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player. this is g w news live from berlin that changing course on the astra zeneca baxi in several countries suspended use of the back seat for people under 60 after european regulators list blood clots as a potential rare side effect will take a closer look after finding. also coming up brazil confirms its 1st case of a highly contagious variant of the corona virus discovered in south africa it is a fresh dangerous sign for the country already facing a record death toll. israel
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comes to a standstill as it marks holocaust remembrance day honoring the 6000000 jews murdered by the nazi regime during the 2nd world war. and a look at how technology is reshaping the arch market collectors are paying top bitcoin for digital works some seem to profit while others worry it is a bubble ready to bust. i'm see myself as god i thank you for joining us. several countries have recommended limits on the astra zeneca vaccine following a review released by european and british regulators on wednesday spain the philippines and south korea have restricted the shots to people over the age of 60 the u.k. suggests those under 30 to get a different vaccine the european medicines agency says there does appear to be
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a link between the vaccine and a rare but potentially fatal type of blood clot but the benefits outweigh the risks trying to put to rest any concerns 1st of all i want to start by stating that or safety committee the pharmacovigilance and risk assessment committee of the european medicine say agency has confirmed that the benefits of the astra zeneca vaccine in preventing qubit 19 over outweigh the risks of side effects. the european union's drug regulator the european medicines agency says after a safety assessment of the astra zeneca vaccine they are still encouraging people to get it that's despite finding a $169.00 cases of a rare brain blood clot after $34000000.00 doses the agency says while no clear link has been found they believe the clots are caused by any means response as
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a result the regulator will be listing the clots as a rare side effect of the astra zeneca vaccine. this vaccine has proven to be highly effective it preventive severe to fifty's and hospitalized patients and it is saving lives vaccination is extremely important in helping us in the fight against cope at 19 and we need to use the back scenes we have to protect us from the devastating effects to my media it comes as u.k. authorities recommend that the astra zeneca vaccine should not be given to adults under 30 where possible but again they stress the continued use of the vaccine our review has reinforced the risk of this respect its side effect remains extremely smooth. the drug maker itself says the bottom line of the regulators findings is that the astra zeneca vaccine offers a high level of protection against coated 19. let's talk more about
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these findings now we have our correspondents on the story charlotte also phil is in london and riegert is in brussels it's good to see you both there and let's start with you there in brussels the e m a again decided not to limit access to this astra zeneca vaccine to certain age groups even though many national regulators have decided to do so tell us more about how it justified this decision the scientists the sea risk and gender not specific factors of for this vaccine they found that out of 86 cases in 86 cases out of 25000000 there is a link to the vaccine but no clear evidence that has in the actually caused the true bose's and hence the recommendation to go on the pacific solution well meanwhile charlotte you know in the u.k. tens of millions of people have already been vaccinated with the astra zeneca
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vaccine and now people under 30 days won't get it so how are people there reacting . right yes amy $20000000.00 people in total here in the u.k. it had of the astra zeneca vaccine and the suggestion now that there is a more plausible link between this vaccine and these cases overread blood clots is of course dominating the headlines here but it really does have to be in a broader context we've been told very clearly by authorities here that the risk is vanishingly rare and that the balance very much outweighs the risk now the vast majority of people in the younger age groups the 18 to 29 where it's been decided here in the u.k. that the risk benefit count kill ation falls in favor of recommending other vaccines instead of the astra zeneca back seen haven't yet received a 1st and they won't for several months so those who are most affected have not yet received a dose of the vaccine yet but you have to bear in mind about the how the news is
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received here is that banks in confidence is extraordinarily high the same conversations that have been having in other parts of europe about the astra zeneca vaccine about infected nissen about potential risks just haven't been have the hope of course is that confidence will remain one tabloid newspaper here on its front page saying carry on and keep jabbing well burned coming back to you i mean there was just speaking about confidence and we have member states taking very different approaches to how they decide to administer this vaccine why is there a european regulators the e m a if countries don't follow its advice. it can be a bit confusing at times in the european union but it comes to host the member states a soli responsibility to take decisions the e.m.a.'s only issuing recommendations and some national authorities decided not to follow them looking at the same data the so the majority of the u.
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countries is now restricting the use of the vaccine to for people over $5055.00 or $65.00 but there are lots of countries like poland and austria that just go on with the road us to go for a society go. and surely coming back to you there in london you know prime minister boris johnson he has been a big defender of the astra zeneca vaccine what does this mean for his policies and his politics were it were there in 2 big questions that the british public will be asking of the government have custody will the vaccine rollout continue with plans and secondly what does this mean for the easing of restrictions knock down restrictions here in the u.k. we're being told that that vaccine program will continue it is expected is hopes that all adults will receive a festus of the vaccine by the end of july we've been told again today that that is still a long shadow that there are more and more than enough all the vaccines madonna and pfizer that's being rolled out here in the u.k. to covet the 18 to 29 age group and then in terms of the easing of restrictions
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boris johnson saying today that that will go ahead as plans more lock down restriction is going to be eased off this coming monday charlotte chosen pill in london and ban frequent in brussels thank you both very much now brazilian president jarboe sonar oh has vowed to keep his country open even as the death toll from covered 1000 hits a record daily high highly infectious variance and a slow vaccine rollout are further complicating the situation critics of the country's far right president say the government's inaction is at fault and fear brazilians may pay the price with their lives. health care workers pushed to the limit this makeshift hospital in brazil's largest city san paolo is struggling to cope as covert 19 cases. experts have warned the district lockdown is necessary to slow the virus one of brazil's lading public health institutes. said without
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lockdown measures the country's health system faces collapse but the president disagrees. but what was we are not going to accept this policy of staying at home of closing everything down the virus will not go away this virus like others is here to stay and will remain for a lifetime it is practically impossible to eradicate it what are we going to do until then. the country has registered more than 13000000 covert 19 cases since the pandemic began it is now at risk of overtaking the united states with the world's highest rates of infection and deaths. the president's opponents know where to point the finger. at it but as. prisoners a time bomb a breeding ground for corona virus creating new strains variants because there is a total lack of control of the pandemic and of life for this reason at this moment
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we are ashamed noted our people but of our government especially both scenario. without measures in place to control the spread many health experts fear brazil will hold back global efforts to contain the virus brazil lags behind much of the world in buying up vaccine doses and the rollout has so far failed to significantly slow the spread of the virus with no lockdown in sight brazil will continue to vary thousands every day. let's get some more perspective on the story with just barry shoop he chairs the ministerial committee on vaccines in south africa welcome to you we are seeing a very in concerning developments in brazil it has now confirmed its 1st case of the highly contagious variant that was 1st detected in south africa how worrying is the situation there. well we we do have some vaccines and they are all being rolled out of there have been put just the jane jacks in the
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pfizer vaccine which are about 2 year old out to the general population very very soon and they have been shown to be pretty high if you can see a case of the 1351 didn't dominant theory and but the more we see a variant spreading in brazil how much of there is is this risk that we could see new taishan that are then resistant to all of the existing vaccines at this point. always a war you know this is a virus which does mutate but fortunately the 351 which seems to be the kind of against the most concerning all divisions at the moment it's you case was of art as a variant of concern the number of the vaccines do seem to be affected the ones i mentioned up to now these variants are more transmissible how dangerous are they are they more deadly. the preliminary evidence is particular the one
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from the u.k. the b. 117 that does seem to be some evidence that is moving read and causing more severe disease the 351 the one in 5 mins africa it's maybe slightly more variant but it doesn't seem to be. evidence of a greater variance as yet we do know that if we are talking about possible resistance to the vaccines that are existing that vaccine produces a promise to be able to provide a booster shot to protect against variance up by the end of this year how realistic do you think that is. you know i think particularly that in the missions are of vaccines are quite easy to adjust and to tweak to make them the devil to do to the days i think this is what is being done presently undergoing clinical trials or this is just a variance i think this was going to happen these are remember up to now we go to a 1st generation of vaccines i think with the 2nd generation of a it seems they will be able to cope with the variance help us look ahead here you know we have influenza we have new strains that need new vaccines every year are we
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going to have that for cover 1000 as well i think is what may well have been maybe not every year doesn't seem to be as changeable as influenza virus but certainly they will need to be regular the explanations if it's not annually maybe every 2nd year the sydney regular vaccinations will fall to be part of how he controls virus barry show viral interest and chair of the ministerial committee on vaccines in south africa thank you so much for sharing your insights with us thank you very much thank you. daily corona virus infections have hit a new peak in india with nearly 127000 cases reported on thursday experts are blaming large gatherings for the outbreak prime minister narendra modi urged all citizens to get vaccinated while he receives a 2nd 1000 dollars today india is trying to scale up its vaccine rollout which is only reached a small fraction of the population mo this government has refused to impose
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a 2nd national lockdown to curb spreading infections but he is set to meet virtually with regional leaders who will decide on restrictions here's his money a child be in delhi with more. india is now well into the 2nd day of the pandemic seeing a huge spike in the number of cases every day in the past couple of days india has . $100000.00 pieces in a thing the spike now this has created an alarming situation most of the states are issuing fresh guidelines and restrictions including delhi the national capital right now has now in both a night that means there will be a restriction of movement from dan in the night to 5 in the morning and only movement of essential services and those people who are going to get themselves back to needed will be allowed back with an us know what are people thinking are they concerned about distressed by what do they think about the night and that the country can go back to a state of a nation wide lockdown let's find out. looking at the fiction order
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to $100.00. i'm concerned over how much your bike for the night go for you is a pretty good idea because generally of people who work in the biz and then become so on this is going out and. people can be districted them if they want. people. and the chances of infection more there is definitely a sense of urgency experts are saying that the spread of the 2nd be that much faster than the one and people concerned there's also a growing demand for making that solution available for groups people are anxious and while many of them believe that restrictions like a night go if you are important they're not entirely sure how effective such measures can be in curbing the spread of the 2nd. let's get around some other headlines alexina vali has been diagnosed with 2 spinal discourteous according to
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his lawyer the imprisoned russian opposition leader is said to have lost sensation in his legs and hands. on hunger strike in a penal colony. mean mars ambassador to the u.k. . sorry on the story there are protesters in northern ireland have hurled explosives across so-called peace walls and clashed with police in belfast earlier a bus was hijacked and set on fire violence has flared over the past week fueled by the pandemic and anger at the post breaks a trade barriers with the rest of the u.k. . and jordan's king abdullah has broken his silence over a public risk in the royal family and told the nation that the worst political crisis in decades is over it was sparked by an alleged plot involving his half brother the king's statement said that recent events have caused him a shock pain and anger. and
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rescue crews have managed to board a cargo ship abandon a rough seas off norway since monday the ship began listing dangerously when its cargo shifted in stormy weather its crew were evacuated by helicopter the ship is now being towed to a port avoiding a potential fuel spill. now to me and mars ambassador to the u.k. has been locked out of the embassy in london she said representatives of me and mars' military junta have taken control of the building is going to go get. thank you. who is in the building or. eventually the to achieve. we told people in my embassy. now the junta had attempted to recall the ambassador last month after he spoke in support of civilian leader aung san suu kyi and urged for her release from detention this comes as daily protests against the coup grow increasingly dangerous at least 15 people were killed across myanmar on wednesday.
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journalist and tun has been covering events in myanmar for us and joins us from neighboring bangkok it's good to have you on now you have left me in march for security reasons what are you hearing about the current situation there. what we're seeing in myanmar now is an intensification of the prosecution of anyone who is showing dissent to military fall so not only are we seeing a military that is showing that they are now going to essentially indiscriminately kill people and use military grade weapons at protesters you are also seeing them roll out list after list. not only politicians but activist celebrities you know like people who are simply doing things like. make up blocking things like that anyone who has some sort of audience in them are and is using their platform
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in order to spread the word about what's happening and express the sense about what's happening in yemen right now where the military has also been arresting prominent activists including actor prime taccone who has as you've been saying prominent people showing support for this movement he's one of them what more can you tell us about that case. so he's one of the hundreds of people who are now either wanted or have been arrested by the military and i'm going to be charged if they do get arrested with 5 or 5 which is a incitement charge and they are really trying to leverage the myanmar legal system in order to try to make people stop publicly dissenting to military rule and discharge which has been used against not just the celebrities but also journalists carry a charge of up to 30 years and so. i think we don't have speech of people to voice their discontent middle of what's happening in the country and we just saw these images of the myanmar bastard to the u.k.
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essentially barred from entering his own embassy what do you make of that. so it's likely that what our military is doing now that they are have been able to see at least to a certain extent suppress street protests the protests have been to england both in terms of numbers but also in terms of how often and how many places they are happening in at least the in person protests the military is now focusing more on consolidating its power in consolidating its control both inside and outside the country and so what you see with this move the u.k. embassy is a essentially a test in which the u.k. is now being confronted with the choice of whether or not they will continue to work with the civilian a quite civilian government appointed ambassador or essentially recognized the military junta that's the legitimate government of myanmar and work with the
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ambassador at that the military wants to have appointed in the. journalist and then tossed speaking out to us from bangkok thank you so much. thank you for. now israel is marking its annual holocaust remembrance day and author of the 6000000 jews who died in the genocide led by nazi germany. across the country for 2 minutes this is really stood in silence and traffic came to a standstill the country's leaders took part in a recycling ceremony the events marks the anniversary of the 943 warsaw ghetto uprising one of the most significant significant acts of jewish resistance to the holocaust israel in german air forces have been cooperating to honor holocaust victims at one of the camps were jewish people were once murdered one israeli pilot
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shared his experience of taking part. a joint flyby over germany and the dr concentration camp last year for the 1st time the german looked back and the israeli air force honored holocaust victims together for this young israeli pilot it was a very personal experience. i mean specifically to fly over over and over an issue was probably the most important thing definitely wasn't one thing that i've done in my army service and one of the most important things i've ever been a part of in my whole life and it was such a such a great symbol of how humans can get or very even the worst and the darkest conflicts and the worst things that can happen. especially for me as well my from my grandfather was a pilot in the british air force and in the 2nd world war and on my other side obviously my family was. murdered in the holocaust so for me it was very very special as an active fighter pilot he can't be fully identified he emigrated from
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a steal yet to israel one of his grandfathers was a spec fire pilot in the royal air force in world war 2 a scorching raids on nazi germany he survived and moved to israel his grandson followed in his footsteps and when you think about the past and what happened you know in the darkest times 70 years ago. you know i guess the worst enemies almost and now we're flying over germany together as a tame but i think it really really shows the best side of humankind how we can forgive each other and you know we still remember the storm and what happened and learned about it but. we can move on together and be friends meeting with other young germans was an important part of the joint military training last year another way of keeping the memory of the shared past a lie there's still people in the world. who want us to be destroyed as
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a country and as a people and i think that remembering what was in the past is the key so that word it won't happen again in the future. it's not these days the art market is going digital investors are spending enormous sums on artworks that accessed only in digital form until now digital art was so easy to copy that it didn't make much sense financially but now that has changed and the implications for the art market are huge. the magic word is n f t or non fungible token and it's revolutionizing the art market this technology records the owners identity in a blog change while the work itself remains publicly visible on the web for anyone to see. so and there is a technical stand there to make a digital work of art were any just any. essence
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unique so you get a talk with me. was the artist what was the edition size. and that you bought it and it you are the rightful owner in this online gold rush a flying cap sold for $650000.00 but 21st several 1000000. crypto cats or virtual basketball cards sold for millions. and now christie's has got on board auction ing every days from artist people as its 1st tokenized piece. the sale not only meant recognition for digital art but it's helped christie's reap millions in a win win situation. job it does scare him of us but i think when there's money at stake people take things seriously so many people who used to not really take this art form seriously are now having a closer look and that's great and of course the artist who created this work will
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go down in art history on that side so i. can squish timestream. the buyer was a singapore based fund that had made a fortune with cryptocurrency 90 percent of the bidders at christie's were unknown is a new crypto elite divvying up the market. people they're all right now. that . i'm to the market. with a really open i don't have much knowledge of the art market and our enemy. and just you know i like that could up end the traditional dominance of art galleries and museums when it comes to determining what art is valuable and important for crypto art could turn out to be an unprecedented speculation bubble but even if that bubble bursts it's still likely to shake up the art market.
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are you coming up next well u.s. president joe biden's tax hikes boost or hurt the american economy chris covers all the details coming up on the t.v. business stanky of. the sun.
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for. focus on their own. 60 minutes on t.w. . more than 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. with christianity firmly established there is a greater demand for houses of worship. and both religious and secular leaders are eager to display their power so churches become palaces. the race begins who can create the tallest biggest most beautiful structures. stone masons builders in the margins are competing with each other to have been good projects. this is how massive
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