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tv   Quarks  Deutsche Welle  April 8, 2021 1:00am-1:46am CEST

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this is going to be news live from berlin tonight 2 announcements one that's in the u.k. and the european union say there may be a link between the astra zeneca vaccine and rare blood clots the head of the european medicines agency and its british counterpart they both said clotting is a potential rare side effect but they continue to say the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks also coming up life in prison turkey hands down dozens of harsh sentences to former top ranking army officers accused of plotting the 2016 failed
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coup plus would you volunteer to live in a cave for over a month in france more than a dozen people have signed up to do just that we'll find out why. welcome to the program we start with yet another setback for the astra zeneca coronavirus vaccine the european medicines agency or e m a and its british counterpart have announced there does appear to be a link between the vaccine and a rare but potentially fatal type of blood clot the a.m.a. stopped short of changing its opinion that the vaccines benefits outweigh the risks to all ages while the u.k. is it vising those under 30 to get a different shot trying to put to rest any concerns. first of all i want to
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start by stating that our safety committee the pharmacovigilance and risk assessment committee of the european medicines agency has confirmed that the benefits of the astra zeneca vaccine in preventing cope with 19 overall outweigh the risks of side effects. the european union's drug regulator the european medicines agency says after a safety assessment of the astra zeneca vaccine they are still encouraging people to get it that's despite finding a $169.00 cases of a rare brain blood clot after $34000000.00 doses the agency says while no clear link has been found they believe the clots are caused by any means response as a result the regulator will be listing the clots as a rare side effect of the astra zeneca vaccine. this vaccine has proven to be highly effective it preventive severe to fifty's and hospitalized patients and it
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is saving lives vaccination is extremely important in helping us in the fight against cope with 19 and we need to use the back scenes we have to protect us from the devastating effects to my media it comes as u.k. authorities recommend that the astra zeneca vaccine should not be given to adults under 30 where possible but again they stress the continued use of the vaccine our review has reinforced that the risk of this respected side effect remains extremely small. the drug maker itself says the bottom line of the regulators findings is that the astra zeneca vaccine offers a high level of protection against coated 19. now the european union has been heavily criticized for its slow vaccine rollout so we talk to give you brussels correspondent strauss how the astra zeneca announcement the latest one is life lead to a fact you countries. can only issue recommendations health is actually
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a national matter in the european union so it's now up to the e.u. countries themselves to decide what they will do with these recommendations and some of them have already acted before this press conference it certainly does not make life easier here that's for sure but we also have to see that astra zeneca has delivered far less vaccine doses to the european union then announced so it's not like there are many many a huge amount of fixed scenes lying around in the e.u. that no one wants to use and some countries than experts also try to find a wife call it a solution to this problem for example or to vaccinate older people with the astra zeneca vaccine and younger people who seem to be more at risk risk with other vaccines are on the european market. the pandemic in brazil is getting worse by the day the country has confirmed its 1st official case of the more infectious
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variant originally uncovered in south africa thousands of people are dying every day from the virus with the number climbing above 4000 for the 1st time on tuesday that makes more than 340000 people now to have been killed by the virus. more bad news for brazil surging kopechne 1000 cases helped put the health care system on the verge of collapse patients are dying in and out of hospitals while they wait for treatment inhalators or scares frustration is growing in. the restroom if they had properly prepared for this scenario from the beginning then the same thing wouldn't be happening again. they should have prevented it from the beginning and it would have been better but now it's not your problem. but i have already lost relatives to the coronavirus i think the politicians should
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be more united. for months president also narrow has a post strict measures to curb the virus and slam state leaders who imposed tight restrictions even his own covert 19 infection did not change his approach to the pandemic p. one new variant has emerged and spread quickly in brazil making it the epicenter of the pandemic again whether p one has the potential to lower the effectiveness of some facts scenes is unclear meanwhile brazil has also just recorded its 1st confirmed case of the highly contagious variant 1st discovered in south africa yes but it has. to do with the forecast by some epidemiological institute show that brazil will most likely surpass the half a 1000000 mark for kobe 1000 deaths rapidly approaching the total number of deaths of the united states the country that had the highest absolute number of deaths.
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brazil has been slow to vaccinate on wednesday the pan american health organization said the country needs access to more covert 1000 vaccines and calls on countries around the world to help. some other stories making news around the world. i mean mars a bastard of the u.k. i'm in has been locked out of the london embassy he told british media that military figures who occupy the building in bassett or have broken ranks with the ruling junta in recent weeks. jordan's king abdullah has broken his silence over a public rift in the royal family and told the country that the worst political crisis in decades is over it was sparked by in the alleged plot involving his half brother the king statement said that recent events have caused him quote shock pain and anger that. space x.
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has launched its falcon 9 rocket into space with 60 of its starlink satellites on board this flight is likely to be the last space x. mission before the crew to launch later this month will take 4 astronauts to the international space station. turkish court has handed down life sentences to dozens of former soldiers for their alleged involvement in the 2016 failed coup attempt against the government of president a total of $497.00 defendants were on trial since 2017 for attempting to seize the military headquarters and it's expected to be one of the final mass trials linked to the failed. the 1st judgments were handed down just an hour into proceedings while many high ranking officers received life sentences some soldiers were cleared of all charges only the prosecutions lawyers commented publicly. even now we're
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still getting wind of people who want to stage these prosecutions should be a lesson to the defendants have been given the harshest possible sentences under our legal framework if we still had the death penalty they would have been given that you know. there was a heavy police presence at the court building in ankara with drones hovering above . none of the relatives or lawyers of the accused wanted to be interviewed. in the night of the 15th to the 16th of july and 2016 part of the military tried to overthrow the government of president redshift typo to one i'm chris's u.s. based cleric for tiller was behind the move since the attempted coup tens of thousands of people have been arrested and more than 100000 civil servants dismissed dozens of cases are still ongoing. the detailed written verdicts
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of wednesday's court proceedings are still being completed. a march 14th 15 people entered a cave in france and none have since come out but don't worry they are actually willing participants in a new experiment that's researching how the brain deals with time when the usual reference points are gone and you're left in the dark. spending 40 days in a cave may seem extreme but so is the goal of this experiment to find out what happens when people live in an environment without any indication passage of time. to get i have breakfast and then someone goes to have their meal or even their dinner and you ask yourself am i right but this notion of time doesn't exist anymore. so i just uproot. without sunlight clocks and calendars to keep track of time project participants have observed that day's sport cycles as they call them do not go by at the same rate for everyone the secret cycles are expanding for
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some and shortening for others some people are in their sick cycle while others are in there. the cycles are filled with activities like cooking. pedaling to keep the electricity running. well climbing deeper into the cave to fetch water for the group. life underground isn't even aside from the lack of sunlight the cave dwellers lived with cold temperatures and high humidity before going to sleep they attach sensors that allow researchers above ground to monitor their vital signs and it's not very comfortable but we'll get used to it. even experts don't know what to expect from the experiments it's more secure of us who believe of them look after themselves and live independently encountering others by chance and exchanging a few words on the bar will they set up a community that we don't know. well shit and. the experiment is
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set to last until april 24th but fall into as a free to leave at any time there were 2 champions league quarter final 1st leg played on a wednesday night byron munich suffered a 32 loss at the hands of pre-song romain thomas miller levelled the scores for the defending champions but a killing about a goal settled the result for the s.g. . to host chelsea had the perfect night in porto to know when has them perfectly placed for the return leg in london. let's get more now for on a big night of european football my colleague anthony howard from sports is here anthony 1st to buy and defending their title of the not so well without rubber live in this guy and they're playing at home in munich in the snow it wasn't right conditions p.s.g. came to town and schooled the 1st go. look dangerous from the very beginning of the
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game but i want out of it by any stretch they had lots of chances but every single time p.s.g. went forward they looked and dressed they were 2 nil up at half time one was still in the guy i'm. a multitude of chances eric to promoting school defense for bongo things rolling thomas equalize the veteran in the end it came down just to one more shot on goal is jay and killing him back by school at 3 to the when i talk about. playing that i because it was really really important to bond they had 31 shots on goal p.s.g. and the had 6 but from the 6 shots 3 goals for p.s.g. from those 31 shots for beyond just the 2 goals they were in a bit of a situation in this title defense they know. but they are down they've got to now go to paris and school 3 goals minimum to advance to the semifinals all right that's byron let's move over to chelsea what did they offer up in porto a great story because what thomas talk about who's the coach of chelsea now he got the sack from p.s.g.
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because he couldn't win the champions league against in the final in portugal last year now on the weekend chelsea had a really really rough weekend the last 5 nil to a very very lovely team in west bromwich albion but they've been just a different team in europe they've gone 7 games without conceding in the pasta 9 so they're in really great shape to the german strike at siena hasn't scored for a long long time and they've had to find other ways to do it so they've taught up their defense i found 3 goals from chill will and mount and so they found another way to go all the stories really how to get to teams coped without they. because chelsea did it much much better and now there are a great chance to go back to chelsea and advance to the semifinals binah down but not at the drama keeps building and building and we know you're going to be here to bring it for us as it continues anthony howard from t.v. for thanks very much jason. and up next my colleagues are now the monday on as
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a business news for you so stay tuned for that and of course keep up to date on twitter and instagram at u.w. news and on our website d w dot com i believe with more news for you at the top of the hour thanks very much for watching. we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. corner. it's hard for food. and some great cultural memorials to boot. double trouble we go. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing.
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measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus and the coalition special monday to friday on w. economic fortunes are diverging dangerously that's a direct quote from the international monetary fund she's crystal you not your gave off the i.m.f. plans to boost its reserve offerings to help poorer nations by $650000000000.00. also on the show although the u.s. economy is picking up the federal reserve says it's not likely to scale back support any time soon forget. some analysis from our correspondent.
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and the german machinery industry has been called upon to help speed up the filling of sterile coated 19 vaccine violence. this is the w. business i'm on in berlin so happy you can join us. the world's major economies have agreed to boost the resources of the international monetary fund by $650000000000.00 that's in a bid to support to increase support to vulnerable countries battling the effects of the pandemic i am asked managing director crystal gave us about the covert 1000 crisis showed the profound need for international solidarity to stop poor nations from falling dangerously behind joining us today the international monetary fund managing director christopher lee my go to give a situ was concerned about poor tourism dependent nations and middle income countries that had weaker fundamentals and high debt levels even before the
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pandemic she said the i.m.f. expected to finish work on a formal proposal to expand the emergency reserves allocation to supplement member countries official reserves the fund is also working on ways for i.m.f. members to lend their reserves to help poor countries as he be katie by the g. 20 today we will propose a new as the our nation of $650000000000.00. this will help address the long term global need for reserve facit and provide substantially quiddity boost to all our members especially the most vulnerable she'll serve back to adoption of a broader definition of what makes a country vulnerable adding that she would discuss a proposal to offer low end interest free financing to middle income countries hit hard by the pandemic the i.m.f. spotty reduction and growth trust can currently only lend to the poorest countries
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. but this create crises has shown just how and this capable our shared destiny. now we must build on this brother says of common responsibility to foster a fair recovery in the resilient pos pandemic world. to that end the i.m.f. ones companies that have done well during the pandemic to pay more in taxes to finance recovery efforts the renewed support for the tax reforms comes as g $20.00 finance ministers meet to discuss a minimum corporate tax that would undermine the use of text havens that drain government coffers. u.s. federal reserve officials were encouraged by evidence the economy was picking up but they cautioned that the recovery was far from complete the minutes released from the fed's most recent monetary policy meeting in mid march showed no signs the
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central bank would increase short term interest rates or and it's on purchases officials said they expect inflation will rise due to supply bottlenecks but remain near the banks 2 percent target rate. our financial correspondent joins us now from new york yes the minutes tell us a lot about what won't happen just yet but is there anything in there about changes the fed will make and when. well ginnell the members of the federal reserve are always tiptoeing around a bit and nobody tries to be too precise what was interesting from those fed minutes is that the federal reserve is not so much looking at growth and especially not so much of what is going to happen what what the actual data actually are telling us and that is that just specially if you look at is inflation and the labor market the u.s. economy is not nowhere near where the fed would just start considering to increase
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interest rates for instance the federal reserve did say that we are still about 8000000 jobs shy today in comparison to pretend demick levels so it is going to take quite some time before we see a shift in monetary policy talking interest rates and also those as it purchases in the amount of $120000000000.00 a month are going to continue for now so as we speak today it looks like before 2023 and nothing will happen to interest rates at least if everything goes as we expect it to be at the moment but that these ultra low interest rates possibly be sustainable over the long run. now that's always interesting to see when you speak to investors so bankers on wall street a mission now that they're always talking their own textbooks they're hailing those ultra cheap money that we are having but hardly anybody speaks about the possible
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negative side effects and for example which this cheap money there is an incentive to take on more debt and that could become an issue once a money does get more expensive so meaning that interest rates might increase at some point in the future also some companies that can take on more it debt if money wouldn't be that cheap that we might to see more companies actually filing for bankruptcy so there is a lot of fishel stuff going on that keeps companies some afloat and then also if you look at all to marry people like you and me for example it doesn't really make a bet much sense right now to save money so there is an incentive to invest more that also means some higher risk so there are some negative side effects to this cheap monetary policy that's going on for so long not just in the u.s. but even more so in europe and that could be a become a problem in the future. thank you against carter there in new york for us thanks
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for your reporting. the aviation industry has taken a spectacular hit from the pandemic as lock downs and border closures make travel and tourism difficult in his 1st remarks to the press and staking office the new director general of the international air transport association well he waltz had little optimism to offer he said he sees no light on the horizon for aviation at present. most aircraft worldwide are still grounded like here at london's heathrow airport compared with february 29th gene february 2021 was a crash landing according to ion his new director general. international passenger traffic was down almost 89 percent and is showing no signs of recovery in the current environment. a day earlier there was more pessimism from the c.e.o. of cotter airways. based on i artist's latest book us global passenger
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traffic revenue passage a kilometer not be kate will not return of creek all that 19 let us until 2024 it up then grievous approach it waits it would happen for months the global airline body has been pushing for the introduction of a digital vaccination passport on its website that might relieve air travelers fears of having to quarantine passengers can take a rapid test before boarding to have proof that they're not infected upon arrival so far 20 airlines have agreed to test the app. now to some of the other global business stories making news. has begun a gradual opening of shops and services the country had provided one coronavirus vaccine doses over a quarter of its population but it's still a death toll climbs to a record $311.00 on wednesday under the reopening shops muslim it numbers of
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customers and restaurants are only open for takeout or delivery. facebook says the data leak of more than half a 1000000000 of its users occurred during a breach and 2019 the social media giant says it has fixed up reach more than a year ago users can use an online tool to check if their telephone number birthdate and email address for compromised. the world's richest man jeff bezos says he supports raising taxes on u.s. companies including his own amazon that comes after u.s. president biden said he wants to raise the corporate tax rate to 28 percent from 21 percent for years and geos have been criticizing amazon for avoiding paying taxes by shifting revenue and profits to the tax countries. now as vaccine makers raised to meet demand around the world bottling line manufacturers are seen very busy days to german machinery producers are among the leaders in the production of the equipment used in the sterile filling of vaccine vials our correspondent
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visited one of them. one last test this equipment used for the sterile feeling of vaccine violence is running one clockwork they're ready to be packed and shipped off is that much machine feels 24000 miles per hour and can be operated around the clock. each file contains several vaccine doses the prime can fill up to 4000000 vaccine doses a day something should leave needed during the pandemic german companies that build these plants for the pharmaceutical industry are among the most successful worldwide they export their equipment from southwestern germany to the entire world . knows who. and is one of them they both annual sales of some 260000000 euros. the family business employs 1600 people. to poland and we build the machinery for many components we take it completely on line until it works properly and then it's just
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mantles into parts again and shipped to the customer site you know the order books are full on average it takes about a year to plan and build a filling plan for vaccine doses it will go faster if the pharmaceutical industry agreed on the uniform standards for plants but every customer wants something different. they've reached their capacity limits they can't do more than keep on building maybe prioritize a bit but you know obviously on their current priority is the construction of filling facilities for corona virus vaccine doses but trouble continues to supply pharmaceutical companies with a variety of machinery so that they can also fill doses to treat other diseases you're not course we have to make sure that other important areas of utilization are also being addressed for customers and you have to bear in mind that cove it's not the only disease out there but with more quickly the worldwide pharmaceutical industry is increasingly relying on domestic production to minimize the risks
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associated with international supply chains for german machinery manufacturers that means that demand for filling equipment will continue to rise. and that's it for me and the business team for more you can always go to our website at www dot com slash business thank you so much for watching. one continent 700000000 people. with their own personal stories. we explore every day life. what europeans fear and what they hope for. some course in the world. next on d w. into the conflict zone with tim sebastian for years
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now the government of bangladesh is being criticized around the world for its human rights record my guest this week from back eyes galleries meet foreign affairs adviser to the country's prime minister well we'll certainly stop denying the truth about the repression they've been for. to clean up their own conflict. 16 year. old. but right to the heart of. the times our group or the. warming doesn't do.
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well. for the p.c. industry is going to your thoughts the great books of the 20th century. present a hoax is. the reason. for you to charge me 30. 0. 0. it's another edition i'll focus on europe with me liz show thanks for joining us today let's start with some good news from britain a short while ago the nation was still in the grip of a strict lockdown now it's seeing some rapid progress since the government in london the stepped up its vaccination program more than 60 percent of the adult population in england has already received their 1st coated shot that's why the
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government is now easing restrictions in england up to 6 people konami tell side pubs and restaurants will be allowed to serve customers outdoors the brits are happy to regain some freedom in their daily lives. the lockdown has been pretty challenging for many but it also sparked creativity among people forced to stay at home 12 year old noah is one of them he's bound to a wheelchair and he can't speak his father helped him to start an art project that has turned no what into quite a celebrity he now goes by the nickname background bob. these are the one expired international artists in collaboration with background bob 12 year old noah and his father nathan. no one suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy he's unable to speak but he can paint which makes sense
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help. the 2 of them create backgrounds and other artists then add to their designs. nathan explains that it all began last year to give mel us something to do during the lockdown. we went out to the garbage to our small cold and we just started enjoying it york are not. just your friends are not all going to push out just as the best farm to see some artists will collaborate with. and by their very 1st day i think we have artists already involved and it just grew from there they began sending their colorful backgrounds out across the world and a whole load of artwork returned from spain australia colombia and many other countries. no one loves getting post that
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isn't from his doctors that been background always becoming a new name are infinitely our reactor he's cool background although he really loves it he loves all of the attention no one needs help coordinating his movements but he communicates what he wants very much if the colors i hold up 2 colors on which are one he. looks musing on gazing is the color. of the parish and then he worked his magic song goes only cobwebs under. the torrent forge can't you read nicely and then also goes on to slink off and i recently read. round up with an instant success on social media it was even a real life exhibition the family can hardly keep up with the demand for backgrounds and now the book is come out to showcase the works the next step is to auction off the artworks with the proceeds going to hospitals and clinics when no
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one gets his. frankie curtis is an illustrator she's very enthusiastic about the project and not a toll surprise that so many artists want to participate. it's a sensitive. sense of like doing stuff other people. are. like family really aren't really tends to bring people together. she thinks that no one has all the hallmarks of a good artist. i think that noah's ark is really expressive and he kind of. isn't ready doesn't really set himself any boundaries and limits and he just kind of you know i think some of these. shapes and patterns and really sort of stresses and so. removed the project has brought now are a nathan even closer together than before. and they can be. are going to make
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a lot of math which we were getting extra. from aren't. actually happened all i need for is now of that happen go i don't don't have to dream dream big time sometime just. for now while nathan's love and the imagination of many artists have opened up a new creative wellat. in france the covert $1000.00 pandemic has led to yet another countrywide lockdown but there's one place south of paris that is showing defiance against the corona crisis orange is is the world's largest market for fresh products and right now business is booming but if this year is among the vendors whose revenue has increased over the last month while the french are waiting for restaurants reopen many have decided to treat themselves by cooking their favorite dishes at home because who
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says you can't have great food just because there's a lockdown. france has the corona blues the french haven't been able to eat at restaurants in months for a nation of goldman's that's hard to swallow. but the international market in gorgeous new paris is saving the day at 5 am vegetable trader boris cray sure is already hard at work not sure who's been put on this or here and the young looting . of the ring 3 until 6 in the morning the big trucks are right here at the quay and we unload the dishwasher the merchandise is then taken into the market and. europe's biggest market is booming during the pandemic that sold $90000.00 tons of fish and seafood 270000 tons of meat and more than $1200000.00 tons of fruit and vegetables even though the restaurant business has dried up. local distances to
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large supermarkets decided to stop importing 3 to the edge and focus on french projects it created a real buzz people said let's eat well despite through no sales of asparagus and strawberries sward that's good but since the pandemic began the french are eating more and better than before cheese in particular hundreds of varieties a soul that will just market right now cheeses for recollect and fondue are very popular. the only disadvantage of eating so well it is not so good for your figure . all that but we don't have any statistics but it's probable that people are gaining a base if we. are eating more to enjoy life and they are getting less exercise this week and for. the only products for which there is little demand exotic fish which are normally served in restaurants but overall the markets
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manager is very pleased with sales. i think what you call this is you know the old the traders who ordered the whole tree worth concerned that wouldn't be able to sell it at christmas was as new more than 6 people were allowed to dine together even in that sort of quite well i thought. it not so sure. 9 in the morning at my shit illegal day in paris at this popular market projects from apologists is on sale giving parisians some joy division in the corona crisis but we pass the time cooking and eating so what do they cook. for the should lots of hearty dishes like beef bourguignon. and sauerkraut and so forth oh it isn't because i cut my from going to come 1st i'm going to make a scallop carpaccio then all saute the scallops insulted butter and serve them on
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a bed of leaks we treat ourselves to good food we cook it and share it with one another. but back at the religious market fruit and vegetable trader bars which shows work day is coming to an end he moves unsold produce into the cold storage room he's proud to be helping so many of his fellow frenchmen get through the pandemic means that their trash is about let me do. this profession requires little supplied here because we're here at 3 in the morning if you don't love what you do it's deadly for me but mostly it is. in france to the end of the corona crisis is nowhere in sight still the trade is that this famous market near paris complainings it's just. norway is the european country with the largest fishing industry but some places like the village of bull going is had not been profiting much from the wealth of seafood found in the ocean
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until a foreign species made its way across the russian region border and settled around . meets the king crab it's a price delicacy even and it has become a lifesaver for some norwegian fisherman but there's also a rather dark side to this story after all they can't crab isn't called once the crab for nothing. there coyotes figure loves the arctic ocean and the german has been living with norway's high north for 12 years he takes tourists to see the sights along the coast near the russian border. he brings up one of those sites from the bottom of the sea for this tour group. he only said of the traps the day before the depth of 180 meters. but one day it was long enough for him to now haul up dozens of kim crabs a delicacy all around the world if the crabs are also a growing problem the crustaceans multiply like rabbits job in the water you get he
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brought the crops we have creds right over your. either no to catch we need only from the front to the back 15 centimeters harvesting the king crabs has brought on head of prosperity to norway's economically constrained high north. including for the remote fishing village of boogie by nace. in 1989 residents ran an eye for toys and offering their village for sale. young people were moving away because there was no work now the village has been revived. complete with bed and breakfasts and even the strong. and its awfulness to no matter the king crab. fisherman life in lay was among the 1st to discover the non-native species of blue i knew his. soviet
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researchers had released them in the barents sea and the 1950s. but anyway i was unaware of that when he found the monster crab in his nets one day . a 1st crabs we caught we tend to. we were taken completely by surprise. but if the crabs hadn't turned up like a rat we would not have any fish processing in town. nor any fishing boats. or at most 2 or 3. bucks a day we have 15 or 16 or go use. the explosive spread of the king crab is a boon to the fisherman but the norwegian environmentalist's and scientists are alarmed. eaters are being spotted father and father south they're expected to reach the coast of scotland soon look at
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a lot of it we found that the crabs are able to adapt to water temperatures of eating degree celsius that means they can survive in the mediterranean. wherever these crabs become established they have devastating effects on the other marine life on the seabed. some species mussels and starfish have disappeared completely. along with. their own the king crab is also known as the monster crab. it has no natural enemies and poses a threat to every other living thing on the seabed. so fisher is authorities have made the quotas generous and tourists aren't the only ones glad of that reality we have the right to catch 10 crabs fur or 3 per person per year. one crab is worth 900 kroner or 1000 euro rights in our pockets. by
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10 am and you know. you're eating a lot true delicacy for free but serves as guest after only a short time in the kitchen otherwise behind only in europe's and asia's finest restaurants. norway exports over 2000 tons of can crowd all around the world i'm only. one of our mental concerns about invasive species continue the tourists savor its spicy meat under the wage and authorities hope the high fishing quotas will help keep the crowd population under control the people of northern norway meanwhile hope this lucrative source of income will last a while longer they've already built a monument to the king crab. this woman was a pioneer her name is valentino and in 1953 she became the 1st woman to travel
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to space her successful mission made her a role model for women everywhere her achievement was also a symbol of gender equality in her home country union but almost 60 years later there are many jobs that women in russia are officially banned from doing because they are allegedly too dangerous for instance if you know bill gates was not allowed to drive a subway train but recently things have changed. and women are finally in the driving seat and are pushing full speed ahead on gender equality in the russian capital. is doing her dream job as a metro driver she started working at the moscow metro almost 18 years ago at the time she didn't know that women couldn't legally drive the subway trains now they finally can and the rena says for her it was worth the wait the study of this is my childhood dream i used to play with model ships an airplane.


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