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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  April 9, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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this is the only news lie from britain's prince from the age of 99 to queen elizabeth the 2nd he served. 70 years. also on the program germany's chancellor takes control. over state. restrictions. russian.
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troops. welcome to the program britain's prince philip husband of queen elizabeth the 2nd has died at the age of 99 is health had been deteriorating over recent months recently been released from hospital after a month long stay bought into the greek and danish royal family as the prince went on to marry elizabeth in 1947 is a look back at his life. prince philip duke of edinburgh the husband of queen elizabeth the 2nd. always a test side or a few steps behind that was royal protocol for the british prince consuls the couple was married more than 70 years the former royal navy officer lived an
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eventful public life that was occasionally seasoned by his sharp tongue and for dry humor. he was born prince philip of greece and denmark on the island of corfu in 1921 but despite his family's irish to craft it background money was often in short supply his parents divorced and philip ended up in england where he began a career in the royal navy at the outbreak of world war 2. he met the future queen for the 1st time in the 1930 s. he was 18 and for and this abyss just 13 at the time it was reportedly love at 1st sight her parents were nonplussed with the prince of humble means but elizabeth persevered in 1947 shortly after the war the 2 were married. for. their 1st child prince charles was born the following year the family lived on
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the island of malta where phillip was stationed as an officer but the death of the british king george the states in 1952 changed their lives dramatically. elizabeth became queen phillip her prince consort soon became well known for his quips he was even reported to have asked the queen after her coronation why did you get that hat that won him a warm place in british hearts that he wasn't fond of playing the role of an extra in countless televised appearances was notes. secret still he fulfilled his duties with an elegant if sometimes doubt the distance. toward ceremonies receptions openings phillips was never without a joke of some kind even when he was given a set of headphones as a gift to get through do through thank god that. the death of
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princess diana in 1997 was an anguishing low point in the life of the wind since. the monarchy faced days of mounting disapproval until queen elizabeth spoke openly of her grief that's what i mean if it was a source of strength to the queen. or for me as we went through the full range of pleasures and tribulations of bringing up children or nephews somewhat both but i think all children of the world live in a different and difficult and demanding circumstances. i his descendants including prince charles next in line to the throne and grandsons william and harry sold the royal heritage through the many highs and lows of the early 21st century. in the course of 70 years he visited over $140.00 countries and gave more than $5000.00 speeches will be
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remembered the world over for his calm irreverent ways. as goes straight to the british. correspondent phil joins us from london i know you've been to buckingham palace today i tell us more about what you're seeing or people have been saying. but as i'm sure you can imagine tributes are pouring in not just here in the u.k. but around from around the world wild leaders paying tribute to the jacob and him as an icon of public service his decades of public service by the size of the queen and also offering the condolences to the queen and the whole royal family i was at buckingham palace that what was small crowds gathered some people laying flowers outside the palace but the government on the palace here a recommending that people people instead pay tribute to the jacob edinburgh on an
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online consulate book of consolation that's because it's not being encouraged that queues or large crowds gathered of course the u.k. is still under 19 restrictions at the moment so there is a concern about any crowds gathering but the has been a big outpouring of grief for that you can bet a brit who we know has passed away just 2 months shy of his 100th birthday so how will he be remembered. well he is widely remembered as a modernizing figure off to the u.k. rebuilt in the often ma of the 2nd world war who also be remembered as i said and that's why so many wildly does all mentioning it for his his public service his sense of duty and responsibility regardless of how you might feel about the royal family there is no down saying his sense of g.t.o. him decades by the side of the queen in fact on that 50th wedding anniversary the
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queen has so described him as has strength and stay talking about the sacrifices or alluding to the sacrifices he's made instance in his years as a consequence of course here we have to remember it as well for his bright personality a lot of people have been paying tribute to his sense of humor and then of course that has to be said he is also being remembered as someone who was known to have occasionally made some more controversial more offensive remarks as well today though a lot of people paying tribute to him in the last that it's bam they will stop it he was a husband for the 17 year father great grandfather and the grandfather as well as stay with us i shall take a look at a couple of the tributes being paid to prince philip on social media starting with the president of the european commission as you know from the lion she's tweeted i'm saddened to hear of the passing of his royal highness prince philip i would like to extend my sincere sympathy to her majesty the queen the royal family and
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the people of the united kingdom on this very sad day u.s. president joe biden and the 1st lady jill have also sent their deepest condolences saying the impact of his decades of devoted public service is evident in the world because you see his patron in the environmental efforts he championed me members of the armed forces that he supported and the young people that he inspired and so much more so charlotte chance of him in london this has been a difficult time for the british royal family with the recent very public breakup with harry and meghan to vast explosive interview with oprah winfrey. indeed i mean prince philip has been by the queen's side for numerous to mull shuras periods the one that springs to mind of course is the death of princess diana in 1907 but yes that interview that harry in macon gave. last month was just the latest in
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a string of controversial moments meghan making some allegations about the way the palace treated her mental health and of course a very explosive allegation suggesting racism from an unnamed member of the royal family the palace then were forced to respond to that something they weren't expected to do such was the level of controversy surrounding this interview prince philip was in hospital when it was given some people commenting that it was that poor insensitive for this interview to go ahead but the queen has weathered so many storms in the past few doubt that she will continue to weather the storms although very sadly going forward without prince philip by her side. charlotte's also in london thank you. well to answer some other stories making news around the world swedish climate campaigner grettir tolbert will not attend the international climate summit in scotland in november the
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teenage activist says the uneven distribution of covert 19 vaccines means countries will not be able to participate on equal terms for european council president sharma shell says even threats its response to the european commission in the headers you have on the line being left without a chair during talks with the turkish president if he could go back in time he said he would ensure a seating arrangement that respected everyone. it's a huge drug the regulator is reviewing reports of blood clots and for people who received the johnson and johnson and covert 19 vaccine the european medicines agency is also expanding its investigation of a b. astra zeneca shot to include reports of a bleeding condition. here in germany chancellor i'm going to medical is to centralize the powers of the 16 federal states to decide on coronavirus restrictions a new plan will see berlin take over when infection numbers rise above 100
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infections 400000 people the country is battling a devastating 3rd wave of infection regional decision making has led to a confusing patchwork of regulation. if i want to go shopping in berlin i can do that if i get tested before hand here i can do that right in front of the shopping center and the test is for free. the testing bird goes in an out and the shopping can begin with these rapid tests many cities are restrictions meanwhile in other places new carpet measures are implemented and curfews put in place. everywhere in the country the rules are different leading to confusion for many. nobody knows anymore what the regulations are right now remove them you notice and i think it's chaos especially if you look at the different vaccination strategies and belinda very good in lower saxony it's
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a disaster it is just not working is not in the movie politicians are going back and forth and want to distinguish themselves with new proposals but the scientists they're doing a much better job. and they have very clear on what many needs right now. is in the movie if we look into our mobility analysis and we see that context has not been reduced as much as during the 1st lockdown and that's where we need to come back to it because we're dealing with a new variant b 117 which is spreading faster the only way to do that is through a coherent systematic intensive and maybe shorter knock down look here at the chancellor's office angle america is calling for a strict and nationwide lockdown but federal states have the decision making. powers in the fight against the pandemic and the states have very different views especially now that the election is in pain a start i mean lash out from north rhine-westphalia and michael sort of and the
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various fighting over the cd use candidacy for chancellor is the political management of the crisis going out of hand this is my thought as politicos are good politicians always say we have to make long term decisions but actually they're thinking of the next election that's why they want to avoid uncomfortable inconvenient decisions decisions people don't understand but that's a mistake because in times of crises people want security and they are also prepared to take responsibility but politicians have to leave the weight of what is most informative. straightforward covered measures that is what people are calling all here in germany stricter laws no ensure this the political discussion continues . a little earlier chief political correspondent belinda crane explained why germany's federal government is taking the lead on setting coronavirus restrictions . german law until now has placed responsibility for infectious disease
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control largely in the hands of regional authorities and there's enormous variance in the rate of infection across different regions of germany so some rural regions have rates as low as 3030 cases per 100000 residents others go up to almost 300 cases per 100000 residents so there has been a lot of variation in the way that different regional authorities approach this however they do regularly negotiate with the federal government about what kind of restrictions to put into place and all agreed at the beginning of march on a phased plan that would see uniform restrictions in the event of one particular circumstance namely infection rates over $100.00 cases per 100000 residents however that has not occurred and that's because the fact is that there are places even including the capital here berlin that have infection rates over that number and
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are still trying to sort of sort of do a lockdown light where there might be a light curfew but at the same time more testing and shopping and that is what the federal government now wants to change and interesting lee enough the federal state leaders say they're ready to go along because i think there is recognition that we need more reliability we need binding plans and we need clarity clarity also for citizens to ensure that they comply with the rules that are put into effect so we could see action as early as this weekend and beginning of next week that will change the federal infectious disease laws in order to give the federal government more power and many citizens waves would say this is long overdue. it's that they don't lose their chief political correspondent melinda crane now world leaders are increasingly concerned about a buildup of troops along russia's border with ukraine the u.s.
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germany and france are all calling on moscow to hope the movement of its forces there are fears of an escalation in eastern ukraine donbass region observers say russian backed separatist rebels have repeatedly breached a cease fire the kremlin says the current military buildup is a territorial right. the russian state television offers a different way of looking at things it reports that ukraine and nato pose a threat to russia and not the other way around. the narrative present ukrainian soldiers as the aggressors and shows video footage of moscow's response russian troops engaged in military exercises in crimea. what to the west looks like saber rattling is viewed differently by russia from moscow it's a necessary reinforcement of its defenses against the west for young. the majority of the ukrainian military understand the fatal consequences of any actions that would lead to conflict. i hope they won't be provoked by politicians
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who in turn are being provoked by the west especially the united states. the ukrainian president followed in me as a lenski sees western troops especially those provided by nato as essential backup for his own forces. on the year. starts now there's an escalation in the donbass region it's a bunch everyone can see it when our soldiers are attached and there are casualties obviously we must retaliate i mean if you put it that. a few days ago zelinsky paid a visit to nato secretary general yen stoltenberg zelinsky stressed that the western military alliance is ukraine's only way to end the war in don't pass experts in moscow say that statement would not have gone down well in the kremlin. certainly any cooperation between ukraine and nato any help from the north atlantic
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alliance is a red flag for the kremlin. but that doesn't mean that all members of the alliance welcome ukraine's desire to join nato as soon as possible letting right know there are steps towards membership are not on the agenda. a clear statement. that keeps many in russia hope that a war is preventable. the people of donbass are less optimistic though the pro russian separatists insist they don't want war either. if ukraine takes the 1st step nobody knows where it will end the muslim. kremlin is doing all this to blackmail ukraine and the west. troops reinforced if this collation continues even a small provocation will be enough to set things off with unpredictable consequences. russia's defense ministry says this footage shows recent
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exercises if the situation escalates t.v. screens may soon be showing the real thing. or the number of refugees fleeing the violent military crackdown in is rising india shares a 1600 kilometer border with me and with strong ethnic and cultural ties between local communities science so india might seem like a natural destination for some people forced to leave their homes but those who end up there feel doubly one family who settled in the indian capital delhi some viewers may find this report. for the last 6 years and how girls have felt safe here in delhi but it didn't come easy to get here they had to leave everything behind in their need of man much hennie says her husband
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was thought jordan killed by the military. they were forced to run for their lives after they were caught sheltering students protesting against the military. now the situation in myanmar is bringing back painful reminders from home again last month when his brother was arrested for demonstrating against the coup he was released a few days ago but this still isn't good news. right now he's in the hospital because when the military had rested him they tortured him so much that we're told his face isn't even recognizable. protests broke out across non-modern right after the military coup in february this year. since then hundreds have been killed or vested and for opposing the armed forces. and the numbers are likely to. india myanmar share a long border in times like these people have often fled across the border into
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india to escape the authorities but the indian government is not happy with the influx of refugees it has ramped up border security to stop them. here in delhi thousands have sought asylum since the late eighty's refugees are disappointed by india's lack of support the value of both friends and relatives back home as internet shutdown slowed you know updates to just a trickle. requests for information have been pouring into james. who heads a few support group here the group has written to indian prime minister nadine's more be urging him to condemn the putsch as a democratic country we are shocked by his silence it is indeed our side. the violent. human rights violation you know the where the military story from the
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people who just looking at them in the street and dead body and all. but india is doing nothing. penny feels helpless in her safety because she can do nothing for those back home but she believes that the international community should speak up when. asked systems and brothers have to defend themselves against the military with their bare hands they don't have any c.v.s. please i beg other countries to help my unmarked citizens. even before the cool henny knew me on my i would never be see for her again she why do you say that if things remain as bad as they are far too many people in home country will end up feeling the seem to notice of other stories making news around the world now police in greece have launched a manhunt after
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a veteran crime reporter was shot dead outside his home in athens georgia course kind of a coming of us was ambushed and shot several times as he arrived home from work media offices in greece are frequently targeted in fire and vandalism attacks. i was on warehouse workers in the u.s. state of alabama have voted against forming a union it's a blow to campaigners who've been hoping for a new era of worker activism under president biden many southern states have passed so-called right to work laws that curb union powers. the volcano has erupted on the caribbean island of st vincent for the 1st time in 14 years 20000 people have been evacuated in operation complicated by the coronavirus neighboring islands want only to accept people who have been vaccinated. to the swedish mountains where a surge in visitor numbers over recent years is taking
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a toll on the environment it has tourism operators locking horns with radio. nature at its best mountains open spaces reindeer this is the game plan triangle in sweden it is one of the most popular mountain trails in office everything nature lovers could wish for and they come in droves but their presence has an unfortunate side effect in the 3rd place a cyclist causes one type of wear run and other and the hiker 3rd erosion has increased significantly in the harbor that little business has are not allowed to harm or disturb the reindeer that graze in the area but as the wear and tear on nature increases reindeer owners are becoming increasingly concerned that they are probably at the fore when reindeer don't get enough peace they produce fewer calf's the reindeers are disappearing from record say a dozen for afraid not now the future of the mountain stations hangs in the balance in 3 years' time the lease for 2 of them will be renegotiated reindeer owners have
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suggested shutting down some stations that's something the truism industry wants to avoid today for natasha no we've been here since 885 our goal is to be able to stay and work in the area the important thing for us is outdoor life to continue in some form quite a few not quite in order for the tourists seem to be open to doing their part. if it disturbs the wildlife i'll have to adapt my behavior of course i do not want to disturb nature in that case i may look for other options. thank you have to spread people out more i don't think there are too few mountains for us weeds but people are all gathering in the same places unfortunately. tensions are unlikely to resolve by themselves this summer a record number of visitors is expected. as for starting with football european football's governing body is given for host cities of this summer's european championships at 10 days to show how they plan to accommodate fans in their stadia
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or risk losing their right to host the matches 8 cities of assured you wait for that some fans will be able to attend matches at your 2020 which was postponed from last year with the past is the only city able to host a capacity crowd but music row little bow and given extra time to come up with details after they failed to commit to allowing fans to attend. in surfing the american war proved why she's a 4 time world surfing league champion at an event in newcastle australia pulled off what's known in the sport as a massive reverse so you're clinching the world number one spot tough for the feet and putting behind a single wave score of the event so far near perfect $9.00. i'm next here on the african looks at efforts to bring my great back to bicheno faso
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i'll have more world news at the top hour and it's available around the clock. which is downloadable everywhere living with images of prince philip whose death has been announced.
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this speech go in doesn't leave any crimes behind because there's enough plastic liner around into town 10 in tonight. for cycling this is an eco brick and educating. kids see the bigger picture they will think that they kill when they live. or go. on.
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campus. do you like it. or do you want. the government. ok then buckle up put the pedal to the metal and let's ride. red. on t w. their story their very own personal trauma. of the catastrophe remember. and they share
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private sort each with us letters never been seen before. back to china mobile search of april 28th on the w. . good good good. one welcome to this week's episode of our environmental show it off because i am somebody we know here in company uganda you don't know this show is a coproduction of china's t.v. in nigeria in germany and t.v. here in uganda but i don't know said law and i am with my co-host create a lens hello create i sell draw a big.


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