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of humble means but elizabeth persevered in 1947 shortly after the war the 2 were married. their 1st child prince charles was born the following year the family lived on the island of malta where phillip was stationed as an officer but the death of the british king george the 6 in 1952 changed their lives dramatically. elizabeth became queen phillip her prince consort soon became well known for his quips he was even reported to have asked the queen after her coronation where did you get that hats that won him a warm place in british hearts that he wasn't fond of playing the role of an extra in countless televised appearance is was no secret still he fulfilled his duties with an elegant if sometimes doubt distance. award ceremonies receptions openings philip was never without
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a joke of some kind even when he was given a set of headphones as a gift that we could get through do truth of god but. the death of princess diana and 997 was an anguishing low point in the life of the winces. the monarchy faced days of mounting disapproval until queen elizabeth spoke openly of her grief for being a little phillip was a source of strength to the queen. or for me as we worked through the full range of closures and tribulations of bringing up true or not she was somewhat both but i think all children of god are all the world to live in a different and difficult and demanding circumstances. his descendants including prince charles next in line to the throne and grandsons william and harry stole the royal heritage through the many highs and lows. since
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the early 21st century. in the course of 70 years he visited over 140 countries and gave more than 5000 speeches he'll be remembered the world over for his calm irreverent way. and i'm joined now from london my own correspondent. sean that bring us up to date on the latest of what's happening there in london where you are. record the news phillips prince philip's passing was announced in a statement from the palace it said just a few hours ago that it's with deep sorrow that her majesty the queen announces the death of her beloved husband his royal highness prince philip the jack of edinburgh the statement says that prince philip ponce peacefully this morning wins a consul further announcements it says will be made into course and the royal family will join with people around the world in mourning his loss not is already
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starting to take place as the statement says around the world tributes are pouring in from politico leaders here in the u.k. prime minister boris johnson gave the 1st public statement expressing his sorrow at the passing away of prince philip a very somber moment that he described prince philip is what he called an expert carriage driver steering the royal family so that it remains an institution indisputably by so so the balance and happiness of on national life so that that from the prime minister of the tributes as well poor thing in from gemini's foreign minister and as well sort of 1 july and the president of the e.u. commission who express test and see if they too had majesty the queen who after the 70 years of marriage has has lost a husband and man who has been by her side through often very turbulent times for
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the royal family always that the public thousands upon thousands of public engagements a real a symbol hey of public service and of stability you know you mentioned of course british prime minister boris johnson we have a clip of him making that speech let's take a listen to what he had to say. it was with great sadness that a short time ago i received word from buckingham palace that his royal highness that you could edinburgh has passed away at the age of 99. prince philip and the affection of generations here in the united kingdom across the commonwealth and around the world. he was the longest serving consort in history one of the last surviving people in this country to have served in the 2nd world war. kate mattapan well he was mentioned in dispatches for bravery and in the invasion of sicily where he saved his ship by his quick thinking it is to her majesty and her family that
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our nation's thoughts must turn today. because they have lost not just a much loved and highly respected public figure. but a devoted husband and a proud and loving father grandfather and in recent years great grandfather. son to tell us a bit more about how france for that will be remembered by the royal family and indeed the country has long legacy has also included many missteps and controversial remarks what do you think will be his legacy. well he will be remembered as something of a modernizing take a potentially off to the royal family particularly after the 2nd world war he will also be remembered as it is in the words of the queen herself as is her strength and stay and it's an announcement a statement marking their 50th wedding anniversary she said his whole family and
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this and many other countries a humidex greater than he would ever claim all we shall ever know he will be remembered as a environmentalist will be remembered as well for a used. activities program here in the u.k. which will bury. generations will remember taking part in also be remembered for his humor his quips which we heard so often were mentioned in the report that you played just a short time ago but as you suggested as well 8 as some more controversial comments sometimes i'm thinking particularly on a number of international trips he made some statements which i'm i won't quite but caused a good deal of controversy today though he will be remembered as this really think of representing public service here in the u.k. a man who died just 2 months before his 100th birthday leaving behind 4
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children 8 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. a difficult time right now as a rule of the royals specially with the recent very public we have harry and me going over there explosive interview with oprah. that's right i mean prince philip has been by the queen signed through a number of channel to us periods for the world family and thinking particularly about the death of princess diana in 1997 but this interview that you were firing to with harry and meghan the au-prince of you which was given last month was certainly another moment which cause ripples for the world families and very serious allegations coming from for a magazine the about her mental health the way she was treated in the world family and one suggestion of a racist comment as well but made by an unnamed member of the royal family the world family put out a statement after that saying that while some recollections may vary they will be
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addressing their concerns that were raised but a lot of people very critical of harry and meghan that this interview took place while prince philip was in hospital a lot of people saying that that was inappropriate sam but the queen has weathered many storms previously all the time with prince philip firesides now going forward very sadly should be. weathering the storm alone. no it's very early days but who has there been any word it's a potential move the service that might that will becoming more ill and obviously how that will be impacted by the pandemic. there has we have been hearing that it will be iran to scale down and then what we've heard is that they'll be no state funeral and the funeral will be not christian not be preceded by prince philip lying in state and there are believed to be a number of reasons for that 1st of all we're hearing that it was prince philip's wishes that he had a less of the pomp and circumstance often associated with royal family events he
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wanted and it's something a little bit more private but of course covert restrictions are still in place here in the u.k. they will dictate the qur'an matters for any public mourning in deeds. the royal family will be looking at to control the number of people expected to turn out so late flowers outside when the consul and the palace as well just to ensure public mourning comply with 1000 restrictions. thank you very much. baking to us from london. to mn chancellor angela merkel is said to take away power from the federal states to decide on coronavirus policy germany is battling a brutal 3rd wave of infections and regional decision making has led to a confusing patchwork approach that now regional leaders have agreed to let the federal government take over a cabinet meets next week to discuss
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a plan that would impose restrictions in areas where infections topped 100 for every 100000 people nationally that think it has been above 100 or this month health minister spahn is calling for tougher measures. in order to reduce the numbers we need consistent and if possible nationwide measures. that many citizens also recognise the need to break this wave of infections with additional measures many polls show this very clearly. if you get in at any rate citizens have a realistic view of the situation and the gravity of the situation and the majority are in favor of stricter rules a lockdown is needed to break the hard way in the village situation. political correspondent linda crane is following this story for us melinda have an ongoing battles between state and national leaders on the best way to proceed that looks set to change tell us more. well those battles that you refer to reflect the fact
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that german law until now has placed responsibility for infectious disease control largely in the hands of regional authorities and there's enormous variance in the rate of infection across different regions of germany so some rural regions have rates as low as $3030.00 cases per 100000 residents others go up to almost $300.00 cases per 100000 residents so there has been a lot of variation in the way that different regional authorities approach this however they do regularly negotiate with the federal government about what kind of restrictions to put into place and all agreed at the beginning of march on a phased plan that would see uniform restrictions in the event of one particular circumstance namely infection rates over $100.00 cases per 100000 residents however
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that has not occurred and that's because the fact is that there are places even including the capital here berlin that have infection rates over that number and are still trying to sort of sort of do a lockdown light where there might be a light curfew but at the same time more testing and shopping and that is what the federal government now wants to change and interesting lee enough the federal state leaders say they're ready to go along because i think there is recognition that we need more reliability we need binding plans and we need clarity clarity also for citizens to ensure that they comply with the rules that are put into effect so we could see action as early as this weekend and beginning of next week that will change the federal infectious disease laws in order to give the federal government more power and many citizens waves would say this is long overdue and the head of germany's infectious disease agency today warned that this is. here is
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indeed getting very tense let's listen in to what he had to say. being tens of k. units a feeling of bradley and in almost all german states currently close to 4500 covert 900 patients being treated in intensive care units in germany alone until in the last week alone 700 patients were added which represents a 20 percent increase in one week. you know that you know. a 20 percent increase in intensive care patients a limit that sounds like quite a dire situation yes indeed it is we're seeing infection numbers that almost rival those at the peak of the 2nd wave namely at the end of last year and both the authorities who spoke today the health minister and the head of the center of disease control who we just heard said that we are in the midst of a 3rd wave and it is a more dangerous wave because the new mutations essentially are both more
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infectious and more dangerous to health therefore they say that we're seeing a great deal more severe cases of cold it amongst younger people people under 60 even teenagers and children and that in turn is putting pressure on the intensive care system here in germany and by the way it's quite an extensive and good system germany has more intensive care beds than almost any other european country and yet many of those beds are already filled and intensive care personnel are under increasingly harsh burdens therefore this very strong appeal to do more to get infection rates down and that of course is what underlies this shift now in government policy linda thank you david chase political correspondent and then the crime. well let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world the a use drug regulator is reviewing reports of rare blood clots in 4 people who had
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johnson and johnson's code at 19 vaccine the european medical agency is also expanding its investigation into astra zeneca shot to include reports of a leading condition. russia has defended a recent buildup of troops on its border with ukraine moscow is calling it a territorial right the kremlin says it's prepared to quote defend its citizens in the donbass region of ukraine. u.s. president joe biden has announced new controls on home gun assembly kits and i'm going to ship restrictions biden's called gun violence an epidemic in the country following mass shootings in colorado and georgia republicans have attacked the measures as long unconstitutional. swedish climate climate campaign aggressive will not attend the international climate summit in scotland in november the teenage activist said the an even distribution of covert 19 vaccines means nations are able to dissipate on equal terms. as mammals military crackdown on
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and protest is a day w investigation has established that a web of business interest is held by the families of military laden's changed men on the ngs children control lucrative companies including a telecom firm linked to internet blackouts jhumpa has financed its operations using holding companies that control much of the economy activists say this makes it harder for sanctions to have any effect. on me conrad was one of the journalists investigating those business holdings she joins us now in the studio now me tell us more about what you've uncovered and how you were able to uncover this so we were basically given access to a huge trove of commercial documents company registration documents loan agreements thousands and thousands of them we managed to build these into an indictable such a database and there we found that the son and daughter of the army chief actually in control of several companies some of these of were already known we found 3
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additional companies and i mean you have to you have to realize that the army in myanmar i mean their control of a huge network of business is that this is just in addition to what we already know but it's interesting because it basically shows that the head of the army that his family is making a lot of money and controls a vast network spending lots of different enterprises how has the military been able to put itself in a position where it's now able to control large swathes of the economy so much of its history being a military dictatorship back to the early sixty's in fact only really opened up to democracy in 2010 so while the military was in charge they obviously managed to set up and to to establish huge networks and then they also profited usually from the opening of the country in 2010 so that was a time where they basically acquired land where they acquired business is and. well
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they made very important deals in connections also with foreign companies now how does that affect people in myanmar on the ground so effects them to the extent that they know that the army has additional income so not only individual commanders but the also the army itself obviously benefits all of these holdings so it means that you know people are very much aware that the army has additional means to stay in power and that it might be hard to dislodge it in the future is it possible for people to boycott such businesses in myanmar for the link to the army that's in fact what people are doing i mean there is that people have enough phones where you know you put in the name of a business and see if it's linked to the military in any way but it's impossible to know how many businesses i'm back linked to the military because it's such a vast web in you know it might not be directly held by magick month it may be held . a spouse or or a son or daughter so it's hard but people are trying to boycott them as as much as
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they so i assume this is a way of getting around the sanctions can oversee sanctions have any effect against the military didn't they can have some effect but not as big of an effect as a lot of people would hope because a lot of the business interests are domestic and what trade for example the dems trade or. timber trade a lot of that goes to china and the and other neighboring countries such as thailand and vietnam and they haven't really shown much appetite for for sanctions or for even criticizing the military. thanks very much to. it's a lace in northern ireland have used was a candidate during a 7th night of unrest in belfast 19 officers were injured as riot has ignored appeals for calm the violence began of the trade barriers which came into force when britain left they are a pain union. conflict in belfast on a scale not seen in years. crowds exchanged petrol bombs and stones across the wall
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built to separate northern ireland's unionist and nationalist communities. a flare up of the sectarian violence the vast majority in the british province want to see consigned to history. there can mean no peace in our society for violence or the threat of violence on it most all just as it was wrong in past and was never justified so what is wrong on account of the justified. the violence began and unionist neighborhoods where most people want to remain part of the united kingdom the tension had already been growing after unionists lost their majority in northern ireland's parliament 4 years ago it boiled over with the bricks of agreement which imposes border controls between northern ireland and the rest of the u.k. . they also think it's a direct consequence of boris johnson saying i was up in the bronx at the r.e.c. border that he did bad but overall i think that's a consequence of everything just building up most of us including those who oppose
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spreads that have some sympathy for those people like there who fade bitrate they were promised some sun let up lands but that was a fun to say it was never huybrechts that way and those in government knew that but were more interested in their own ascent to power than the heart and instability there deception because here in northern ireland. police in belfast have used water cannons for the 1st time in years to disperse crowds who came out night after night despite appeals for calm from both british and irish leaders. and now to the swedish mountains where a surge in visitor numbers in recent years is starting to take a toll on the environment and it has tourism operators locking horns when threatened to head its. nature at its best mountains open spaces reindeer this is the implant triangle in sweden it is one of the most popular mountain trails and office everything nature lovers could wish for and they come in droves but their presence has an unfortunate side effect in the 3rd place
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a cyclist causes one type of wear to run another and a hiker 3rd erosion has increased significantly. over the bitterness over visitors are not allowed to harm or disturb the reindeer they graze in the area but as the wear and tear on nature increases reindeer owners are becoming increasingly concerned that they are probably at the fore when reindeer don't get enough peace they produce fewer calf's the reindeers are disappearing. records there are some for afraid not now the future of the mountain stations hangs in the balance in 3 years' time the lease for 2 of them will be renegotiated reindeer owners have suggested shutting down some stations that's something the tourism industry wants to avoid very fun attash or not we've been here since 885 our goal is to be able to stay and work in the area the important thing for us is outdoor life to continue in some form of you know squatting or for the tourists seem to be open to doing their
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part. if it disturbs the wildlife i'll have to adapt my behavior of course i do not want to disturb nature in that case i may look for other options. thank you have to spread people out more i don't think there are too few mountains for us weeds but people are all gathering in the same places unfortunately tensions are unlikely to resolve by themselves this summer a record number of visitors is expected. and sussing american christen will prove why she's a 4 time world champion at an event in newcastle australia more pulled off what's known in the sport as a massive air reverse she changed the world number one spot for the faint and the highest single waves cool at the event song and the perfect $9.00. that's all for now follow us on twitter for the latest headlines and some news and analysis check out our website w dot com well it is now with images of prince philip husband of queen elizabeth
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who lived to 99 years of age thanks for watching.
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