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there's a deed of news live from berlin britain's prince philip dies at the age of 99 husband to queen elizabeth the 2nd he served as royal consort for over 70 years we look at how a nation is grieving amid pandemic restrictions also on the program germany's chancellor takes control as berlin says it will override state leaders and impose tough but national coronavirus restrictions. that would take you to a film festival in moscow a few find the kremlin and showcasing movies the russian authorities don't want you
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to see. i'm told me a lot of welcome to the program britain's prince philip husband of queen elizabeth has died at the age of 99 he had been recently released from hospital after spending several weeks being treated for an infection and heart condition the prince stood at the queen side for over 7 decades wild leaders have expressed their condolences and people have gathered to pay tribute. it's been a year filled with pain and isolation for those in the united kingdom with many losing loved ones in the coronavirus pandemic but much of british society is pausing to give special attention to the passing of one man they hold dear.
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i have a huge huge amount of respect for the family. actually even just talking about it we had a nice break. first we just felt we had come down here and just being in the. safety and everything else and just being placed the family for the prince philip was some wonderful father and a real asset to british life and i'm sure the queen is grieving terribly my wishes to her very sad. it's. sad sad he's been with us all through our lives the pair of. people in london to make their way to windsor castle or buckingham palace to pay their respects to prince philip the royal family urge people not to gather in large numbers due to the pandemic asking them to make a charitable donation instead. of
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westminster abbey bells ringing once every 99 minutes in tribute. u.k. prime minister boris johnson says his thoughts are with the queen who has lost her husband. so we mourn today with her majesty the queen we offer our condolences to her. family. and we give thanks as a nation and the kingdom for the extraordinary life and work. of prince philip do you consider. the government says flags to fly at hof mast all over the country until the prince's funeral his death will also be marked by a 41 gun salute that mood on saturday. prince philip's death comes after some turbulent weeks for british for the british royal family
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correspondent charlotte charleston still some to report from london and prince philip has been by the queen's side numerous to mull shuras periods the one that springs to mind of course is the death of princess diana in 1997 but yes that interview that harry and meghan gave to oprah last month was just the latest in a in a string of controversial moments meghan making some allegations about the way the palace treated her her mental health and of course a very explosive allegation suggesting racism from an unnamed member of the royal family the palace then reforms to respond to that something they weren't expected to do such was the level of controversy surrounding this interview prince philip was in hospital when it was given some people commenting that it was that poor insensitive for this interview to go ahead but the queen has weathered so many storms in the past few doubt that she will continue to weather further storms
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although very sadly going forward without prince philip by her side. let's turn now to some other stories making headlines around the world u.s. rapper and actor d.m.s. has died at the age of 50 he suffered a heart attack 5 days ago and was placed on life support d.m.s. whose real name was earl simmons build a multi platinum selling career as one of rap's biggest stars of the late 1990 s. and early 2000. a volcano has erupted on the caribbean island of st vincent for the 1st time in 4 decades 28000 people have been evacuated but the coronavirus has complicated the operation neighboring island say there will only accept vaccinated people. police in greece have launched a manhunt after a veteran crime reporter was shot dead outside his home in athens your goes carry
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vassal was ambushed and shot several times as he arrived from work media offices in greece are frequently targeted in fireball and vandalism attacks. amazon warehouse workers in the u.s. state of alabama voted against forming a union the decision is a blow to campaigners who were hoping for a new era of work activism under president joe biden many southern states have passed so-called right to work laws that union policy. german chancellor angela merkel is to reduce the part of the country's 16 states to decide on coronavirus restrictions and then centralize them with the federal government a new plan will give birth in the parts of impose national restrictions with new infections when new infections reach a certain rate germany is battling a devastating 3rd wave and regional decision making has led to a confusing patchwork of regulations. if i want to go shopping in berlin i can do
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that if i get tested beforehand here i can do that right in front of the shopping center and test it for free. the testing bird goes in an hour and the shopping can begin with these rapid tests many cities and listening restrictions here meanwhile in other places new carpet measures are implemented and curfews put in place. everywhere in the country the rules are different leading to confusion for many. nobody knows anymore what the forgive nations are right now the room you've heard it through i think it's chaos especially if you look at the different vaccination strategies and belinda very good in lower saxony it's a disaster it is just not working because north in the north the politicians are going back and forth and want to distinguish themselves with new proposals but the scientists they're doing a much better job. and they are very clear on what many needs right now.
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is in the movie if we look into our mobility analysis and we see that context has not been reduced as much as during the 1st lock down and that's why we need to come back to that because we're dealing with the new variant b 117 which is spreading faster the only way to do that is through a coherent systematic intensive and maybe shorter knock down look here at the chancellor's office and you'll america is calling for a strict and nationwide lockdown. but federal states have the decision making powers in the fight against the pandemic and the states have very different views especially now that the election campaign is stopped i mean lash out from north rhine-westphalia and michael stood up from the various fighting over the cd use candidacy put chancellor is the political management of the crisis going out of hand this is a moment or just politicos are going. away say we have to make long term decisions
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but actually they're thinking of the next election that's why they want to avoid uncomfortable inconvenient decisions decisions people won't understand but that's a mistake because in times of crises people want security and they are also prepared to take responsibility but politicians have to lead the way to this. straightforward covered measures that is what people are calling for here in germany stricter laws could now ensure this the political discussion continues. but also with a pandemic and look at some other developments around the world they use drugs regulator is reviewing johnson and johnson's covert 19 vaccine after 4 reports of unusual blood clots it's also expanding its investigation of astra zeneca shot the world health organization says its latest tally shows 87 percent of coronavirus vaccines administered so far have been in wealthy countries it says there is still
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a shocking imbalance in the global distribution of the shots and pakistan has started to limit intercity travel at weekends bus terminals will be closed on saturdays and sundays. turning to football now and struggling armenia billfold hosted freiburg on friday the visitors wanted to win to boost their slim chances of european qualification while the home side needed 3 points to help them avoid relegation and on goal from baptist santa maria on 69 minutes on the game for lifting them out of the drop zone at least until their rivals play over the weekend freiburg remain in 10th place in the table. now to russia where a documentary film 1st of all is fighting for freedom of expression the dark fest shows documentaries that often on what the kremlin would call actually arctic
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soames with critical political viewpoints or films that tell the stories of oppressed gays and lesbians authorities instead shut down the 1st of all that before it even began they say because of coronavirus restrictions he was at the moscow edition where most of the films made it onto the screen. desperation joy. in more than $100.00 films the arc talk fest in moscow offers a broad spectrum of emotions and thoughts that includes thoughts about today's russia that few people there dare to voice out loud fearing government reprisals. there was nothing about the current leadership in russia is that they do not allow any open dialogue at all about topics that are disagreeable to them. in the recruitment post previous hits in class. in the film
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cutler van for instance the protagonists confess their concerns to their cellphones and they don't shy away from strong language when describing their country might not. get off the roof. the film called luvin had its premiere last year at the berlin film festival and since then not a single russian festival has dared to show it the authorities do everything to destroy the films that tell about the crimes those in power commit against their own people with. war they just ban the entire festival that's what happened with the regional edition of the art talk fest in st petersburg when police sealed the cinema due to alleged violations of coronavirus regulations. in moscow authorities withdrew a film about gays in chechnya saying threats had been issued. and russian ultranationalists tried to disrupt the screening of a film about crimea just some of the problems or provocations the art doc fest has
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to contend with each year but along with a domestic russian perspective it also offers an outside view of the world as west productions by torch of l.a. . in his film about german reunification w.'s general manager peter limbo relates his personal experiences they include memories of former german chancellor helmut coast historical speech undressed or. a film about beethoven's 9th symphony takes viewers on a journey around the world to highlight the iconic works global influence. by. and in a production by the w.'s moscow bureau russian viewers can experience their country through the perspective of a german russian t.v. team and meet 6 generations of their compatriots from 6 regions of russia the book the art doc fest either functions the way we want or not at all we won't compromise
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with those in power. so the art duck fest remains the only film festival in russia that dares to be confrontational and challenging and it calls on its audience to cover their mouths and noses but not their eyes. you're watching the news i'm tomi oladipo gentle do malone is up next with the business news after the break and before we go new music from the legendary musician prince still being released 5 years after his death the latest welcome to america is due out this july leave you with a taste. well to. where you can fail at your job to get 5 rehired. and get a $700000000000.00 to. come up money. and given the. massive information over the.
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summer. right distracted by the features of the phone. the another. ticket faces son he's seen something to a man. we have important numers. smoking is healthy pesticides are good for the being. doesn't exist. well not yet. you have made up my mind. that industry is controlling your thoughts here
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and certainly. it's not easy to spot. the great books of the 20th century. present day hoaxes. and who's behind the. manufacturing ignorance starts may 3rd on d w. a c change for the organized labor movement in the us fail so materialized workers vote. for made what would have been the 1st amazon union in the u.s. . also on the show the u.s. jobs market may be picking up steam but warnings are mounting that many jobs loss the pandemic may never return to. the drought in taiwan creates challenges for its thirsty chip banking industry. this is d.w.
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business i'm joined now the milan in berlin happy you can join us we begin with a major blow to the organized labor movement in the u.s. on warehouse workers in the state of alabama have voted against forming a union it would have been the 1st amazon union in the u.s. but on friday the e-commerce titan won a resoundingly victory against the unionization drive workers cast $1798.00 votes against a union while ballots favoring one came in at 738 although the vote involved a single amazon facility in one state the effort too much attention and high profile political support as it was seen as a bellwether for the future of labor activism especially in big companies. our correspondent joins us now. why did this you've been ization efforts failed despite all the attention it got. well actually amazon was writing
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a pretty aggressive campaign there were for instance a mandatory meetings where those laborers had to show up an amazon try to convince them at those meetings why it would be not a good idea to get a union nice them and just to give you an idea what happened was amazon in the pasta pen demick a year they actually hired just in the u.s. alone around $400000.00 workers that was that they almost doubled the workforce in the united states and the labor as actually a lot of them they complain about the work conditions at amazon there was a lot of pressure not many breaks and so also for many of those workers that they just didn't have the time to really get informed outside of amazon so that also might of played a role most of the workers actually voted within the but amazon has seen some terrible press because of poor working conditions but what does this
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failure in an effort mean then for fair labor in the united states. they were clearly i mean it is a setback for the labor movement to devote an alabama there's no doubt about it but overall what we're seeing here in the united states i would even call it and you will labor movement and on many sides of the aisle you see that was white collar jobs at google for example and bill that you know the younger people they are starting to get to organize to but also if you look at them service workers delivery guys in new york for example they're also starting a labor movements and they're getting organized so i haven't seen those movements since i came to talk which and that is a good 20 years ago and then also what amazon we could see of workers getting organized at other places we shouldn't forget this one don't just think center in alabama is less than one percent of the workforce of amazon so even if it's
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a setback the labor movement is getting stronger and stronger and here in the united states it's certainly not over yet a thank you for our all your reporting this weekends quarter there in your york for us and staying with labor the american employment market is bouncing back strongly employers hired nearly a 1000000 people in march but federal reserve chairman to roll powell has one for months that many jobs lost in the pandemic aren't going to come back. in the new york baro of queens thousands of residents now depend on food banks among them people who previously donated to such causes and now after losing their jobs rely on charity themselves. much of the $100.00 m. many of us have been left without jobs and unable to pay the rental bills and so we have barely surviving. oh to be the end of. the in the line
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laid off cleaners chefs and mechanics since the pandemic the u.s. economy has shed 8400000 jobs u.s. federal reserve chief jerome powell warns many of them may never return or we're not going back to the same economy this will be a different economy and one of the things we hear from from companies is that they've spent a lot of time since the pandemic arrived looking at ways to have more effective technology and perhaps fewer people so you're going to see some of that in these public facing jobs so there will be millions of people who have a hard time finding their way back into the workforce and recovering the lives that they had just a year ago according to the u.s. central bank 40 percent of americans don't have enough money to pay a $400.00 bill in an emergency and even before the pandemic some 37000000 americans couldn't afford to buy enough food for the country's poor covered 19 has dealt an
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especially heavy blow now a top german lawmaker has rejected tesla's claim that the country's peer rock recy is slowing down innovation the us electric car maker says administrative complications are delaying the construction of its new factory outside berlin and that germany is at risk of missing its climate targets but in an interview with business daily handles conservative lawmaker thomas for rice said he knew of no other project where so much had been done to get clearance quickly. car companies electronics makers and others have been facing a shortage of computer chips for months now disrupted supply chains and high demand have played a role but a drought in taiwan has shown the weather could be a factor to the w.'s joyously as more. underground water coming out of the construction site entire city the tankers carrying $25.00 tons of what
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each then go to a ts and cs plant in a nearby science park this is how the worse not just contract chip maker is sourcing water for his water intensive production line the worst drought in taiwan in 56 years and the rest of us in the central and southeastern region have nearly bottomed out following a rare typhoon 3 year there's the rest of our profiles wall itself all the nearby science park but the water level is only at 10 percent right now experts say the situation is likely to continue until one since the sun comes in late may. the authorities have issued a rather large industrial uses must cut water consumption by 15 percent and yes i am serious short in a statement that the new restrictions were not a fact operations. turning sea water to clean water the water resources agency this emergency desalinization plant in synch you following the drought it generates 13 metric tons of water every day roughly the amount
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needed for 50000 people. it's only 3 percent of the total water supply and shinjiro but it's already a significant proportion as she water is a stable source so we don't have to rely solely on rainfall we built this in just 66 days the containers are mobile we can easily move the plant to places in need in the future. the private sector is also trying to secure water supply ts and cs apply and see why it's one of the world's biggest producers of chemicals for semiconductors they started recycling i saw procure alcohol from semiconductor plants last year not only can the used chemical be purified the water is also recycled 100 percent and used in their own factory. semiconductor plants used to burn the used chemical but that caused
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a lot of pollution and the water inside would be gone now we collect the used chemical and water filter and reuse it creating a closed loop should any semiconductor plants need water we will transported by tanks or chains this is because you. don't. but each truck can only do level $25.00 to $35.00 tons of water income parable with the $15000.00 tons sponte s.m.c. daily. well it's bad news for wine lovers late frosts brought on by unseasonably cold spring weather across france has potentially destroyed this year's vintage growers and some of the country's best known and prestigious wine producing regions are counting the cost the government has declared a national emergency and is offering financial aid to the sector and even psychological counseling. it's a crucial time of year when the new stalks begin to form on the vines in
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a normal season each of these stalks would eventually develop simple kilos of grapes where you see for your committee if you see these leaves which have been altered by the frost and which since this morning have dried up there you go it breaks like glass because there's no more moisture it's completely dry there's no life you see the little bunch which is there well it won't live this bud's dead this one too here too the vines have been hit by what vedic culture alist call a black frost from the border region in the southwest to burgundy and the rhone valley in the east winemakers have been inspecting the destruction in burgundy local producers estimate that at least half of this year's harvest has been lost in the rhone valley producers say it will be the smallest harvest in 4 decades with losses of up to 80 or 90 percent the government is reading an emergency rescue package if we mobilise isreal took that we need total
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mobilization total mobilize ation to provide support to the wine growers the abra cultural lists and farmers who have suffered this damage as quickly as possible. we set in motion the agricultural disaster scheme which allows us to provide financial support notably in the arbor a culture sector. as fiction fantasy. besides grapevines fruit trees have also been badly hit along with other crops industry experts say the frost damage may be the worst since the 1990 s. and there's more cold weather on the way. and finally want to moscow's most famous stores is closing its stores this weekend after more than a century in operation the yellow sea food emporium was opened in 1001 by a merchant family who made their fortune importing from to unwind to attract a steady stream of tourists with its homemade delicacies and fine wines until the
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pandemic hit local authorities have said the next occupant must preserve the source lavish interior as an architectural monument. and that's it for me and the business team for more you can always go to our website that steve slash business thanks for watching have a great weekend. economic . dreamt instead of rainy season in rwanda climate change is threatening harvest. a startup is now increasingly. informs farmers about the planet's water needs and solar energy and sure is chief. climate. for.
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where does this powerful emotion come from. and how can we conquer. the science of fear. in 45 minutes on d w. william had a being done to gonzaga as well lyons i know but had i known that the boat would be about small i never would have gone on a trip to cuba i would not have put myself and my parents so much attention to but it's a game of the open a beautifully who would. love once thank you there was that one little to give them
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i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there but it might i'm going to. want to know their story for migrants terrified and reliable information for margaret's. hello and welcome to another edition of africa i am son got 3 no video coming to you from kampala here in uganda well it has we nearly 5 years since this show focusing on environmental issues foster went and we're looking forward to reporting on more and more amazing projects and great ideas for protecting us.


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