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this is news coming to you live from berlin tensions rise as russia deploys troops to the ukrainian border the past military buildup ignites fears of renewed conflict in eastern ukraine white house calls the escalation deeply concerning also coming out people in myanmar targeted by its military rulers are fleeing across the border to india but many say the indian government doesn't want them there. and in new york city people are allowed to laugh again together some public venues are starting to reopen as vaccinations begin to feed back the pandemic scientists warn
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don't let your guard down yet. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us german chancellor angela merkel has called on russian president vladimir putin to pull back his forces from russia's border with ukraine white house says russia now has more troops there than it any time since conflict broke out in eastern ukraine in 2418 the build up his fueled fears of new fighting but russia insists that its the victim of western provocations. the russian state television has a different way of looking at things it reports that ukraine and nato pose a threat to russia and not the other way around. the narrative present ukrainian soldiers as the aggressors and shows video. teacher of moscow's response russian
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troops engaged in military exercises in crimea. what to the west looks like saber rattling is viewed differently by russia from moscow it's a necessary reinforcement of its defenses against the west for young. bush and the us for you the majority of the ukrainian military understand the fatal consequences of any actions that would lead to conflict. you know i hope they won't be provoked by politicians who in turn are being provoked by the west especially the united states. that the. ukrainian president volodymyr selenski sees western troops especially those provided by nato as essential backup for his own forces on. the machine here. starts now there's an escalation in the donbass region it's a bunch everyone can see it when our soldiers are attached and there are casualties obviously we must retaliate i mean if you put it that. a few days ago
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zelinsky paid a visit to nato secretary-general un stoltenberg selenski stressed that the western military alliance is ukraine's only way to end the war in don bass experts in moscow say that statement would not have gone down well in the kremlin. any cooperation between ukraine and nato any help from the north atlantic alliance is a red flag for the kremlin. but that doesn't mean that all members of the alliance welcome ukraine's desire to join nato as soon as possible letting right know better steps towards membership are not on the agenda. a clear statement that gives many in russia hope that a war is preventable. the people of donbass are less optimistic though the pro russian separatists insist they don't want war either. useful if ukraine takes the 1st step nobody knows where it will end the muslim.
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kremlin is doing all this to blackmail ukraine and the west. they have troops they reinforced if they escalate and continues even a small provocation will be enough to set things off with unpredictable consequences. russia's defense me. history says this footage shows recent exercises if the situation escalates t.v. screens may soon be showing the real thing bring in our correspondent yury rich chateau in moscow yuri it was suggested in that report there that russia's saber rattling is part of an effort to blackmail ukraine and the west can you explain the rationale behind. well terry the experts i spoke to see several reasons for that 1st of all they all say that russia doesn't want to annex dawn boss as it once did with crimea instead moscow sees don't bust as
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a part of ukraine but on its own russian terms and that means. russian control through the politics in gone by small skull could put pressure on all ukrainian politics that's what moscow obviously bones. president selenski understands that and that is why he has changed his tactics towards russia in the beginning he used to be looking for dialogue with moscow now he's choosing a completely different tone and to once and nato membership the 2nd reason is that there has been heavily heavy pressure on the program and politicians in ukraine in recent months while russia friendly t.v. channels for example want closed by president selenski putin didn't like that and now he's obviously taking revenge the next reason is that the significantly worse relations with the west the verbal exchange with the u.s. president joe biden who called putin and they are there are pushing ever forgets something like that and finally there is also the upcoming parliamentary elections in russia terry the kremlin apparently needs and you are
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a gent that distracts from the internal russian problems and seeks an enemy from outside and he once again ukraine fits very well as such an enemy ok so that explains the context very well but russia does have these troops now massed at the ukrainian border has indicated how long plans to keep them there. well i should have beads again and again that the troops are on russian territory and moscow would be allowed to do everything possible with them that's true also russia can to disregard to don't bust because if it doesn't intervene in this situation or the next issue could be crimea from the russian point of view and to the loss of a donbass could result in further political losses for russia on the other hand terry there is a risk of getting involved in a war with the almost whole west given that russia has no allies or even sympathizers in the entire western world we can assume how the possible voting in the end will turn out for moscow in case of war the situation for russia can become
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extremely complicated the consequences to put it mildly unpredictable ultimately experts believe it would be better if moscow steps of the several that rattling as soon as possible what's being done to your aid to avoid further escalation in this conflict well obviously if the minsk peace agreement doesn't work anymore ukraine in particular no longer seems to feel obliged to implemented but russians to insist on their own interpretation but there is i think still a chance of that that this problem can be result through negotiations for that i think and your model has to be found and the west good moderator this negotiation process again germany and france have been sitting on a negotiation table with ukraine and drop ukraine and russia for years and seem to be accepted by both sides perhaps the americans would have to come along but on the other hand russians wouldn't like that so it means it remains an extremely difficult conflict in the middle of europe yuri thank you very much as always did
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always moscow correspondent yury russia. the number of refugees fleeing the military's violent crackdown in myanmar is rising india shares a 1600 kilometer long border with aren't strong ethnic and cultural ties bomb the communities on either side of the border so in you might see the natural destination for those forced to leave their homes but can those who end up there feel at home we meet one woman and her daughters who have settled on the indian in the indian capital delhi a warning some viewers may find this report. for the last 6 years. in delhi but it didn't come easy to get they had to leave everything behind in their need of man much hen he says her husband left but jordan killed by the military. they were forced to don for their lives after they were doing students
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protesting against the military. now the situation in myanmar is bringing back painful reminders from home again last month henny's brother was arrested for demonstrating against the group. he was released a few days ago but this still isn't good news. right now he's in the hospital because when the military arrested him they tortured him so much that we're told his fees isn't even recognizable. protests broke out across non-modern right after the military coup in february this year. since then hundreds have been killed or vested and for opposing the armed forces. and the numbers are likely to. india myanmar share a long border in times like these people have often fled across the border into india to escape the authorities but the indian government is not happy with the
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influx of refugees it has ramped up border security to stop them. here in delhi thousands have sought asylum since the late eighty's refugees are disappointed by india's lack of support be valuable friends and relatives back home as internet shutdown slowed regular updates to just a trickle. requests for information have been pouring into james. who heads a refugee support group here the group has written to indian prime minister nadeem to more the urging him to condemn the putsch as a democratic country they are shocked by his silence it is indeed a side. violent. human rights violation you know the where the military torture of the people. in the street and their body law in all but india is doing nothing. any feels helpless in her
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safety because she can do nothing for those back home but she believes that the international community should speak up. ah sisters and brothers have to defend themselves against the military with their bare hands they don't have any c.v.s. please i beg other countries to help my unmarked citizens. even before the cool hennie new myanmar would never be safe for her again she why do you say that if things remain as bad as they are far too many people in her home country will end up feeling the same. joined by did. while in delhi 1st of all should do we know how many people from myanmar have fled
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to india since the coup started military. between a 1200 people who have fled across the border into india but in the country and even estimates come from the states themselves not only was to. look police officers because they refuse to allow in the. instructions to crack down on their fellow citizens but now there are also others the men and children who are fighting alongside an image of stop them in our story the houses now which are changing some of these especially in the state of. so you got safe houses there but how was india's government in general treating those who have fled many on mars . well there is a divide between the national government and the states blunderings young lad because the indian government has put pressure on issued by families do these deeds
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asking them to do in a way that it also has now topped the purity along the border trying to steal it it was also fun to watch it by the way to quit like you just use assistance to just use being into india but this was quickly would join the scene evening because of the backlash he does from the state leaving that in mind which has deep ties it didn't leave graeme but it can entire playlist and should i have happened just cannot stand by and watch one of them pulled into prime minister with the seeing we cannot just read and watched as such violence is making out in our own backyard feel as if you belong in. india has issued statements condemning the violence in myanmar but not the coup itself what is the indian government's position on the military junta in myanmar. my diary full well are the only magic statement that has been issued by india in the present deep
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concern about the will live to more and it hasn't even spoken about the cold as you mention but it does seem that internet is willing back because of its efforts to build ties with the military for about over the last 2 and a half decades this wasn't always the case as one night in just a supported just the democratic movement but didn't do key factors mistakes but believe got into in sync india's decisions right now one is that the can run military support what india in countering will along its own border as specially insurgency then get india not things to themselves and secondly india is trying to counter chinese influence in the region as well india 1600 cannot with the border with me and not be a consultant but if china's already great influence continues to grow. emission thank you very much and we should just while they're in delhi. it's catch up on
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some of the other stories making headlines around the world today congress has voted to ban a former president from holding public office over 1000 scandal martine this car was secretly vaccinated ahead of turn along with his family several ministers and diplomats he has vowed to challenge the ban in court holds national elections on sunday. iran has freed a south korean oil tanker it seized in january tehran has demanded had demanded the transfer of $7000000000.00 held in south korean banks due to u.s. sanctions it's unknown if the payment was made to the ship sailed hours before talks resumed of tween iran and other countries over iran's nuclear program. authorities fear a volcano is about to erupt on the caribbean island of st vincent and they've
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ordered some 16000 people to evacuate increased activity has been observed at a loss so play volcano it last erupted in 1979. in northern ireland a week of violence shows no sign of letting up raising fears of sectarian conflict not seen in years rioters have been battling nightly with police in belfast crowds have ignored lawmakers pleas for call the other arrest began last week in pro british communities with tensions high over post drugs at trade rules then pro ireland nationalist sympathizers took to the streets with their response. to. conflict in belfast on a scale not seen in years. crowds exchanged petrol bombs and stones across the wall built to separate northern ireland's unionist and nationalist communities. a flare up of the sectarian violence the vast majority in the british province want to see
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consigned to history. there can mean no peace in our society for violence or the threat of violence on it most all just as it was wrong in the past and was never justified so what is wrong on account of the justified. the violence began in unionist neighborhoods where most people want to remain part of the united kingdom. tension had already been growing after unionists lost their majority in northern ireland's parliament 4 years ago it boiled over with the bricks agreement which imposes border controls between northern ireland and the rest of the u.k. . we think it's a direct consequence of boris johnson said i was up in the bronx at the r.e.c. border but he did add but overall i think that's a consequence of a brand just building up most of us including those who oppose spreads it has some sympathy for those people like there who fade bitrate they were promised some let up plans but that was a fun to say it was never high brags that way and those in government knew that but
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were more interested in their own ascent to part than the heart and instability there deception because here in northern ireland. police in belfast used water cannons for the 1st time in years to disperse crowds who came out night after night despite appeals for calm from both british and irish leaders. as europe fights a brutal 3rd wave of the credit by was the european union is facing criticism for its sluggish vaccine rollout now it's considering adding a new vaccine to its arsenal russia's sputnik v job the european medicines agency is conducting a rolling review of sputnik be on saturday experts from the agency will travel to russia to check the results of clinical trials and assess the production process the vaccine was initially met with skepticism as russia approved it without waiting for the results of full clinical trials but scientists later confirmed it was
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around 92 percent effective the job was already been approved for use in over 50 countries worldwide. well for more now i'm joined by lawrence young of biologist and professor of molecular oncology at work medical school in birmingham in the u.k. thanks for being with us 1st of all professor european officials european regulators are heading to russia to assess data on the countries supporting the vaccine do you think they'll get to see everything they should oh i would think so a little late date has already been published so the phase 3 clinical trial of sputnik b. was published early this year in the lancet a peer reviewed journal of very very prestigious journal and presented very very good robust debate demonstrating the efficacy of the sputnik the vaccine it's based on what's currently available in terms of data and you mentioned some of those
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sources already what's your take on the safety of sputnik me. i think it's partly the reason save as any other vaccine a reporter actually in the original paper and in the subsequent baby it was the slight side effects you get from this type of vaccine. or any vaccine you know slight i ache in the arm off and a bit of a headache perhaps and some fever or chills but these are transient very mild side effects i guess the one concern that we have to raise as us is if this is a very clever vaccine he uses a very similar platform technology to the astra zeneca oxford vaccine he uses an ad in a virus and given all the concerns that have been raised in the last few weeks about blood clots and the astra zeneca marrus. it's a vaccine i think one would need to to consider some of that some of the those
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effects and as we know from astra zeneca sometimes you only see the side effects when you start immunizing millions of people but i'm sure folks visiting russia will take this into account and have a hard look at all the side effect data all the reacted to this is the data as we call it to make sure it's a safe level felt that the e.u. is way behind the u.k. and the u.s. when it comes to rolling out the vaccines do you think that europe's effort to procure sputnik is a good move or a sign of desperation. no i think the good move and i think one of the problems we're all facing everywhere around the world is that we don't have enough vaccines available we really want to get the price of that they should go in then we need to happen multiplicity of different vaccines we always knew the vaccine manufacture would be extremely challenging these are not easy very very seems to make them biological parts and even though we're in a really good position having had
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a number of them come through face to face 3 trials and going through various approvals with the a.m.a. and the mh already in my country i think we need to have more choice because we need to vote as many people as quickly as possible as early i think as long as we did about the efficacy and safety then we should have as many vaccines as possible lawrence s young viral adjusts to warrick medical school in farming in the u.k. thank you very much thank you. let's look at some other developments in the cove in 1000 fans of a world wide india's coronavirus crisis continues to worsen a record numbers were registered for the 3rd day in a row japan has tightened restrictions on bars restaurants and events in tokyo as several other areas and several others amid a growing break just weeks after loosening them the city is due to host the olympic
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games in july and french medical authorities are expected to recommend the people aged under 55 who've already received one dose of the astra zeneca vaccine should get a different type of vaccine as a 2nd shot. new york city's cultural scene is seeing some glimmers of hope after more than a year of pandemic restrictions the city's world renowned theaters and concert halls probably won't open before september but with millions of residents made against the coronavirus some venues are being allowed to reopen and the excitement is catching. new yorkers are finally getting the opportunity again to pursue one of their favorite pastimes standing in line. i'm really excited for the city to become the city again as we always. it's pretty pretty exciting you can feel the feel the energy ok they're not actually excited about queuing up but rather that after
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a year of. they're about to see a live show at one of the city's most iconic entertainment venues the comedy cellar in manhattan it's greenwich village. the comedy cellar has hosted nearly all the trades greats over the decades but like most venues it's been shuttered for more than a year now it's open again but at just 33 percent capacity in accordance with new york's regulations no code 19 test is required to enter and neither are masks when seated the club's owner is cautiously optimistic the venue will stay open now for good i don't expect things to turn bad now they're very very quickly i think it's going to be ok. i hope it's ok you know if it's not i hope they'll shut us down again you know they should do what they need to do despite rising case numbers the risk of aerosols and virus variants the comedians in the audience breathe a sigh of relief and yeah there will be jokes about the pandemic. for the
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comedians for me authority to talk about this. to just say what i was going through and then i think for the audience it's not just them identifying in a relating that is one level and that's huge too but also just being with other people physically being around people around your peers in some social setting that itself is important and gradually there are more and more places for new yorkers to do that restaurants are allowed to host patrons indoors at half capacity most of the city's museums have been open for months and now major sports venues are also welcoming fans again. madison square garden home to professional sports teams like the new york knicks and the new york rangers is open again at 10 percent capacity but to get in you have to have either a recent negative test or be fully vaccinated new york has just launched a new app that will help users prove their health status and that authorities say
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will make it easier for new yorkers and visitors to access venues and activities as the city slowly opens back up as tourists are returning to new york a so-called vaccination passport could be an important tool to bring back major attractions like broadway most theaters here are saying they won't reopen until all seats can be filled they're hoping sometime in the fall or winter. but for now it's spring and new yorkers are enjoying their newfound freedom in the sun after a year in isolation this is our 1st day being one year coming back to downtown so we are kind of a sight seeing so many people but it's a shame on them as a teacher i went back to teaching in person a few days a week. after a year of being on film. i don't think i'm ready to sit in our old concert hall ever i am going to give a concert in a one 3rd concert hall so it's i'm looking around here my mind goes blank seeing how many people there are i haven't seen this many people in one spot in
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a year and. scientists are warning people not to let their guard down and then make they say is far from over if cases keep rising scenes like these quickly again become a thing of the past like. you're watching news thanks for being with us.
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we're all in this together it was the slogan on social media back when the come on a pandemic started. around the world in a sense then we come. they are the fools are suffering. economic inequality in the cause. the to reinforce each other. global treaty. on d w. a journey into the past. that's what it's like
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to visit the gob or community and translate. these roma people have held on to their traditions for 500 years. they protect their way of life in the modern world. but for how much longer. the world of the gods are. on 45 minutes d w. people in trucks injured while trying to flee the city center more and more refugees are being turned away and the more families flame bomb attacks in syria is critical infamously against demonstrators people fleeing extreme branch of russia people have sunk to see. the world more than 300000000 people are seeking
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refuge. we ask god because no one should have to sleep. make up your own mind to. do w. . for minds. such. welcomes a global free thousands. this week we focus on one of our world's biggest problems inequality societies where the gap is huge between rich and poor and where many people are being left behind and that was the full the pandemic we go to indonesia which due to the coronavirus look down is currently in the midst of a baby baby hips making life tough and many.


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