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this is d.w. news live from berlin britain mourns the death of prince philip. bells tolled guns will fire and sporting matches come to a halt in tribute to the 99 year old husband of queen elizabeth the 2nd we look at how the country is grieving along with its royal family also coming out germany's chancellor takes control turn and says it will override state leaders and impose tough national coronavirus restrictions. plus the volcano rules to live sparking an
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evacuation frenzy thousands of flames from the caribbean island of st vincent as scientists warn of a bigger blast that could follow. i'm rebecca ritter's welcome to the program britain is mourning the death of prince philip husband to queen elizabeth he died on friday morning at the age of 99 today military guns will fire salutes and sporting events will pause for minutes of silence flags will fly at half mast until the day of his funeral which is yet to be announced although buckingham palace has asked crowds not to gather all a flowers during the pandemic people have been coming out to express their great. it's been a year filled with pain and oscillation for those in the united kingdom with many losing loved ones in the coronavirus pandemic. but much of british society is
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pausing to give special attention to the passing of one man they hold dear. i have a huge huge amount of respect for the royal family. even talking about it. the nice break. that's come down here in just being in the. safety and everything else and just be placed the family today for the prince philip was wonderful father and a real asset to british life and i'm sure the queen is grieving terribly my wishes to her very sad actually. it's. still very sad sad sad he's been with us all throughout life the pair of. people in london and make their way to windsor castle or buckingham palace to pay their respects to prince philip the royal family urge people not to gather in large
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numbers due to the pandemic asking them to make a charitable donation instead. westminster abbey bells ring once every 99 minutes in tribute. u.k. prime minister boris johnson says his thoughts are with the queen who has lost her husband. so we mourn today with her majesty the queen we offer our condolences to her and to her family. and we give thanks as a nation and the kingdom for the extraordinary life and work of prince philip. the government says flags will fly at half mast all over the country until the prince's funeral. his deputy also be mobbed by a $41.00 gun salute at noon on saturday. i'm joined now by culture
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reporter robin merrill robin and what do you think the prince philip's legacy will be i think in a number of things i think 1st of all his extraordinary life of service as an example so well as i mean 73 years as prince council which is a kind of impossible task as you always know that too and in his case is very much a masculine man very old school and having to be a step behind the queen must be difficult for him he did once say that he was 1st 2nd and last he never wants to lessen a doubt and he never did the the other legacy of course is this fabulous. juke of edinburgh awards awards scene that he started way back in 1956 he was a an environmentalist before his time ridden i mean because this was all about
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young people. with nature working with nature in the outdoors and it's a scheme that will drive and will continue for many years to come. and he's also been quite at the fi sort of figure it could you tell us a bit more about that. well he certainly has. had an incurable sense of fear which got him into trouble i should mention that he . has started life was uneasy when he was one year years old he's father prince andrew greece was banished from his country because of a coup d'etat when he was 7 is mother was diagnosed as a schizo printing and unfortunately was put in an asylum the so very little of. that for the rest of his life but. in this age of political correctness he was of course famous for some of his gaffes. very dry sense of humor i was often amused
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by him and he was very a river and go some of the things he said are quite unrepeatable he didn't suffer fools gladly but. i actually my brother was prince charles's private section for some time and had dealings with the judge and he said one thing to me he didn't reveal much makes i was a journalist but he did say he was very relaxed within him self and. that was his character and he didn't mind about everybody else who now has a thoughts obviously with the queen and by her own admission philip was such a rock for her i want must have been quite a lonely role. indeed. she told him her straight thursday to cheer on streets and it was said that he was the only man the only person in the world who could treat her and talk to normally and she did adore
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him. and i mean despite the fact that the queen must have expected this he's just spent the longest time ever in hospital in his entire life user very fit madison time not. she must have expected this i think is as we all know when the moment happens it really does hit you and i suspect she's been hit very hard i mean they they were together 3 quarters of a century. yes quite. thank you very much. german chancellor angela merkel plans to reduce the powers of the country's 16 states to decide on coronavirus restrictions and centralize them with the federal government and wants to impose national restrictions if new infix infections breach sets breach set limits germany is battling a 3rd covert 19 wave and regional decision making has led to a confusing patchwork of regulations. if i want to go shopping in berlin i can do
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that if i get tested beforehand here i can do that right in front of the shopping center and the testers for free. the testing bird goes in an hour and the shopping can begin with these repetitious many cities and restrictions meanwhile in other places new carpet measures are implemented and curfews put in place. everywhere in the country the rules are different leading to confusion for many. nobody knows anymore what the regulations are right now the room you voted for i think it's chaos especially if you look at the different vaccination strategies and belinda very good in lower saxony it's a disaster it is just not working is not in the mood to politicians are going back and forth and want to distinguish themselves with new proposals but the scientists
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they're doing a much better job. and they have very clear on what many needs right now. is in the movie that we look into our mobility and their losses and we see that context has not been reduced as much as during the 1st lockdown and that's where we need to come back to it because we're dealing with a new variant b 117 which is spreading fast but the only way to do that is through a coherent systematic intensive and maybe shorter knock down look here at the chancellor's office and you'll america is calling for a strict and nationwide lockdown but federal states. the decision making powers in the fight against the pandemic and the states have very different views especially now with the election campaign a start on the lush it from north rhine-westphalia and marco sudha from bavaria fighting over the sea to use candidacy for chancellor is the political management of the crisis going out of hand this is more thought of politicos are good
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politicians always say we have to make long term decisions but actually thinking of the next election that's why they want to avoid uncomfortable inconvenient decisions decisions people won't understand but that's a mistake because in times of crises people want security and they are also prepared to take responsibility but politicians have to lead the way. straight forward covered measures that is what people are calling. stricter laws no ensure this the political discussion continues. let's turn now to some other stories making headlines around the world india has reported more than 145000 new coronavirus cases the largest daily increase by far since the pandemic began infections have surged in recent weeks prompting many states to impose tougher restrictions like curfews and we can lock thousands. police in greece have launched a manhunt after a veteran crime reporter was shot dead outside his home in athens kind of us was
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ambushed and shot several times as he arrived home from work media offices in grace are frequently targeted in fire bomb and vandalism attacks. in china has fined the world's largest e-commerce company alibaba more than 2000000000 euros for breaking rules on fair competition regulators said the company founded by billionaire jack ma had abused its dominant position and china's communist party is cracking down on tech companies and says enforcing anti monopoly rules is a priority in 2021. amazon warehouse workers in the u.s. state of alabama who voted against forming a union the decision is a blow to campaigners who were hoping for a new era of worker activism on the president joe biden 27 states have passed so-called right to work all that code counts. tens of thousands of people are being evacuated from the area around the volcano on the caribbean island
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of st vincent after it began erupting on friday the volcano has been spewing smoke and ash across the island it had been dormant for decades until december last year when it began showing signs of life. watching the eruption ejected smoke kilometers high into the air. good god last of free air created an ash cloud so thick it hit the sun poor visibility forced airlines to cancel flights to and from st vincent here let's go there slow down scroll down the right there it doesn't there's some smoke start to go up in there saw the only one of those department going to see i mean dust there may be those there you go over 16000 people living near the volcano what order to leave the area for their own safety by st vincent's prime minister salva has. residents queued for many buses taking only what they could carry with them.
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but there weren't enough places for everyone to be the little hole we were all in some regions evacuation efforts didn't go according to plan. or support to be moved by what is. materialize i do the way to. help him but he didn't materialize as a result of course of the elite new ward looking for. more police local people boarded ferries at night to neighboring islands dominica grenada and tika have agreed to accept evacuees from st vincent but only those people who are already vaccinated against the coronavirus and shelters on the island have to limit the number of people they can admit to prevent coronavirus outbreaks scientists from the university of the west indies warned that the volcano could keep erupting
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for days or weeks. sport now in european football's governing body has given 4 host cities of this summer's european championship 10 days to say how they plan to accommodate fans in their stadiums they could be replaced should they fail to do so 8 cities have assured you a fair that at least some fans will be able to attend matches at the euro 2020 which was postponed until this year budapest is the only city aiming to host a capacity crowd munich rome bilbao and dublin has been given extra time to come up with details after they failed to commit to allowing fans to attend. america's charisma more proves why she's a 4 time world surfing league champion at an event in newcastle astray or more pulled off what's known in the sport as a massive every verse she clinched the world number one spot for the fate of the highest. single waves more of the event so far and near perfect $9.00.
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you're watching david is from but end up next on dr phil looks at our risky financial systems and asks if we're ready for a new crisis more news headlines at the top of the hour don't go away. 6. their story their very own personal drama. the people who survived the catastrophe and remember. and they share private footage with us that has never been seen before.


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