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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  April 9, 2021 12:00am-12:31am CEST

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builders and architects compete with each other. this is home massive churches create a. contest of the. stores. on g.w. . this is news and these are our top stories u.s. president joe biden has announced his 1st measures in office towards tackling gun violence acting on the issue was a key campaign pledge and recent mass shootings in colorado and georgia have increased the political pressure biden described gun violence in the united states as an epidemic. there are fears of fresh large scale hostilities in eastern ukraine after an escalation of tensions with russia the white house says
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russia now has more troops on ukraine's eastern border than at any time since 2014 and german chancellor angela merkel has called russian president vladimir putin to pull back his troops has accused of court provocative actions. russian authorities have jailed supporters of opposition politician. who was staging a protest outside the penal colony where he's being held they were demanding that nirvana receive proper medical care one of his lawyers says he's health is deteriorating rapidly in prison. this is doubly news from berlin you can follow us on twitter and facebook or you can visit our website w dot com. since the easter weekend northern ireland has gone from one street skirmish to the next
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teenagers hurling whatever they can to police rubber bullets fired in return a nigger in betrayal by a brick sit back lash loyalist claimed the agreement to avoid a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland has created a new one in the irish sea eroding times intrust to the u.k. leaving northern ireland in limbo if this were the only source of trouble it would be enough but it's not go off in berlin this is the day. it seems that we saw were absolutely disgraceful and it's a mercy that no one has lost their life as a result of this appalling violence. brick. pattern so one has achieved or can ever achieve anything.
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different for everybody but it's how you were there. there isn't room for armed gangs. gangs who care nothing about the future of the society. also coming up and they make up less than one percent of the us population yet transgender people are the target of legislation across the country this week our console became the 1st state in america to ban doctors from offering sex change treatments to transfer people under the age of 18 as soon as i came out i was like i want to start hormone i had to go through therapy. for a year before i could even start hormones it was very hard to find a psychiatrist that wasn't going to be like oh you need conversion therapy. and to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin the day
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with the new and old threats to the fragile peace in northern ireland police and teenagers even some as young as 12 have clashed repeatedly since the easter weekend most of the violence erupting in protestant areas of belfast home to those who consider themselves u.k. loyalists it is also home to a festering frustration over bricks at the u.k.'s transition out of the european union ended this year but much remains unresolved especially over the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland in an attempt to preserve peace and avoid a hard border on the island a customs check in the irish sea was agreed upon but many in northern ireland say it's created a new border between them and the u.k. many say they feel neglected and abandoned by london critics of bragg's it predicted that it would destabilize the peace but what peace has never been firm that peace rather has never been firm the 1998 good friday agreement may have ended
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decades of sectarian violence but it did not embrace memories and to that the element of organized crime and you have a powder keg that simply needs a spark. at the days of attacks by pro british writers and police the violence escalated crowds exchanged petrol bombs and stones across the wall built to separate no of not ns divided pro british and pro irish communities. it's a flare up of the sectarian violence the vast majority in the british province want to see consigned to history there can mean nucleus in our society for violence or the threat of violence and it must go just as it was ronin pounced on was never justified so what is wrong on and cannot be justified. the violence started 1st in neighborhoods home to that section of the community which wants to remain british. some among them have felt increasingly marginalized as their status as
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a majority looks increasingly tenuous. and breaks it as lead to some separation of status from the rest of the united kingdom. think it's a direct consequence of boris johnson said i was up in the bronx at the r.e.c. border but he did add whatever and i think that's a consequence of everything just building up most of us including those he opposed brags that how some sympathy for those people like their bitrate they were promised some some let up lands but that was a fun to say it was never huybrechts that way and those in government knew about but were more interested in their own ascent to part than the heart and stability their deception would cause here in northern ireland. how does the death of another night of trouble in no not in this cleaned up a sense of foreboding for the future tension simmering and betty lanced and the potential for dangerous days and weeks ahead. over more i'm joined tonight by
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mick fields he is the founding editor of the northern ireland based blog slug to make it's good to have you on the program we heard in that report that blame is being directed at bragg's it for the violence explain if you could to our viewers how this can be the case. but i mean we're going to take what the writers say with a degree of salt but the subject of controversy really since january has been not brax it so much because by and large unions were in favor of threats of fire relatively small majority of us to be said but the northern ireland protocol which was negotiated between marnie i and the british negotiators which gives northern ireland the special status now the upset of the special status is that for exporters it's great because you can export into the u.k. with any dollar and you can export into the republican all merged into the rest of the european union where it's causing real difficulty is. twofold
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one small businesses that depend on supplies coming in from mainland britain are not. experiencing huge disruption in their supply chains with suppliers basically saying the p.-roc receive that the european union is putting upon the means that they simply aren't going to send stuff to northern ireland any more and that's been experienced as as an unexpected shock because nobody warned neither the pro bracks appears no the antibiotics the tears were in the general public. is that the motivating factor here for the rioters i think some of what we're seeing here is youngsters leaping on an excuse after locked on object and you know in northern ireland the vaccination program is not got to the point where we were almost. what's normally cold herd immunity so there's a perception that they can get out it's these are youngsters in areas with very
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little economic prospects so the degree to which we should see this is a legitimate response to the protocol is very limited but it is on dudley creating huge waves and huge difficulties and the european union's response something of a 10 year. some of those concerns that they have and some observers have said that the european union is is partially to blame b. because of a decision which was reversed to place controls on the exports of vaccines from great britain to northern ireland is that playing a factor as well look i really would bulk trying to blame the european union for riots in belfast they're relatively small it's small scale but quite deadly when it comes to the police and juries up and accumulating but it certainly was something of a teddy bear and i think the problem is that when barney the chief negotiator stepped on there's no real statesman controlling what the high high the actions of
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the european union is being perceived both in britain and an arm of the 2 places where that the friction is being felt that the greatest degree the lack of stance minch if i think it is not just a threat but as far as the near term start is also a threat going forward this thing haase the band in and it has to be successful for northern ireland to get past this period of instability will make if i'm hearing you correctly are you saying that if there had been no pandemic if there'd been no lock downs we probably despite what's happening with brakes that we probably would not be seeing this violence is that is that what you're saying. i guess so i think it's the you know the youngsters are the ones who suffer most they're the ones and you know we're talking about here from 12 to 16 year olds who've been picked up and lot done for a lot period of time i think yes on one hand on the other hand lockdowns probably
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saved us from the worst of the. the instability around the trade routes because there's been very very low volumes of triode compared to what's normal so i think is that there is this there's an there's an issue that has to be 6 european union and the u.k. government have to take these big issues seriously and i think to this is an indication that trouble doesn't just come in one direction in northern ireland if you don't pay attention to all parties it can come and it can come from multiple directions well tell us in for our viewers watching you know when they see these images of abuse and police clashing in the immediately think that the fragile peace in northern ireland could be turned down how close are we to that peace being disrupted or is this just a blip on the screen no i think i think this is
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a blip this is a blip on the screen it's an important one though because really what it's pointing towards and you know you heard the condemnation from all the major political parties there from unionists you know progress that unionist and the fact that nationalist and everybody else in between but the. what what we're seeing it is. a lot of condemnation a lot of fine words but the only thing that's going to help put this thing to bed is real action to get some kind of an understanding of how the border works between northern ireland and the rest of the united kingdom and such a way that it doesn't as we say and ireland frighten the horses and so does this work has to be done at several levels here in the european union i think work on the basis that if it can't it's republicans happy by not putting a border a lot border then everything would be fine well it's not couldn't be further from
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the choice you know and i think what drives a lot of these young loyalists these young protestants is the fury when they they see big politics working in favor of people who let's face it historically killed far more people during the troubles in the loyalists they're getting most of the favors when it comes to big politics make unfortunately we're out of time but we certainly appreciate you taking the time to talk with us tonight it's really important to get this this kind of context to understand what's going on thank you thank you. we're the world's attention is focused more than ever on transgender people one week ago today was international trans day of visibility former olympic champion and transgender activist caitlin jenner is reportedly considering a run for governor of california but the attention is not always desired and it's not always positive consider what has happened this week in the u.s.
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state of arkansas all despite a veto by the governor of the state legislature passed into law the save adolescents from experimentation act with it arkansas becomes the 1st u.s. state to ban doctors from providing gender affirming treatments for trans people under the age of 18 he that we use in his poll travel to arkansas all she has this report. edgy bt q. writes under attack arkan source the 1st state in the us to ban young trans people from getting trans health care. we are about to meet someone directly effects. on drew and his mom are just on their way back home from school they live on the outskirts of little rock the capital of arkansas. that's in andrew's room and then midge of the rocky horror picture show it was like
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one of the 1st for everything issues are clearly media coverage like got to see what you would like. over christmas break like the year before you came. andrew's 15 art is his way to express what he thinks and what he feels just a little bit like the serenely stage that. he started transitioning 2 years ago with the new law in place andrew won't have access to hormones and other gender of foaming magical support the question is whether trends youth should have access to trans health care but the over arching question is if politicians can overrule the decisions of parents you know andrew has been taking testosterone since he's 14. as soon as i came out i was like i want to start hormones i had to go through therapy. for
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a year before i could even start hormones it was very hard to find a psychiatrist that wasn't going to be like oh you need conversion therapy. a boy that's wrong that's not what the bible says and his mom his supporters from the start came out when term was fairly newly elected and he had already. come out and said that transgender people are no longer allowed to serve in the military so that to me. gave the inclination that there is going to be a whole lot more down the pike when it came to trains gender individuals it just basically set the stage if you will for all of these and bills that you're saying from state to state brandy has seen the benefits of taking hormones. hayes come out of that shell. you know just wanting to hide away from the world
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and now he wants to be in that world and he wants to make that world change and they're trying to shove this community back into the closet and i'm here to say as a as an ally to this community we're not going back in the closet we are here to stay we will get louder and there is nothing you can do about it. 2 men and a woman walk into a room there are only 2 chairs what would you do well what the men did not do be dashing hopes for smooth the relations between the european union and turkey earlier this week 2 of the european union's top leaders are full of fun the lion a woman and charles michel a man visited a turkish president richard. also a man but as the 3 gathered for talks they discovered that there were only 2 chairs present now if you were expecting the president to say please take
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a seat ladies 1st your belt to be disappointed. it was a meeting that said hopes for reengagement between the un turkey but spending time has got off to a rocky start. one of the e.u.'s most powerful female executives was left without someone to sit instead of being placed in equal rank according to diplomatic protocol or so the fund and i and the european commission president was placed on a sofa while the men took center stage it draws stock comparison to previous he is where un turkish fetus was seated in equal standing with the optics were intentional or not it may have added fed the strain to the relationship but the spokesman for the european commission says she wants to focus on the issues at hand . she describes an area ties substance of the questions a formal personable and that sets in the want european citizens would have expected of her it is not my job to judge what was behind the fact that we often tell one
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type of seat over another. a key focal point for the e.u. was for turkey to improve its human rights record. on crime recently withdrew from a treaty that protects women against finance and discrimination the country has seen nationwide protests against femicide by domestic violence and murders of women are on the rise and the diplomatic focus has sparked outrage online. some called out the political strains between the e.u. and turkey others say it reflects how women are treated in the country and took aim at the european council president for not playing his part in standing beside the european commission president to catch a fish as a pointing blame at the e.u. . goodish rather than join russia going on isn't there a crisis of the e.u. on max and the problem parts of coles applied in the scope of this high level meeting that took place in our presidency the seating arrangements were made in
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line with the e.u. suggestion because for now it may be a long road ahead to establish better times between the 2 sides. are let's talk about this to do that i'm joined by correspondent barbara. barbara i want i want us to consider the optics of this this is an every day situation you've got 2 men a woman and there aren't enough chairs if it had been me and you i would have offered you this seat do we know why not either of the 2 men all for ursula fund a lion a seat do we know. i expect nothing else from you of course friend but looking at the acting mynheer in the room there and we have president. he would think see if the fulton off the thick and coming off the our empire we also know would believe him what do you think about the women agenda quality certainly does not
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rank high on his agenda and then we have. a belgian politician who now thing pete playing the big leagues and he has a lot of ongoing rivalry behind the scenes the fluff on the line with president of the commission the executive branch of the e.u. and he could have played it out in public what an odd want to don't seriously complete nitwit the man the rest of the word i would like to use of course on the t.v. written yet we don't want you to we don't want you to get fired barbara but there's been serious reaction from european union leaders i mean i mean people are not joking about this italy's prime minister more your drug he has called the turkish president there to walk on a dictator this is what he said i absolutely do not agree with there to one's behavior towards president underly and i am very sorry for the humiliation that the president of the commission had to suffer with these let's call them for what they
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are dictators and with that this goes from an awkward situation barbara that was caught on camera to a possible diplomatic mess. it is a diplomatic mess it's a diplomatic omnishambles because this meeting was supposed to show the european union united they went on caret to show to the president ok we will talk with you believe we're ready to negotiate negotiate with you but you do have to fill school so it's meet demand if you will do we'll have to engage with us you can carry on like you did throughout the last years you know seeking trouble with greece's trouble with cyprus completely disregarding any human and democratic rights and so on and so forth we know how long the list is and we know how long any complaints that you have made against turkey and particularly president are gone now this was what was behind the visit and then instead we see this ridiculous diplomatic that
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that makes the e.u. look silly and that is worse than making political mistakes to look stupid in public yeah i mean this was as you say a high level meeting protocol you know is is that it exists so that things like this do not happen but we know mishaps do occur do we know that what happened to manners and common courtesy. you know obviously they don't come into play here because when you look at the characters involved we look at president editor on who doesn't believe that courtesy is a virtue we certainly haven't seen anything like that from him in the past he has treated midden usually with enough courtesy at least on the surface but obviously that doesn't stretch to women and now our eyes have been opened and the fallout if you look at social media has been devastating there's a hash tag give her a chair seriously and on the other hand the child michelle this is really small
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country politician who thinks he is now playing the big league and has sort of made it into the 1st through and who simply didn't understand the situation and is too stupid openly to to sort of make it better and to sort of help from the line and help themselves because something i think will help holding true here he will never live this down not in this lifetime makes you wonder what the gentleman's parents would say if they could say something barbara bass was always probably appreciate your insights tonight thank you. well these days the art market is going digital investors are spending enormous sums on artworks that exist only in digital form until mel digital art was so easy to copy that didn't really make much sense financially but now that is changing and the implications for the art market are huge. the magic word is n f
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t or non fungible token and it's revolutionizing the art market this technology records the owner's identity in a blog change while the work itself remains publicly visible on the web for anyone to see. so and it is a technical stand there to make a digital work of art where any just any file. s. it is unique so you get a talk with me that that was the artist what was the size. and that you bought it and it you are the rightful owner in this online gold rush a flying cap sold for $650000.00 but 21st several 1000000. crypto cats were virtual basketball cards sold for millions.
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and now christie's has got on board auction ing every days from artist people as its 1st tokenized piece. the sale not only meant recognition for digital art but it's helped christie's reap millions in a win win situation. job it does get him of us and i think when there's money at stake people take things seriously so many people who used to not really take this art form seriously are now having a closer look and that's great and of course the artist who created this work will go down in art history on that site so it's not a conspiracy so i'm sure. the buyer was a singapore based fund that had made a fortune with cryptocurrency 90 percent of the bidders at christie's were unknown is a new crypto elite divvying up the market. people they're all right now. that . come to the market. with a really open i may not have much knowledge of the art market and our enemy.
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and just really i like that could up end the traditional dominance of art galleries and museums when it comes to determining what art is valuable and important for crypto art could turn out to be an unprecedented speculation bubble but even if that bubble bursts it's still likely to shake up the art market. and with that the day is almost gone but the conversation continues online to find us on twitter either at g.w. news or you can follow me at brant golf t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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in. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus update. on t w. going to the conflict zone this team sebastian. for years now the government of bangladesh is being criticized around the world for its
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human rights record my guest this week from back eyes galleries meet foreign affairs advisor to the country's prime minister well real far to stop denying the truth about the repression babe inflicted and clean up their act conflicts of folks in 60 minutes. in the art of climate change. africa's most of. what's in store for. morning news today for the future of the book e.w. dot com forget megacities multimedia inside clear cut or. the little guys this is the 77 percent stuff was offered his new t.v. shoes his share i guess. you know hard to send out we're not captioned don't you could top it. up because population is growing.
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and young people clearly have the solutions that you just don't see. 77 percent now. on d w no. problem in society we have at the moment if everyone is afraid of making a mistake what may happen if we don't do any. good pandemic has changed life as we know it. but what comes next. will a fast paced lives pick up again. will we continue to innovate regardless of the cost.


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