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tv   Die Angst vor dem Wolf  Deutsche Welle  April 7, 2021 4:45am-5:16am CEST

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here for a moment that has shaped the entire country. not only structurally and materially but also in terms of our way of life. we are now a country known for its tolerance where people are very civilized in their dealings with each other but also when there are differences of opinion or economic crises are going to only go personally i think it's one of the best places to be in the whole of latin america part of there may be going to. back to the delta family they've been enjoying meeting regularly with relatives and friends again so what do they think is the secret of europe ways relative success in this crisis so far apart from the good political decisions they think the country just got lucky to a certain extent. perhaps it's a different mutation of the virus that we have had that means the cases aren't as
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bad as in europe. perhaps it's the climate yet in the saying. what a lie they were in my city and i have no idea there must be some other reason. a few months ago they never thought their lives would improve again so quickly but none of them will forget the anxious period around here most birth any time soon. unfortunately most countries not like europe why when it comes to fighting the pandemic the current crisis has made life much harder for many people particularly women not downs have led to a shop rise in domestic violence and aside from this women are the ones typically taking on all the extra child care and home schooling responsibilities. statistically speaking women also have a far greater chance of losing their job so for laying into extreme poverty in
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indonesia many women have other things to worry about too. even newborn babies where a face shield in the maternity ward of this hospital in jakarta the covert pandemic is affecting everybody in indonesia. devi raju has just given birth to her 3rd child her joy is tempered by concern. she's a homemaker and her husband a driver. he used to work full time but now only has 2 days' work a week. yeah i'm very worried. my baby needs milk every day and other things as well. but her income is much lower now we have to somehow scrape by. when he has to be found. davey raju had chosen to have another child before the pandemic hit but hundreds of thousands of women in
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indonesia got pregnant during the pandemic without planning to this is banned on 150 kilometers east of the capital you see is pregnant but she didn't choose to have another child during the lockdown she ran out of contraceptive pills the local chemist was closed and condoms are not widely used in indonesia then her husband lost his job and now money is in short supply. but he said. during the lockdown the public health clinics didn't want to see women who i knew needed contraceptives. yeah i could have gone to see a midwife privately but that would have been much too expensive. and even now that i'm pregnant i can't afford to see a midwife to get a check up. the. daughter siti and son dava both still go to school money is tight even without a 3rd child you are see has applied to join the public health insurance scheme but
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she doesn't yet know if she's been accepted it doesn't cost anything if you're poor yet up until i am on what i would hope will get health care for free. we don't really have any alternative. well it makes me dizzy to think about the future. and something i'm sorry i hope it works out. for you. that. employees of the national population and family planning board go around making announcements of your loudspeaker you can have sex you can get married but don't get pregnant men restrain yourselves or use contraception the authorities are worried about the surge in the number of births young thing that allow you there are various methods of contraception an injection of pill condoms
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the i need 3 on t.v. is a midwife who works for the family planning board she tells women about their options she's one of 24000 counsellors across the country even before the pandemic 17 percent of pregnancies in indonesia were not by choice but because of a lack of access to contraception the coronavirus has made things worse scepter jante enter colleagues have only recently gotten back to work. and. that's what happens during the lockdown men and women spend more time together the men were at home off work and the women didn't dare to go out many didn't use contraception and that has meant lots of unwanted pregnancies. it's estimated that the lock down will mean as many as half a 1000000 more babies than usual. the authorities want to curb the boom so septra jante and her colleagues go door to door advising women and providing
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contraceptives often double the usual amount. yeah how do you review my haleigh gave birth to her 1st child a couple of months ago now she's decided to use contraceptive pills. even if they want to. normally the midwives remind her to take them at the same time every day without fail. a few houses further they visit uni she has one child and until now she has gotten contraceptive injections but they only work for 2 or 3 months so now she's decided to go for a hormone implant instead it works for 3 years the state will cover the cost. if women from very poor families get pregnant accidentally the children often suffer from developmental deficits because the pregnant mother and later the children don't have enough to eat.
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rarely leaves the house the number of new covert 1000 infections remain scarily high and she wants to keep her unborn baby as safe as possible. who can yeah i get more and more worried every day. what does the future hold for us. how can we even survive under these conditions. and i'm a god and separate the in. the government was aiming to have the number of children with development deficits due to poverty within 4 years. the pandemic baby boom will make it harder to for fill that ambitious goal. and now we head to kenya to make this week's. life. ok to cheat. with.
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my new favorite i very rare i'm so mean to me as well as living much when that relationship merope in kenya. my dad is a. good man simply because i love and ok sean and i believe. me but i want. to make my life be better i make me sex says he was.
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when i am freed i love listening to music and love dancing and i love the great interest that is later in treating my feelings. well. the big global programs. i think of you. are of most places and if you really are fair it's when this form of children now most likely not to be able to go to school they're not to get a bit basic means they want and they can not to dress well they cannot hear too well so it's so sad and i being we have the global warming that do you when it's guns there's droughts in this drought there's no food when there's no food and
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people are most likely to stab and even leading to bear. my hope for the future. i would like to be done with my high school stanley's and then i join one of the big universities in kenya or even on the road and pressure my carry on. and a. recess if you for a lie. on. a ledge of your medical practitioner not in their door freshened are saying and they're hardly all my same. what's makes me happy it's just everything i know me simply because i'm grateful for what i have in a way out in that happy from because of myself have been because of my peer and
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i just as a very am so that's why i'm happy i'm happy always. and that's all from us that global 3000 this time you know how much we love hearing from you though so do drop us a line to global street. 1000 and d w dot com we're back next week see if that take cash. the be. the be.
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the big. economic move for. granted instead of rainy season in rwanda climate change is threatening harvest. a startup is now increasing. its othen forms farmers about the plant's water needs. solar energy and sure is cheap
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the british are calling it smart. for the. 30 minutes on d. w. absurd absurd endless from. the business model above that companies are sensing gold rush submission fuchsia markets with masses. potential in space. science fiction. seems. to be made in germany. mints on d. w. and mexico many polish muslims thrown out of the uk right now climate change if an awful story. faces life less than way from just one week. how much worse can really get. we still have time to ask i'm going.
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the trade of no more. manufacturing ignorance starts may 3rd double. play. play play. this is disturbing news live from berlin turkey and the european union speech relations after years of tensions turkey's president heir to one hosted top e.u. with facials for face to face talks and of the agenda of migration trade in human rights they're looking for common ground. also coming up president joe biden says all adults in the u.s. will be eligible for
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a coronavirus vaccine within 2 weeks but the bible warns that new variants are on the rise and says the fight isn't over yet a. big drama in the quarterfinals of the champions league title holders liverpool suffer a setback unscramble manchester city stunned dolphins in the final not. going to have you with us we begin with something of a new beginning the european union's top officials have met with turkey's president in an attempt to improve relations of everyone says he wants to turn a new page in relations with the e.u. but turkey's human rights record remains a sticking point. it's a year since the european union's most senior officials last met the turkish president both sides say they want to improve relations which have become
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increasingly strained but the europeans have serious concerns about turkey's assertive foreign policy and its often heavy handed create command of minorities and political opponents really introspect ocean them into rights all. over the european union. we show 3 screws and they're done oh the proof is old elitist developments in turkey in this respect in particular on the freedom of speech the 3rd it interfered to reporters and media and today show michelle and i clearly underlined that respect for fundamental rights and the rule of law are crucial for the european union this must be an integral part of our relationship turkey must respect international human rights rules and standards. there's
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a lot at stake millions of refugees who fled from syria's bloody civil war are living within turkey's borders they would otherwise head for europe and ankara once the e.u. to pay more to support. turkey for its part is keen to advance its stalled bid to join the european union. thousands of demonstrators turned out recently to protest against turkey's decision to pull out of an international agreement on women's rights ironically that school the istanbul convention both the e.u. emissaries condemned that move and sending the wrong signal on rights. another area of dispute is turkey wanting to drill for gas in the mediterranean in areas which greece and cyprus see as their territory thank you the latest talks between the e.u. and turkey aimed to mend fences but there is still huge differences to overcome
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thank. you correspondent dorian jones in istanbul asked just how successful the meeting between the 2 sides was. well certainly seen this is a major diplomatic when the fact that 2 top officials were paired to come all the way to turkey and meet face to face at a time when these these meetings are extremely rare is seen as a victory in itself and while there was a lot of focus on turkey's to to rating human rights record at that press conference after the meeting a press conference that wasn't broadcast by most of turkish news channels here uncle will be focusing on the commitment that they have received for the opening and starting of the customs the modernization of the customs union agreement that is a key demand and also appears the opportunity of possible visa liberalization with the e.u. officials talking about the importance of face to face contact between the 2 that will be seen as possible efforts and liberalizing visas for all of the country
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another key demand of. its definitely seen this as a positive victory given the fact that the u.s. president biden is continuing to ignore the one at the present moment following is election victory so turkey's seen is a positive spin. now to some other stories making news around the world. diplomats have been meeting for talks aimed at salvaging the iran nuclear deal european countries are mediating between iran and the united states trying to bring washington back into the green meant that the former trump administration walked away from both tehran and washington called the talks constructive. alexina vollies doctor has been briefly detained after trying to visit the jailed russian opposition figure police also bundled journalists and supporters into a bus in a volley who's on hunger strike has been complaining of a fever and back pain. at least 16 people are dead after 2
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buses collided in northern mexico officials say all of the deceased were minors aboard a minibus over a dozen more people on a larger tourist bus were injured in the accident it's unclear how the collision happened. u.s. president joe biden says all adults in the united states will be eligible to get a coronavirus vaccine by april 19th 2 weeks earlier than the previous government deadline but he warned that cases are still going up and they he urged people to get vaccinated as soon as possible new york state for example everyone older than 16 can already get a shot. relief for 3 teenagers who know how dangerous kind of 98 is had his whole family got sick with the virus last year pull loves flying for his wheelchair high school basketball team but going back to school threatens his how and brianna has
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a rate condition. vaccination is a matter of law. and the like at the end of the day is on he's had some so it doesn't take sheen against the deadly virus you know it's all worth it in. downtown new york city it's not bustling not yet at least. but an estimated one in 3 new york has has now been vaccinated which means has a feeling of re whitening this spring. i think there's a new found sense of optimism in the past for her my family is from germany so they're still in a lot of doubt and like my parents did you get a shock at so i can kind of wait that i already got it here. at a church the washington now being used to vaccinate people applause for the u.s. president. biden came here to tout the hundreds of millions of doses set aside for americans across you probably came we want
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a shot not inviting folded up here the u.s. has already given the 1st stars to more than 150000000 people tens of millions more still waiting i know later than a full 90 in every part of this country every adult over the age of 1818 or older will be eligible to be vaccinated not everywhere in the u.s. is advancing so rapidly in sunny california adults have a 50 only became eligible at the start of the month but here to the fix of the vaccination program a visible with los angeles reopening and crowds gathering at this flower festival nice san diego. it's not the end of the pandemic not yet but much of the world could only dream of pledges like this. let's get more on this with stacey difference from our u.s. political team said the pace in the u.s. has been incredible yeah what explains it well the main thing is that there is
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a worship finally of china to fight cope and instead of putting onus on the states to get shots in people's arms joe biden said ministration has worked in order to take control and use the infrastructure that already exists so he used an old from the korean war to defend protection act and production as. in order to help businesses like pharmacy the pharmaceutical companies. produce more quickly and get them out and so that's the speed and when i stock about infrastructure one of the ways that this has become very assessable to people is that. the vets and the vaccines are available at pharmacies now so people are used to going to their pharmacies anyway for the flu shot the staff is used to giving shots and also people who don't have insurance or that their insurance isn't big enough for what they need a newly go to to these pharmacies anyway and get help so it's beneficial in that
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way to 40000 pharmacies more expected to be able to help out there soon and yet we shouldn't forget that more than half a 1000000 americans have died from this virus it's such a it's a tale of 2 to 2 pictures here what explains that conundrum there's so much to look at one of the main things is the united states that started late there was a denial that this was even a problem so that's the main issue and it became very partisan and political so democrats older people people college educations are more apt to get the the shot and white republican male for example so there still that some people have called it to take so states have been opening up too quickly and causing a pandemic to spread a little bit more but overall things are looking up in the united states thanks for bringing that to us trace evidence from our u.s. political team and let's look at some other developments in the covert
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1000 pandemic. in brazil the number of the daily deaths passed 4000 for the 1st time on tuesday the country is facing shortages of hospital beds and the supply of oxygen is running short in some states and france the number of patients in intensive care is at its highest in almost a year france is now in a month long lockdown and a top official of the european medicines agency says there is a link between the astra zeneca vaccine and blood clots the agency is expected to release a new assessment of the drug this week let's look at some sports now there were 2 champions league quarter final 1st leg played on tuesday night manchester city host city borders he adored him and the german side suffered some heartbreak when phil foden scored in the 90th minute to give city the win meanwhile your can collapse liverpool side were completely outplayed in madrid the reds will have to make up a 31 deficit in the return leg. let's get
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a little more now on this big night in european football i'm joined by my colleague here in the studio f. me howard w. sports big night or almost for dortmund they were this close to living down with a perfect result they were heavy underdogs going to manchester city manchester city and leaving the premier league they've got millions more pounds worth of players in this squad picardy ehlers the coach they were heavy favorite they scored early against open in the 19th minute they got to one nil right at the half time but dortmund were down and out it looked like but then on the 60 minute mark something clicked for the open and there i would have fought back and then it culminated in the i think 4th minute when marco royce scored to level the match at 11 away from home you thinking they could leave manchester at 11 and go back home with a big big chance of getting through to the semifinals but then heartbreak in the in the 90th minute defense has been dalton's problem all year long and phil foden was the young englishman who scored in the 90th minute and they have. 3 draws snatched
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away from them at the last moment it could have been perfect it still was not totally bad it's not impossible for them to win it on an advance but it was so close to being absolutely perfect so close but not close enough what about liverpool tell me 31 is that a good reflection it's a fair reflection is not a great sign for the modestly they they are going to have to go home to anfield and come back from 3 goals down but they were just out plight and we've all been looking at all football fans like you and maybe have been looking for signs that liverpool are going to bounce back into some sort of form and find that joy that they are playing with 2 years ago you can clock was all smiles and fist pumps for so many for so many games at anfield they're away from home in madrid playing the team to beat them 2 years ago in the champions league final and they just looked outplayed from go to war 31 was the school line and it looked exactly that and at the end of the game you see if you get an understanding of the person the clubs and
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he's chasing the red. off the pitch chewing there is off about things that didn't go there why but this magic that was with liverpool with and everyone was in love with this team it's evaporated it looks like a real struggle now they've done it before at anfield against barcelona so that we know they can do it and come back from huge deficits but this looks different looks like a scene that is going to have to rediscover something that's just not that anything can happen i guess but matter of luck i mean howard colleague you know in sports thanks so much. and i remind her of the top story this hour. the u.s. officials have held talks with turkey's president heir to juan and. michelle said they express concerns about turkey's commitment to human rights by gratian and refugee policy were also on the agenda. don't forget you can always get you have a new news where you are on the go just download our app and to the play and from
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