st i just thought if we had come down here and just been to the palace and safety obviously masks and everything else and just be a place the family today the prince philip was some wonderful father and a real asset to british life and i'm sure the queen is grieving terribly my wishes to her very sad actually shed a tear i felt really it's we knew it was going to happen is still very very sad sad sad he's been with those all through our lives the pair of. people in london have made their way to windsor castle and buckingham palace to pay their respects to the late duke of edinburgh. the royal family urged crowds knott's to gather due to
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a pandemic asking them to make donations to charity instead u.k. prime minister boris johnson says his thoughts are with the queen who has lost her husband. so we mourn today with her majesty the queen we offer our condolences to her into her family and we give thanks as a nation and a kingdom for the extraordinary life and work of prince philip you could bring. in britain flocks will continue to fly at half mast all over the country until the princess funeral. and correspondent a very good mass is in london where she's been following the preparations for prince philip's funeral. like everyone else here in the u.k. the royal family will have to adhere to coronavirus restrictions when it comes to funeral arrangements so that means the coffin will most likely not be transported
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between london and windsor as had originally been the plan and also the funeral itself will be a fairly private affair with not more than 30 people the question is whether prince harry and meghan will attend whether they will fly over from california and the assumption is that prince harry will come because he had a strong bond with his grandfather that maybe magen who is heavily pregnant might stay behind in the meantime leaders have expressed their condolences with joe biden describing the late you guess one heck of a guy and british people will have their own memories of the late hugo federer and i think many people were remember him as a public servant somebody who was very loyal in his support for the constitutional monarchy he attended over 20000 and gauge men's just alone and he will be remembered as somebody who was extremely loyal to the queen always by the side of the woman that he loved. now let's turn our attention now to some other stories
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making headlines around the world manned mars security forces have killed more than 80 anti crew protesters in an assault in the city of bug go north east of gone that's according to a monitoring group and local media outlet the m r has been in turmoil since the military seized control in february. chad's president idriss deby has held his last campaign rally ahead of sunday's presidential election to be as expected to secure a 6th term in office extending his 3 decade long rule human rights organizations have accused his government of cracking down on the opposition in the run up to the . archaeologists in egypt have unveiled the ruins of an ancient city dating back nearly 3 and a half 1000 years the site is located near the valley of the kings in luxor and it's the largest ever discovered in egypt experts are calling it the most important find since the discovery of 2 can commons tune. well germany's right wing populist
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alternative for germany party is holding a convention this weekend just what its platform will be for national elections in september hundreds of the delegates are meeting in person in the eastern city of dresden just fight rising numbers of coronaviruses cases in germany and protests are taking place outside the conference the party's anti islam anti immigration stance as well as its criticism of walk down measures to fight the pandemic have a courted controversy the convention is expected to be the scene of a bitter debate between its extreme right faction and its more traditional conservatives. and i'm joined now by our political correspondent simon yon who's reporting from the party convention in at dresden simon as we heard the a.f.d. is finalizing its strategy going into the september's elections and what issues are dominating the convention this year. you know the main thing that the
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alternative for germany wants to do you hear this weekend. launch. election campaign program they've launched that last night under a slogan germany but normal it's their vision of what normality should mean in germany they say they want to get back to normality that includes things like ditching the euro reintroducing compulsory military service banning minarets as a lot of emphasis on the traditional family models and so on so they'll be discussion about that outside the party congress hall here i'm sure about whether that really is what normal should mean in germany but these discussions here about to contents of their election programme i think are overshadows as reports said by the rift in the party about which is the real direction they want to go and do they want to drift more to the right and push the envelope of right
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wing rhetoric even further as some of wanted to do or do they want to get back somehow more into the middle of german politics and we're seeing that played out here but the more moderate leader mentioned. he will stay in the job it seems. only one of a few battles that are being played out here and i mean the members have been active in anti coronavirus demonstrations and the party has links to radical coronavirus deniers how has the pandemic been featuring in their platform. there have been those links and we've seen the. talking about the government creating panic and saying that corona raised you know less dangerous than the flu they try to play on those fears or. the idea that they are standing up for people's civil civil liberties and freedoms against a government that wants to close those things down so they talked
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a lot about that they criticize the government for changing its mind on its policy but they themselves have been a bit confused about corona they surely want to push back against things like any idea for instance requiring people to have vaccinations or to carry vaccine passports are going to have to leave it there i mean young reporting for us from dresden thank you so much. well tens of thousands of people are being evacuated from the area around a volcano on of caribbean island of st vincent after it began erupting on friday the volcano has been spewing smoke and ash across the island it had been dormant for decades until december last year when it began showing signs of activity. what suits the eruption ejected smoke kilometers high into the air. the miners good. to last a free or created an ash cloud so thick it hid the sun poor visibility forced
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airlines to cancel flights to and from st vincent here listen to slow down its roll here and i hear it does this smoke start to go up in there you saw the i mean it does get funny going to see any industry so maybe those there you go over 16000 people living near the volcano were ordered to leave the area for their own safety by st vincent's prime minister ralph come salva as. residents queued for many buses taking only what they could carry with them. but they weren't enough places for everyone he will pull in some regions evacuation efforts didn't go according to plan. that was supposed to be moved by what is. materialize i do the way to. help him but he didn't materialize as a result quite a number of courses or lead to a new ward looking for. more police local people boarded ferries at night
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to neighboring islands dominica grenada and have agreed to accept evacuees from st vincent but only those people who are already vaccinated against the coronavirus and shelters on the island have to limit the number of people they can admit to prevent coronavirus outbreaks. scientists from the university of the west indies warn that the volcano could keep erupting for days or weeks. and for all you wine lovers out there i'm afraid i have even more bad news wait for austin brought on by an unseasonably cold spring weather across france have potentially destroyed this year's vantage score as in some of the country's best known and prestigious wine producing regions are counting the cost and the government has declared a national emergency and is offering financial aid to the sector and even psychological counseling. it's
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a crucial time of year when the new stalks begin to form on the vines in a normal season each of these stalks would eventually develop simple kilos of grapes where you see for you can't you see these leaves which have been altered by the frost and which since this morning have dried up there you go it breaks like glass because there's no more moisture it's completely dry there's no life you see the little bunch which is there well it won't live this buds dead this one too here too the vines have been hit by what vedic culture alist call a black frost from the bordeaux region in the southwest to burgundy and the rhone valley in the east wind makers have been inspecting the destruction in burgundy local producers estimate that at least half of this year's harvest has been lost in the rhone valley producers say it will be the smallest harvest in 4 decades with losses of up to 80 or 90 percent the government is ready in an
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emergency rescue package if we mobilise isreal took that we need total mobilization total mobilize ation to provide support to the wine growers the abra cultural lists and farmers who have suffered this damage as quickly as possible. we set in motion the agricultural disaster scheme which allows us to provide financial support notably in the arbor a culture sector. as for jeff an aussie. besides grapevines fruit trees have also been badly hit along with other crops industry experts say the frost damage may be the worst since the 1990 s. and there's more cold weather on the way. let's get some sports news now and saturday's early games in the bundesliga have finished so we can take a look at all the scores oh here in berlin surprisingly how the byron to a draw thrashed bremen frankfurt edged out both spark in
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a thriller and had to rule with a glove box on friday bealefeld edged fribourg one nil. for the home side picked up 3 crucial points in the fight against relegation an own goal from but teased a sentiment on 69 minutes won the game for be lookouts lifting them out of the drop zone at least until their immediate rivals play on sunday. and saturday's late game between god and dormant kicks off shortly on sunday schalke a host of bark and cologne play mights leverkusen visit hoffenheim on monday to round off match day 28. and before we go a reminder of our top story at this hour military gun salutes have a fired in tribute to the late prince philip the husband of queen elizabeth the 2nd died on friday aged 99 people have been elaine flowers out brawl residences although buckingham palace has asked crowds not to gather during the pentagon and.
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that is your news update at this hour remember there's always more on our website g w dot com or you can follow us on twitter and instagram for all the latest headlines i'm claire richardson in berlin bring them home it will be up with you next with more news in 45 minutes time thanks much for watching. in the. devil's child was a story in the long suit her school. claim the facts of climate change i mean folklore by the forestation in the rain forest containing carbon dioxide making congress think. young people old the world are committed to climate protection
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i see what effect will that have. because change doesn't happen on its own plate make up your own mind. if w. made for minds. and maginot national team starring all black from slovenia more than each from croatia jayco from bosnia herzegovina and your beach from serbia. well 30 years ago that would have been possible because they'd all have come from the same country yugoslavia mistake which no longer exists but it's football are still impress. the
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countries that used to make up your islamiyah produced talent after talent after talent wise that. gratian even reached a world cup final a country of only 4000000 people beating argentina england and russia. in 1980 gracious finished 3rd at their world cup debut. debut why debut. because until the early ninety's cro ads were part of yugoslavia along with slovenes bosnian serbs montenegrins and message on the ends. yugoslavia always had good footballers. oh lord toward the country apart in 1901. i think that this mean the end of football there boy if i'm not sure none of the successor states national
6:18 pm
teams are as successful as croatia. still serbia as the 4th largest export nation of footballers worldwide now compare serbia's population to those of other important export countries. another former yugoslav republic bosnia-herzegovina made it to the world cup in 2014. and nor the macedonia to euro 2021 how many x. yugoslavs are on the team you support probably plenty if it's in syria which boasts a record $47.00 of them. why are people from this region so good well 1st of all former yugoslavia always was a true footballing nation. the sport was already popular there before world war 2 yugoslavia played at the 1st world cup in europe why 930 they even reached the semifinal. after world war 2 the country became communist but soon fell out with the soviet union it shows
6:19 pm
a 3rd way between communism and capitalism so you can slowly also look the west toward in many ways. also when it came to football years long as you need. is really one of the reasons why. another factor in that situation that you need the extension we. invest in why did we. structure this paid off yugoslavia reached the world cup quarter finals in 19541958. they won the olympics in 1960 and came in 4th at their 962. rocko they might the finals of euro $960.60. remarkable success of the country over 20000000 inhabitants only. club level yugoslavia's big 4 had established themselves
6:20 pm
as powerhouses the numbers are going to kind of splits and belgrade sides red star and parties on their youth academies produced outstanding talent like a kind of can the creation coastal tell mostly. french for us but all of their 'd regular basis. such as hard for example coming in. company this is special and should many players are going abroad the use of the word satiation brings in this rule players are allowed to leave the country until well. not a very popular policy but it did ensure the domestic yugoslav league was of a high standard. from the current that level from the age of 14 basically these players played together on the very regular basis and got to know each other and as most football fans know chemistry is a very important aspect of a successful scene resulting in a strong league with well supported domestic players big club succeeding in europe
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and a formidable yugoslav national team. in the eighty's a new generation of footballers turned this to gold they won the 1987 youth a world championship in chile players like bob i'm sure got a yard of me up to each process which he came to light they left their mark on ninety's football at. milan and others. but they didn't have time to make their mark as a national team hatred was being stirred up among yugoslavia's different ethnicities violence in a game between when i was i could have been red star belgrade heralded the war that would follow. i could go. you don't want to put it on but you will be able to give you names of everything you're saying all of this additional bunch of us are going to get a bunch of awarded p 3 month up. this research. or to go. big
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business with this into the field or history and all the rights and the morals that would look more unsafe in 1901 the war started yugoslavia fell apart. how did this affect this very talented generation and football as a whole in the range and. most incredibly just weeks before the war began red star belgrade still won the equivalent of the champions league in may 991 but shortly after just like thousands of civilians footballers are leaving the region on must see. red star belgrade lost nearly their entire team overnight after the $99.00 you want to triumph. their players left for a way out of milan in terror and others it wasn't just red star other top clubs also struggled and have yet to fully recover. what we see across the board is an exodus of talent anywhere. where they don't have to stay in that.
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situation saying you know. and we see the creation all. week this fight all this one of the new national teams and managed to rise from the ashes of yugoslavia quite quickly. after its independence grey should join fifa initially they were into 125th in the world only 2 years later they had moved up to 62nd. and another 2 years later they played the euro $996.00 that made it to the quarterfinals. why did they develop so fast sure they had players that had won the 87 youth world championship. players like. and shook her over no in their prime. but there was another critical factor triggered by the war identity was they were not just considered ambassadors of identity over sort of this
6:24 pm
new form in question of entity but they also saw themselves as ambassadors of identity they felt. but secure and the extra special motivation for the role that they were in football played a very specific role as as a sacred center of. the 998 world cup christian even came in 3rd. although they had to wait 20 years for similar success 2nd place at the 2018 world cup patriotic impetus is still considered a reason for gracious outsized performance. but see i mean actually. get. on the guy early not gonzales was never there supports him as much on a sawmill india etc england though is so national finance is quite aware that the local market a child will call a lot and that should also said that child c. is about nixon and the welsh don't sort origin or graham and arthur. and i will
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guess what only paul nitze. is bigots and there was a lot of. things are quite different in serbia and montenegro the un saw them as the aggressor in that you could love words sanctions prevented the national teams and clubs from playing abroad. but also would be done in if it was not if you believe it was your goal which we must look at a lot of our. economy if you made your strong economy so yeah that's what i'm going to look at the next it will be me not just all. but serbs and montenegrins came back now as federal republic of yugoslavia admitted to world cup 1908 and euro 2000 they too had their share of the golden generation like played like me out of reach and players from european cup winning red start. see me show me kind of which or down 7 church. plus the excellent youth work survived the war one outstanding
6:26 pm
example is quite a tease on belgrade's a cat. it's odd knowing what it's all up. to do this if he had it ignited. you want me. always to be service production of youth talent is so massive that the country is listed as the world's 4th largest export nation of footballers which is often a recipe for club survival was largely not to be got to. be. yet the leaders really are never going to see. what you really need a lot of young kossovo to build its football on these pillars relying on patriotic impetus and recruiting from a large diaspora before corona in late 2019 i want to call
6:27 pm
you a 1st youngest member. kossovo was once an autonomous province of serbia and declared independence in 2008 it was admitted to you a friend 2016 and almost qualified for euro 2021. how. about war torn and still not recognized by some major countries such as russia or china in kosovo football is clearly much more than just football. the weight. of the world. things like that are very light yellow if you like. and you were thinking if you didn't mean you want to watch. add to this pride the diaspora factor ok was actually born in kosovo but goalkeeper more each in switzerland or defender in germany. because of us football team is also about nation building and with all the enthusiasm this seems to work so far.
6:28 pm
finally nor the macedonia qualify. for euro 2021. this former yugoslav republic did not come out of nowhere either. like i am. a continuation of the yugoslav school with an emphasis on good youth work. only in the hearts. of. all i know in. india. as the. years in. yugoslavia has left more than just the traces and today's football that laid the foundation for an unstoppable production of talent and some great success against the odds.
6:29 pm
are you ready for some great news i'm christine wonderland i am eddie my country with a brand new details give us africa the show that tackles the issues shaping the conflict now with more time to off bottom in-depth look at all the transcripts out to you what's making the hittites and what's behind the way on the streets to give you in-depth reports on the insides d.w.b. south africa. their patience is running out. their range is growing a life without electricity. presidents a few han a sport. like millions of other people in africa they often experience power outages a couple of district what causes dumped and what solution is harder. than the 7 percent. in 60 minutes.
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come down lol. good people have. to say 1st to us. trying to say to each reporter every weekend on d w. this is deja vu news africa on the program today hopes and hurdles in sudan to the good after the revolution that toppled a dictator is the impact of the change that took place at the top being felt on the ground. to do good deeds when few significant advances in its transition however. the remaining show.


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