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but the demonstrations are continuing nonetheless how long can the protesters keep this up. i think that's the really big question in terms of the longevity of this movement and whether or not it can be successful we are starting to see a shift away from massive street demonstrations as i said earlier there are still people who are marching but people have really started becoming more creative in their tactics to display public discontent well also switching their focus or focusing more now on the other pelosi of the civil disobedience movement such as pressuring into the international community to not engage with the military and to recognize the c.r.p. as the legitimate government of the m r as well as pressuring economic sanctions as well as not paying taxes to the military and other forms of boycotts and sections that they are able to do within the country last night we saw myanmar's ambassador to the u.k.
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barred from entering his own embassy this market new phase of the coup. i think we can see this as a phase during which the military is trying to consolidate power where we've seen that now they are in relatively successful in suppressing at least sort of physical demonstrations of defense and so now they are really turning towards things like internet shutdowns and the sorts of international moves in which they're hoping to suppress the military of the public to organize as well as pressure the international community into recognizing them as the legitimate government and so in a situation like that you could say it really becomes a test in which the world will have to wait and see whether or not the british government will recognize the hunter as being able to make these decisions or whether or not they will continue to engage with and the best that was appointed by
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a civilian elected government journalist ayman tunde in bangkok thank you very much . for having me. now to the u.s. and our can solve has become the 1st u.s. state to outlaw sex reassignment surgery and treatment for people under the age of 18 republican state governor had vetoed the bill calling it a vast government overreach but was overruled by his republican colleagues the called the the bill has faced opposition from medical groups and parents who say it will put trans use that greater risk of mental illness in a poll is in arkansas with more. q. rights under attack our consumer is the 1st state in the u.s. to bend young trans people from getting trans health care. we are about to meet
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someone directly affects. drew and his mom are just on their way back home from school they live on the outskirts of little rock the capital of arkansas. in andrew's room an image of the rocky horror picture show it was like one of the 1st representations of clearly mediocre like got to see what you would like. over christmas break like the year before you came out. andrew's 15 art is his way to express what he thinks and what he feels just a little bit of like it was originally stated that. he started transitioning 2 years ago with the new law in place andrew won't have access to hormones and gender of foaming magical support the question is whether the trends youth should have
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access to trends health care but the over arching question is if politicians can overrule the decisions of parents. andrew has been taking testosterone since he's 14. as soon as i came out i was like i want to start hormones i had to go through therapy. for a year before i could even start hormones it was very hard to find a psychiatry that wasn't going to be like oh you need conversion therapy. you're not a boy that's wrong that's not what the bible says that i'm really and his mom his supporters his transition from the start yeah he came out when trump was fairly newly elected and he had already. come out and said that transgender people are no longer allowed to serve in the military so that to me. gave the inclination that there is going to be
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a whole lot more down the pike when it came to trains gender individuals just the basically set the stage if you will for all of these and bills that you're saying from state to state brandy has seen the benefits of taking hormones has come out of that shell of you know just wanting to hide away from the world and now he wants to be in that world and he wants to make that world change they're trying to shove this community back into the closet and i'm here to say as a as an ally to this community we're not going back in the closet we are here to stay we will get louder and there's nothing you can do about it. now the late german designer karl lagerfeld once said sweat pants are a sign of defeat by them when you lose control of your life well loungewear has
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become popular during the pandemic with hardly anyone heading to the office for meetings these days and many designers and fashion retailers have adapted to the casual wear trend. so this is the kind of clothes i will never work. it has to be comfortable when monica klein is at home in birmingham preparing her design management classes for the university she likes to wear sweatpants and a hoodie. she might put on a casual dress for a video conference. to sit on the desk in the dress or in the suit you know it's not so comfortable so. it's more comfortable and maybe a better look i look at a bit lazy too cool to know the proper the proper clothes the proper office clothes . and also you know like i'm trying to go out and do some exercise on site she's not the only one who prefers to dress comfortably these days the trend is also
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caught on with brylin designer leila pierre de guiche she sells her collection from her shop in the heart of brimming. but this that i bet sweat is a popular best selling while of course if you're at home all the time you want to slip on something comfortable. i've been noticing a lot of people dressing much more casually because they're working from home or just at home in general they hardly ever go out hardly ever meet up with people they have less of a desire or need to make themselves look beautiful but i still think you should also make yourself look nice home and not waste away. germans have apparently not lost their appetite for shopping there are currently allowed to make shopping appointments in stores but it pekin kloppenburg a major fashion chain sales of business clothing are currently sluggish sales of
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men's suits in germany tumbled 54 percent last year while sales of sweat pants jumped 43 percent and the global market for. shorts wear continues to grow pekin club and board has already shifted its strategy. time for time for one thing we're downsizing our retail space for business fashion for men suits for example also for women stresses it's being reduced so that we can expand other areas like casual wear jeans and lounge where it's certainly the result of the lock down customers spend most of the time at home where they want to wear comfortable things mr. klein only bought a few casual outfits and 2020 she wants to wait until she can see her colleagues again in person not just virtually before buying anything else. and i'm joined now by my fellow news anchor has him you may also know as the host
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of dress code our series offering advice to men on how to present themselves in the workplace yet hot 50 percent drop in sales of suits last year is the business suit that well if you look at the numbers of course there's no denying that it's becoming less popular but i'd say no it's not dead. a because their suit and tie comal that you are wearing right now that i'm wearing right now is the dress code for seriousness and trust and this is why news anchors wear it because what we have to say to people is usually pretty serious and people have to trust us so this is why why we choose this kind of often and secondly also it's the easiest way men have a really good that as the easiest way to look well and put together if you represent a company if you present yourself as a as a freelancer so i don't think instead no ok so we need to wear
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a suit and tie for doing what we're doing today but what about doing zune calls i mean how should you dress for zune call do you really need to wear certain time well of course if you do what's working from home you off physically at home and of course nobody wears suits and ties with a running around at home i don't you don't so that's pretty normal but on the other hand if you assume cole and if you're not just in his room call with colleagues from the company maybe with your team maybe with your boss present but if clients are involved and if you're pitching a project maybe a $10000000.00 deal you still representing the company that you can do that or you shouldn't be trying to do that if you sit there if you know faded old iron maiden t. shirt and so it might be you might be well advised to even if it's only assume coal to at least put on a decent shirt and maybe even a tie so no tracksuit i mean go for the business or if you're doing a business call assume call it a. it is for men that is kind of what you're after you may have to make a choice there whether to put on a suit and tie or not for women is it
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a little easier actually i don't think it's easy i think women in general it's a generalization i know that but the women in general tend to dress better than men have to have a better sense for it and but also this so many more options for women what is ok to wear in business around it so they have more choice which makes it more difficult for many as easy as just sort of a navy suit. and a tie and you don't. think so much they don't use one and only get us. just reminder of the top story we're following for you this hour on the news the european medicines agency has said there is a possible link between us presented as coronavirus vaccine and a prayer for blood clotting condition but insist the child's benefits outweigh the risks britain says it will no alternative jobs to adults under 30.
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you're watching d.w. news coming up next focus on europe looks at one antidote to the blog blues gore made dining on terry washington thanks for watching.
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one continent. 700000000 people. all with their own personal stories. we explore every day life for. what europeans fear and what they hope for. some kids on the road. next on d.w. . into the conflict zone with team sebastian for years now the
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government of bangladesh is being criticized around the world for its human rights record my guess is weak from back eyes galleries meet foreign affairs advisors of the country's prime minister well below 30 stop denying the truth about the repression babe inflicted and clean up their act conflicts of. 60 minutes. or. so years. post the times are good for the. former it doesn't. include those well but yet. the industry is controlling your
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thoughts the great books of the 20th century. the present day hoaxes. upgraded memory manufacturing ignorance starts may 3rd on g.w. . it's another edition of focus on europe with me liz sure thanks for joining us today let's start with some good news from britain a short while ago the nation was still in the grip of a strict lockdown now it's seeing some rapid progress since the government in london the stepped up its vaccination program more than 60 percent of the adult population in england has already received their 1st coated shot. that's why the
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government is now easing restrictions in england up to 6 people konami tell side pubs and restaurants will be allowed to serve customers outdoors the brits are happy to regain some freedom in their daily lives lockdown has been pretty challenging for many but it also sparked creativity among people forced to stay at home 12 year old noah is one of them he's bound to a wheelchair and he can't speak his father helped him to start an art project that has turned no what into quite a celebrity he now goes by the nickname background bob. deans one expired international artists in collaboration with background bob jones 12 year old noah and his father nathan 00001 suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy he's unable to speak but he can paint which makes sense help.
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the 2 of them create backgrounds and other artists then add to their designs. nathan explains that it all began last year to give mel us something to do during the lockdown. we went out for a carriage to our small car order and we just started york are not. just your friends are not all going to push out just as the best farm to see will collaborate with you. and by the end of the 1st day i think that you are just really involved and it just grew from there they began sending their colorful backgrounds out across the world and a whole load of artwork returned from spain australia colombia and many other countries. know i love getting post that isn't from his doc says that
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a little out in background always become his new name of. the area racked by his cool background although he really loves it he loves all of the attention. no i need help coordinating his movements but he communicates what he wants very open to what you think the colors are all the true colors on which you want to. look back musing or gazing is the comma. or if and when he worked his magic song goes on a cardboard. tartan forge thank you. nicely and then also get on just slink off and i reserve the rare. background book with an instant success on social media it was even a real life exhibition the family can hardly keep up with the demand for backgrounds and now the book has come out to showcase the works the next step is to auction off the artworks with the proceeds going to hospitals and clinics when you
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know what gets his treatment. frankie curtis is an illustrator she's very enthusiastic about the project and not a tall surprise that so many artists want to participate. as a set since she knew in a sense it's like doing stuff people. are. like family really aren't really tends to bring people together. she thinks that no one has all the hallmarks of a good artist. i think that noah's arc is really expressive and he kind of. isn't ready doesn't really set itself any boundaries. and he just kind of you know thanks to these. shapes and patterns i'm really sort of expressing himself. with the project has brought now are a nathan even closer together than before. you know we make
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a lot of mass which we reconstruct. our farm i think. i actually am not an economist now of a half ago i don't don't have to dream dream big challenge. for never made love in the imagination of many artists have opened up a new creative well to. in france the covert 19th endemic has led to yet another countrywide lockdown but there's one place south of paris that is showing defiance against the corona crisis when she is is the world's largest market for fresh products and right now business is booming but if the issue is among the vendors whose revenue has increased over the last months while the french are waiting for restaurants reopen many have decided to treat themselves by cooking their favorite dishes at home because who says you can't have great food just because there's
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a lockdown. france has the corona blues the french haven't been able to eat at restaurants in months for a nation of goldman's that's hard to swallow. since much of the international market in gorgeous near paris is saving the day at 5 am vegetable trader boris for sure is already hard at work not sure who's been closer here and the only losing team of 33 until 6 in the morning the big trucks are right here at the quay and we unload the body of the shop to the merchandise is then taken into the market and . europe's biggest market is booming during the pandemic they've sold $90000.00 tonnes of fish and seafood 270000 tons of meat and more than $1200000.00 tons of fruit and vegetables even though the restaurant business has dried up. local distances to large supermarkets decided to stop
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importing 3 to the edge and focus on french projects it created a real buzz people said let's eat well despite through no sales of asparagus and strawberries sward that's good but since the pandemic began the french are eating more and better than before cheese in particular hundreds of varieties a soul that was just market right now cheeses for recollect and fondue are very popular. the only disadvantage of eating so well it is not so good for your figure . all that is that we don't have any statistics but it's probable that people are keen to have this if we. are eating more to enjoy life and they are getting less exercise this weekend for. the only products for which there is little demand big zadok fish which are normally served in restaurants but overall the markets
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manager is very pleased with sales. i think what we call this is the role that the traders who ordered the whole tree worth inserted that wouldn't be able to sell it at christmas was as new more than 6 people were allowed to dine together even in that sort of quite well. there's not such a good normal. 9 in the morning at mushy did you could say in paris at this popular market projects from occlusion this is on sale giving parisians some joy division in the corona crisis but we passed the time cooking and eating so what today could . be cut short lots of hearty dishes like beef bourguignon. and sauerkraut and some more coffee. if you contact much more from going and going from the 1st i'm going to make a scallop carpaccio then all saute the scallops insulted butter and serve them on a bed of leaks we treat ourselves to good food we cook it and share it with one
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another. back at those this market fruit and vegetable trader bars which shows work day is coming to an end he moves unsold produce into the cold storage room he's proud to be helping so many of his fellow frenchmen get through the pandemic means that they're passionate about what we do. with this profession requires a loss of life because we're here at 3 in the morning if you didn't love what you do it's deadly but let me ask you to listen. in france to the end of the corona crisis is nowhere in sight still the trade is that this famous market near paris complaining it's just. norway is the european country with the largest fishing industry but some places like the village of bull going is had not been profiting much from the wealth of seafood found in the ocean until
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a foreign species made its way across the russian region border and settled around . meets the king crab. it's a price delicacy and it has become a lifesaver for some norwegian fisherman but there's also a rather dark side to this story after all the king crab isn't called once the crab for nothing. loves the arctic ocean the german has been living with norway's high north for 12 years he takes tourists to see the sights along the coast near the russian border. he brings up one of those sites from the bottom of the sea for this tour group. the only set of the traps the day before the depth of 180 meters. but one day it was long enough for him to now haul up dozens of king crabs a delicacy on around the world if the crabs are also a growing problem. the crustaceans multiply like rabbits job in the water you're
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good he brought the crops we have crept right ever your. reason no to catch we need only from the front to the back 15 centimeters harvesting the king crabs has brought on head of prosperity to norway's economically constrained high north. including for the remote fishing village of google or nace. in 1989 residents ran an eye for toys and offering their village for sale. young people were moving away because there was no work now the village has been revived. complete with bed and breakfasts and even be strong. and it's all fairness to no mother the king crab. fisherman life in lay was among the 1st to discover the non-native species of blue i.d.'s. soviet
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researchers had released them in the barents sea in the 1950s. but anyway was unaware of that when he found the monster crop in his nets one day. a 1st crabs we caught we tend to. we were taken completely by surprise. but if the crabs hadn't turned up like a rat we would not have it any fish processing in town. nor any fishing boats. or at most 2 or 3. bucks a day we have 15 or 16 august. right here but the explosive spread of the king crab is a boon for the fisherman but the norwegian environmentalist's and scientists are alarmed. eaters are being spotted father and father south they're expected to reach the coast of scotland soon i guess for
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a lot of it we found that the crabs are able to adapt to water temperatures of eating degree celcius that means they can survive in the mediterranean. wherever these crabs become established they have devastating effects on the other marine life on the seabed. some species mussels and starfish have disappeared completely. along with. their own the king crab is also known as the monster crab. it has no natural enemies and poses a threat to every other living thing on the seabed. so fisheries authorities have made the quotas generous and turns aren't the only ones glad that. we have the right to catch 10 crabs fur or free per person per year. one crab is worth 900 kroner or 1000 euro rights in our pockets blunkett multiplied
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by 10 and you knew it for a 1000 euros. are not true delicacy for free but it serves as guest after only a short time in the kitchen otherwise behind only europe's and asians finest restaurants. norway exports over 2000 tons of can crowd all around the world and. one of our mental concerns about invasive species continue the tourists savor it spicy meat on the region authorities hope the high fishing quotas will help keep the crowd population under control the people of northern norway meanwhile hope this lucrative source of income will last a while longer they've already built a monument to the king crowd this woman was a pioneer her name is valentino pettish and in 1953 she became the 1st woman to travel to space her successful mission made her
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a role model for women everywhere her achievement was also a symbol of gender equality in her home country union but almost 60 years later there are many jobs that women in russia are oafish ellie banned from doing because they are allegedly too dangerous for instance if you know bill gates was not allowed to drive a subway train but recently things have changed. women are finally in the driving seat and are pushing full speed ahead on gender equality in the russian capital. is doing her dream job as a metro driver she started working at the moscow metro almost 18 years ago at the time she didn't know that women couldn't legally drive the subway trains now they finally can and the rena says for her it was worth the wait. this is my childhood dream i used to play with model ships and airplanes with the.


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