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contest of the cathedral's. 12th on d w. this is. tonight using the power of the executive u.s. president joe biden announces new measures on gun control. gun violence in this country is an epidemic biden is moving to tighten some regulations but today's announcement falls short of his campaign promises will this be enough to stop the bloodshed to bring you the latest from washington also coming up tonight police
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arrest supporters of kremlin critic. as they staged a protest outside the penal colony being held a lawyer says that his health is deteriorating rapidly in prison and germany holds direct talks with russia to purchase the sputnik the coronavirus vaccine as germany breaks away from european solidarity will its wait for approval from european regulators before using the back seat. and a top european court backs mandatory vaccinations against childhood disease its supporters hailed as a landmark ruling but some parents say it violates their right as. i'm going viewers watching on p.b.s. in the united states. to all of you around the world welcome u.s.
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president joe biden has announced a new measures to tackle gun violence acting on the issue was a key campaign pledge and a spate of mass shootings has increased the political pressure but the power of the u.s. executive is limited and biden also urged lawmakers to do their part flanked at the rose garden by vice president camila horace and attorney general merrick garland president joe biden didn't mince his words what happened that gun violence in this country is an epidemic we say to get gun violence in this country is an epidemic and it's an international barrier. and he sent a clear message to the u.s. is deeply divided lawmakers. but there's much more of the congress can do to help that effort and they can do it right now they've offered plenty of thoughts and prayers members of congress but they passed not
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a single new federal law to reduce gun violence. and of prayers time for some action the vice president also appealed to congress. real people on both sides of the aisle want action so all of that is left is the well. and the courage to act. paul biden announced 6 executive orders including tougher regulations on homemade firearms and legislation that would make it easier for states to adopt what are known as red flag laws they allow for individuals to ask a court to permit police to confiscate weapons from a person deemed to be a danger to themselves or others the changes come just a day after the latest mass shooting in the u.s. this time in south carolina 5 people including 2 young children were killed it
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follows 2 other attacks in colorado and georgia in recent weeks. an estimated 11000 people have been killed so far this year because of gun violence in the united states despite the staggering number of deaths president biden faces an uphill battle to implement significant gun control laws. or let's go now to washington d.c. our washington bureau chief eunice pose she joins me she's following this story good evening to you ines so president biden wants to crack down on what he calls ghost guns how's that going to work. well we shall see it's a very tricky task you know because these ghost guns are actually printed with 3 d. printers and yes you promised to crank them down but it didn't really tell us exactly how he's going to do that and you have to keep in mind when biden was on the come pain trail he really said that he would make gun control
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a major part of his administrations and many actually just voted him because of that reason and until now he didn't really present anything so that's the 1st time he really addresses this huge issue and this is applauded by those who support stronger gun laws and we know that there's only so much the president can do within within an executive order we're going to the legislation the laws passed by congress what's the likelihood that congress is going to do that. right was the democrats having just such a tired majority actually in both houses i would say that we will see major changes in the near future i mean because of the intense lobbying of the gun lobby it has been incredibly hard to really change the culture of guns in the united states friend and i mean unfortunately many really will see it widens today action as toothless just because of that but we have to keep in mind. the president can only
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go so far you can only go so far legislation would perhaps change the gun culture in america but without that legislation do you see any significant changes coming to that culture. i mean i have been in boulder and just some weeks ago 2 days off of the shooting happened and 10 people got killed in the supermarket just across the street from the university and i talked to many young people there are 2 friends who lost friends in this shooting and my sense is that the younger generation are really more or that's put it positively are really for stronger gun laws for bad background checks so if there were there is a chance that it will change over the course of the future but this will take some time right to use washington bureau chief in his bowl with the latest tonight in his thank you or here's a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world
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a critical care expert called as a prosecution witness in the trial of the former police officer accused of murdering george floyd has testified that floyd died from a lack of oxygen dr martin tobin was asked if any underlying health conditions could have contributed to his death the doctor replied that even a healthy person subjected to what mr floyd was would have done it by. u.s. authorities say the government picked up nearly 19000 children travelling over the phone across the mexican border in march it's the largest monthly number ever recorded and a major test for president biden as he reverses many of his predecessors hardline immigration tactics. there are fears of fresh large scale hostilities in eastern ukraine after an escalation of tensions with russia german chancellor angela merkel has told russian president vladimir putin to reduce the kremlin's military buildup near the border putin has in turn accused of quote provocative actions.
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a lawyer for russian opposition politician the election of all he says his health is deteriorating rapidly in prison the body of serving a 2 and a half years sentence in a notoriously harsh penal colony east of moscow authorities have jailed several of his supporters who staged a protest outside to demand of all the receive proper medical care. he's getting a lot of media attention but that's all alex in the valley supporters can achieve at the moment earlier this week a group of doctors including the volleys family physician and stasia vasily eva came to the pokrov prison camp to get an idea of move on these state of health but they weren't allowed to enter. that we will do that tomorrow and the day after tomorrow until they let assent and will observe how they treat alexei until he is taken to a normal hospital and gets normal medical treatment. because alex
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a nepali seen here in a black prison uniform on surveillance camera footage 12 days ago russia's best known prisoner has been on hunger strike since late march in a letter to the prison director he demanded medical help sarcastically saying i've gotten used to my leg over the past few years i don't want to lose it now he is also suffering from fever and a calm. he says 3 fellow prisoners have been diagnosed with tuberculosis noble knees lawyers also visited the prison they were let in and were shocked at what they saw has been diagnosed with 2 herniated disks. he continues to have back and leg pain. sometimes his legs and hands go numb. the penal colony in pokrov is considered one of russia's toughest but on state television government propaganda makes it seem like a vacation camp their message is life is good here and no folly is exaggerating he
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was caught off guard by the camera team of his bedside including maria bettina but she's not a reporter in the u.s. she was convicted for being a russian agent and of all me says you are lying everything you do is a p.r. show amnesty international has publicly criticized prison conditions saying russia may be slowly killing the ball me off. the fact that he is walking up every one of 2 hours is a form of torture the fact that he cannot have access to a doctor he can trust is. ease of form of treatment the kremlin has responded saying of ami has no right to special treatment dr of us leave or her companions and some journalists who visited the prison camp with her have since been arrested and of all these supporters continue to fight for him despite the risk to themselves as she was led away dr boisselier gave i asked one last question what kind of a system tonight is a doctor the right to visit
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a dying patient just as an infant with you or the maker of russia's sputnik the vaccine says it has begun procurement talks with the german government the bilateral talks marking a break with the european union strategy of negotiating with drug makers as one bloc several german states say they've already signed agreements to buy millions of doses of sputnik the the vaccine will not be offered to the public until it has been approved by the european medicines agents to speed up vaccination in germany one player is getting a more prominent role russia sputnik the vaccine it appears the german government does not want to wait on the e.u. to place their order i told my fellow e.u. health ministers that germany will hold bilateral talks with russia 1st of all to discuss when it could be delivered and in watts quantities. the varian state
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premium map of sudan has announced his plans to order doses of sputnik the through a local company so desperately to give us and once the shot is authorized in the european union the state of the very a little receive the order of doses through this company probably in june i believe it is 2500000 doses. the european medicines agency began reviewing sputnik v. in march the german vaccine committee says pre-ordering the vaccine is the right move. so published data does look very promising that much we can say and it is after a thorough review of the vaccine is approved i personally don't see a reason not to use it germany's liberal opposition f.t.p. party is also in favor of pushing ahead with or without the e.u. and it is smart to try different routes anything that leads to more doses of any vaccines is the right move but sputnik we can only speed up vaccinations if it can
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be delivered quickly within the next 2 to 5 months says the german health ministry for the period there after germany has already secured sufficient quantities of other vaccines. no blocked brazilian president. says that his country will remain open even as its daily combat 19 death toll approaches the highest in the world highly infectious variance and a slow vaccination rollout are making matters worse critics of the far right leader blamed government inaction and they have warned that brazilians will pay the price with their lives. health care workers pushed to the limit this makeshift hospital in brazil's largest city san paolo is struggling to cope is covered 19 cases. experts have warned the district lockdown is necessary to slow the virus one of brazil's lading public health institute's fear cruz said without lockdown measures the country's health system faces collapse. but the president disagrees.
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the war was we are not going to accept this policy of staying at home of closing everything down the virus will not go away this virus like others is here to stay and will remain for a lifetime it is practically impossible to eradicate it what are we going to do until then. the country has registered more than 13000000 coated 19 cases since the pandemic began it is now at risk of overtaking the united states with the world's highest rates of infection and deaths. the president's opponents know where to point the finger. i do know but as you presume there's a time bomb a breeding ground for corona virus creating new strains variants because there is a total lack of control of the pandemic and of life for this reason at this moment we are ashamed not of our people but of our government especially both. without
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measures in place to control the spread many health experts fear brazil will hold back global efforts to contain the virus brazil lags behind much of the world in buying up vaccine doses and the rollout has certified failed to significantly slower the spread of the virus with no lockdown in sight brazil will continue to vary thousands every day. and here are some other developments now in the pandemic france recorded just shy of 85000 new cases on thursday the 1st decrease in the number of patients in intensive care units in 8 days was also reported today indonesia has announced a ban on travel during the upcoming muslim celebration of eat in may to curb virus transmission many people typically travel during the holiday and new zealand has suspended entry to travelers from india came after india reported a record number of new cases in one day. proponents are hailing it as
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a landmark ruling while critics call it morally repugnant the european court of human rights has ruled in favor of government mandated vaccinations for children in a near unanimous decision the judges rejected a case by parents from the czech republic who had been fined for refusing to inoculate their children under czech law preschool children must be back sedated against 9 known diseases including measles it's the 1st time the court has ruled on compulsory vaccinations and for more on this now my colleague peter voser dollars here and he's been looking into this this sounds like it could be or will be a controversial route it certainly is i mean as you just mentioned children in the czech republic must be vaccinated against you know comedy seasons like. polio have otitis be measles a lot of these that have been all but eradicated but we've seen kind of shot back up in recent years it's important to note that the czech republic that the government can't force the kids to get vaccinated the parents can be fined the kids
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can be refused admission to preschool if they're not vaccinated and you saw the judge is really walking that tightrope there on the one hand acknowledging that yes these laws are to some extent in a frenchman on people's private lives but at the same time also saying that you know these measures are essentially necessary in a democratic society is what they said because they help to protect public health and the court noting also this is not just about you know the people get vaccinated is also about protecting those who cannot get vaccinated for health reasons in who essentially rely on herd immunity to be protected you know this is not dismissive to the czech republic i mean how common are these types of laws across the e.u. right we've seen a number of countries all assume in recent years italy and in france for instance of a change their vaccine rolls out or similar measles spikes anglin which is obviously not a. country anymore is also considering similar steps in. germany introduced
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a law that made it mandatory to get vaccinated against measles after recent outbreaks and parents there can be fined up to $2500.00 euros if we know the case with the czech parents it was brought 'd before the pandemic started before we were talking about the coronavirus code didn't see it but how is this case going to affect you know the drive to get people vaccinated against yeah that's a big question a lot of people are obviously you know maybe not surprisingly worrying or concerned that this could lead governments to essentially make covert vaccinations mandatory you know there's a lot of skepticism in a lot of you countries because of the way that the governments have been handling the rollout of the vaccines the recent uncertainty that we've seen with astra zeneca vaccine for instance it has only compounded that uncertainty and that has is causing obviously a huge challenge for a lot of political leaders who you know to get back to normal we need to get to
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herd immunity that means that we need about 70 to 90 percent of the population to be immune and in countries like italy you're seeing very high levels of about one in 5 italian say they're skeptical they wouldn't get the vaccine in germany it's about one in 4 in france is one in 3 and so you know a lot of people worry now that to get to that herd immunity european governments will start implementing and imposing many mandatory vaccines. i think at this point a lot of european leaders probably very has a tent they've been handed a bigger stick with this ruling but there weren't about the backlash so it's going to be very interesting to see peter as always thank you. and here are some of the other stories now that we're following for you me and mars ambassador to the u.k. has been locked out of the london embassy. in says that staff have been threatened
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with severe punishment if they did not comply with authorities protests continue outside the u.s. embassy and in myanmar there state media say arrest warrants have been issued for 120 celebrities who have been accused of supporting anti coup protests among them is actor king talked on hundreds of people have rallied in kyrgyzstan's capital bishkek they've called for police chiefs to be sacked after a woman who had been abducted for marriage was found murdered protesters were angry that police failed to find the suspects despite the abduction being caught on camera kidnapping is widespread in the central asian country french president emmanuel macron is shutting down the prestigious a not graduate school replacing it with a more egalitarian institution the move as part of a major reform of the senior civil service
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a new public school called the public service institute will eventually replace which himself attend. israel has marked its annual holocaust remembrance day and honor of the 6000000 jewish people killed in the genocide led by nazi germany. sirens blared across the country for 2 minutes this morning israelis stood in silence traffic came to a standstill country's leaders to pardon a wreath laying ceremony the event marks the anniversary of the 1943 warsaw ghetto uprising one of the most significant acts of jewish resistance to the holocaust. the israeli and german air forces have been cooperating to honor holocaust victims at one of the camps where jewish people were once murdered one israeli pilot shared his experiences with us. a joint fly by over germany and the dohar
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concentration camp last year for the 1st time the german lift the israeli air force honored holocaust victims together for this young israeli pilot it was a very personal experience. i mean specifically to fly over over and over an issue was probably the most important it definitely wasn't anything that i've done in my army service and one of the most important things i've ever been a part of in my whole life and it was such a such a great symbol of how humans can get over even the worst and the doctors conflicts and the worst things that can happen. especially for me as well my for my grandfather was a pilot in the british air force and in the 2nd world war and on my other side obviously my family was. murdered in the holocaust so for me it was very very special as an active fighter pilot he can't be fully identified he emigrated from a steal yet to israel one of his grandfathers was
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a spec fire pilot in the royal air force in world war 2 a scorching raids on nazi germany he survived and moved to israel his grandson followed in his footsteps you know when you think about the past and what happened you know in the darkest times 70 years ago. you know i guess the worst enemies almost and now we're flying over germany together as a tame but i think it really really shows the best side of humankind how we can forgive each other and you know we still remember the storm and what happened and learned about it but. we can move on together and be friends meeting with other young germans was an important part of the joint military training last year another way of keeping the memory of a shared past a lie there's still people in the world. who want us to be destroyed as a country and as a people and i think that remembering what was in the past is the key so that what
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if one happened again in the future. are right now on to these swedish melton's were a surge in the number of visitors in recent years is starting to take a toll on the environment and it has tourism operators walking horns with reindeer herder. nature at its best mountains open spaces reindeer this is the game plan triangle in sweden it is one of the most popular mountain trails in office everything nature lovers could wish for and they come in droves but their presence has an unfortunate side effect in the 3rd place a cyclist causes one type of wear to run another and a hiker 3rd erosion has increased significantly in the harbor that bit its. visitors are not allowed to harm or disturb the reindeer that graze in the area but as the wear and tear on nature increases reindeer owners are becoming increasingly concerned that they are probably at the fore when reindeer don't get enough peace
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they produce fewer calf's the reindeers are disappearing. right across here the same for freydon that now the future of the mountain stations hangs in the balance in 3 years' time the lease for 2 of them will be renegotiated reindeer owners have suggested shutting down some stations that's something the tourism industry wants to avoid 0 natascha no we've been here since 885 our goal is to be able to stay and work in the area the important thing for us is outdoor life to continue in some form in a few not quite in order for the tourists seem to be open to doing their part. the only if it disturbs the wildlife i'll have to adapt maybe a view of course i do not want to disturb nature in that case i may look for other options. it will just be the thing in have to spread people out more i don't think there are too few mountains for us weeds but people are all gathering in the same places unfortunately. tensions are unlikely to resolved by themselves this summer a record number of visitors is expected. bilbao in northern spain is one of the
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city's planning to host this summer's european football championships but now it risk being cut from the list after the spanish football federation said local restrictions would make it impossible for spectators to attend or that puts them on a collision course with european football's governing body you wait which says cities must allow fans at stadiums or lose their right to host bill bell has now submitted a plan to your wafer organizers that will let in a limited number of fans ireland's football association has announced that it also cannot assure fan numbers in dublin a final decision on who city's is expected april 20th all right what is the collective noun for jellyfish residents in the northern italian port town of tree have found out experts say this smack of barrow jellyfish is one of the largest ever found in the mediterranean sea environmental
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groups and say the unusual gathering was probably down to particular winds and currents that had pushed the jellyfish smack dab into the middle of the harbor. they are his reminder the top stories that we're following this hour u.s. president joe biden has announced new measures to tackle gun violence including tighter regulations on homemade guns but he says much more is needed and he's called on congress to act. as you're watching t.w. news after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around we will be right back.
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fans problems lands and. only. because we put on. to call on you to join us. can you hear me now. yes we can hear you and how it all stands down and stuff that we're bringing you and i'm going to makkah as you've never have before a surprise himself with but it's got to do is magical for any one sad and. who took the people who followed her along the way my rhymes and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman sinking had think it's telling us the metal flap stops. with him had to be done and it goes on because when i and if i had known that the boat would be small i never
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would have gone on the trip i would not have put myself and my parents what i'm trying to but it's been a beautifully. until they put that on there with you to give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there but once i got it. i want to know their story informally grid scarified and promotable information for mark critz. since the easter weekend northern ireland has gone from one street skirmish to the next teenagers hurling whatever they can to police rubber bullets fired in return anger and betrayal fomented by a break sit back lash loyalist claim the agreement to avoid a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland has created a new one in the irish sea eroding ties interest to the u.k.
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leaving northern ireland in limbo if this were the only source of trouble it would be enough but it's not i'm burnt off in berlin.


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