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tv   Die Angst vor dem Wolf  Deutsche Welle  April 6, 2021 11:30pm-12:00am CEST

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when you hold just one week. how much will it can really get. we still have time to ask i'm going. to set. up some scribe and more news like this. coming up on arts and culture what does dressing up even mean these days a whole year and so they come of it 19 crisis will have to paris for the answers from fashion insiders and see how designers are even embracing some pandemic chic. but 1st one of the most eccentric artists of the 20th century and one of the most daring there was a boy's made art that was hard to categorize he sold corners of museums with animals that covered himself in honey and gold leaf and even spent
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a few days living with a coyote and in new york city gallery always fascinating often difficult to understand the german artists legacy lives on a century after boyce's birth germany's staats gallery a museum and start gardens paying tribute with a new exhibition. the guy who could. design i didn't want to because it's you guys do it now exclusively she don't do it you have to. use of voice wanted to be more than just an artist and he ended up becoming one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. the shots kind of the stock is honoring the centenary of his birth with an exhibition one that asks what boys still has to say to us today the lessons how far north of the legacy of us of boys is incredibly multifaceted there's the political boys who was
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concerned with ecological issues and grassroots democracy very early on but the most interesting thing about boys is that he changed the way we think about art nothing quince to endow tatts. can art started revolution that's what you'll see of course wanted to know the shots kind of the owns one of the last rooms the artist set up himself in 1904. since then nothing about it has been changed at its center or boyce's typical materials of beeswax felt metal and powder. for him energy flowed here representing his personal philosophy. on it it presumes. that there is a spiritual world and he was always very concerned with bringing spirituality back into our daily lives he always believed in the immortality of the soul.
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it. has been with a dimension of either the views on the almost night of the of the audibility says it's about soon. in 1902 boys provoked west german society by melting down a replica of the crown worn by tsar ivan the terrible and creating his peace hair out of it it was a scandal the hair as a symbol of resurrection and alongside it voices crucifixion with 2 containers of blood. work such as these made him the best known artist in west germany but also the most controversial. for his room and stood guard from 1904 boys hung a work by andy warhol despite the obvious differences between the 2 world famous artists boyce and warhol shared a mutual fascination for each other. 100 years after use of force birth how much is there to discover about him that's really new for one thing
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he's under increased scrutiny for his life during the nazi era and for all the mythologizing of himself he did read writing his own biography and for the way he presented himself as a savior and prophet still voice doesn't leave people cold perhaps he's just the sort of artist the world needs right now. for these are visits to see we saw false hope to come plastic if. this. artist joseph boys is being celebrated this year a 100 years after his birth and events and exhibitions across germany antidoping reporter michael kruger has more mike a serb or is clearly was in a modest guy did he really think that he could change the world with his art well at least he wanted to change a lot of things and he didn't. did he change the will of art he created the idea that everybody is an artist he believed in the creative powers of the mind to something we all have and he saw himself as the person who was just giving us the
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ideas so boys now is considered one of the great artists of the 20th century was that clear from the start or was it clear that we were still going to be talking about him today in that side of the art scene absolutely he was right from the beginning a rising star but outside the world of art it was a bit different because the people just didn't know what to do with a strange guy with a had knobs painting or creating sculptures just do weird things and there are a few stories about cleanest destroying his art installations because they didn't realize it was art and half of germany was laughing about that because a lot of people at those days were asking this question is this really odd but you know it was just impossible to really understand everything he did. this was maybe part of his miss the mystery so at least here all the attention and of course if
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you make sculptures out of fat you risk someone coming along with me trying to clean them what exactly was his obsession with that why did that play such a huge role in so many of his works facts and felt by the way and there are several elections in his life he repeatedly told us i guess none of them really happened like that in what what that he was hit by a russian aircraft fire and he crashed in crimea a clan of nomadic tas found him covered his body in fat wrapped in belts and they saved his life so the story goes and as an artist he worked again and again because and felt speaking about story a lot of people now accuse him of glorifying his past as a soldier for nazi germany. this is a very fascinating question that hasn't really been discussed so much until today. but you know it was this generation where most everybody was really involved
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somehow in the wall but this will be discussed very intensively and this year there's a voice was born 100 years ago he died 34 years ago just briefly why are we still talking about you as a boy is it because he was a visionary a brilliant storyteller and this as he created a still vivid today like this one. he was very popular in united states because of this story he stayed 3 days in a cage with a co u.t. his idea was to make peace with my nature and at least he made peace with this with a guy mike a crew guy thanks so much thank you well and in the united states former hollywood producer harvey weinstein says he didn't get a fair trial weinstein's lawyers have filed an appeal in new york against his conviction last year for rape and sexual assaults they say the judge didn't ensure an impartial jury and should not have admitted testimony about misconduct that
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didn't directly relate to but charges since conviction last february was seen as a watershed moment for the me too movement after scores of women accused him of sexual harassment or assault he's now served one year out of his 23 year sentence and is still awaiting trial on other sexual assault and rape charges in los angeles . for a lot of us the covert 19 pandemic has been a time to finally clean out our closets and why you can shop for new clothes when you have no place to wear them anyway the fashion industry has taken a huge hit but believe it or not designers are still putting out new collections of clothing they say reflects the times here's more from paris. an outfit like this turns heads even in the fashion capital paris toehold donkey is right on trend with her metallic kimono style but. when she should know she works as
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a stylist for various fashion magazines and has already dressed big names like french actress catherine deneuve. sadly it's shiny it's a little oversized shimmers it's just what you need right now you simply want to look good and the sleeves are wide and i think this outfit perfectly represents a woman in spring summer 2021. contacted the. designers are going for sparkles and so for the season whether from head to toe with glittery x. sounds like a pair of shoes or a handbag fashion journalists say this trend reflects a longing for a pretend amec special occasion dressing. basically disco clothes to go out of the house or spark. things that are for the evening when nobody's going anywhere the evening but you know you could always get dressed the whole take
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a selfie. think you know all its nuances there's also a trend this season bringing a cheerful pop of color to the runway. german designer looks fusing the striking color with the trend also inspired by lockdown. this is the sort with me on the phone and i'll do this in the 1st look i started with. and the 1st one that came to mind and it's just pajamas. is what i lived in during the 1st weeks. and i'm a cricketer and i wondered what i could make out of it and thought why not pink pajamas. but i think it's great you can go shopping in them too you can leave the shirt open or button it up so depending on who you run into at the supermarket. the comfortable oversized look is also one of the over donkey's favorites action editors view this trend as a reaction to the long hours spent at home. because it would be so use to
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be relaxed about things where. this is going but it has to be done in a sculpted way. and ideally it should be made into recycled regenerate from brick. in this current season a bit of extra volume for the upper arms is trendy to. puffy sleeves are very fashionable with the. up the sleeves are definitely back i think the shoulders are much bigger so we're not really in the eighty's but there was a slight once that we had the big shoulders and much with the smooth sleeves are very important lots of work up the sleeves they can be. broidery or they can be chiffon and transparent but. voluminous and here's another eye catcher crop tops are back in
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a number of different styles they're midriffs are trendy. but there's good news for those who want to come for up to minimalist chic. minimalism every turn to people like. lying in the eighty's and ninety's. and. there was an understatement little twist it was. so fashion followers take no casual outfits without a lot of frills but made from premium fabrics and with a special element or sporty touch will be hot the mammoth this summer. time to put on that tracksuit maybe with some policy sleeves well whatever you're wearing it's been a treat to have you with us and if you want more parts and lifestyle news check us out any time i d w dot com slash culture after me and the whole crew here in berlin thanks for
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watching. what secrets and why behind the wall. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. d.w. world heritage 316 getting out now. we're glad to be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them as a clown are you sure. that the children who have already been the boy
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and those that will follow are part of a new process. they could be the future. granting opportunities for global news that matters d. w. made for minds. pastor godfried martin's gives blessings in farsi the language of iran his church is open to among others refugees slated for deportation this may be the last chance for the ira from iran and of afghanistan as christians they were persecuted in their own countries and even face the death penalty they ought to be allowed to stay in germany says pastor martens for years he's acted in defiance of the german
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courts of i'm not worried about that in the least then they should just send me to prison. one berlin's church of the holy trinity was built a century or so ago the basement was meant to be used as a fellowship hall but now it's become home to refugees most of them from iran and afghanistan protestant pastor dr godfried martins has granted them church sanctuary the immigration authority and the police don't get past the door. now we're entering an area that at present not even the church members are allowed into so we can maintain the security of. reasonable price and also here in this area there's a quarantine room for newcomers. when they come to us they have to go into
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quarantine for 14 days before they can live in the community with the others. that someone is in there now no no no he's done that and another ones and only one person has just been released and now the other one goes in. you know. the big fellowship area only a little spaces left. on this side we have the sleeping quarters where our church refugees can spend the night. nothing current does you know this is a room with a kitchenette a little fellowship room and it's a kind of a living room for the refugees from the creation of. the rooms generally housed 10 min or so they are all slated for deportation and only allowed to remain in germany until their data arrives most of them profess a christian faith and actively practice it. that means they pronounced islam and
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act punishable by death in iran the right comes from tehran knows he cannot return to iran he's trying to adjust to life in germany and learn the language we feel forced to leave. the. east. village. you know iran i wasn't allowed to profess christianity officially learn more about christianity in your thora tease would have arrested or killed me. he's just the only opportunity i had to be active in it it was through the internet and my own research and i was a member of a home congregation. commander and i would hear you so much when it all came out i received threats and my family came under pressure they intimidated me with.
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more sure that you should wear those. in the church has gained a reputation for his delicious soup. when he fled iran he passed to bulgaria and romania and eventually arrived in germany. he knocked on the church door and pastor martens let him in the nose of. the big if i told a hungry person jesus loves you and then sent them away without giving them something to eat so if i saw someone whose life was in danger and didn't take action. it would if i did that i completely destroyed my own credibility. even in germany christian converts often live dangerously in the refugee shelters
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there are radical muslims who see converts as a past hate infidels and threaten the course this is what happened to alice a lot of afghanistan. i'm out of those i had a roommate at the refugee shelter who is a muslim. who started when he saw me wearing a cross. it was disrespectful to me and threatened to me that only make i reported it to the shelters managers and they warned him that the threats didn't stop of the . even trying to throw me out the window on the 5th floor and jump out point over the past 15 years well over a 1000 refugees have found sanctuary with pastor martens now they make up the majority of his congregation most of the german members are getting on in years
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many of them help out the refugees with learning german for example often converts ask the pastor to baptize them 1st they have to attend a preparation course regularly among the child takes out the christian doctrine and differences to islam at this session they discuss the church position on divorce the neophytes complete the course with an exam. others is kinds a this is no guaranteed passage. i've had some courses where over half the students fail and only when these people have convinced me beyond any doubt that they seriously desire to become christians and that they understand why they want to become christians and i baptize them if somebody were just to say i want to become a christian because i think islam is silly that's not reason enough for me to baptize them since we're told. they're right and elissa law both attend the preparation course at the church regularly they hope to be ready for their baptism by easter night the principal church service before the resurrection of christ.
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as a feather and i am already looking forward to the exam because i can get baptized afterwards i can be born again into a new eternal life so i'm really looking forward to it. now. i don't think up to some exam would be hard for me it would not even know my thoughts are completely focused on the baptism that i'll be born again and i'll receive the peace i have always sought after in my life but even if they do convince the pastor that they quite seriously desire to become christian that means little to earth or it is their decision on asylum applications is made on a case by case basis and is often anything but transparent. it's him up he began and again i'm just stunned at this arrogance the decision makers and judges display when they say things like yes the pastor overlooked it for years but within
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just 2 or 3 hours we figured out that something wasn't right here to me. the assumption is that refugees are just pretending to be christians to get asylum. or the german immigration authorities may see it that way. but to me that's what's most important is that in my heart i'm a christian. i'm not alone with my christian faith so i've already experienced that back in iran. and while i'm a c. but too often that fails to impress the authorities and the asylum seekers often hear cynical arguments as to why they are to be sent back to their home countries that's obvious god lets them just last week i read a transcript of a hearing where at the end the decision maker said these are you say that you believe in eternal life then it shouldn't be any problem for you to go back to iran
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and actually been sentenced to death because then you get eternal life then you should aspire to it. wish to be zoe read stuff like that week after week. that was a direct quote. the cynicism and unfairness only served to spur pastor martens on in his efforts as a rule germany tolerates the churches granting sanctuary to asylum seekers to save them from deportation currently that totals about $500.00 people in germany even so time and again legal action has been taken against clergy who offer sanctuary in their churches. i'm not worried about that in the least and then they should just send me to prison by giving compared to what's in store for our people in iran and afghanistan even a prison in germany is still a luxury. pastor
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martin visits id in an iranian who was paralyzed in an accident. i didn't can't come to the church so the pastor administers communion to him at home. 35 year old i.d.n. had already come in contact with the christian faith in iran but that drew the attention of the authorities to him the muslim clergy have openly stated that they see the biggest threat to iran's internal security in underground christian communities meanwhile more and more iranians are taking ideas view of islam the state religion. there is in iran because by that the relationship will be quite good for we can't leave to be to give the form because you should marry is. it's not good
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if you or muslim changes the leisure it's very very devout. a service at the church of the holy trinity the refugees have come up from below to join in that because of the pandemic only a very few worshippers who registered in advance are allowed to take part. ringback in the all 58 year old pastor martens preaches and farsi it's become routine for him he started to himself over the years he has no family of his own he's devoted his life entirely to working for his congregation. the next step for elisa law and paradis baptism. our. home of my future lies in the hands of jesus christ more than of those who kill
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have a good plan for my life again will i trust all that. man 2000 a year i've had problems to deal with since my early childhood but yeah. but when i look back now i know that jesus christ has always helped me. quarter. by way of the baptism i want to be with him always round the town for the on the way for us and that's a kosher. thought in the meantime both have passed their baptism exam if the pandemic allows they'll be baptized into the christian faith on easter night but whether that will convince the authorities to grant them asylum is another matter. the.
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we are all in this together it was the slogan on social media back when the come on a pandemic started. around the world to come clean up the philosophy of. the academic inequality. the to reinforce each other. 90 minutes on d w. one continent 700000000 people. with their own personal stories. we explore every day life. what europeans fear and what they hope
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for. some because under oath. on g.w. him no. more than 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. with christianity firmly established there is a greater demand for houses of worship. and both religious and secular leaders are eager to display their power so churches become palaces. the race begins who can create the tallest biggest and most beautiful structures. the stone masons builders in the projects compete with each other. even one of the projects. this is how massive churches
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with towers that pierce the clouds like skyscrapers are created. contest of the cathedral starts people 12th on t.w. . this is the n.p.r. news these are our top stories. the european union's top officials have met with turkey's president in attempt to improve relations between the 2 sides. says he wants to turn a new page in his relations with europe but european commission president. and council chairman.


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