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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  April 7, 2021 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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this is day to day there is life from the e.u.'s madsen's regulator prepares to deliver its verdict on the safety of astra zeneca coronavirus vaccine in the next few minutes the european medicines agency is due to update us about concerns over a potential link between the drug and. having previously insisted its benefits outweigh any risks.
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i'm feel girl welcome to the program at a news conference european medicines agency will start in the next few minutes ahead of that will join d w a brussels correspondent marina strauss. welcome arena what do you were expecting. well we'd sussed received a press release by the european medicines agency with the latest news and i quote them here they say they found possible a possible link to their e rare cases of unusual blood clots with low plot pellet so they actually confirm that there is a risk in receiving these like in get blood clots after
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getting vaccinated with an astra zeneca that scene i mean we have to mention here that tens of millions of people all around europe and rather the globe have received their 1st shots or even the 2nd shot off the estrus attic of the casino yet and only a couple of cases these rare blood clots occurred and now the new thing is that the european medicines agency actually confirms that this might or this is related to the ester said it to us resident of a scene ok and just to be clear of this they will get the full word from the a.m.a. the next a few minutes but this talks about a possible link or a proven link. it's still a possible link it's they they i quote them again we find a possible link to very rare cases so we have to wait and see what your
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fish fills a like we'll say in their press conference maybe they will go into more detail there but for now we only know that there is a possible link what we also know is that they will put it. on the list of very rare side effects that we know but we don't know if any more so far what we also know is that they the still says that the benefits of the astra zeneca vaccine outweigh the risks very mistrusts in brussels for now though as well we'll cross to that news conference as soon as it happens and then we'll come back to you for analysis of what's been said but thank you very much. to brazil now which is reported more than 4000 new daily deaths from coverage 19 for the 1st time a country's pandemic that sounds now approaching 340002nd only to the united states
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experts and local variants of viruses cause the latest surge which has pushed the health care system to breaking point right wing president dr branson arms also opposed lockdown measures as damaging to the economy but many of brazil's poorest a crying out for help they say the government's pandemic response as failed them and that without more aid they risk going hungry. these protesters a sending a message to their government brazil is hungry. here and sao paulo's largest is open to us residents say imagine ca doesn't go far enough away there are brasero my theory is that my daughters will go hungry one of them still under 18. this is also my granddaughter and i think to myself well they go hungry and that will live forever up until december the brazilian government provided those in need with around $1000.00 euros per month and community centers like this one of been
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offering free meals but i'll go into about a go straight to the european babson's agency or where the press conference has begun regarding any potential link between the astra zeneca vaccine. blood clot i'm very delighted to have visited today mrs e. mail cook the executive director of the european medicines agency dr said in his trial is the chair of him a safety committee the family of vigilance risk assessment committee press and dr peter i lead the head of analytics and you may who can provide additional information about the review and the scientific evidence it was based on before we start i want to explain how we plan to run this press briefing so please note that your microphone is disabled by default for the duration of the press briefing we would 1st hear short remarks of mrs cook and dr stroh's and after that we will have half an hour about 4 questions once the question and answer session starts please
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raise your hand in banks if you want to raise a question today's briefing is broadcast via you tube and europe by secular the footage can be used free of charge but all media and you will find the respective ling's in the invite sent earlier today. without further delay i am now handing over to mrs e. mail cook the executive director of mrs cooper please. thank you very much mrs hina good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and thank you for joining us again for this press briefing. first of all i want to start by stating that our safety committee the pharmacovigilance and risk assessment committee of the european medicines agency has confirmed that the benefits of the astra zeneca vaccine in preventing covert 19 overall outweigh the risks of side effects kovac 19 is
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a very serious disease with high hospitalized patients and that creates an every day covert is still causing thousands of that across the e.u. this vaccine has proven to be highly effective it prevents if severe disease and hospitalization and it is saving lives vaccination is extremely important in helping us in the fight against cope at 19 and we need to use the vaccines we have to protect us from the devastating effects of the pride after an very in-depth analysis has concluded that the reported cases of unusual blood clotting following vaccination with the astra zeneca vaccine should be listed as possible side effects of the vaccine. as we communicated last week we convened an ad hoc expert group composed of experts from a range of magical speciality is including pain mythologists neurologist
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epidemiologists and far ologists. based on the current available evidence specific risk factors such as a gender or previous medical history of clotting disorders have not been able to be confirmed as the rarest and ribands are seen in all ages and in men and women. a plausible explanation for these rare side events is that it is an immune response to the vaccine leading to a condition similar to one seen sometimes in patients treated with heparin it's called heparin induced trumbull site of piña and dr strife strauss will give us more details from the assessment. m.a. is working very closely with the national competence authorities in all the e.u. member states and the company to make sure that these risks are proactively
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communicated to health care professionals it's important that both vaccinated people and health care professionals are aware of the signs and symptoms of these unusual blood clotting disorders so that they can be spotted quickly to minimize any possible risks we will continue to monitor the scientific and evidence available on both effectiveness and safety of all the authorized covert 19 vaccines and we will issue further recommendations if necessary on the grounds of science and robust evidence this case clearly demonstrates one of the challenges posed by large scale vaccination campaigns when millions of people receive these not scenes very rare events can occur that were not identified during the clinical trials the role of pharmacovigilance the monitoring of these side effects is to help us to rapidly detect and analyze these risks and their impact on the benefit risk profile
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of the vaccine this case also shows us that our pharmacovigilance system is working these very rare and unusual events have been picked up identified analyzed and have allowed us to come to science based recommendations to allow the safe and effective use of this vaccine. e m a scientific assessment will continue to to work on all the recommendations around this vaccine any national decision on the optimal use in vaccination campaigns will also take into account the pandemic situation in any individual country and other factors such as hospitalized patients availability of back scenes so thank you very much for joining us today and i'm now very pleased to hand over to the chair of our pharmacovigilance and risk assessment committee dr submenus travis. we're just heard from the executive director of the european babson's
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agency misses him a coke talking about the potential connection between this astro van astra zeneca vaccine and these rare blood clotting disorders. d w brussels correspondent ministry as was this thing i just sum up for a story. well it is more cook said is that the. way the european medicines agency found a possible link between these rare plots clots occurring in some cases very rare cases of the estrus and it doesn't seem as yesterday senate have axioms we have to stress this possible so the e-mail says they don't know for sure but they will add this possible risk to the list of side effects that's new because the last time cook and her coworkers percent of themselves to the
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press which was at the end of march they they stressed that the the the benefits of the astra zeneca vaccine still outweigh the risks and the thing is they're still say that right now they still say ok these incidences might occur they probably look further into it but for now they still say that benefits of getting vaccinated with the astra zeneca vaccine or any other vaccines outweigh the risks ok so in terms of action to be taken at this stage they talked about listing this as a possible side effect of the drug but made no comment so far about the fact that so many countries across the e.u. virtually restricted or indeed suspended use of this drug. yes correctly i mean
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maybe they will still do dads in in the press conference they're just giving at the moment we have to wait and see but it's unlikely i mean we know for example that germany is not not a long time ago has decided to suspend the astra zeneca vaccine for people on the d. age of 60 because they say that these are rare blood clots occur mainly in the younger age group and mainly with women but what was interesting what him of course just said is that the data they have shows that it does not only occur with younger people but in every age group so this is something worth looking into into for obviously. if so now what we have is as i say these rare blood clots events to be listed as a possible side effect of this is this astra zeneca drug or it's already been
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suffering from a quite a lot of bad press across europe which already has a very slow vaccine rollout how was this announcement likely to affect that rollout . yes that is true i mean at the beginning of the vaccine rollout or which but he started talking about vaccines in europe astra zeneca was was praised because it was a developed in cooperation with the university the university of oxford it is quite cheap and comparison to buy on 2nd moderen i know so it like a test doesn't have to be stored mind is like minus temperatures for example as such just a minus 70 degrees with my antec but now like the estrus seneca vaccine has got this bad reputation out of many reasons that i will mention at this point of time and it's likely that people in the e.u. even if the the e.m.e.a.
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want to say we recommend not to use it in this or that a troop i mean the trust will will certainly diminish because there's so much talk about just resend it and the reputation gets worse and worse and yeah it's like that people say oh i want to have. the biotech scene of the modern exene or the johnson and johnson vaccine but not the astra zeneca vaccine and that's already happening.


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