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i never would have gone on the trail of you i would not have put myself and my parents on the danger of the bottoms of doing that they're going to do to flee the world. mother and uncle because the bombing would be the reason that i have serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there but i did mention going to. want to know their story margaret's terrifying to reliable information for more grants. hello and welcome to another edition of africa i am sandra 3 nobody coming to you from kampala here in uganda well it has we nearly 5 years since this show focusing
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on environmental issues foster went on air and we're looking forward to reporting on more and more amazing projects and great ideas for protecting and improving the walls we all need it as well as drawing attention to the problems that i gently need solving well here are some of the topics coming up on the program. because the new transportation diplomacy made in africa an example don't kenya. popcorn and why it's not just for our scientists in germany we'll demonstrate was going. on to the next of course of a ship in south africa sparing young people to protect white life. but 1st a whip heads to namibia more than 20 percent of the country is on the course of asian management it is home to incredible variety over a rare and endangered species of animal including. the chip has the support cards
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need a very specific kind of environment to breed can't unmaintained be aborted temperature when it gets very court the trouble is that they often live near a rural communities and cause problems for people and their livestock now a way for farmers to drastically of course we use their livestock losses without killing the beautiful big cards. a rare sighting of chicest in the media. the country has the largest free range in population of cheaters in the world but according to recent research still numbers . here the population is threatened because it doesn't occur inside of national parks but on commercially used farm that there's obviously needs to conflict as the. livestock of the farms. teeters population numbers across
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africa have dropped to less than $7000.00 worldwide as the a habitat is lost to farm land and house and cost russian portion and illegal trading cops pause a federal challenge and because she tests attack livestock they also get killed by farmers. scientists from germany is life in its institute have found a way to reduce that conflict to spend more than a decade studying cheetahs in the maybe out part of their study involves putting video collis on the animals and monitor indian movements a team not a study the cheetahs always return to 7 areas of practice passed on from one generation to the next they visit is territory's and mark read in the territory so we call this centers of the territories not a marquee trees are called a communication hops because that territorial males they used these trees and also
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the olders into india region around so these territories very stable now always there and even if the territory hold us does appear die then the new will territory holders are on the exactly the same place this allows the scientists to identify areas where cheetahs congregate the then advice to farmers not to put to the livestock in those places it's about 10 percent of the area that is highly dangerous because the concentrations of the cheaters is very high and about 90 per cent that is much less risky for their harras and their cattle. the farm is that i've moved cattle out of harms way now there was far fewer animals to debate cuts. this simple adjustment reduce. the
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livestock losses by more than 80 percent and that solve the conflict for the farmers and for the truth is in many cases. reducing the conflict between humans and money mouse means more cheaters survive and other benefits to these powerful pre-dates has helped keep the populations of the most under control thus preserving a montagne india calendrical balance off. what incredible creatures and what a great idea to promote a peaceful coexistence between the well the most and the humans on this report is about a really interesting bench in south africa it aims to help communities live alongside anymore in the wild as well as offer professional opportunities it is called the truck a company and as the name suggests it trains disadvantaged rural people in the traditional
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skills of wildlife trucking. is if you sunny and. looking for this special friends in the dense bushland of the level of north of johannesburg. a group of rhinos is hidden somewhere here. this is different to pens. and. spurs on the ground twisted twigs and droppings lead them to the animals. they're professional trackers. our ancestors were doing the threatening for a little bit for hunting they do they did they try they started we were just carrying on when they offered but in a different way because then they would do we need for food we we have do we need
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for the for the well not to. kill but to protect. track is play a critical role in keeping the animals in the reserves safe. so that figure has nearly 80 percent of the world's rhino population and has been hardest hit by poaching but since 2014 thanks to strict security measures reserves have half dry no killings from 1200 animals to about 600 in 29000. ticket is animal safe conservation manager had money does not only rely on devices. but they really do a lot of monitoring work especially on. conservation important species like. some of the big cats and so on we were little our various forms of technology to try and track these animals and keep tabs on these animals but technology fell on you from time to time. and then we have to revert back to to the basic tracking skills.
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this m r a reserve is part of the great career a semi desert region with characteristic wildlife vegetation soil and climate conditions the reserve is also one of 3 training grounds for a very unusual tracker cademy today is examination day little has to show his instructors he can track an antelope in the semi arrid career by a. different one because even when richard is in front of the big plant. and keep track reads the environment and develops an intuitive feeling for the ways and habits of animals droppings are just one of many signs they read. just finally labor hung my tip finds his target hidden in the bushes. i grew up in the area that night and my long. hours see in the most annoyed this more list the ones who and then you know
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what i do because the moniker i know in everything the inside i was getting that motivation of i want to go to to learn about those in the money and everything the academy is an ngo that offers free training to $24.00 young rural people from various african countries each year realizing that only a few traditional trackers remained in southern africa onyx when you 1st started this school 10 years ago with the help of a private sponsor meanwhile the academy gets thousands of applications paid here if . we are to. because to do for the benefit of conservation and for the benefit of an ancient culture and to improve the lives of the students that come through our program the kids and you and it is proving successful rain was 94 percent of all graduates are employed and the trackers on needed many iconic animals like crocodiles leopards and cheetos remain critically endangered. after
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a long day of working and learning in the felt the pupils returned to the boarding house was tough for many of them heard of the tracker cademy through people from their villages who went through the program and subsequently found work in the reserves they hope that they too will one day be a role model for their peers back home. page. the one who'll be on the vonage over a boom in solar energy in 2018 accounted for 2 percent of one white and 50 use each and its share is growing fast experts say solar and weeds are said to be the most sustainable sources of renewable energy in the solomon hemisphere the international renewable energy agency sees that over the past decade it costs for solar dropped by 80 percent let us now go visit an energy provider that is building the biggest
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solar park in germany. these panels are pretty easy to install but there are thousands of them still to go. in the countryside near berlin germany's biggest solar park is taking shape. half a 1000000 modules built on metal frame. 100. posts. 250 kilometers of cable. 156 are working on behalf of one of germany's biggest energy companies. we definitely have the potential to complete projects of this scale but rather than size it's the viability of the project that counts for you. this solar park is the size of $225.00 soccer pitches facilities in europe tend to be
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smaller because they compete with agriculture for the land but solar parts alone aren't enough here in germany there are 19000000 apartment buildings and houses a lot of roof space. and an ideal place for solar panels. an entire industry has been built around installing. now adays the systems are very affordable and economical to run since you basically don't have any maintenance costs. have become so affordable to install that they quickly pay for themselves. out. mugshots owns a house with their rooftops solar system in many cases the system actually produces more energy than a household needs. as one of the things that makes it financially worthwhile is that the cost of heating
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your house or heating your water are pretty low. the equipment paid for itself in just a few years. after that the electricity produced is essentially free. passes energy needs do exceed what he produces though that is because his family have 2 electric cars that need to be recharged. off. solar energy is expected to see significant growth interim. by the time the last coal fired power station is switched off and 2038 there would have to be 5 times as many rooftop solar systems and parks as there are now to cover energy needs.
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solar energy would then account for a quarter of the country's power i would push. south to germany's biggest solar park project 10 years ago the operating company was one of the biggest nuclear power producers in the country. they filled run several coal fired plants but that will soon be a thing of the past. these new energy sources will have to fill the gap they've become a central pillar in our portfolio. 2012 we've seen growth in. all new and renewable segments including wind both offshore and onshore as well as solar. and these technologies will account for about half of our output by 2025 i need. the solar panels just keep on coming. on day as.
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talk so sustainable what they need to focus on the big cities on ways to reduce traffic congestion and pollution and of course make life better on you give me basis on protecting you and what if you get off because well it's not taken off the optical you know they since it was developed you take. these handcuffs off of the way several 100 kilos and here in kenya's capital nairobi exhausted noise over another problem for day laborers. kind of plan ties invention could make life easier it's an electric car cost that goes faster and can carry more events in a system. that if they can't get to say will be charged where do you wish to kill
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it. if you are looking to get more people below them or is it with each other just so. you know isn't useful it doesn't tell you well we'll see if this is. in addition to sparing the environment the new vehicle can move it up to 7 kilometers an hour without using much manpower its ability to power itself is kinetic energy at its best and a big help for using this. month in the us there's only one buy you are working. and everything is pathetic quite then vital meant to be thought out. karim to achieve this squanto i developed an electric rickshaw unlike noisy diesel truck. rolls through nairobi almost silently and without emissions it also carries 5 instead of 3 people you want to diversify to. utilize what they cannot
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and emitted from the. us is why. we will be able now one of the more beautiful company. on top of that it's produced sustainably since components of the electric vehicles come from the region. and how about you if you're also doing your bit tell us about it visit our website oh send us a tweet. hash tag doing your best. we share your stories. a lot of the things we use in our day to day life i made a point of nothing and was still was you you was model and this is but for the entire exhaust fumes from the cars of plastic for us you know since piling high none of those are just examples it is a terrible problem scientists are looking for alternatives and sometimes come up
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with great ideas on. the ways of the best that somebody who is doing. much of the things we've called. this building is getting added thermal insulation and damn proofing from polystyrene for every year over 10000000 tons of the synthetic material are turned into everything from facade cladding to disposable bowls and cups and packaging. but one extremely useful the downside of the material is that it is essentially non-biodegradable and takes centuries to break down. and as it does it releases miniscule particles into the ground and our water supplies. this man has a plan to replace the plastic polluted since 2008. poor and his team have been looking into an environmentally friendly alternative pop corn. similar to
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polystyrene phone. consists of a mass of cavities filled with there are no poor. can see them when you go sector piece of popcorn and examine it under the microscope. that's what makes it so light . like the market research and his team have already used popcorn to create kitchen furniture they're saying manufacture is the range of potential applications for popcorn the 1st step is to turn it into a massive granules all the same size the original maize is grown in germany well that is land intensive on the plus side the material will help to reduce fossil fuel consumption. and you can eat it it tastes a lot like popcorn except there's no sugar or salt or chop wood of course so the taste is a bit boring. the granules of em pressed
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together to form sheets panels with plant proceeding providing the bonding agent as opposed to synthetic chemicals this makes the material compostable and even suitable as animal fodder. the team of pioneers in the field. but they also use a hot air gun to compare the thermal conductivity of polystyrene foam to that of popcorn and then measure the heat that penetrates through to the back in the case of polystyrene foam the sensor reads $28.00 degrees celsius while the popcorn board is even better at absorbing the heat here the reading is under $25.00 degrees. you can fit would i houses with the panels in the walls or on the facades. or you can also use them as insulation for solid wall building. to mark. the popcorn material also performs better in the flammability test polystyrene
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burns up at a frightening speed immediately beginning to melt and release toxic gases. subjected to the same flame the panel of popcorn barely catches fire. only reason the poor is happy to pass on the fruits of years of research on the material. or events to see environmentally friendly products made from popcorn replacing polystyrene foam on a large scale and the sooner the better. the 1st popcorn packaging is due to go on the market in the fall of 2021 and will hopefully help to reduce the world's growing mountains of plastic waste. and new
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technologies can certainly make our lives easier but when the internal combustion engine was developed in the 19th century no one even margit the air pollution on serious health issues it will be later that his white many you know they just call me to the finding radio wave machines. when these innovations help to counter of climate change then waits to see for yourself. we that corn husks aren't uncommon in ground are these days because drought has lasted months and they increasingly extreme weather threatens the libel hood's of local farmers especially those in the eastern part of the country who are not quote could be attributed it's apparent that climate change is real and increasingly dangerous the farming seasons that people are used to are not longer predictable at times it trains will one expected drought route instead of rains it's confusing you can't just farm and have hope over having harvest i would even bring issues in when you aren't
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a couple why you 2 imperator is one family who has been fortunate during these hard times have filled me a river so she's been able to pump sufficient water to her crops. but they do so only needed to power the pumps is expensive and the exhaust that is a meter the sends out contributes to a greenhouse effect the researchers and technology experts from a random start up developed a solar powered irrigation system thinking they had to project was financed by a us aid organisation and they run the government they knew irrigation plants came at just the right time for 40 families from authorities in the district that god made agricultural more difficult and the cost of renting the diesel pumps nearly consumed on the east. today sciences we ended up spending much of what planning on buying fuel while
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using the fuel pump into narrators ira with 2 of the those little left for our livelihood now we have gotten great of all those expenses we only need to deplete someone to water the plants that issue. of the kurdish just. due to the more affordable. asian promise cannot attend a larger areas of land and keep farming they used a much higher as a result. i did call a hole i was only have a sitting 50 kilograms of beans in 2 bags of soggy sees on now with solar irrigation the yield volume has multiplied by 3 when i am considering expanding my farming even on that one i'm going to focus on the solar powered irrigation system should be up in drowning in all of the party districts in the country by the end over 2020 this touch up that builds the sauna irrigation system has also developed a system to michele the temperature and moisture of the site since those calculate
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the exact amount of water needed by the plants. farmers i've been notified by and up about when and how much they should water their crops the plants in need to get the optimal or what they mean that's what we believe when they use this new technology to improve their production. on the does been tested to be a success in the play which his robin. these pilot system is powered by solar energy us well now the farmers know exactly which plants need water and how much they need for the time being they improvising with plastic bottles which will soon be replaced by war to horses. it looks like technological advances will be key to all future that is all for today's show thank you all for being with us hope to see you again next week we'll be back with more exciting stories about the nature and of
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course of a ship i am stunned at the nokia signing off the compiler kit in uganda. i
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am asking when it is a friend. too often toxic masculinity escalates to a form of insanity with devastating consequences bloody mean a new model for manhood but much of it looks like a body which values are actually masterclass beyond men and
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masculinity played out. on d w. one continent. 700000000 people. with their own personal stories. we explore every day life. what europeans fear and what they hope for. some. good slogan there of. new zealand 90 minutes on d w. are you ready for some great means i'm christine wonderland on the guy on the edge of my country with a brand new deed of emus africa the show that tackles the issues in the concert now
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with more time to off on game day of the bill cuts all of the trends of the talk to you what's making the hittites and what's behind it away on the streets to give you in-depth reports on the inside. w. news africa every friday on t.w. . more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. christianity firmly established itself. both religious and secular leaders morning eager to display their power. to trace the. concrete the tallest biggest and most beautiful structures. stone masons builders architects compete with each other. this is how massive churches are created. a. contest of the goods
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stores. on t.w. . this is good news live from berlin joe biden and mt says his 1st gun control measures as u.s. president. good ones in this country is an attempt to demean biden is moving to tighten some regulations but the announcement full short of his campaign promises will this be enough to stop the killing also coming up. here is
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a resurgence of violence in eastern ukraine as moscow amasses massa's troops on the disputed border while the 2.


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