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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  April 9, 2021 3:00am-3:30am CEST

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this is good news live from berlin joe biden and alan says his 1st gun control measures as u.s. president. good ones in this country and put them in biden is moving to tighten some regulations but the announcement full short of his campaign promises will this be enough to stop the killing also coming up. fears of a resurgence of violence in eastern ukraine as moscow amasses massa's troops on the disputed border while the 2 sides trade accusations of provocation. and rebel
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fashion designer vivienne westwood turns 80 we take a look back at mother of punk's life trendsetting. i'm told me a lot of welcome president joe biden has announced new measures to tackle gun violence acting on the issue was a key campaign pledge for him and the spate of mass shootings has increased the political pressure on the power of the u.s. executive is limited and biden also urged lawmakers to do more. flanked at the rose garden by vice president camila harris and attorney general merrick garland president joe biden didn't mince his words what happened that gun violence in this country is an epidemic he said again gun violence in this country is an epidemic
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and it's an international buyers. and he sent a clear message to the u.s. is deeply divided lawmakers shoes but there's much more of the congress can do to help that effort and they can do it right now they've offered plenty of thoughts and prayers members of congress but they passed not a single new federal law to reduce gun violence. enough prayers time for some action. the vice president also appeal to congress. real people on both sides of the aisle want action so all that is left is the will and the courage to act. all biden announced 6 executive orders including tougher regulations on homemade firearms and legislation that would make it easier
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for states to adopt water known as red flag laws they allow for individuals to ask a court to permit police to confiscate weapons from a person deemed to be a danger to themselves or others the changes come just a day after the latest mass shooting in the u.s. this time in south carolina 5 people including 2 young children were killed it follows 2 other attacks in colorado and georgia in recent weeks. an estimated 11000 people have been killed so far this year because of gun violence in the united states despite the staggering number of deaths president biden faces an uphill battle to implement significant gun control laws. earlier i spoke to double correspondent emily gordy in washington and i asked her if congress going is going to have an appetite for gun control you will see
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what we're seeing at the moment is that the and already the national rifle association is tied up in a lot of bankruptcy issues and so there is room so they used to be they used have a lot of lobbying power in congress so them being tied up with bankruptcy means that there is room for bind to maneuver and at the same time we do see a lot of resistance from the republican party so it is unlikely that congress will move quickly on these issues. the u.s. gun culture has remained strong for many years we've seen a lot of you know mass shootings and this hasn't changed so how will these new measures go down with those who advocates for gun rights. well see i was covering the must shooting in boulder colorado a few weeks ago and there you really got the sense that many people are desperate
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to see a trained in the gun legislation so they will welcome the changes but at the same time you know like a lot along the united states we've seen a lot of racial violence and so among minorities there are some. for whom it is very important to be able to protect themselves so it's really is a very divisive topic ok we'll have to leave it there for now correspondent emily thank you for bringing us up to speed now here's a look at some more stories making headlines around the world u.s. authorities say the government picked up nearly 19000 children traveling alone across the mexican border in march is the largest monthly number ever recorded a major test for president biden as you reverses many of his predecessors hardline immigration tactics. hundreds of people have rallied in kyrgyzstan's capital bishkek they called for police chiefs to be sacked after
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a woman who had been abducted for marriage was found murdered protesters were angry that police failed to follow and to find the suspect despite the abduction being caught on camera right kidnapping is widespread in the central asian country. covert 1000 deaths in brazil which a new daily record for the 2nd time this week with the toll again climbing above 4000 people the country's leading health institute is calling for a strict nationwide lockdown of president jaya both so narrow opposes any lock down measures. a woman in japan has become the world's 1st cove in 1000 patient to receive a living donor along transplant her husband and son volunteered to donate part of their lungs such transplants have been done before but it's seen as a hopeful treatment for patients with severe lung damage from cough in 1000. now to some of the developments in the pandemic germany's vaccination campaign is
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picking up pace with a record number of shots reported on wednesday almost half of them were delivered by family doctors who were finally allowed to join the vaccination effort this week france has recorded it 1st decrease in the number of patients in intensive care units in 8 days and in indonesia has announced a ban on travel during the upcoming muslim celebration of ied in may to curb virus transmission and other holiday is very busy normally with people travelling. just over 3 months before the start of the olympics and a new surge in coronavirus cases is changing the course of the olympic torch relay the flame is currently in the west of japan on route to tokyo it will be in a sack and next week where cases have been spiraling and wished so it was shuttled to be carried through the city streets but for safety reasons a ceremony will now be held in
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a contained area closed to the public. german chancellor angela merkel has called on russian president vladimir putin to pull back his forces from russia's border with ukraine amid an escalation of tensions between the 2 neighbors the build up of russia's military presence in the disputed region has fueled fears of large scale hostilities in eastern ukraine the white house says moscow now has more troops on ukraine's eastern border than at any time since 2014 but russia insists that it is the victim of western provocations. the russian state television offers a different way of looking at things it reports that ukraine a nato pose a threat to russia and not the other way around. the narrative present ukrainian soldiers as the aggressors and shows video footage of moscow's response russian troops engaged in military exercises in crimea. what to the west looks like saber
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rattling is viewed differently by russia from moscow it's a necessary reinforcement of its defenses against the west for young. pushes through so you the majority of the ukrainian military understand the fatal consequences of any actions that would lead to conflict. you know i hope they won't be provoked by politicians who in turn are being provoked by the west especially the united states. the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov views ukrainian troops exercises as a provocation. ukrainian president volodymyr selenski sees western troops especially those provided by nato as essential backup for his own forces. on the she year. starts and there's an escalation in the donbass region it's a budget everyone can see it when our soldiers are attached and there are casualties obviously we must retaliate i mean if you put it that. a few days
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ago zelinsky paid a visit to nato secretary-general un stoltenberg selenski stressed that the western military alliance is ukraine's only way to end the war in don't pass experts in moscow say that statement would not have gone down well in the kremlin. any cooperation between ukraine and nato any help from the north atlantic alliance is a red flag for the kremlin. but that doesn't mean that all members of the alliance welcome ukraine's desire to join nato as soon as possible letting right know there are steps towards membership are not on the agenda. a clear statement that gives many in russia hope that a war is preventable but it has also divided the nation. there are still reasonable people that won't happen in the 21st century it's the other most of the so in my opinion this is a provocation by the west we shouldn't pay any attention to it this is.
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usually russia shouldn't interfere in ukraine it's bad enough that we've onix crimea i'm for ukraine civil proceeding with all the problems will be solved very soon. the people of donbass all. less optimistic though the pro russian separatists insist they don't want war either. if ukraine takes the 1st step nobody knows where it will end the. kremlin is doing all this to blackmail ukraine and the west. if truth be reinforced if this relation continues even a small provocation will be enough to set things off with unpredictable consequences. russia's defense ministry says this footage shows recent exercises if the situation escalates t.v.
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screens may soon be showing the real thing. well for games in european football on thursday night as the europa league quarterfinals got underway austin all could only manage a draw at home while manchester united won away at. last at home to roma spanish side very well meanwhile want to weigh in zagreb now the return legs will be played next week. there's some people who manage to stay young at any age like british design of if you know westwood from her early days selling orographic t. shirts to becoming one of the top names in high fashion westwood has always done things her way now the diana of punk chic is celebrating her 80th birthday still as edgy as ever. it. was. a life time of rebellion vivienne westwood makes fashion about much more than just
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clothes it's. for more than 5 decades the british designer has used her creations as a platform for political activism she's championed causes from wiki leaks to what west put herself has described as a war for the very existence of the human race the battle to save the planet. so traumatized by the stock of understanding what was going on how. small and a couple of generations millions of people as we do something now. in 1974 along with coconspirator malcolm mclaren who also managed to confound the sex pistols just would open the iconic sex clothing store in london's kings road. from here westward showcased her designs helping set the style for punk and new wave. i. in the early 1980 s.
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westwood went from punk provocateurs to being britain's best loved fashion designer she famously plundered history for inspiration. many of her ideas were immediately picked up by the mainstream unconventional and outspoken westwood twice earned british designer of the year and was awarded the order of the british empire by the queen her designs and activism combined. to spark cultural change. when i just use my fashion as an excuse to say what i think about politically and culturally but i do think that fashion does do something i think my fashion gives you an incredible choice in an age of conformity and it makes you look great and it helps you to express your individuality today at 80 years of age be icon of british fashion shows no signs of slowing down as a fellow designer once said vivianne does and others follow.
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going out next doc film beyond men and masculinity follow us on twitter for all the latest headlines and there's a lot more news and analysis at e.w. dot com i'm told me a lot of books stay with us. here citizenship. as we take on the. we're all about the stories that matter. to stories. if. you fly or makes.
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one told me this horrible story told me he was a hockey dad. he was in a hockey game and this father this boy did ok not great and this father was excoriated him for voice in front of 100 people 200 people are going to scream and yell and the sun started to cry and he started screaming at him for cry and this man observed this boy. $1314.00 goes up into the stands where his mother city he sits next to his
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mother still in tears the mother reaches out an arm to comfort him and he punches the mother in the face that's the transmission of patriarchy. on rebute your father which is the article in this are. you saying that the big preoccupation throughout my life has been minimal. what is healthy in our own family. never seen it. you know i don't get angry at somebody that's outside me. until i've already completely shredded myself inside. but i've got a shot to work on inside the cell i am he didn't need to need it and
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then tell better ass it comes for when only i won one day you're your partner says something that strikes you the wrong way you know i'm down yeah so i think what i'm after here today because i'm still. thrashing myself about my inability to work in the world with other adults. when we start with you learning how to not thresher cell phone much but live and think it will be 2 or how many men in this group give themselves a really hard time. and how violent is a really hard time. most men have terrible relationships to
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show they're more vibrant to themselves than they are to other people we judge ourselves based on performance other people's opinions what we have that's outside in self-esteem maybe in particular rely on performance space the scene we talk about the fragile male ego well this is what it is it's fragile because there's no internal sense of self-worth it's all based on how well you do you know this particular day and how well you did yesterday doesn't much count i think it comes to me 2 different ways when i'm feeling it is cornered that i have to do something like this demanding a reaction and i'm feeling. it when i'm feeling traumatized and that's in that moment i'm feeling a sense of i don't know what to do yeah get me from that to the range of the anger
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. i think it's rage at being put in that position. sort of feeling like you know this is not my doing or responsibility but i'm the one who asked it here with us you feel shame for not being able to get yourself out of it you know quote normal way. you know i think anger definitely kicks in at myself for not being one of those people who. you know grew up not traumatized or just grew up in i don't know figured out something better outlet for their trauma. trauma wasn't your fault. yet but you take it on and shame ok yeah i feel that that the sadness wash over you or hurt you
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i think i always feel it the sadness is going to hurt me or it does hurt me this isn't feelings will not hurt you know running from feelings can kill you. it is part of the essence of traditional masculinity that you can run from shame helplessness paralysed into grandiosity better than superiority dominance and revenge and i think this is the root of male violence you hurt me i get hit you twice as or back all perpetrators see themselves as angry victims even while they're lashing in.
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you know for 50 years from the psychologists they have correctly identified that the healing move for most girls in women is really empowerment finding their moorings and the word is vision. never having a voice or thing in. the world for boys and men comes much earlier than girls about 345. and the wood is about disconnection we teach them to disconnect from their feelings which he should to disconnect from former ability we teach him to disconnect from other people we call that being independent. it's a particular trauma that men learn to escape by moving from shame to grandiosity. grandiosity is driving for much of what's difficult in man grandiosity itself is
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a consequence of trauma that men did not ask for and that little boy did not ask for. and. that did that. and that. ah wow wow wow wow wow. you think i am lacking in your. clothes that. get back. there at least 2 truths about boys that we tend to overlook and estimate and the 1st is that boys have relational capabilities. oh. yeah when you get any other truth about voices out there who are all. people.
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and of course the only sit back and think about it we know these things but we still tend not to. acknowledge them or value them in voice to the point where vulnerability or relational people beliefs boys they may recognize those things in themselves but they know they shouldn't show other people they know it's considered a feminine weakness they know it's a liability they might be seen as soft always or sensitive always. in fact even adults you know most adults can think of oh yeah i know a boy like that who really cares about other people who's near so sweet and really kind and very gentle but they are always referred to those ways as being the exceptions. they. killed was. one of the things that kind of motivates boys to conform to group and cultural norms is exactly this desire to identify with and relate to the other boys.
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oh my god it's not that the big here that there's this need to prove masculinity and they do it in some abstract sense out of obligation is that they're trying to connect. for instance at this particular school the boys had created a club of the mean team and it was created by the boys for the boys for the express purpose of acting against the girls. it was also meant to help them to find themselves in opposition to the girls and so in the beginning. they wanted to color the good. but then they realized wait the girls are good the girls are good and nice and so we have to be her voice opposite of the girls so then they can see that the bad team or the mean team and the bad team just didn't wasn't really got something that they want to dream other. when i asked them also what does that mean team do you like what's mean i think says like oh so if they are playing a game or something we might come by and try to disturb it like say talk during
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their game or something it was never coming physically harm. sometimes the girls would chase them and then they would get scared. but it got complicated because the meantime created a hierarchy among the boys so there was a boss of the me team. and when i interviewed robert it was not the boss of the mean team he would say that monk the boss you know he's the boss so he gets to decide what to do and we have to do it and i said well you know what if you don't want to do it because i do it anyway. and at one point rob there's something more i don't always want to do but the other players are doing it so he had this dilemma where he wanted to break away from the mean team but he was worried that if he tried to then all the boys would gang up and just can after him. another boy shake confided in you think will actually i'm friends with all of the girls but the mean team is not supposed to associate with the girls. but one boy this please make the
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bus and so he says you know you're fired from the mean team you're on the 113 your girl. gender socialization involves me something to connections. they feel like i have all these feelings and there's nowhere for these feelings to go and the fact that i even have them makes me an anomaly. that they have a disconnect compared to themselves because before the present and generally gauge . then nobody will know them. it's this path to loneliness.
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lose. the blues. and. when i start ever foreclose 2004 there are very few spaces that i saw people focusing on the young men these were. they think that they become a man when they can get a license at age 21 they can drink but we have this like teenage years where you're like trying to figure it out so we got the boys walking around have no purpose have no value system around here is my role as a man in this community some i'm still a teenager now little boy i'm not a man and i'm not seen i'm
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a young man so what is my role or nothing just figured out when i become. that's dangerous to have millions of teenage boys with no purpose except to feet wait for manhood to the get serious about life. welcome everybody welcome there's very little happening i think in most of these schools that are students that have been in trouble say how do you come back how do you go through this challenging life situation and did restore yourself back right we should say ok were you there for an hour with longing to be there i believe we got to work around that when we got to do some healing work so on the web site is this front of mask so we're going to just. on the left side of it we're going to draw and so we're said front of the mask please join us.
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on the same side where you drew the mask i want you to write 3 words or 3 phrases that are qualities of yourself that you clarity let the world see what are qualities of yourself or characteristics of yourself that you had out of your house to go see the world what are 3 things you glad that people see. and never going to the back of the mask the back of the mass of things we normally don't let people see you know we don't talk about what you write those words his back a mask.


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