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tv   Extra 3  Deutsche Welle  April 8, 2021 5:30pm-6:16pm CEST

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there's more to. each other. germs. is how massive churches get worse here's the car it's like skyscrapers are. contest of the cathedral for 12 d w. it's another edition of focus on europe with me liz show thanks for joining us today let's start with some good news from britain a short while ago the nation was still in the grip of a strict lockdown now it's seeing some rapid progress since the government in
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london the stepped up its vaccination program well then 60 percent of the adult population in england has already received their 1st coated shot that's why the government is now easing restrictions in england after 6 people can now me tell side pubs and restaurants will be allowed to serve customers outdoors the brits are happy to regain some freedom in their daily lives lockdown has been pretty challenging for many but it also sparked creativity among people forced to stay at home 12 year old noah is one of them he's bound to a wheelchair and he can't speak his father helped him to start an art project that has turned no what into quite a celebrity he now goes by the nickname background bob. these are the one expired international artists in collaboration with background bob that's 12 year old noah and his father nathan. oh i suffers from cerebral
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palsy and epilepsy he's unable to speak but he can paint with many things help. the 2 of them create backgrounds and other artists then add to their designs. nathan explains that it all began last year to give nell a something to do during the lockdown. when out of the carriage our small cold and we just started entering your. not just your friends not all america shopped out just as the big farms the city will collaborate with. and by the end of the 1st day i think you are just really involved and or it just grew from there they began sending that colorful backgrounds out across the world and a whole load of artwork returned from spain australia colombia and
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many other countries. no one loves getting post that isn't from his doctors that little out in background always become the new name of . the hour iraq for his school background although. it knows all of the attention. no i need help coordinating his movements but he communicates what he wants very important what you think the colors are hold up to colors on which you want to. look fat musing or gazing is the comma. of the earth and then he worked his magic song goes on a cardboard. guitar and forged really nicely and then also dissolved things off and i reserve the rare. background book with an instant success on social media there was even a real life exhibition the family can hardly keep up with the demand for
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backgrounds and now the book has come out to showcase the works the next step is to auction off the artworks with the proceeds going to hospitals and clinics when no one gets his treatment. frankie curtis is an illustrator she's very enthusiastic about the project and not at all surprised that so many artists want to participate . as a set since she mean a sense of like doing stuff other people. are. like family really really and to bring people together. she thinks that no one has all the hallmarks of a good artist. i think that noah's ark is really expressive and he kind of . isn't ready doesn't really set itself any boundaries. and he just kind of you know thanks to these. shapes and patterns i'm really sick of it stresses and so.
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the project has brought now or a nathan even closer together than before. i make a lot of math which we reconstruct. our performance in fact. i actually haven't got any politician however i can go i don't don't have to dream dream big challenge. for never made love in the imagination of many artists have opened up a new creative wellington. in france the covert 900 endemic has led to yet another countrywide lockdown but there's one place south of paris that is showing defiance against the corona crisis . is the world's largest market for fresh products and right now business is booming but if the issue is among the vendors whose revenue has increased over the
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last months while the french are waiting for restaurants reopen many have decided to treat themselves by cooking their favorite dishes at home because who says you can't have great food just because there's a lot. france has the corona blues the french haven't been able to eat at restaurants in months for a nation of goldman's that's hard to swallow. but the international market in gorgeous near paris is saving the day at 5 am vegetable trader boris for a shirt is already hard at work not sure who's been put on there here and the young losing team. from 3 until 6 in the morning i think trucks are right here at the keene and we unload the body shop to the merchandise is then taken into the market and. europe's biggest market is booming during the pandemic they've sold $90000.00 tonnes of fish and seafood 270000 tons of meat and
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more than $1200000.00 tons of fruit and vegetables even though the restaurant business has dried up. local distances to large supermarkets decided to stop importing 3 to the edge and focus on french projects it created a real buzz people said let's eat well despite through no sales of asparagus and strawberries sward that's got it but since the pandemic began the french are eating more and better than before cheese in particular hundreds of varieties a soul that the whole just market right now cheeses for recollect and fondue are very popular. the only disadvantage of eating so well it is not so good for your figure. but we don't have any statistics but it's probable that people are keen to have this if we. are eating more to enjoy life and they are getting less exercise this weekend for. the only products for which there is little demand
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big zadok fish which are normally served in restaurants but overall the markets manager is very pleased with sales. i think what you call this is you know the old the traders who ordered the whole tree worth concern that wouldn't be able to sell it at christmas was as new more than 6 people were allowed to dine together even in that sort of quite well. if not so shifted normal. 9 in the morning at my shed illegally in paris at this popular market projects from a garage is on sale giving parisians some joy division in the corona crisis but we fast the time cooking and eating so what do they cook. and production lots of hearty dishes made before going. and sauerkraut and so forth.
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it isn't because i cut my from going numb from the 1st i'm going to make a scallop carpaccio then i'll sautee the scallops insulted butter in serve them on a bed of leaks we treat ourselves to good food we cook it and share it with one another. back at the religious market fruit and vegetable trader bars which shows work day is coming to an end he moves on sold produce into the cold storage room he's proud to be helping so many of his fellow frenchmen get through the pandemic is that their trash is about let me do. this profession requires a little civility here because we're here at 3 in the morning if you didn't love what you do it's deadly but let me put this. in france to the end of the corona crisis is nowhere in sight still the trade is that this famous market new powers complainings just. norway is the
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european country with the largest fishing industry but some places like the village of bull going as had not been profiting much from the wealth of seafood found in the ocean until a foreign species made its way across the russian region border and settled around . meets the king crab it's a price delicacy even and it has become a lifesaver for some norwegian fisherman but there's also a rather dark side to this story after all they can't crab isn't called once the crab for nothing. loves the arctic ocean and the german has been living norway's high north for 12 years he takes tourists to see the sights along the coast near the russian border. he brings up one of those sites from the bottom of the sea for this tour group. he said of the traps the day before the depth of 180 meters. but one day it was long enough for him to now haul up dozens of
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kim crabs a delicacy on around the world if the crabs are also a growing problem the crustaceans multiply like rabbits job in the water you get heat from the crops we have crept right ever your. reason no to catch we need only from the front to the back 15 centimeters harvesting the king crabs has brought our own head of prosperity to norway's economically constrained high north . including for the remote fishing village of nace. $989.00 residents ran an eye for thais and offering their village for sale. young people were moving away because there was no work now the village has been revived . complete with bed and breakfasts and even be strong. and it's all
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things to no month or than the king crab. fisherman life in l.a. was among the 1st to discover the non-native species of blue by his. soviet researchers had released them in the barents sea in the 1950s. but anyway was unaware of that when he found the monster crab in his nets when they . call me a 1st crabs we caught we tend to oil. we were taken completely by surprise. that if the crabs hadn't turned up they give out we would not have any fish processing in town. nor any fishing boats. or at most 2 or 3. bucks a day we have 15 or 16 or go use. the explosive spread of the king crab is a boon to the fisherman but the norwegian environmentalist's and scientists are
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alarmed. eaters are being spotted father and father south they're expected to reach the coast of scotland soon. we find that the crabs are able to adapt to water temperatures of eating degree celcius that means they can survive in the mediterranean. wherever these crabs become established they have devastating effects on the other marine life on the seabed so. some species mussels and starfish have disappeared completely. along with. their own the king crab is also known as the monster crab. it has no natural enemies and poses a threat to every other living thing on the seabed. so fisheries authorities have made the quotas generous and tourists aren't the only ones glad of that reality we have the right to catch 10 crabs per use or free per person per year.
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one crab is worth 900 kroner or 19 right in our pockets. multiplied by 10 and you know. you're eating a lot true delicacy for free is what serves his guest after only a short time in the kitchen otherwise behind only in europe's and asia's finest restaurants. norway exports over 2000 tons of can crowd around the world and. one of our mental concerns about invasive species continue the tourists savor its spicy meat on the region authorities hope the high fishing quotas will help keep the crowd population under control the people of northern norway meanwhile hope this lucrative source of income will last a while longer they've already built a monument to the king crowd this woman was
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a pioneer her name is valentino pettish and in 1953 she became the 1st woman to travel to space her successful mission made her a role model for women everywhere her achievement was also a symbol of gender equality in her home country union but almost 60 years later there are many jobs that women in russia are officially banned from doing because they are allegedly too dangerous for instance it isn't a bill gates was not allowed to drive a subway train but recently things have changed. women are finally in the driving seat and are pushing full speed ahead on gender equality in the russian capital. is doing her dream job as a metro driver she started working at the moscow metro almost 18 years ago at the time she didn't know that women couldn't legally drive the subway trains now they finally can and the rena says for her it was worth the wait. this is my childhood
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dream i used to play with model ships and airplanes with the boys my father's a pilot i've liked the technical stuff since i was little so why the metro somehow it drew me in the fact that it's underground i guess it's like flying but underground. before every shift irina gives the metro train she'll be driving a once over she looks for damage and vandalism and checks that all the fire extinguishers are where they should be a moment of calm before the empty cars fill up with commuters again you rena has a lot of experience dealing with passengers she worked as a station guard on the platform for years now as a driver she tries to get a sense of each individual metro train her connection to the train she's driving feels almost spiritual to her. in russia people say the
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way a ship sails depends on what name you give it i treat each train like a person and i think each train has a soul to one train i drove had a male soul but most of them are female. the feeling of driving the metro is like pure happiness i'm happy when i'm driving. the rena is proud to be one of the 1st 12 female metro drivers after all the moscow subway is legendary its construction began in the 1930 s. at the time the soviet government. wanted to build a palace for the people for commuting workers and it shows. in the 1980 s. the government banned women from the driver's seat of these trains they said the metro is too deep underground too loud and too dark to be safe for women and they said the constant vibration from the trains could damage women so-called child bearing function. a new generation brought new trains and
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a drive for change though it's not quite a u.-turn for now women drivers are only being deployed in the most modern trains and only on the line which runs over ground for part of its route and that's despite the fact the women have the exact same training as their male counterparts . we don't differentiate between women and men there's one single training program and all the metro drivers need to know it but of course these are still the 1st women and this metro line is less busy the volume of passengers isn't quite as high and because this line runs mainly over ground it's less of a health risk. from the moscow metro has been celebrating its new generation of women drivers they've even released a limited edition barbie for the occasion admittedly not the most clear cut symbol for gender equality their advertisements for the dolls in the subway itself you can
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be who you want to be is the slogan but for women in russia that's still not quite true. metal manufacturing like the work in this is still off limits to women mining and drilling on an oil rig are also considered men's work $100.00 jobs are still banned for women the list of found jobs was initially introduced after the 2nd world war to drive up the birth rate this year the russian government published an updated list but lawmakers in the country are still driven by traditional family values and deep seated patriarchal. attitudes. we treat women with care here these tough jobs and hard labor are still seen as men's work in our society also women are mothers so providing for and taking care of their health and their reproductive functions is important and that's why we used recommendations from doctors to determine factors that are harmful to women at
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work. the more. that it. is on her way to work she does her commute there on the metro to mixing with the other passengers ahead of her shift. i think the moment when the government allows women to carry out the band professions will come i'm sure they're already working on it the bounds must be in place for a reason the government is taking care of women i would tell other women to keep believing and keep hoping that their dream will come true too no matter who you want to become everything is possible. already has her dream job and the next group of women will start training to become drivers soon but outside of these metro tunnels gender equality is still a long way away. our next report comes from greece
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and the agency and there are more than 200 inhabited islands and one of them is the eyelets there is no hospital no police station just the school which is in fact of the smallest school in all of greece 12 year old crystal's is the only student on the whole island life there can be pretty lonely so he and his teacher are trying to do something about it. as crystal says a lot. i'm talking each morning soon after he sets off for school it's a colossal turn right here on the tiny island of aki in the aegean sea. just some 40 people live here 12 year old christophe's is the youngest president and the only child farm why. when he gets to school his teacher marion see a letter he's waiting for him along with his own new playmate the school's dog you
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want to. miss friends like a plate of course friends who go to school with me and who i could play basketball with. them and watch ferrets. or go. to school day begins outside by raising the flag and singing the greek national anthem even though it's just the 2 of them i try to make daily life the same as every other elementary school increase. one pupil one teacher one classroom here marriott see a lot of teaches every subject whether it's joe graffiti musical math she'd love to have more people but so far no more families have been persuaded to move to the island. yeah why men want to get the cube or partly because i would love to have some fellow teachers. on active part but the situation has brought us together. and
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i've always been able to offer chris store some variety. we've visited other schools. and going to the movies in theaters on other islands we have to keep on asp i see but. for now christoph is still spending his breaks along. next summer he'll move on to a new school and if no new people show up only school will have to close. there's little work available on the island a handful of people live from fishing and farming like crystal says parents who don't want to speak on camera and a few live from tourism like those who work at the island's 2 taverns so longtime residents are skeptical whether the school can remain open or. in my childhood there were almost 20 peoples and equally there weren't more families but each family had 6 or 7 kids. and we were all taught together
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only from the 1st grade and as i. keep. going back it's easy to move from here to a bigger island but coming here from a city or a larger island is tough and it's actually. still maria hopes to say 1st school from closing every evening she sits computer and tries to find families who'd be willing to settle on this beautiful line and. i mean this to persuade businesses to pay for their moving expenses are born upon up others the up of or part of i've found a greek family and look at all germany. yep they have already been here you see that's and seen everything harmonious and man up the horn your policy now i'm constantly on the phone of office writing emails and trying it with the help of a t.v. station. to find someone among the country's big companies to finance the move on
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to job. my god i'm not getting us. until then this will remain greece's smallest school and kristoff it's only student but he too has formed the plan to help his school in future. i want to go to high school and later become a teacher and then i want to come back here and teach if there are still. i want to . but because none of showed up so far christoph sets off for home alone like every afternoon. he says sometimes boys or girls his age are among the tourists that come to the island and he shows them how to catch fish or he takes them to see his horses visiting the horses is always the 1st thing christophe does off to school. without children like christophe and his little school the island has no future that is why i continue to fight for every
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people. i really hope that at youth some families will move to the islands so that crystal get some friends well that's it from us we'll bring you more stories from across europe next week until then take care.
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the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing. measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context.
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the coronavirus update the code of special monday to friday on w o. n n komi push cold blooded us right now in the uk right now climate change because the story. faces much less leeway for just one week. how much force can really get. we still have time to act i'm going. says. that some scribes and women like. their story their very own personal drama. of the catastrophe remember. and they share
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private footage with us that has never been seen before. back channel starts april 26th on w. roof .
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this is the news right from brazil hit by a record breaking surge in corona virus infections president paulson r.-o. says the country will remain open despite the fact that its health system is verging on collapse and facing the world's worst of daily coverage 19 desktop also program i'm still standing seating arrangements at turkey some of it cost diplomatic embarrassment. i'm going to look at how technology is reshaping the optics market corrections of. a digital something profit while others worry it's
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about to burst. i'm full gale welcome to the program. brazilian president says his country will remain open even as its daily covered 19 death toll approaches world record levels i mean factures variants and the slow vaccine rollout to further complicating matters critics of the far right leader blamed government inaction and have warned that brazilians will pay the price with their lives. health care workers pushed to the limit this makeshift hospital in brazil's largest city san paolo is struggling to cope as covert 19 cases. experts have warned the district lockdown is necessary to slow the virus one of brazil's leading public health institute speer cruz said
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without lock down measures the country's health system faces collapse. but the president disagrees. we are not going to accept this policy of staying at home of closing everything down the virus will not go away this virus like others is here to stay and will remain for a lifetime it is practically impossible to eradicate it what are we going to do until then. the country has registered more than 13000000 covert 19 cases since the pandemic began it is now at risk of overtaking the united states with the world's highest rates of infection and deaths. the president's opponents know where to point the finger. i didn't see a lot of prisoners a time bomb a breeding ground for corona virus creating new strains variants because there is a total lack of control of the pandemic and of life for this reason at this moment
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we are ashamed noted our people but of our government especially both scenario. without measures in place to control the spread many health experts fear brazil will hold back global efforts to contain the virus brazil lag behind much of the world in buying up vaccine doses and the rollout has so far failed to significantly slower the spread of the virus with no lockdown in sight brazil will continue to bury thousands every day. you know what germany's health minister has announced that the government is planning direct talks with russia about purchasing its sputnik v. vaccine such bilateral talks would mark a break with the european union strategy of negotiating with drug makers as a bloc meanwhile several german states say they've already signed agreements to purchase millions of doses of sputnik the 3rd they won't be used until the drug has been approved by the european medicines agency germany would follow austria and
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slovakia in order in the russian vaccine hungary is already using it. let's get more from g.w. political correspondent to thomas spargo welcome thomas does this german announcement mean that burley in has now given up on the notion of european solidarity when it comes to fighting this pandemic. no i don't think that this means that germany has given up on the idea of european solidarity means probably that germany of the german government at least is trying to be more pragmatic when it comes to the procurement of vaccines in this particular case and it's also a very controversial one the german government stressed that it would enter into bilateral negotiations with russia simply because the e.u. commission had told different countries at a meeting this week that it was not going to sign the you wide contract with sports as it did for example with other vaccine producers like biotechs or does the reason why germany decided to go it alone as i stress feel it is something that is indeed
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controversial there are people criticizing this move by the german going on but the german government has stressed that as long as the sputnik is approved at a european level then germany could certainly enter into those bilateral negotiations with russia to see how many vaccines and when could be delivered to this country so just to just to some clear about what you're saying there the european commission says it doesn't it doesn't want the vaccine or no europe wide level but if countries want to they can still try and get it and it will be. adjudicated separately by the european medicines agency. well germany is not the 1st country to negotiate with russia bilaterally it wouldn't be also the 1st country in europe to to have this vaccine and use it but that it depends a sensually on whether it is approved by the e m a the european medicines agency does some of the german health minister stressed today in an interview that is the precondition if germany is going to enter into
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those negotiations and also stress that for that to happen russia has to provide complete data to the european agency in order for the european agency to evaluate whether the vaccine can be approved if that happens in germany were discussed all the details with russia other german health minister stressed that some of the key elements that it wants to discuss to discuss with russia is when and exactly how many doses it could deliver to germany the german goal here as according to the german health minister is to have vaccines by russia so the sport be seen in the next 2 to 5 months but once again and i want to stress this the important element there is that it is 1st and foremost approved at a european level by the me thank you so much thomas thomas a spare of political correspondent. excuse me. i was unfortunate. but because of all the stories making headlines
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around the world the european court of human rights has ruled in favor of government mandated vaccinations for children it rejects the case brought by parents who were fighting for failing to inoculate their children against various diseases it's the 1st time the court has ruled on compulsory vaccinations. i. realize i'm boston should be ok i've been locked out of the london embassy. made said staff have been threatened with severe punishment if i don't comply with forages protests outside the u.k. embassy and in me in my continued state media say aggressive warrants have been issued for 120 celebrities who've been accused of supporting anti kook protests the most obvious the act of paying a tax. now or chair or the lack of one has dodged hopes of a smooth meeting to reset relations between the e.u.
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turkey 2 of the european union's top leaders are shut off on the line of shell michel visited turkey's president body type and on tuesday but as they gathered for talks a problem with seating diplomatic protocol soon became apparent what happened next went viral. it was a meeting that said hopes for reengagement between the e.u. and turkey but spending time has got off to a rocky start with one of the e.u.'s most powerful female executives was left without someone to sit instead of being placed in equal rank according to diplomatic protocol funds in lyon the european commission president was placed on a sofa while the men took center stage it draws stark comparison to previous years where un turkish leaders were seated in equal standing whether the optics were intentional or not it may have added further strain to their relationship but the
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spokesman for the european commission says she wants to focus on the issues at hand . she shows that marriage ties substance of the questions of form of her to call and that's certainly what european citizens would have expected of her it is not my job to judge what was behind the fact that we offered one type of seat over another . a key focal point for the e.u. was for turkey to improve its human rights record. on carter recently withdrew from a treaty that protects women against finance and discrimination the country has seen nationwide protests against femicide domestic violence and murders of women on the rise and the diplomatic focus has sparked outrage online. some called out the political strains between the e.u. and turkey others say it reflects how women are treated in the country and took aim at the european council president for not playing his part in standing beside the european commission president turkish officials are pointing blame at the e.u.
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. rather than i was on their request of the e.u. are met and the problem parts of coles applied in the scope of this high level meeting that took place in our presidency the seating arrangements were made in line with the e.u. suggestion because for now it may be a long road ahead to establish better time between the 2 sides. look at some more stories making headlines around the world protesters in northern ireland have heard explosives across the so-called peace walls and clash with police in belfast a bus was hijacked and set on fire violence has flared over the last week or fueled by a pandemic and a post back to trade barriers with the rest of the u.k. . alexina valley's been diagnosed with 2 spinal discourteous according to his lawyer imprisoned russian opposition leader is said to have lost sensation in his hands and legs in a valley is on hunger strike in the penal colony. of these days the market is
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going digital investors are spending enormous amounts on artworks that exist only in digital form until now digital arts were so he's a copy it didn't make that much sense financially but now backers changed the implications for the art market are huge. the magic word is n f t or non fungible token and it's revolutionizing the art market this technology records the owner's identity in a blog change while the work itself remains publicly visible on the web for anyone to see. so what and it is a technical stand there to meet the work of art where any just any file. essence you need so you get it all going well to me that was the artist was the nation's eyes. and that you bought it
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and it you are the rightful owner in this online gold rush a flying cap sold for $650000.00 a tweet for several 1000000. crypto cats or virtual basketball cards sold for millions. and now christie's has got on board auction ing every days from artist people as its 1st tokenized piece. the sale not only meant recognition for digital art but it's helped christie's reap millions in a win win situation. job or does it move us and i think when there's money at stake people take things seriously so many people who used to not really take this art form seriously are now having a closer look and that's great and of course the artist who created this work will go down in art history on that site so i. can squish timestream. the buyer was
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a singapore based fund that had made a fortune with cryptocurrency 90 percent of the bidders at christie's were unknown is a new crypto elite divvying up the market. people they're all right now. that . onto the market and other forms will really open i do not have much knowledge of the art market and are our enemy. and just really or i like. that could end the traditional dominance of art galleries and museums when it comes to determining what art is valuable and important for crypto art could turn out to be an unprecedented speculation bubble but even if that bubble bursts it's still likely to shake up the art market. collides a sport when say knights or 2 champions league quarter final a 1st leg sperry south asian man have been defending champions byron munich 3 to
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thomas more that level the scores for the title holders for the killing of a goal settle the result of p.s.g. and thomas 2 holes chelsea have the perfect night in porto to know when has their perfectly positioned for the return leg in london. bilbao and northern spain is one of the city's planning to host this summer as a european football championships but now it risks being cut from the list after the spanish football federation that local restrictions would make it impossible for spectators to attend a puts them on a collision course with the european football's governing body you wait for which says cities must allow fans that to attend stadium or lose their right to host. has now submitted a plan to you wait for organizers that will let in a limited number of fans ireland's football association has announced that it also can't assure 5 numbers in dublin the final decision of the host cities is expected on the 20th of april. that's it you're up to date more world news hour.
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here in just a moment with business update. every day. for us and for our flight. on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities screener how can we protect animals and their habitats to lower east. and make a difference by choosing reforestation over the forest.


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