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this is home massive churches it's worse than here's the close like skyscrapers or create a. contest of the cathedrals streets of people 12th d.w. . this is to give you news these are our top stories the drug regulator has concluded that there is a link between the astra zeneca vaccine and blood clots and they should be listed as a rare side effect of the shot but he concluded the benefits still outweigh the risks overall based on the current data adverse reactions have predominantly been reported in younger people and women the british regulator has decided to restrict use of the vaccine to people over the age of 30. i mean mars ambassador to the
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u.k. prime min has been locked out of the london embassy he told british media that military figures have occupied the building the ambassador have broken ranks with the ruling junta in recent weeks. in turkey dozens of people including former soldiers have been sentenced to life in prison over their involvement in the failed coup against president wants government in 2016 almost 500 defendants have been on trial since 2017 for attempting to seize control of military headquarters. this is news from berlin you can follow us on twitter and facebook or check out our website to w dot com. or . it is a major blow to corona virus vaccination efforts today regulators in both the
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european union and the u.k. said there may be links between the astra zeneca vaccine and rare blood clots in the brain depending on where you live and how old you are the advice tonight is choose a different shot well tonight the astra zeneca bag seemed it was designed to be easy inexpensive the world's vaccine more course instead safety worries maybe putting it out to pasture arbor golf in berlin this is the day. blood sucking following vaccination with the ice chips any can't knock seeing should be listed as possible scientific the currently is readable gaitonde did not and i was to identify a definite pull this vaccine has proven to be highly effective it prevents it sedated decent hospitalized patients and it is fading light new specific risk
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factors could be identified based on the current data in the committee can dance not recommend any specific measures attendant hits of the astra zeneca vaccine in preventing covert 19 over outweigh the risks it's time to fix. also coming up 2020 was a disaster of a year the pandemic claimed the lives of millions of people around the globe but amnesty international says human rights also suffered. well the biggest priorities for the need those of the went east to a reef that us as of policies that put us to our meat in 20202020 easy outcome of years of neglect. and to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states into all of you around the world welcome we begin the day knowing which coronavirus vaccine we probably should not get today medicine
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regulators in both the european union and the u.k. said yes there are possible links between the astra zeneca vaccine and cases of rare cerebral blood clots in britain where tens of millions of older residents have already received the shot people under 30 are being advised not to get the astra zeneca jail here in germany the same is true but for people 60 and under both the u.k. and european agencies emphasizing that this is an abundance of caution and they're repeating their position that the vaccines benefits still outweigh the risks but the hopes of using astra zeneca to vaccinate much of europe as well as poor countries around the globe those hopes may be vanishing the damage to public confidence in may be too great to repay or trying to put to rest any concerns. first of all i want to start by stating that our safety committee the
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pharmacovigilance and risk assessment committee of the european medicines agency has confirmed that the benefits of the astra zeneca vaccine in preventing cope with 19 overall outweigh the risks of side effects. the european union's drug regulator the european medicines agency says after a safety assessment of the astra zeneca vaccine they are still encouraging people to get it that's despite finding a $169.00 cases of a rare brain blood clot after $34000000.00 doses the agency says while no clear link has been found they believe the clots are caused by any means response as a result the regulator will be listing the clots as a rare side effect of the astra zeneca vaccine this vaccine has proven to be highly effective if it prevents if severe defeats in hospitalized patients and it is saving lives vaccination is extremely important in helping us in the fight against
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covert 19 and we need to use the back scenes we have to protect us from the devastating effects to my it comes as u.k. authorities recommend that the astra zeneca vaccine should not be given to adults under 30 where possible but again they stress the continued use of the vaccine our review has reinforced that the risk of this respite to the side effect remains extremely small. the drug maker itself says the bottom line of the regulators findings is that the astra zeneca vaccine offers a high level of protection against coated 19. which day's announcement attracted extra attention in the u.k. because 70 people there have already received at least one jab of the astra zeneca bank scene and because oxford university partnered with astra zeneca to research and develop the vaccine saved this hits close to home you don't use correspondent
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show it shows until she is on the story for us tonight she joins me from london good evening to you charlotte's tens of millions of people in the u.k. have already been vaccinated with the astra zeneca drug. what did people think today when when they heard the news when 20000000 people to be exact so far has been ranked native with the oxford astra zeneca vaccine and of course any suggestion of a possible link between these red blood clots on the job will be a cause of concern among the people that i've spoken to as you might expect concern higher among younger people that we've been hearing that that the risk benefit calculation is very different when looking at a given the jobs on this that is than it is to giving the job to those who are older who have more of a risk of ending up being hospitalized or indeed dying from kovac 19 so yes there is some concern but the agreement is that any risks here. the benefits far
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outweigh any of the risks in fact we were told today by the medicines a regulator that the risk of these potential blood clots is vanishingly small say one of that really has to be to be kept in mind when looking at the the risk associated with this job and we know that people under 30 are being told that maybe they should get a different type of vaccines and we know that people under 30 have not begun to be vaccinated in the u.k. so is there the feeling that young people may have dodged the bullet here. well 1st off i would say there is of course some relief that this is all being investigated while those in this age group be under that he's a still months away from getting us off that astra zeneca job and work on this is still ongoing but i think that you really have to look at this in context and really just go through the figures to understand the risk is so in the u.k.
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we have the figures announced today 20000000 people as i said have been given the 1st dose of the oxford astra zeneca vaccine all of those there were 79 cases of these rat blood clots after the people received the 1st dose and all of that 19 people died now it's thought to be equal amounts about one in a 1000000 people one and a 1000000 chance of dying off to receiving this vaccine so i think to say that people the young people have dodged a bullet by by this hearing this announcement is is going is going too far just to stress again the benefits here we've been told over and over again fall far outweigh the risks and we know the key leads europe when we're talking about the drive to vaccinate people so what does today's warning what does it do to the n.h.s. is plans for vaccinations moving forward do we know. well there are 2 ways months during this question there are there is of course the vaccine roll out and there is
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the planned easing of restrictions which is underway at the moment with more strictures expected to be looked on restrictions expected to be eased here on monday and the answer to both we've had very from the medicines thirty's and from the government here today is that not much is expected to change looking at the vaccine rolled out it's expected that any effect of this announcement will be negligible if not 0 and that's helped in part by the fact that we have a star vaccine medan a banksy now being rolled out in wales today expected to come into action in england in the middle of april so not much effect expected that all adults still shed jeweled to be a tough one dose of the vaccine by the end of july continued contingent of course on supply and when it comes to the easing of restrictions boris johnson prime minister saying today those restrictions the timetable the road map for that still is unaffected will go ahead as planned you know let me ask you about politics here
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before we run out of time charlotte foreign minister boris johnson he has been a staunch defender of the astra zeneca vaccine what does today's news what does it mean for his policies and his politics. well of course he is a big defend the outfit astra zeneca vaccine of pot in pot i'm sure has a degree of national pride that this being a u.k. swedish company also that is well to do universities in the development of this so there will be a good deal of pride but there is pride in the entire back scene rolled out the u.k. leading the rest of europe on that now that's in pods due to the fact that the u.k. has ordered up a 100000000 doses of 7 different vaccines so that policy is being credited with playing a big role in the u.k. vaccine roll else so i think the general feeling here is that the overall picture is the the vaccine rollout irrespective of this news buster that i could see day is
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still considered a success rights to be used later on that feels until in london tonight charlotte thank you. well the 1000 crimes in brazil is getting worse by the day on tuesday for the 1st time brazil reported were going for sales in new deaths from coburg 19 doctors say a local variant of the virus is causing this latest surge which has pushed the health care system to the breaking point. another sorry milestone in brazil's mismanaged response to the pandemic the figure of 4000 deaths in one day may be partly due to the late reports of fatalities over easter but the situation is dire and back as a vaccination that the governor of south paolo a facing resistance from the federal government. or president both and i know isn't the tories denial of the dangers of the disease international media has already established that he's responsible for the current shortage of vaccine in brazil to
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date. since the pandemic started the far right president has not only played down the dangers of the disease he's also actively trying to prevent vaccination campaigns like the one in some powerful. in one of his most recent online statements he hadn't yet decided whether or not to get vaccinated and he said nothing but damage to the economy most of brazil's intensive care worlds are filled at 90 percent the health care system is approaching a breaking point and the pandemic is almost out of control. it's very likely that in brazil. of hoth a 1000000 deaths by the 1st of july. 340000 brazilians have died with the corona virus the u.s. has a higher death toll brazil is well on the way to losing the battle against the disease . correspondent michael fox he joins me from who is in brazil let
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me ask you is the outbreak from the outside it looks like it may be completely out of control in brazil is that the case i mean how is the health care system. well it's not good i mean literally over the last day we saw 3 people died per minute here in brazil it's definitely out of control but i wouldn't say it's completely out of control we've seen just the last couple days particularly in the south of the country actually bed there are some beds available in some i.c.u. units at hospitals so the numbers of people that are driving into these hospitals in the i.c.u. units have dropped just the last couple days but the problem is we're heading into flu season right now we're coming off of an easter holiday and what many researchers are saying is that we're kind of at a crossroads right now either brazil could impose more harsh restrictions social restrictions saying listen we really want to get this thing under control and that will of course make the number of new cases and the deaths drop but if brazil keeps on the same track many researchers are saying yet we've passed $4000.00 deaths
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a day by the end a month going to the average $4000.00 a day and it could go even higher than that so it's not good right now which way do you think it's going to go to i'm sure that depends a lot on the messaging that people are receiving from their political leaders in the government. yeah and that's the big thing i mean since the very beginning as we just heard in this report president bush not has been denying this is a problem he's been fighting the pandemic from the very beginning especially in fighting lockdowns from governors he just said this last week he said listen you need to lift these lockdowns we need to get people back to work that's the only thing that's going to get us back to normal and of course that is the exact opposite direction from what all health professionals and what all researchers are saying last week he was also denying the the numbers of people on wait lists in the i.c.u. has basically said they were that according to what he understood there was no shortage of wait lists but actually at the exact same day he said that there was more than a 1000 people on wait lists for ice use all around the country so this is a big problem of this mixed messaging now the one bright spot we do have is the new
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health minister he has been telling people to wear a mask particular this over this easter holiday he told people listen don't get into crowds so he's been really pushing the vaccination campaign he's actually said that he wants to be vaccinating roughly a 1000000 people a day here in brazil and it's heading in that direction back scenes roughly tripled over march so that's a really positive sign but getting this the the negative message the opposite message exactly from president diables and is not helping the campaign to try and get this thing under control michael what are you hearing about the brazilian variant of the virus the p one variant i mean is there anything about it that makes the outbreak in brazil particularly more severe than we would have another countries. well absolutely this variant at least according to what researchers say it's 10 times the viral load of the original corona virus it's roughly 2 times as contagious and could be 2 times as as deadly and so what we're seeing is this is
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this is the main virus that's really spread around the country here floating off in the south of the country worse far as you can get from where this thing began the amazon and as as much as roughly 85 percent of the cases here now are all this amazon p. one variant the problem too i've been talking with with doctors and in fact all just here in the state and in southern brazil and they're saying the big problem is that many of the people that are coming into the hospital now are in their twenty's they're in their thirty's they're in their forty's they don't have preexisting conditions so it's really impacting people in a much different way it has this ability to avoid even some cases where people have already been infected by the original corona virus and i will avoid that to get into the system and some people say it could be those cases that really spiked back in january my mouse as much as 60 percent of the people that got that virus were re infections so that's a major problem the and the issue is that this thing is spreading not just in brazil but elsewhere we're seeing chile cases are spiking and even their vaccinations have been high and now there are some cases even the united states and
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elsewhere so that's major concerns for not just brazil but what this means for the rest of the world market about 3 seconds let me ask you what about the presence of these south african variants in brazil what does that mean. so there's a lot of questions and this is the big thing researchers have just found 2 new variants in new research that they found so these variants are all over it's dozens of variants that are all over the place and of course it's concerning it's concerning because as the virus spreads around the country it opens the possibility for even newer variants that happen in this is why many people are saying brazil needs to get this thing under control not just for brazil but for the rest of the world all right michael fox in for enough was brazil tonight michael we appreciate your reporting thank you steve. well contrast the situation in brazil with that in portugal almost mirror opposite portugal has started easing its coronavirus restrictions after a strict walk down that lasted more than 2 months back in january portugal had one of the highest corona virus infection rates in the world t
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w xian village olds went to the capital lisbon to see how they flattened that curve sitting in a cafe with friends still a dream for millions possible again in portugal nearly everyone spent the last 2 months i told him this was forbidden but now shops primary schools and cafes are open again and people are delighted. but it feels almost euphoric simply to be able to sit here and watch people walk past. the so quantum i was in no way against the lockdown it was very important. but i think we now all really need to be able to enjoy life again. instead of just going to work and then looking at our own 4 walls that about income since my father what i missed most was just looking out of the water and drinking a beer. centralist but it looked like this for the last couple of months everything was closed the government or to most people to work from home i read it in response
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to a disaster portugal had the world's highest corona infection rates the health system couldn't cope intensive care units were overwhelmed lock down took daily infection numbers from more than 12000 at the start of february to fewer than 400 just 9 weeks later. here outside lispunds largest hospital more than 40 ambulances had to wait and line in front of the emergency ward during the worst days of the pandemic now only a few covert patients have to be treated in the intensive care unit and a field hospital on the other side of the street was close to weeks ago some observers already talking about the miracle of portugal but as our newest believes more in science than miracles and if you're damn ologist he's a member of the portuguese government's coronato advisory group he says one of the most unpopular lockdown measures could have been decisive.
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numbers went down somewhat when we 1st closed the shops and made remote working compulsory get to you but it was only when we closed all the schools that the infection figures really started to fall. and we fighting to get out. he says despite the progress the danger is not over and the pandemic will continue to affect people's lives even into the next year and the lockdown was tough on the economy pushing unemployment up by a 3rd right now though many portuguese people are enjoying a moment in the sun. amnesty international says the coronavirus pandemic amplified massive global inequalities in 2020 and its annual report amnesty also accuses many world leaders of using the pandemic to limit human rights amnesty singles out 3 groups that have been disproportionately affected 1st among them women they suffered an increase in
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domestic violence they've borne the burden of home schooling and in many cases they've lost their income because they had informal jobs that they could not do during the lockdowns 2nd are health care workers around the globe now they have suffered more fatalities than any other single group chronic under investment in public health care means that many hospitals remain understaffed and that the workers in those hospitals are not sufficiently protected against the virus the pandemic has also worsened the already precarious situation of refugees and migrants lockdowns and border closures have left some trapped in squalid camps without access to vital supplies well amnesty's report also focuses on russia earlier this year amnesty stripped dissident leader alexina volley of the designation prisoner of conscience citing his past nationalist comments in february
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the organization accused of only of advocating hatred in the past and activists have a have accused the organization of falling for a kremlin smear campaign. while amnesty has told the w news that it is reviewing this controversial decision amnesty also says that of all these incarceration may be slowly killing him the secretary general of amnesty international told d.w. news that her organization is stepping up pressure on the russian authorities to guarantee of all these receiving medical treatment while he is in custody. well you know the 1st think that we need to send a clear message that the fact that alex i never any is now the hind. that there war of the prism does not mean that the attention is going to go away on the contrary we know that he is of the truly detained because of the position he has espoused and because of the fact that she's a vocal critique of president putin so all of those reason he teasing call it upon
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all of us to stand up and to ensure that the all sorry t.'s of russia understand that the i tension is not a go away we're going to campaign for him we're going to do everything we can to ensure is freed and certainly immediately that you receive the medical care you easy. or as i mentioned a moment ago amnesty's report details how the pandemic has worsened inequality and abuses of human rights in poland activists are raising the alarm over the erosion of women's rights while makers there have tentatively approved withdrawing from a european treaty which seeks to end violence against women that treaty is known as the is stamboul convention the measure could open the way for a total ban on abortion in pope. when polish doctors told paulino that her unborn child had new kidneys and would die upon birth she had few options as of january new legislation has come into effect
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allowing abortions only in cases of incest rape or a threat to mothers life. polina is one of the very few women in poland who has since found a team of doctors willing to attest that giving birth was a threat to her health and her abortion went ahead. but the symbol had better be that. these people are heroes. that they are afraid of the consequences of the sick country that they live in. they're brave and they're here to help people and not to serve politicians. and women's rights are under even further threat in poland lawmakers have approved a draft law ordering the country to withdraw from the is tumble convention on combating violence against women paving the way for an alternative treaty that
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would ban abortion and gay marriage critics say the move would legalize domestic violence. that's up to theoretical parts what you decided just a moment ago is home violence permission this is a green light for torture so this is a permission to terminate an international agreement which protects the victims of violence you said to the girl yes the day when you see adama. one in 3 women has been a victim of physical or sexual violence a recent w.h.o. study finds the istanbul convention's primary task is to prevent violence against women but although the text of the convention has never changed populists in countries like poland turkey and hungry have been politicizing the convention for their own political agenda. in poland last year hundreds of thousands of women took to the streets against the new abortion and the curtailment of their rights those
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protests have continued despite the threat of covert and a heavy police presence. i went to the protest together with all my friends because we knew we had to show we did not agree with what's going on. but none of us ever thought that just a few months later i will be in the situation. yep and if. as long as the situation for women in poland continues to deteriorate paulina will not stop fighting what she sees as restrictions on her basic rights. well the day is almost done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter news or you can follow me aboard go off t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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into the conflict zone with tim sebastian for years now the government of bangladesh is being criticized around the world for its human rights record my guess is weak from back eyes gallery's me foreign affairs advisor to the country's prime minister well real far as he spoke to 9 in the truth about the refreshment they've inflicted and clean up their act conflicts of folk next to. a journey into the past. that's what it's
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like to visit the gob or community and translate. for roma people have held on to their traditions for 500 years. they protect their way of life from the modern world. but for how much longer. sume world are. you 45 minutes on d w. with him how to be good go suckers when the highest i know if i had known the boat would be small i never would have gone on a trip to i would not support myself and my parents so much and danger to the bottom 16 with the going to get a stable with. uncle because that one little piece of that is the one i have
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serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there but once i'm going to. want to know their story the migrants terrifying and reliable information for migrants. and show you wanted told good things about your country because that's what you're paid to do every question you have off you have bugs very good the negative is bangladesh and the habit of giving positive to convicted murderers the 3rd than 50 of us. in many ways. for years now the government of bangladesh has been criticized around the world for its human rights record but his reputation received another jolt this month with the release of a new documentary alleging high level bribery and corruption my guess.


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