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who controlled a little self-contained pressure vehicle or vessel which would be on the surface there are things like oxygen that you can harvest from the atmosphere to help make living possible. if you want to think of humanity if we really want to survive forever we're going to have to move off the earth eventually and i know that seems a little crazy but you've got to start somewhere. just. the problem of society we have at the moment in every one of the great of making a mistake what may happen if we don't do. the pen demick has changed life as we know it. but what comes next. will our fast paced lives pick up again.
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who we continue to innovate regardless of the cost. live lives profit driven. and globally connected. or has this pandemic sparked irreparable change. how will we live in the future. after the pandemic. hello and welcome to the 900. 11. out of the pandemic from what it means for cities to economies even nutrition today climate change as the world focuses on getting past the pen demick the urgency of climate change has taken a bit of a backseat but slowing global warming could actually be critical for preventing
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future disease scientists warn that a warming planet will provide fertile ground for viruses and other pathogens and introduce disease carriers to new habitats. a german climate activist and author david ellis has been mapping out some of those dangers he spoke with us earlier take a listen you know one example is the type of mosquito which spreads today in your favor and that you could come you're going to the positive just. asian regions because of climate change it's warmer you have sort of mosquito came comes to europe and therefore there is reason to be affected tropical diseases if you're in germany organized. german climate activists and author david nellis there for more on this let's talk with he's dean of the party school of global affairs boston university professor now jump thank you so much for joining us this connection between changes and wildlife habitat and disease has the pandemic helped make this clear to normal people and perhaps added some urgency to climate change.
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i hope it will i'm not sure it has certainly had the beginning of the pandemic until there was a bit of fear mongering about how it had come to be but all concerned about it about you know how did it get here and because you know places that it had crossed neutered from sort of those zoological system or into the human system there was this concern that maybe we will again sort of start looking at meijers the enemies and i hope for what will happen and is happening not as much as i would like but i hope the right message is that we have to live in coexistence with nature that nature has a huge think that nature it is what not issues us and if we restrict the space of nature to future strip the space on biodiversity then nature will hit back in the vehicle for example that your guest was talking about we're doing it all in the view that we have seen it could all about us that in some ways the big lesson is
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that there is no human held doubt because people help the 2 come together and say what the management of climate change managing the pen democrats required an incredible lot of collective action and sacrifice which climate change will also require based on what you've seen so far from the pendennis should we be optimistic or pessimistic about the fight against climate change. at this point and i did but i do do hope that we should be very heated flicked of about what has happened we should try to think part of it we're just happened we're going to learn about ourselves about our own behavior and we should have a concern in some ways this pandemic give you an early warning if you will of what it truly ordered matter because you've heard it before what are truly global crisis looks like you know we've talked about climate as as as a as a crisis possibly in the future and having this in your face meek's you pain can should make you think there are good lessons and there are some disturbing this is
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the disturbing lesson is that this was not a very global movement our immediate reaction especially in the beginning was closing up. it was getting tribal was building walls was trying to blame the other was trying to put up workings are ok i have too many too many problems myself i can share my ventilators i can't really give you my mosque if you go back to march of last year the good lesson if you want is the lesson of vaccine development for example the lesson of science coming in to help the lesson of listening to knowledge and intervene in the choice that we will make really to do in the future in something is the sad part is and this is what is big much like climate change scientists act surprised there's been damage happen but there was no surprise in the burnett we knew about them he talked about been there because he prepared or he said we prepared for going to mix and yet we've been kim we have ignored it so
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often that vivid found dukie unprepared that is exactly the story with climate change at the same time i wouldn't help and no one has the right to feel surprised when we look at climate change versus the pandemic the pen demick has very specific in that as we all get to a certain number of vaccines we reach herd immunity with climate change there's no solid there there perhaps does that make it more difficult for someone to imagine tackling climate change versus the pen demick. it might it might make it more difficult but it also makes it more urgent you're exactly climate change does not have a vaccine whether it is pfizer or no or astra zeneca go whatever they're going to come up with a vaccine or a bill that you're going to walk in and climate change will be solved yes there are various reports coredump diction we will have to adapt and adopt issues will not be comfortable in adult patients will not be be be cheap as again we have learned that in the bending of independent if you know what is it that dish means something bad happens and you adapt to it you learn to live it so you build your buildings higher
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if seeded sea level is rising. i vehicle straighter because of discord i'm adapting where that is exactly depend about what we did with the pandemic we had that are we learnt how to build a mosque we learnt how to lock ourselves up we learnt how to not need to mess we learned how to not hug people we love how much that is what are not dictionaries and the list is a definition is not comfortable how much harder will that shift be was adaptations be especially as we're going from the end of the pen demick to climate change i get the feeling that not many people are in the mood to talk about personal sacrifice right now but they'd rather be rewarded for a period in which they feel like they've already sacrificed a lot so maybe taking more trips things like that. yeah i think i think you're right i get in every i don't want to begrudge them sort of going out and sort of you know after having me locked up for a year but on the other hand this is why this should be a moment different flexion this should be a moment of learning because you've also got so many things right we have learned
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good lessons we have learned the lesson that if you spend a dollar in advance to overt a crisis you will see of millions of dollars when if the crisis hits so i think those are the lessons that come out in terms of climate in bend any can particularly in the beginning that it was a little sort of target ok we were driving as much and we want to be using energy as much and because action will go down i'm sure not sure that has exactly happened maybe it's happened in a few cases to the extent it does happen you know climate strategy should not be locking people up in their hopes. and on the other hand we found there you know we have a consumptive species we find new ways to consume wheat be other people do go and travel on our behalf and make carbon on our behalf and develop and drop food to act on our doorsteps black the r e v p r e smart species we should learn from this i hope the biggest lesson we learn it's
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not that we will all become sort of self-sacrifice that's that i don't and that's never been sober the question is not some sacrifice there's question a smart behavior we do not get pleasure out of emitting carbon via pleasure out of quality of life and i hope for the better known it also teaches us is that what you know of life means more than just getting into your car and getting stuck in traffic where i will have to leave it there for now professor. with boston university thank you so much for joining us. and let's check in now with our science correspondent eric williams for another question related to climate change . demand for meat is growing and that has consequences for human health and the environment how does science trying to address this problem our hunger for meat contributes in a major way to climate change and environmental degradation and the conditions in
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which billions of animals are kept also poses a direct health threat to humanity since experts say intensive animal agriculture provides a nearly perfect breeding ground for pathogens to evolve so what's science doing to help improve the paradigm well 2 things jump instantly to mind one is all that research behind plant based meat alternatives that look and taste like the real thing but are mostly made from the ingredients like soil or or peeves or mushrooms discoveries in a range of scientific fields especially those that involve how we process taste and texture are improving the experience of eating those products which is reflected by a recent big boom in demand. the other science driven approach to the meat problem
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involves the cutting edge field of cultivated or cultured meat it's based on the fact that the animals themselves are actually pretty inefficient meat factories lots of what you put in comes back out again as as problematic waste or it goes towards creating unwanted by products like like skin or bottles so so why not just grow only what you want the meat directly from the right types of. cells replicated in giant bio reactors the science behind doing that in a commercially viable way has actually proven pretty pathetic a maybe you remember the hype around the 1st a lab grown burger back in 2013 which cost 250000 euros to make but the technology has come a long way since then and production costs are coming down fast the big question
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of course is how willing people will be to buy it. our own signs up for derek williams there that's it for us today thanks for watching stay safe and we'll see against of. new. year's day as does times are good for the feeling. warming doesn't do very. gentle the most well but yet. the industry is controlling your
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no use no love. for him. with. gaza. using the. parents. community. coming up on arts and culture what is dressing up even mean these days a whole year and so they come of it 19 crisis had to paris for the answers from fashion insiders and see how designers are even embracing some pandemic chic. but 1st one of the most eccentric artists of the 20th century and one of the most
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daring there was a voice made art that was hard to categorize he filled corners of museums with animals that covered himself in honey and gold leaf and even spent a few days living with a coyote and in new york city gallery always fascinating often difficult to understand the german artists legacy lives on a century after boyce's birth germany's staats gallery museum and stuttgart is paying tribute with a new exhibition. the guy could. decide they're going to do because it's just you and i was going to push you don't do anything that i've done in. the. use of boys wanted to be more than just an artist and he ended up becoming one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. the shots god of the stock is honoring the centenary of his birth with an exhibition one that asks what boys still has to say
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to us today. from self on with us the legacy of us of boys is incredibly multifaceted there's the political boys who was concerned with ecological issues and grassroots democracy very early on but the most interesting thing about voice is that he changed the way we think about art nothing quince to endow tatts. can art started revolution that's what you'll suppose wanted to know the shots kind of the owns one of the last rooms the artist set up himself in 1904. since then nothing about it has been changed at its center or boys as typical materials of beeswax felt metal and powder. for him energy flowed here representing his personal philosophy. with get it presumed. that there is a spiritual world and he was always very concerned with bringing spirituality back
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into our daily lives he always believed in the immortality of the soul. it was potency fiona's boost and invention of i believe you saw on the almost night of the of the audibility his each word soon. in 1982 boys provoked west german society by melting down a replica of the crown worn by tsar ivan the terrible and creating his piece hair out of it it was a scam to the hair as a symbol of resurrection and alongside it was his crucifixion with 2 containers of blood. work such as these made him the best known artist in west germany but also the most controversial. for his room and stood guard from 1904 boys hung a work by andy warhol despite the obvious differences between the 2 world famous artists voice and warhol shared a mutual fascination for each other. 100 years after use of
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poisonous birth how much is there to discover about him that's really new for one thing he's under increased scrutiny for his life during the nazi era and for all the mythologizing of himself he did reeve writing his own biography and for the way he presented himself as a savior and prophet still voice doesn't leave people cold perhaps he's just the sort of artist the world needs right now. for they said visits the b.b.c. will also be. on plastic if. the. artist joseph boys is being celebrated this year a 100 years after his birth and events and exhibitions across germany antidoping reporter michael kruger has more mike a serb or is clearly was in a modest guy did he really think that he could change the world with his art well at least he wanted to change a lot of things and he didn't. did he change the will of arts he created the idea
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that everybody is an artist he believed in the creative powers of the mind to something we all have and he saw himself as the person who was just giving us the ideas so boys now is considered one of the great artists of the 20th century was that clear from the start or was it clear that we were still going to be talking about him today in that side of the art scene absolutely he was right from the beginning a rising star but outside the world of art it was a bit different because the people just didn't know what to do with a strange guy with a hat not painting or creating sculptures just do weird things and there are a few stories about cleanest destroying his art installations because they didn't realize it bores art and half of germany was laughing about that because a lot of people at those days were asking this question is this really odd but you know it was just impossible to really understand everything he did. that was maybe
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part of his miss the mystery so at least here all the attention and of course if you make sculptures out of fat you risk someone coming along and maybe trying to clean them what exactly was his obsession with that why did that play such a huge role in so many of his works fats and felt by the way and there are several elections in his life he repeatedly told us i guess none of them really happened like that in world war 2 he's sad he was hit by a russian crossfire and he crashed in crimea a clown off nomadic ta-ta found him covered his body in fat wrapped in belts and they saved his life so the story goes and as an artist he worked again and again with us and felt speaking about story a lot of people now accuse him of glorifying his past as a soldier for non-si germany. this is a very fascinating question that hasn't really been discussed so much until today.
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but you know it was this generation where most everybody was really involved somehow in the wall but this will be discussed very intensively and this year there's a voice was born a 100 years ago he died 34 years ago just briefly why are we still talking about you as a boy is it because he was a visionary a brilliant storyteller and this as he created a still vivid today like this one. he was very popular in united states because of this story he stayed 3 days in the cage with a co u.t. his idea was to make peace with my nature and at least he made peace with this guy mike a group i think so much thank you well and in the united states former hollywood producer harvey weinstein says he didn't get a fair trial weinstein's lawyers have filed an appeal in new york against his conviction last year for rape and sexual assaults they say the judge didn't ensure
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an impartial jury and should not have admitted testimony about misconduct that didn't directly relate to the charges why since conviction last february was seen as a watershed moment for the me too movement after scores of women accused him of sexual harassment or assault he's now served one year out of his 23 year sentence and is still awaiting trial on other sexual assault and rape charges in los angeles. for a lot of us the covered 19 pandemic has been a time to finally clean out our closets and why you can shop for new clothes when you have no place to wear them anyway the fashion industry has taken a huge hit but believe it or not designers are still putting out new collections of clothing they say reflects the times here's more from paris. an outfit
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like this turns heads even in the fashion capital paris oh hold on is right on trend with her metallic kimono style but. when she should know she works as a stylist for various fashion magazines and has already dressed big names like french actress catherine deneuve. said but. it's shiny it's a little oversized shimmers it's just what you need right now you simply want to look good and the sleeves are white and i think this outfit perfectly represents a woman in spring summer 2021. contacted the. designers are going for sparkles and silver of the season whether from head to toe with glittery accents like a pair of shoes or a handbag fashion journalists say this trend reflects a longing for a pre-planned attack special occasion dressing. basically disco clothes to go out and how far or. you know
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things that are for the evening when nobody's going anywhere the evening but you know you could always get dressed the whole take a selfie. i think in all its nuances is also a trend this season bringing a cheerful pop of color to the runway. german designers fusing the striking color with the next trend also inspired by lockdown. this is the exit with him on the phone and i wonder this is the 1st look i started with. and the 1st one that came to mind it's just pajamas. that's what i lived in during the 1st weeks of the one and i'm with you there and i wondered what i could make out of it and thought why not pink pajamas. but i think it's great you can go shopping in them too you can leave the shirt open or button it up so depending on who you run into at the supermarket. it comfortable oversized look is also one of
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the overall donkey's face friends fashion editors view this trend as a reaction to the long hours spent at home. because it would be so use to be relaxed about things where. volume no this is considered a game but it has to be done in a sculpted way. and ideally it should be made to recycle regenerate from brick. in this current season a bit of extra volume for the upper arms is trendy too. puffy sleeves are very fashionable at the moment. up the sleeves are definitely back i think the shoulders are much bigger so we're not really in the eighty's but there was a slight once that we had the big shoulders and much with the smooth sleeves are very important lots of work up the sleeves they could be could be embroidered they
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can be chiffon and transparent but. voluminous and here's another eye catcher crop tops are back in a number of different styles their midriffs are trendy again. but there's good news for those who want to come for up to a minimalist cheap. minimalism every turn to people like. lying in the eighty's and ninety's. there was a. little twist. so fashion followers take no casual outfits without a lot of frills but made from premium fabrics and with a special element or sporty touch will be a hot demand this summer. time to put on that tracksuit maybe with some policy
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sleeves well whatever you're wearing it's been a treat to have you with us and if you want more arts and lifestyle news check us out any time at w dot com slash culture alchemy and the whole crew here in berlin and thanks for watching. we're all in this together it was the slogan on social media back when the corona pandemic started. around the world it has since then become clear that the fools are suffering the. economic inequality and the currents
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the to reinforce. the results of. 30 minutes on. plain space lists fronting. infinity business models. the companies are sensing gold rush danger isn't fuchsia markets with most of the potential in space. science fiction. seems. made in germany. on d w. we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. the magic corner. concert for such and some great culture memorials to boot. double trouble. so you go.
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where the real power resides. and i come from there lots of people in fact more than a 1000000000 users was not just democracy to me that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can send. the troops in the mission the book is right here in berlin and talk to the for the fun in one hour member thinking at the time if the bomb in bold can forward anything can happen if people come together and unite for a cold something. that i do the news that often confronts difficult situations more conflict between does the us down i see despite my charm to confront floods he does on policies and development put the spotlight on issues that matter most to the congo food security question national nicely. a not has been achieved so much more needs to be john and i have seen people who have to be
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a concrete solutions my name is on the top she's on and i work at the job. load play. play play play play. this is the i mean it was live from berlin searching for a reset a new attempt to repair the european union's troubled ties with charkhi turkey's president era to want to host a top officials for a face to face in un for us on the agenda migration trade in human rights. or looking for common ground. also coming up in deal records around 100000 new coping
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1000 cases for the 2nd day in a row now calls on the prime minister to open up vaccinations to more people.


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