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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  April 7, 2021 3:00am-3:31am CEST

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the. story. this is the news live from turkey and the european union seeks to really relations after years of tensions turkey's president to want to host a top e.u. officials for face to face talks and uncorrupt on the agenda looking for common ground on migration trade and human rights. also coming up india reports nearly 100000 new coping 1000 cases for the 2nd day in a row now calls for the prime minister to open up vaccinations to more people.
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and big drama in the quarterfinals of the champions league title holders liverpool suffer a setback against real madrid and manchester city. in the final minutes. good to have you with us we begin with something of a new beginning the european union's top officials have met with turkey's president in an attempt to improve relations tayyip erdogan says he wants to turn a new page in relations with the e.u. but turkey's human rights record remains a sticking point. it's a year since the european union's most senior officials last met the turkish president both sides say they want to improve relations which have become
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increasingly strained but the europeans have serious concerns about turkey's assertive foreign policy and its often heavy handed create meant for minorities and political opponents the rule a few introspect of fundamental rights all true values of the european union and we show through spirit and. oh deep. on the latest developments in turkey in this respect in particular on the freedom of speech the 3rd it interfered to reporters and media and today show michelle and i clearly underlined that respect for fundamental rights and the rule of law are crucial for the european union this must be an integral part of our relationship turkey must respect international human rights rules and standards. there's a lot at stake millions of refugees who fled from syria's bloody civil war are
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living within turkey's borders they would otherwise head for europe and ankara once the e.u. to pay more to support them turkey for its part is keen to advance its stalled bid to join the european union. thousands of demonstrators turned out recently to protest against turkey's decision to pull out of an international agreement on women's rights ironically that school the as stan bull convention both the e.u. emissaries condemned that move as sending the wrong signal on rights. another area of dispute is turkey wanting to drill for gas in the mediterranean in areas which greece and cyprus see as their territory the latest talks between the e.u. and turkey aimed to mend fences but there are still huge differences to overcome. earlier we spoke to you have your correspondent dorian jones in istanbul and i
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asked him just how successful this meeting was in resetting e.u. turkish relations. well certainly seeing this is a major diplomatic when the fact that 2 top officials were paired to come all the way to turkey and meet face to face at a time when these these meetings are extremely rare is seen as a victory in itself and while there was a lot of focus on turkey's at the to rating human rights record at the press conference after the meeting a press conference that wasn't broadcast by most of turkish news channels here uncle will be focusing on the commitment that they have received for the opening and starting of the customs the modernization of the customs union agreement that is a key demand and also appears the all opportunity of possible visa liberalization with the e.u. officials talking about the importance of face to face contact between the 2 that will be seen as possible efforts and liberalizing visas for all of the country another key demand of wrong it's definitely seen this as
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a positive victory given the fact that the u.s. president biden is continuing to ignore the one at the present moment following is election victory so turkey is seen this is a positive spin a turn out of some other stories making news around the world. diplomats have been meeting for talks aimed at salvaging the iran nuclear deal european countries are mediating between iran and the united states trying to bring washington back to the agreement that the former administration walked away from both tehran and washington called the talks constructive. alexi no doctor has been briefly detained after trying to visit the jailed russian opposition figure police also bundle journalists and supporters into a bus volley who's on hunger strike has been complaining of a fever and back pain. protesters in the city of i have
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held a candlelight vigil to remember those killed since the start of the military coup as dawn broke they marched through the town service a security force have killed at least 570 people instead. indian state leaders are calling for a wider vaccination rollout as the country faces a record surge in corona virus cases nearly 97000 new infections were reported on tuesday close to monday's record a senior health official has warned that the fight against over 1000 over the next 4 weeks will be quote very very critical. hospitals across india are seeing an influx of patients with covert 1000 and they're turning up in record numbers the rise in cases is leading medical experts to warn that this wave could be stronger than the 1st with new variants reported from south africa brazil and the u.k. big enough. to explain all that before we have this inevitable but
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not. because of the single person in the family it is because a. majority of cases are in this stage of my home to india's financial capital mumbai nearly 60 percent of all of india's new cases were found here in just over the last 2 weeks curfew is now in place with tightened lockdown restrictions and it's being welcomed by some. of the other lock down is imposed that had least people will stay home safe and the coronavirus will be under control . the government has issued almost 80000000 vaccines it hopes to inoculate 300000000 people by the end of july and last week it opened its vaccine drive to those over 45 years old. but the coronavirus hasn't stopped politicians running for regional elections not gatherings continue in several states doctors say not enough is being done to contain that risk and warns that
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cases may be lwn in the coming weeks it's our hoovered in that group. with the one before this right so i think the whole country needs to understand and start practicing it from the don't go out of the house and the necessary wired. people collecting in closed rooms maintain social distancing and never never step out of your house without them ah so many him may have thought the pandemic was the . but now india may have to prepare for another deadly few months. and here in germany despite half a year of restrictions the country is still struggling to contain what's now a 3rd wave of coronavirus infections the high caseload is fueling cars calls for a tougher a lock down but some german states are experimenting with lifting restrictions
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a quick test something to see is like sports and cinema visit certain lives again some are long to western germany has become the 1st state to start loosening restrictions elsewhere scientists and some politicians are reporting for stricter measures among them chancellor merkel's conservative party leader i'm a lush and he's suggesting a temporary tightening of restrictions until enough people have been vaccinated for a decent book at this site until that point in time and we are talking about 2 or 3 weeks we should make another effort to limit public life if you can not show it's commonsense being mesh with criticism also from the opposition. for over a year the only thing policymakers have been able to come up with is shutting down public life telling people to stay at home locking down selling the same old policy with a new slogan. all stars he's are hoping to accelerate the country's sluggish vaccine
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rollouts by allowing 35 calves and general practitioners across the country to start administering the jobs this week. but in the countless oberlin the vaccination effort has experienced a further snag with deliveries delayed by waffle sarsi is a call to technical problems to vaccination centers set to close on tuesday because state run i said says frustration by the situation the people in germany are calling for a unified approach. the way the 3rd wave is looking it will be even more devastating than the 2nd thought so i think there will be another hard luck down politicians somehow can't seem to come up with anything else they will just lock down until everyone has facts and i said. we should 1st implement the measures they've already agreed upon they keep changing the rules then they
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disagree then everyone does their own playing it's hard to understand. if our leaders manage to stop arguing then there will be a hard lock down this probably no other way to solve it. but the country's federal political system is getting in the way both timidly it's the states that decide on and implement the measures for now chancellor angela merkel is not intervening but she has warned if the situation demands it she could try to take matters into her own hands. and here now some other developments in the pandemic in france the number of covert 1000 patients in intensive care is at its highest in almost a year france is currently in a month long lockdown a top official of the european medicines agency says there is a link between yasser seneca vaccine and blood clots the agency is expected to
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release a new assessment of the vaccine this week and the biden administration says all americans over the age of 16 will be eligible to get vaccinated starting april 19th . let's look at sports now and there were 2 champions league quarter final 1st legs played on tuesday night manchester city hosts daughter mund the german side suffered some heartbreak when phil foden scored in the 90th minute to give city the win meanwhile your can call liverpool side were completely outplayed in madrid the reds will have to make up a 31 deficit in the return leg. let's get a little more now on this big night in european football i'm joined by my colleague here in the studio after me howard indio w. sports big night or almost for dortmund they were this close to leaving town with a perfect result they were heavy underdogs going to manchester city manchester city and leaving the premier league they've got
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a 1000000 small pounds worth of players in this ward picardy ehlers the cars that were heavy favorite they scored early against open in the 19th minute they got to one nil right at the half time but dortmund were down and out it looked like but then on the 60 minute mark something clicked the door open and there i would have fought back and then it culminated in the 4th minute when marco royce scored to level the match 11 away from home you thinking that could leave manchester at 11 and go back with a big big chance of getting through to the semifinals but then hot break in the in the 90th minute defense has been dormant problem all year long and phil foden was the young englishman who scored in the 90th minute and they have a victory a draw snatched away from them at the last moment it could have been perfect it's still not totally bad it's not impossible for them to win it on an advance but it was so close to being absolutely perfect so close but not close enough what about liverpool tell me 31 is that a good reflection it's a fair reflection is not
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a great sign for the modestly they they are going to have to go home to anfield and come back from 3 goals down but they were just outplayed with open looking or football fans like you and maybe have been looking for signs that liverpool are going to bounce back into some sort of form and find that joy that playing with 2 years ago you can clump was all smiles and fist pumps the sun many many games at anfield are away from home in madrid playing the team who beat them 2 years ago in the champions league final and they just looked out played from go to war 31 was the school one and it looked exactly that and at the end of the game you see if you get an understanding of the person the club sunda he's chasing the red. off the pitch chewing there is off about things that didn't go with a white but this magic that was with liverpool with and everyone was in love with this team it's evaporated it looks like a real struggle now they've done it before at anfield against barcelona so that we know that can do it and come back from huge deficits but this looks different looks
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like a team that is going to have to rediscover something that's just not that anything can happen i guess but matter of luck and it may howard colleagues get over sports thanks so much thanks. and i'm way i'm glad kroft that's all the news for now up next with a documentary series examining the science of fear if you dare meanwhile you follow us on twitter at t w news will have more news at the top of the hour join us then thanks for watching . can you hear me here's we're going to give you and. i'm going to. surprise you with what is. really what you. want all. the way maurice and critics joining us from athens.
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a primal emotion. an instinctual response. but for something so fundamental fear is still a mystery. why are some people frozen by phobia while others seem like super humans. here is really doesn't exist on my machine just. as for those who. cannot deepest fears be overcome and should we even try she is very living breathing case study of what life would be like without she or could fear in fact be good for us. to
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survive before the samis you call it out thanks can you bear to find out. thank. stinks there's nothing like a walk through a haunted house there's thrills and chills. and shrieks of laughter. but facing your deepest fears is no laughing matter. oh miles. there's no better place to study fear than at its most extreme. anything calmer than a calm that's. mariam can a gator is terrified of chickens the instant she sees
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a chicken her memory tells her body to go on high alert. almost every step of. what you see actually is really irrational behavior. you know they go certain words. and even though they realize that there is no real threat the moment that they are in the situation they press fall as if there is your real danger and that they will die. and so our brain does not differentiate between whether the fear is rational or not. but it is real danger or no real danger. miriam is here with dr meryl cont of the university of amsterdam in a radical attempt to cure her paralyzing fear. that. their one little pill a known heart medication appears to wipe away fear. 24
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hours later dr kent accompanies miriam back to the rooster or is it. 40 years what do you feel. the next week next oh yeah. yeah. fuld you need to take on with. the racial need for payback. it is emotional but if you can do this right. from crying in fear to tears of relief a phobia is gone. and she spoke to the rooster as almost a new friends. will say oh yeah that's what's right. call fencing and. also impressive. reports of a cure for fear have attracted
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a lot of attention to talk to kids clinic eva holland has come all the way from canada to see what she can do about her fear of heights she's writing a book on her experiences with fear and was initially skeptical about this therapy it sounds like science fiction create this single pill it 2 minute exposure with your ears decades long so this doesn't even seem like convincing science fiction but the more i read about it it was it was clear that it seemed to be working for people like my 1st review this doctor can straight month is based on a new understanding of how fear memories walk it's not understood that they are not fixed in storage like a photograph op that they get parry on ticky resave and a malleable. want to kill his 1st trigger fear memory by exposing people to a situation or stimulus that they fear in them i get really freaked generally very
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fast. so we trigger this what we call fear memory. again and then what is important is that something new should happen. because this is out. signal to the brain to update. the memory. and if that happens that means that the memory trace is temporarily in a i d's several iced state. what's new in this case is that even a really tries to take in the experience and not look away oh god you really are can't go higher and higher yet but you are doing well really well. one doctor can feels that even as fear has been fully triggered i return to the ground. i'm still a shaky. hand conservative move it away. from
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feel out. fight next try to steal something. i wanted to follow the instructions to the letter i wasn't supposed to do anything that might trigger me to feel afraid at all. and just kind of try to stay in a little bubble until i would sleep. the id of the restating the memory happens during the night. between disrupt this process by giving the client a pill of propeller low. the bill has been used for years as hard medication but when administered under exact conditions it also blocks the work of a neurotransmitter involved in reciting memories. the memory has been
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changed in a way that it doesn't trigger it is fairly strong fear response the next day eva and dr kent are back at the fire station looking looking at the good yeah. that's a good there. so far it's look better than yesterday yeah if you change position because here you feel part of when are you due to shut down all. as soon as we lift it off the ground it's all completely different today before. we went all the way to debunk its upper limit and it was windier things than even the day before the bucket was shaking and i kept waiting to get scared if i did it i guess today when i believe i was going to fall over. it felt like a completely different experience. every time when i see my clients being so scared it's really intense subiaco to what i'm doing i think it's necessary to charles
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a few it and to see the difference is there relief epping this this is an extremely rewarding. increment of behavior therapy to many people to show a relapse oh they need a man. in traditional therapy apostle nuns to overcome their fear by approaching that trigger over and over again limits each time what happens in the brain is better for new memory trace is formed to call it a sort of states memory or an inhibitory memory an additional memory competes fisty or which an unfair memory. but a fair memory remains intact and this explains that people may relapse because if your memory is so strong. they then not so difficult to reinstate the fairness course. so even though they know that they shouldn't be afraid of spiders
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it shouldn't be afraid of dogs or chickens or whatever they cannot change. and so to a certain. fraction into brain between the coke and part of the brain our rational thinking. the emotional part of. this is such a challenge from. what is new is to hear our dear that we can't change the emotional memory or to fear memory itself instead of only forming a new memory trace that competes with the fear memory. these new insights of fear learning and memory are at the forefront of science. well. he. just. is not something dr kent recommends. if i think of her life is not
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a fear to you quite m.t.v. my greatest fear is that something bad happens to my children or so i realize types even though this is not just a nice feeling of forest. this is the other side of the love. that are few for my children. but how is it that some people panic before chickens spiders or hides while others . like condom elo seem to have no fear. as a motocross stunt champion from all of the canada when i was 3 years old i got my 1st her bike up instead of riding bikes up and down the road. my school friends just bigger bigger steeper steeper go higher bigger distances. better temps
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a commitment on the streets and as a consequence is a can be very high will we see the front seat during the 1st round yes. undeterred by pain. by. cano immediately tries to stump again his own mind trying to see. like a spirit. i. just. went tricks have gone wrong or crash or hurt myself and then i get near to get this a 10 tries 20 tries maybe a 100 tries the feeling when i went something new and they're going down. your energy spikes up your joints biceps. of the cool so you know you really did go to the 1st drop on snow but this is a car. period really doesn't exist it exists in our mind that
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that's it and when you face it it's gone. it actually kind of becomes addicting. now calm has come to vanderbilt university in nashville in the u.s. to work with david sound who wants to know how i don't deal with fear or if he feels later told my story i wanted to make music and film video and write soundtracks but somehow that didn't work out i ended up moving into an era science as a profession. con will undergo a brain scan. doctors out doesn't use scary pictures just to calm you would know that they are fake instead he uses images that activate the same brain region police triggered by threats. hard not to have an emotional response to these
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images and so it really challenges the person to be able to clamp down on that emotional experience that they have what i want you to do is try to. any emotional experience that you have during those pictures. if there is something special in connell's brain that makes him immune to fear doctors old one st. the next morning the results are in. this is the area that we're particularly interested in the middle of because it is really central to the experience fear doctors all can see that coddles visual cortex at the back of the brain lights up as it takes in the threatening information normally the make would be fired up as
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well but not connell's you're basically look quite silent in that condition by contrast the visual cortex is still doing some amount of response in terms of trying to figure out what it seeing everything we looked at here how can we relate this to my writing and understand aspects of fear and how i deal with it . there are a couple things i think are relevant for you in particular one of them is that you do experience fear of what can happen i remember my 1st attempt after the 1st stick crashes i was scared i was nervous i was shaking. but you show a really strong ability to down regulate that i mean that circuitry that's involved when people are anxious or afraid you can control it to enough of
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a degree that allows you to actually go forward to do the true.


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