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we take on the world. oh this is where all of the stories that matter to you. are right. but. we are here is actually on fire. and things. in. this is news and these are our top story the european union's top officials have met with turkey's president in an attempt to improve relations between the 2 sides threats of talking about everyone says he wants to turn a new page in his relations with europe but european commission president and the lion and council chairman charles michel expressed deep concerns about turkey's
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human rights record. state leaders in india are calling for a wider vaccination rollout as the country faces a staggering surge in coronavirus cases nearly 97000 new infections are reported on tuesday close to monday's record high more than half of the total cases recorded in the past 2 weeks have occurred in one western state. diplomats have been meeting in the austrian capital vienna for talks aimed at salvaging the iran nuclear deal european countries are mediating between iran and the united states to try to bring washington back into the agreement that the trumpet to destruction walked away from both tehran and washington said that the meeting was constructive more talks are now scheduled for friday this is news from berlin you can follow us on twitter and facebook or you can go to our website that state of the you dot com .
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org. the united states and iran are on the same page when it comes to wanting to revive the nuclear deal which former presidents from trying to destroy but how to do that is where the 2 remain far apart no one direct talks began today in vienna non direct as in the arabians and the americans are not even in the same room the germans french and british are shuttling back and forth delivering demands tonight washington in tehran who will bleat 1st what if both bleak at the same time i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. that we are neither optimistic not pessimistic about the outcome of this meeting our overarching goal is to ensure that iran's nuclear program is permanently and
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verifiably constrained me won't the us should return to the comprehensive agreement unconditionally she felt we certainly will not entertain unilateral gestures or concessions to get iran to induce iran to a better place when he has not only the islamic republic of iran is in turn ready to switch the return to his commitments upon the verification of other parties fulfilling that commitments cutting down on his will iran will not be able to obtain a nuclear weapon. also coming up the pandemics a purgatives of india the world's biggest producer of corona virus vaccines now add to that the country where the virus is spreading fast this and the country with 100000 new cases in a single day if i wonder who will be in that group and you'd behave yet but to. on foot for the right don't go out of the house and the 30 of white cloth. people
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collecting in cloth rooms maintain social distancing and never never had stepped out of your house without them on. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin the day with iran and the united states and the futile exercise of trying to pick up where they left off before donald trump got in the way it was a campaign promise that trump followed through on as u.s. president he withdrew the u.s. from the iran nuclear deal known as the j c p a way calling it the worst deal ever that was 2008 seems fast forward to the present u.s. president joe biden wants to revive the j c p a way iran apparently is also interested because in direct talks between the 2 began today in austria but the past 3 years with new u.s. sanctions against iran plus iran's uranium enrichment in violation of the deal none of this can be undone or ignored to say that trust is in short supply here would be
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an understatement to say that washington will lift sanctions 1st as tehran is dead demanding well that still seems to be wishful thinking the europeans find themselves caught in the middle and the world wonders how to put the iran nuclear deal back together again we have this report. starting on tuesday delegates in this hotel began discussions on reviving the nuclear agreement with iran envoys from france germany britain russia and china are in talks with iran and acting as intermediaries with the u.s. . iran has high expectations. on state television a government spokesman projects confidence. that he says the talks are a good sign for the future but he says iran has conditions one is that sanctions must be lifted a spokesman for the u.s.
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state department says they will work to ensure that both sides can return to the agreement will return but in return for an end to sanctions the u.s. is demanding that iran stop supporting terrorist groups and on the part of the united states the international nuclear agreement was put into place in 2015 on the me true understanding there would be no iranian nuclear program and in return restrictions on iran's economy would be eased 3 years later u.s. president trump unilaterally terminated the program for iran the stakes are high the country wants to sell oil again and hopes for an end to economic sanctions and my 1st guest tonight is an authority on iran u.s. relations in america trita parsi is executive vice president of the quincy institute for responsible state craft he joins me tonight from washington trade it's good to have you back on the day the u.s. the u.s. state department just released a statement calling these indirect talks the 1st a healthy exercise
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a healthy exercise in what. it's a healthy exercise in the fullness see and the patience that is required to be able to put the jaycee back together it's going to be a very tough journey it's not going to be easy for either side some very valuable time was lost in the 1st 2 months of this year but at least now there is some sort of a process in the making it's not a perfect process it would be much better if the 2 sides talk directly to each other but that appears not like you to have it on till there is 1st a plan on how to make sure that the united states can come back into full compliance with the deal as well as the. new former us president donald trump torpedoed the deal or tried to when he withdrew the us from it back in 2018 is it safe to say that the ghost of the trump years haunts these and perhaps future talks oh it's not just the ghost of booby traps that the trumpet ministration very
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carefully put together over the course of the last year and which $1600.00 sanctions were put in place many of them redundant and duplicative but if we could bear deliberately in order to make it as difficult as possible for biden or any other president to want to return to that it j.c. page the sanctions were not meant to be leverage they were not meant to do anything but what they're exactly doing right now which is to make diplomacy as difficult as possible can you give me an example true to what is a sings in that would be extremely difficult for president biden to get rid of. well the process that will make it difficult for instance that the. earlier on. sanctions have been cause are the iran central fact the j.c. fate lifted oh such as those sanctions that sanctions relief and the sanctions were put in place on the 1st time as a result of the nuclear issue trump then when and even reimposed those nuclear
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sanctions and then he sanctioned the central back again on terrorism grounds and the calculation was that the j.c.t. returned with only lifted that j.c.a. and the nuclear sections and it would not then be able to lift the sanctions if they were imposed on terrorism grouses wisha means that for the iranians no difference whatsoever will be made because the sanctions will still be in place but just on their name and the calculation is that it will be difficult for him to justify lifting sanctions on terrorism grounds mindful of the fact that there has been no negotiations between the united states and iran on that specific issue let's talk a little bit about the timing of these indirect talks iranian elections are due to take place in june does that please additional pressure on the uranium signs it puts additional pressure on all sides because once the iranians are actually in their election season it's not really going to be particularly possible for that's
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a negotiating for i have to admit i am a little bit surprised that what we're seeing today actually is taking place because we're already inside of the. election season and usually countries do not negotiate important matters like this in the middle of their negotiations certainly not them in the middle of their election certainly the united states so we're already you know on borrowed time and if we wait for too long that it will be completely lost i know you say the decisions will the real decisions will not be made in vienna but but rather in washington d.c. tell me what you mean with that. what i mean though is that it's very. nice to work in groups to figure out. what's toughest still is not the final us. thing is to actually fight do those things precisely these lifting up to 1600 sanctions many of the terrorism.
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that is going to be at the political so in some way the real action is actions based in washington that's what the real test is to see where the finest regime has the. and the political capital to get. the quincy institute for responsible state craft truth is always good to have you on the program we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you thank you so much. to poot concrete. 3. people 2 people. now is the president of the european council talking after meeting turkish president. today and the e.u. and turkey are looking to reset their relationship after
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a rocky year brussels came very close to imposing sanctions on turkey a disagreement over gas exploration in the mediterranean almost morphed into a military confrontation at today's high level meetings and plays in ankara at a time when most talks are held virtually this face to face meeting it underlines just how important a new beginning is for both the e.u. and turkey well after she met with turkey's president the president of the european commission ursula fund a lion spoke to reporters. we are aiming for and honest partnership and that means that a partnership between the you are in therapy and able to strengthen what brings us closer but also to be very frame and to address what divides us and today show michelle and i clearly underlined that respect for fundamental rights and the rule of law are crucial for the european union this must be an in tech
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world part of our relationship to p. must respect international human rights rules and standards to which by the way the country has committed itself as a founding member of the council of europe. want to bring in. she's a fellow at the center for applied to turkey studies at the german institute for international and security affairs she joins me tonight from madrid it's good to have you on the program what do you make of today's talks are we seeing now a positive reset of relations between the e.u. in turkey. well actually it's quite symbolic that we have watched your leaders in one crack to date bits i wouldn't be so fast so getting into the completion that there will be a positive reset because i think it is going to do you leaders the ball is in
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turkey's court right now because to do a lip roach that they have announced in the european council means a meeting like saying that if things go well that if the escalation of these to mean the training is sustained example then it will be a positive agenda very close to it and on the table if things go bad on the other hand the least of pristiq the measures sanctions is also. on the table i think with today's visit do you have the most traded that it's has each rests in a low functioning relationship with turkey and atlanta on the table but as i sad the ball is on turkey's floor right now what do you make of the talk of respect for human rights i mean is that just window dressing and at the end of the day that you still needs turkey to prevent millions of refugees from heading towards europe.
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i think beyond of effort. agreement between zurich and the european union the turkey has recently been a mite's treated like a turd country and that is essentially a candidate country for a us session so if turkey especially those that has a 3rd country in the neighborhood i used to look is not necessarily focusing on at the 1st state to its primary stance on state and democracy and human rights but it's mainly on the operation on foreign policy and democracy but to date exceptionally we have seen. attention to basically said freedoms both by himself and on the lion and i believe that myself that this was the at the end of the passion that was coming from both from the if you hire him and some member states and the united states as well let me ask you to help much has the change at the white house with
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a new president that how much does it have to do with president there to one suddenly improve the attitude to dealing with the e.u. . i would say it's sure is. a very key impact because i think it has 22 dimensions. had a very personalized relationship its at the end this was not necessarily in line with. the practices and secondly he constantly undermined transatlantic relations so both knees diamond says that it did not necessarily support the use attitudes toward stinky now things have changed. and the president biden and i strongly believe that school freighting on turkey is on the its end up and journalist leaks today they've or even say there was a meeting between tencent south and the u.s. ambassador to turkey yesterday night pry into you know this meeting with byzantine
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on some of this this is something that's that's interesting i'm glad you were able to tell us about that turkey issued a statement we understand saying its long term objective remains membership in the european union but isn't this more a case of brussels looking for a framework of engagement which frankly does not foresee turkey ever joining. to be honest cranks and i strongly think that we are big nothing and you framework off the relationship being built in a case these weeks months and the exhaustion negotiations framework will be removed from the table when the right time comes i think the new leaders are coming up with this stool approach mainly based on sustainable and good neighborly relations deliberation in the samee trading and then the includes carrots economic incentives
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in various things mentioned high levels i will call on overarching problems like global health or climate change that exact or use different items on the table and for me these aren't a corner stones these aren't the breaks over the new framework that they are trying to deal between so again the opinion needs it could toy here with the german history for international and security affairs it's good to have you on the program we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you thank you very much for having me. researchers from oxford university have suspended a study of the astra zeneca coronavirus vaccine in the young children in teenagers this follows reports linking the vaccine to a rare type of cerebral blood clot in adults they do use medicines agency d e m a is reviewing reports of brain blood clots forming after people have received the
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astra zeneca vaccine and announcement of its findings is due this week there have been 44 reports of blood clots in the millions of people who have received the astra zeneca shot here in the e.u. . the world health organization adding today that based on the evidence available at the moment the benefits of taking the back scene still outweigh the risks there was a denial from there being medicines agency concerning the existence of the link what happens is that there are a number of committees right now in the regulatory agencies and regulatory authorities looking at the data and new data is coming every day and assessing those data so there's no link for the moment between the vaccine and the really thick events which are mostly to opinion of course it's and the revelation and we wait for some feedback from those communities in the coming days and coming out with. our my next guest is mohamed when you're
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a viral infection and vaccine expert from lancaster in england it's good to see you again good to have you on the foreground this evening researchers from oxford university they have palls the trial of the astra zeneca vaccine in children what does this tell us is the evidence the vaccine does kohls blood clots is that evidence mounting up now. thank you very much for having me on the show once again i think that the pause has been absolutely for cautionary needs and at the moment there isn't any data on to the trial in children that dictates that it has some association with the blood clots but so far no information has come from the m. and shortage of regulatory body here in the u.k. but my anticipation is that because the link is getting more and more be put into particularly from the data in germany so i think it would be very difficult for us as an it guy to hold on all of the pressure they are having at the moment on to the association and safety of the vaccine so when the british prime minister boris
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johnson for example says that the astra zeneca vaccine is safe to use is he saying something that is probably no longer true. well i think it depends actually there we can to actualize it because for example if we look on the safety of the vaccine and its benefit worse is there is cause to go in $1000.00 yourselves in adequately people's people more than 60 years older than 30 it has a safety profile and it has much more value compared to if we consider excess contributions who are saving lives in the younger age so safety probably would be ok in older age and that's what i'm expecting from the statement from him and also from the w.h.o. that this vaccine would that it be more categorized into an older age application than into the younger age but that is a really good thing in the phenomena that we have other vaccine that could be applied in other age groups you know that's true i mean we're very fortunate that
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we have a choice of vaccines in this pandemic you see that astra zeneca vaccine remains the still outweigh the risks what are the criteria that regulators take into account when they decide whether or not a vaccine is safe to use. this is very important and this is a relatively complex phenomenon to be assessed by the regulatory bodies to safety of this vaccine because we are talking about millions of people who have been vaccinated and all of these people would have one or other kind of other genetic predisposition or physical or environmental events in a different location so that is a massive and colossal amount of that that need to be analyzed before any particular statement need to be made but one simple idea that kind of be done in the back of the envelop is really to look into that or the blood clotting. people who has been reported before the good intention of the vaccine is different than
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what has been offered the implementation of the vaccine and if we put those number into the context definitely it doesn't seems to be any association of the article or particularly into the older bro but as we move into the younger bill there is an association and that is the law meant that the whole regulatory bodies the w.h.o. the european medicines agency you know they say that aster's it is vaccine is safe to use it adults but there are some national medicines authorities that have restricted it to certain age groups like here in germany it's not being given to people under the age of 60 why do you think this vaccine is being treated differently to the others that have received approval. well brad if we really look on to this vaccine oscars and come back scenes from the beginning this has been the vaccine that have the issues the most among all of the front runner this is the vaccine the only vaccine that been posed 2 times during the clinical trial and this is the one that had having association with not a drug and i think this is the at 20 cation and this is really
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a testament that our health care system to approve for the safety and efficacy is working because whenever there is any association don't leave it off as any any other vaccine is linked that the perceived it is to pause and to look back into that retrospective and analyze and bring in the reality as it currently stands is seems like that link is real and that is going to be a challenge. in moving forward yeah moving forward it we know that the astra zeneca vaccine was planned as a work course in the vaccination efforts for the entire globe it's also one of the cheaper vaccines that if you take it out of the equation which is death appears where we're headed what does that mean then for vaccinating everybody on the planet i think it would be a major blow into the whole a vaccine complain but going to be speaking about the european union as foreign and 1000000 dollars has been ordered and the europe itself has been really behind the curve in vaccinating and if you take 400000000 out of the vaccine supply i don't
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think that any european union countries will be able to claim that they would achieve the herd immunity to a given targeted in june july and same is that given the cold x. facility called x. is being contributed by astronomical lexeme much more than any other vaccine and if this is taken out of the cool x. between the low and middle income countries would definitely not have access to 20 percent of the population of egypt has agony to give them by the end of this yeah while many are as always we appreciate your time in your insights tonight good to see you thank you thanks for having me. well meanwhile in india state leaders are calling for a wider vaccination rollout as the country faces a staggering surge in corona virus cases nearly 97000 new infections are reported today hovering near a record high of 100000 set on monday. hospitals across india are seeing an influx of patients with covert 19 and they're turning up in record numbers the rising
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cases is leading medical experts to warn that this wave could be stronger than the 1st with new variants reported from south africa brazil and the u.k. big enough of a 6 giving positive for this and but. it is not a single person in the $45.00 days because the. majority of cases are in the state of missouri home to india's financial capital mumbai nearly 60 percent of all of india's new cases were found here in just over the last 2 weeks curfew is now in place with tightened lockdown restrictions and it's being welcomed by some. from lock down is imposed that at least people will stay home safe and the coronavirus will be under control. the government has issued almost 18000000 vaccines it hopes to inoculate 300000000 people by the end of july and last week it opened its
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vaccine drive to those over 45 years old. but the coronavirus hasn't stopped politicians running for regional elections large gatherings continue in several states doctors say not enough is being done to contain that risk and warns that cases may be loon in the coming weeks. the pandemic in india or the day is almost done with the conversation it continues online you'll find us on twitter in the news or you can follow me have brant go off t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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