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is there any indication what we can expect to hear so many what we know so far as an e-mail fishel told an italian newspaper on tuesday that tea things there is a connection between these rare blood clots m.d.'s are sick of exceeding i mean we have to keep in mind that there's something i have to stress here that tens of millions of people have already got their 1st charge of the estrus i think of it seen and only dozens of people i get only dozens of cases these rare blood clots occurred so it is rare but this official also said that iemma does not yet know how exactly the scene might cause the side effects and 3 expect to confirm what this official told the newspaper yesterday and one possible recommendation could be to only allow this astra zeneca vaccine for older people because looking at the data has so far we know that mostly young people are affected mostly young women to be
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precise so this link that this e.m.e.a. official has said that there is between the vaccine in these rare blood clots do we know why this information is being released now after the body had already given its approval to this vaccine. you have already mentioned it before so far the european medicines actions has always said benefits outweigh the risk during the last press or the end of march they actually said i called them now there's no evidence that would support restricting the use of to succeed in any population but they also said they're looking into this and i really don't know why this official chose to break the news in a newspaper or not leave it to e-mail fishel to announce it publicly in the press statements and we as many other journalists tried to get in touch with. us the day and they only release a press statement in the late afternoon saying that there will make this announcement today so we are waiting impatiently davies millionaires toss reporting
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there for us from brussels thank you very much. meanwhile portugal has started easing its coronavirus restrictions after a strict lockdown that lasted more than 2 months cafes museums and shops can now welcome back yes it's under strict hygiene guidelines it is a comeback story for portugal back in january it had one of the highest corona virus infection rates in the world he is young philip schultz went to the capital lisbon to see how they did it. sitting in a cafe with friends still a dream for millions possible again in portugal nearly everyone spent the last 2 months at home this was forbidden but now shops primary schools and cafes are open again and people are delighted. but it feels almost euphoric simply to be able to sit here and watch people walk past. i was in no way against
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the lockdown it was very important. but i think we now all really need to be able to enjoy life again. instead of just going to work and then looking at our own 4 walls. what i missed most was just looking out of the water and drinking a beer. centralist going looked like this for the last couple of months everything was closed the government ordered most people to work from home i read it in response to a disaster portugal hit the world's highest corona infection rates they health system couldn't cope intensive care units were overwhelmed lockdown took daily infection numbers from more than 12000 at the start of february to fewer than 400 just 9 weeks later. here outside lispunds largest hospital more than 40 ambulances had to wait in line in front of the emergency ward during the worst days of the pandemic now only a few covert patients have to be treated in the intensive care unit and
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a field hospital on the other side of the street was close to weeks ago some observers already talking about the miracle of portugal but the newest believes more in science than miracles and if you're damn ologist he's a member of the portuguese government's coronato advisory group he says one of the most unpopular lockdown measures could have been decisive. the numbers went down somewhat when we 1st closed the shops and made remote working compulsory that i'd already get to you but it was only when we close all the schools that the infection figures really started to fall. we fighting to get out. he says despite the progress the danger is not over and the pandemic will continue to affect people's lives even into the next year and the locked on was tough on the economy pushing unemployment up by a 3rd right now though many portuguese people are enjoying a moment in the sun. u.s.
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president joe biden says all adults in the united states will be eligible to get a coronavirus vaccine by april 19th that is 2 weeks earlier than the previous government deadline but he warned that cases are still going up for the moment and he's urging people to get vaccinated a soon as possible in new york state everyone over the age of 16 can already get a shot. relief for 3 teenagers who know how dangerous private 19 is and his whole family got sick with the virus last year paul loves playing for his wheelchair high school basketball team but going back to school threatens his have and brianna has a rate condition sickle cell anemia that's a nation is a matter of life or death. i feel like at the end of the day as always you have some sort of protection against the deadly virus it's all worth it in.
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downtown new york city it's not bustling not yet at least. but an estimated one in 3 new york is has now been vaccinated which means has a feeling of re wakening this spring. i think there's a new found sense of optimism in the past for her life family's future so they're still in a locked out and like my parents didn't get a shot yet so i feel kind of worried that i already got it here. 600 at a church the washington now being used to vaccinate people applause for the u.s. president. biden came here to tout the hundreds of millions of doses set aside for americans across you probably k. we want to shock them by unfolding your peer the u.s. has already given a fist to more than 150000000 people to tens of millions more still waiting for no later than april 19th in every part of this country every adult over the age
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of 1818 or older will be eligible to be vaccinated not everywhere in the u.s. is advancing so rapidly in sunny california adults have a 50 only became eligible at the start of the month that he had to the effects of the vaccination program a visible with los angeles reopening and crowds gathering at this flower festival nice san diego. it's not the end of the pandemic not yet but much of the world could only dream of pleasures like this. in iceland hundreds of hikers have been evacuated from the site of an erupting volcano new fissures opened up on the mountain spewing lava and smoke and steam the spectacle as proved to shoot straw for tourists sensible can a right to life last month. a sight to behold iceland's spectacular nearly 3 week old bookending corruption has entered
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a new phase 2 new fissures have opened near the rich no side in the gelding a dollar a valley measuring 200 meters in total and la voz also spewing from the new openings . some of the most impressive thing is this river down into the valley actually more than the fissure itself. research. the new laugh a river is flowing down through the hills for hundreds of meters from the fissure and into neighboring valley fair. cracks opening up a. record number of people or. so. what we do we just get out there there to try to figure out what is happening to. the people we're going to be but they're not going to get that we have to the chargers and you've got to be a good servant. it's beautiful but possibly dangerous authorities have
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sealed off access to the side as a precaution and began evacuating sightseers more than 36000 people had visited the site since the ruction began in mid march iceland has more active folk a knows than any other country in europe but an eruption like this hasn't happened and there are a can as peninsula since the 13th century. football now in soccer there were 2 champions league quarter final 1st legs played on tuesday night manchester city hosted bursa dortmund the german team suffered some heart break one of phil assault and scored in the 90th minute to give city the win meanwhile you can cops liverpool club were completely outplayed in round madrid the reds will have to make up a 31 deficit in the return leg and tonight one quarter final in the champions league sees byron munich host paris the team they defeated in the last
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season's final by are not looking to successfully defend their title but they suffered a major blow going into this match their top striker has been sidelined due to injury and he's not the only byron player that will miss the action. a career season in the making for robert live and all ski has been put on hold. after the striker got injured during the international break with poland. of course robert is a very important player for us so we approach this in a positive way yes it's a challenge but we'll face it and if so it's ghana. and says cannot be will mr p.s.g. match after testing positive for kovan 19 but bahrain have plenty of depth on their side to help pick up the slack from thomas merely the but this league is a system leader to midfielder leon gorecki who's been key in recent weeks. or striker eric cho promoting could be the barn player to fill the void opponent's
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p.s.g. they believe they know where byron strength lives. the social foot by images in his court is effective and i think when you won't like. the champions league on the deal of the cup i think it's because you have a school this is very very strong buyers say they're confident and comb ahead of the rematch of last year's final while p.s.g. with their stars in the lineup will be looking for their 1st victory over biron since 2017. coming up next on news asia look at what's happened to thailand's pro-democracy movement with dozens of its leaders in custody facing possible jail terms. and taka sounds quartz
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the authorities and even the prime minister go after activists in the countries when it's rights movements. such and as those stories and more coming right up next on news asia stated.
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sleep. carefully. listen to this to get a good. match. discover . the be.
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subscribe to the documentary on to. more than 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. with christianity firmly established there is a greater demand for houses of worship. and both religious and secular leaders are eager to display their power so churches become palaces. the race begins who can create the tallest biggest most beautiful. the best stone masons builders in the markets compete with each other to build up the carjacks the. this
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is home massive church of its worst parish the close like skyscrapers or clear. contrast of the cathedral church 12 o t w. you're watching news asia coming up today whatever happened to the protests in thailand last summer activists took to the streets day in and day out and their fight continues now in the courts as the government targets pro-democracy leaders in an attempt to slow the movement. plus pakistan's courts the authorities and even the prime minister have attacked activist in the women's rights movement. the legislature.


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