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tv   Traumhauser im Norden  Deutsche Welle  April 6, 2021 7:30pm-8:16pm CEST

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and send us your story you are trying always to understand this new culture. or another visit to another guests you want to become citizens. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. you're watching news asia coming up today what happens after years of drought across the continent we speak to an expert on the meat kind delta about that and how climate change makes droughts even harsher. plus crews in taiwan work to recover the final carriages from the tunnel where the country's worst train accident in decades occurred. and you'll meet a group of art is in use in india we've turned the prejudice they faced into profit .
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i'm melissa chan thank you for joining us we take a closer look today at drought across the continent it's been a spring of extreme weather in asia where people from india to taiwan has been forced to adapt to record temperatures and the lack of much needed rainfall not just for this season but the fact is certain regions have faced several years of this crisis and it's all coming to a head. these thirsty lions trying to beat the heat and india's gear forest park officials have made hundreds of watering holes for wildlife as temperatures exceed 40 degrees. it's just one of many scenes from what has been a dramatic spring for weather across the asian continent. to the east drought has forced the government to tap groundwater resources in order to keep crops irrigated like these watermelons in central thailand.
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my land it's awfully dry here the northeastern region is very drought prone which trees were widely cut down for timber so there are almost none left to hold water we dug wells but the water dries up by march or april every year. using ground water may be a temporary solution but in the long term it can lower the water table and create sinkholes. the effects of drought and mongolia have been felt as far away as tokyo which was envelop in yellow desert sand for the 1st time in a decade in beijing we're living with dangerous air quality is a way of life resigned residents took the sandstorm in stride. just wish you could exercise on a day like today it would be bad for your health but actually perhaps because i'm used to it now it doesn't bother me that much. in taiwan reservoirs are dangerously low as the island faces its worst drought in 50 years the government
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has decided to ration water for more than a 1000000 households official say that the restrictions may become the new normal then by your eyes that by usual at the though some people say this is a short term phenomenon if we look at the history and it's hard to deny that this is become a long term trend we just can't allow this to continue while climate change affects the whole planet experts warn that asia is particularly prone to an increase in extreme weather events such as drought flooding and heat waves in the decades to come. we have and you're why it from the international union for conservation of nature with us he joins us from vietnam and joe we've just had a round up of the water shortages across the continent let's start with where you are in southeast asia there have been places that haven't seen much water in years tell us about that you know in the me from delta
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in vietnam so in the south of vietnam where i'm based. we've just come through the worst drought in in history. in the mekong delta and this follows horton the heels of the 20152016 you know nino driven drought that was at that time the worst in history in the 1000 year recorded history of me come delta in terms of water levels and and forced fresh water availability. businesses have. considerable. negative consequences both on. human populations says well as the agriculture which is the main focus of people's livelihoods here in the mekong delta and it's a major export. area as well exporting rice sent through.
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lots of aquaculture type products as well. one of one of the consequences of this drought. is that you need a lack of fresh water availability has forced. famines and households to seek. fresh water sources and that's meant that made have to. seek. out source of fresh water from groundwater that's the water lies below the surface and the reason for that is the course the with with the drowns the lift flows coming down to me hungrier and we have greater intrusion of salinity into the rhythms so you have 2 consecutive serious droughts in the farmers are drilling deep down to the aco for us explain a bit more why the drilling of the aquifers is
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a problem. you know the major problem is that this then leads to a ground subsidy and. as soon as we draw more water. the irony of compaq's fouda and we have. a subsequence in an already very low elevation landscape. the recent research suggests that this. loss of elevation of the substance as it's called in scientific terms is up to 2 and a half centimeters per year. now that that may be a conservative figure because the research just along going. that is multiples on top of the actual sea level her eyes which amounts to 5 millimeters per year so in fact they subsidise the 2 and
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a half centimeters compounds on that 5 millimeters of sea level rise so this is really leading to an existential threat for river deltas like me come delta which will face major flooding issues. as seattle rise progress is substance progress is over time. now so i'd like to connect this to our global climate emergency so many experts talk about how that explains the more extreme weather events where seeing and many say asia is particularly vulnerable why is that. yeah. because it's influenced by the el nino la nina cycles. and our climate projection have already projected that. cycles will get more frequent become more frequent and we see that for example
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interests are very. close following after 20192020 drought shortly after the 20152016 drought and they also make the. events more intense and more extreme. so we see this. listener a very recent drought 2920 drought being even more extreme than the 201516 drought got it and you know why it thank you so much for joining us. welcome. it's been taiwan's deadliest rail disaster in decades with 50 people killed and some 200 injured when the high speed train usually a point of pride for many tiling these 2 railed as it entered
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a tunnel and initial report on the investigation into the crash has just come out with people asking whether this could have been prevented and demanding accountability. after days of clearing rescue is in time one remove another piece of wreckage from friday's fateful crash. as the cleanup nears the final stages questions are being asked how this could have happened and who is responsible. investigators are trying to determine exactly how a runaway truck managed to slip on to the track the most likely explanation its driver failed to engage the brake he's been remanded in custody without bail. but. to me i've posed a serious accident to the time when railway during the 2 sweeping holidays this year. this caused people to be wounded and dead. i deeply regret this and i also express my most sincere apologies so it.
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i will do all i can to cooperate with investigators and take on the responsibilities i have with. the toronto express train was packed with people at the start of a long weekend holiday when it collided with a vehicle and derailed in a tunnel. both already say the driver of the train had just seconds to react he and 49 others died in the accident it's the island's worst train disaster in decades prosecutors are appealing to the public for any photos they may have taken to assist them in their inquiries. in mumbai the work of one group of what the country calls lower caste indians faces in and because of prime minister narendra modi's campaign against consumption that has caused a domino effect on the leather industry industry they work in so these workers have
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had to innovate and pivot to using a new material for their products yet they still face all an entrenched prejudices . another day at the office for sudhir raj bar here in india's largest slum the office is a tiny studio where artisans who once worked with leather are plying their trade now in recycled rubber leather workers in a mostly hindu nation that reveres cows have been called chum ours is a rather serious slur based on the sense crit word for skin so what's the name of the studio producing high end rubber bags called. chum our studio of course. by turning shamar into a brand a luxury item people will see tomorrow as a brand not as something backward or beneath them. the product
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is high end but still mars the skilled craftsman are seen by many in india as unclean. double bagged like when you buy a bag you only think in terms of its quality or its brand no one thinks about the craftsman who made it or wonders who is he where does he live. perhaps it's time for luxury shoppers to think about the people making these shoulder bags totes and clutches wrapped in pink and white boxes their costs to the high end consumer up to 39000 rupees or 500 dollars the payoff for the worker the tomorrow artisans immeasurable. that's it for today we need you with pictures of drought across the asian continent thank you for watching we'll see you tomorrow and the body.
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to. come on they. have to say matters to us. that's why most into their stories. reporter every weekend on d w. and you hear me now here's we're going to you and i last year's german sunflower
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will bring you i'm going to man and you've never had to have a surprise yourself with what possible who is magical really what moves them want. to talk to people. on the way maurice and critics who might join us from adult life stops. coming up on arts and culture what is dressing up even mean these days a whole year and so they're covered might seem a crisis wired to paris for the answers from sasha insiders and see how designers are even embracing some pandemic chic. but 1st one of the most eccentric artists of the 20th century and one of the most daring there was a boy's made art that was hard to categorize he filled corners of museums with
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animals that covered himself in honey and gold leaf and even spent a few days living with a coyote and in new york city gallery always fascinating often difficult to understand the german artist's legacy lives on a century after boyce's birth germany's staats gallery museum and stood guard as paying tribute with a new exhibition. got a good. design i didn't want to cause it to go through and i was going to push to you don't do you know about. the. use of boys wanted to be more than just an artist and he ended up becoming one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. the shots kind of the stock is honoring the centenary of his birth with an exhibition one that asks what boys still has to say to us today in the lessons how far north of the legacy of us of boys is incredibly multifaceted there's the political voice who was concerned with
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ecological issues and grassroots democracy very early on but the most interesting thing about voice is that he changed the way we think about art nothing quince to endow tatts. can art start a revolution that's what you'll see of boys wanted to know the stars kind of he owns one of the last rooms the artist set up himself in 1904. since then nothing about it has been changed at its center our boys as typical materials of beeswax found metal and battery. for him energy flowed here representing his personal philosophy. when i was kid it presumed. that there is a spiritual world and he was always very concerned with bringing spirituality back into our daily lives he always believed in the immortality of the soul. i didn't
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want. it possible to be honest but it was a dimension of i believe you saw on the almost night of the the audibility says it would soon. be $982.00 boys provoked west german society by melting down a replica of the crown worn by tsar ivan the terrible and creating his peace hair out of it it was a scam to the hair as a symbol of resurrection and alongside it voices crucifixion with 2 containers of blood. work such as these made him the best known artist in west germany but also the most controversial. for his room and took cut from 1904 boys hung a work by andy warhol despite the obvious differences between the 2 world famous artists voice and warhol shared a mutual fascination for each other. 100 years after use of force birth how much is there to discover about him that's really new for one thing
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he's under increased scrutiny for his life during the nazi era and for all the mythologizing of himself he did read writing his own biography and for the way he presented himself as a savior and prophet still voice doesn't leave people cold perhaps he's just the sort of artist the world needs right now. for these are just not specifically suitable also to be on plastic either for. the. artist joseph boys is being celebrated this year 100 years after his birth and events and exhibitions across germany and to dublin reporter michael kruger has more mike a serb or is clearly wasn't a modest guy did he really think that he could change the world with his art well at least he wanted to change a lot of things and he didn't. did he change the world over arts he created the idea that everybody is an artist he believed in the creative powers of the mind to something we all have and he saw himself as the person who was just giving us the
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idea so boys now is considered one of the great artists of the 20th century was that clear from the start or was it clear that we were still going to be talking about him today in that side of the art scene absolutely he was right from the beginning a rising star but outside the world of art it was a bit different because the people just didn't know what to do with a strange guy with a had nots painting or creating sculptures just do weird things and there are a few stories about cleanest destroying his art installations because they didn't realise it course art and half of germany was laughing about that because a lot of people at those days were asking this question is this really odd but you know it was just impossible to really understand everything he did. that was maybe part of his miss the mystery so at least here all the attention where and of course
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if you make sculptures out of fat you risk someone coming along and me trying to clean them what exactly was his obsession with that why did that play such a huge role in so many of his works facts and felt by the way and there are several elections in his life he repeatedly told us i guess none of them really happened like that in world war 2 he sat he was hit by a russian into aircraft fire and he crashed in crimea a clown off the top task fighting to cover his body in fat wrapped in belts and they saved his life so the story goes and as an artist he worked again and again with babs and felt speaking about story a lot of people now accuse him of glorifying his past as a soldier for nazi germany. this is a very fascinating question that hasn't really been discussed so much until today. but you know it was this generation where most everybody was really involved
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somehow in the wall but this will be discussed very intensively and this year you know that boys was born 100 years ago he died 34 years ago just briefly why are we still talking about you as a boy is it because he was a visionary a brilliant storyteller and this as he created a still vivid today like this one. he was very popular in united states because of this story he stayed 3 days in the cage with a co u.t. his idea was to make peace with my nature and at least he make peace with this with a guy mike a crew guy thanks so much thank you well and in the united states former hollywood producer harvey weinstein says he didn't get a fair trial weinstein's lawyers have filed an appeal in new york against his conviction last year for rape and sexual assaults they say the judge didn't ensure an impartial jury and should not have admitted testimony about misconduct that
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didn't directly relate to the charges why since conviction last february was seen as a watershed moment for the me too movement after scores of women accused him of sexual harassment or assault he's now served one year out of his 23 year sentence and is still awaiting trial on other sexual assault and rape charges in los angeles. for a lot of us the covert 19 pandemic has been a time to finally clean out our closets and why you can shop for new clothes when you have no place to wear them anyway the fashion industry has taken a huge hit but believe it or not designers are still putting out new collections of clothing they say reflects the times here's more from paris. an outfit like this turns heads even in the fashion capital of paris oh donkey is right on trend with her metallic kimono style but. then she should know she works as
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a stylist for various fashion magazines and has already dressed big names like french actress catherine deneuve. it's shiny it's a little oversized shimmers it's just what you need right now you simply want to look good and the sleeves are white and i think this outfit perfectly represents a woman in spring summer 2021. contacted the. designers are going for sparkles and silver of the season whether from head to toe with glittery x. sounds like a pair of shoes or a handbag fashion journalists say this trend reflects a longing for a freak count down expression occasion dressing. basically disco clothes to go out and how far or sparkle. you know things that are for the evening when nobody's going anywhere the evening but you know you could always get dressed the whole take
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a selfie. think in all its nuances there's also a trend this season bringing a cheerful pop of color to the runway. german designer looks fusing this striking color with strength also inspired by lockdown. this is the sort with him on the phone and i'll go into this in the 1st look i started with. and the 1st one that came to mind it's just pajamas. it's what i lived in during the 1st weeks. and i wondered what i could make out of it and thought why not pink pajamas. but i think it's great you can go shopping in there too you can leave the shirt open or button it up depending on who you run into at the supermarket. the comfortable oversized look is also one of the overall donkey's face fashion editors view this trend as a reaction to the long hours spent at home. because it so used to
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be relaxed about things where. volume is going but it has to be done in a sculpted way. and ideally it should be made into recycled regenerate from brick. in this current season a bit of extra volume for the upper arms is trendy too. puffy sleeves are very fashionable with them up. the sleeves are definitely back i think the shoulders are much bigger so we're not really in the eighty's but there was a slight ones that we had the big shoulders and marched with the sleeve sleeves are very important lots of work up the sleeve they can be a big embroidered they can be chiffon and transparent but. voluminous and here's another eye catcher crop tops are back in
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a number of different styles they're made ropes are trendy. but there's good news for those who want to come for up to a minimalist cheap. minimalism and return to people like. lying in the. ninety's. there. is so fashion followers take no casual outfits without a lot of frills but made from premium fabrics found with a special element or sporty touch will be a hot demand this summer. time to put on that tracksuit maybe with some puffy sleeves well whatever you're wearing it's been a treat to have you with us and if you want more parts and lifestyle news check us out any time at d w dot com slash culture after me and the whole crew here in berlin thanks for
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watching and.
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why not i'm listening. to stuff it's simple online on your mobile and free. w z learning course speak german made easy. the amount of plastic is increasing at many i'm gonna fucking listen to. holiday destinations and drowning in customs might find. the place. here explicitly in terms of plastic waste. is the other way the final straw and fundamentalism too recyclable. to make up your own mind. w. made for minds.
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this is a doctor whose life from but later fresh to repair europe's trouble. i took his presence out of the top u.s. officials of a face to face told him so cutting find common ground on migration trade and human rights progress india because around a $100000.00. cases for the 2nd time for the 2nd day in a row state leaders the prime minister to open up vaccinations to people.
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i'm still going to welcome to the program. top european union officials have met with turkey's leader in an attempt to improve relations between the 2 sides european commission president musharraf on the life and you're in council chairman sharma shell are in ankara for talks with president raja. and the discussion of turkey's demand for more you support for millions of syrian refugees within its borders president obama also wants an easing of visa rules for turkish travelers both e.u. officials have condemns turkey's recent decision to withdraw from the istanbul convention on women's rights. or commission president turchynov on the line stressed that the e.u. would not approve closer ties with turkey unless fundamental human rights are respected we are aiming for an honest partnership and that means that
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a partnership between the you were in tribute enables us to strengthen what brings us closer but also to be very frame and to address what divides us and today show michelle and i clearly underlined that respect for fundamental rights and the rule of law are crucial for the european union this must be an integral part of our relationship juki must respect international human rights rules and standards to which by the way the country has committed itself as a founding member of the council of let's get more from t.w. correspondent dorian jones in istanbul welcome dorian let's start with that press conference we just heard from off on the line speaking of what else did we hear. well it does appear that while there's ascribing is cautious optimism there was
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a large part of the press conference was devoted to human rights concerns to bolton to the rule of law stressing that these are important principles for the european union but beyond that we also heard about how they mapped out key demands that turkey been looking for an indication the e.u. does appear to be ready to accommodate some of them we talked about that they both sides agree to work towards a modernizing of a customs union agreement between the european union this is something turkey's been looking for for many years and in fact in the past has been held out because of human rights concerns it seems now that they are ready to enter into into dialogue they also talked about to the importance of person to person the stressing of the importance of this harassment parching student exchange but also turkey will be seen that as a positive sign to its much bigger. visa liberalization for all of its citizens another important concession. on the line did underlined these human rights
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concerns could possible hamper the progress of these concessions but she doesn't say they will stop them so that will also be seen as something important from her and also she talked at length about the importance of this migration deal between turkey and the european union this it makes turkey the gate keeper for migrants and refugees into europe europe is your opinion a very keen that i continued and also on the important parts of that the accepting back of migrants that have had their asylum requests in greece have been rejected and turkey takes those people back that's something that is also seen very important and they say they will be looking to turkey to go forward and to meet those commitments so at the moment it seems that both sides are seeing this as a cautious optimistic situation a positive environment. to. talk about. agreement and liberalization. bring the 2 sides closer together it is what
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15 years ago 16 years ago the negotiations for you to become a full member of the e.u. began to give a bad idea. well officially president heard one only retreated to his commitment a few weeks ago to joining the european union but i think it's extremely significant that the worst turkey joining the european union was not mentioned once in the press conference by eva sharp michele or it is i think a common excepted a fact on both sides that turkey's accession bid is all but dead at least for the short if not long term future now we're looking there both sides are looking for a way forward beyond turkey's accession be a more pragmatic transactional relationship and this meeting this meeting is seen as a crucial step in that process a long way to go yet key issues like resolving the ongoing tensions with greece over the territorial disputes that seen as something that's very important talks are going on with talking greece that is seen as a key from the european perspective but both sides of are aware that there are many
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obstacles ahead. thank you. well here's a look at some more stories making news around the world are diplomats have been meeting in the austrian capital of riyadh to for talks aimed at salvaging the iran nuclear deal european countries are mediating between iran and the united states to try and bring washington back into the agreement that the truck ministration walked away from iran's chief we go see it described meeting as constructive more talks are planned for friday. emergency response teams are trying to prevent a dutch cargo ship which is drifting in the north sea from sinking and causing an oil spill off the norwegian coast this footage shows the crew being there rescued by helicopter and taken to safety. in may and mark protests and says he's down way of how they can commit vidual good to remember those killed since the start of the military coup as dawn broke with a march through the town observers say security forces have killed at least 570
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people since february. egypt answer dogs say talks aimed at resolving a dispute with ethiopia over a dam on the river nile have ended without progress is constructing the dam and says it's vital for generating power but egypt which lies downstream fears a drop in its water supply also done is concerned about the dams safety. to india west state leaders are calling for a wider vaccination rollout as the country faces a record surge in corona virus cases nearly 97000 new infections were reported on tuesday close to monday's record a senior health officials warn that the fight against covering 19 over the next 4 weeks will be very very critical. hospitals across india are seeing an influx of patients with covert 1000 and they're turning up in record numbers the rising cases is leading medical experts to warn that this wave could be stronger than the 1st
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with new variants reported from south africa brazil and the u.k. big enough for me. all that before we have the same level but. it is not the single person in the family it is because the. majority of cases are in the state of my heart russia home to india's financial capital mumbai nearly 60 percent of all of india's new cases were found here in just over the last 2 weeks curfew is now in place with tightened lockdown restrictions and it's being welcomed by some. on the other lock down is imposed that hadley's people will stay home safe and the corona virus will be under control. the government has issued almost 80000000 vaccines it hopes to inoculate 300000000 people by the end of july and last week it opened its vaccine drive to those over 45 years old.
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but the coronavirus hasn't stopped politicians running for regional elections gatherings continue in several states doctors say not enough is being done to contain that risk and warns that cases may be loon in the coming weeks if i were. in that group and your behavior which is the one before this right so i think the whole country needs to understand and start practicing it from today don't go out of the house and the necessary wired. people collecting in closed rooms maintain social distancing and never never step out of your house without a mosque many him may have thought the pandemic was the. but now india may have to prepare for another deadly few months.
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ahead of the center for disease dynamics economics and. she told me that much of the current. public exhaustion with virus control measures well 1st of all it is about complicity because. the beat that has said it over the past one a year and a few months has people and the contact tracing and this you know was not adequate as it should be the states that are imported specially the state of maharashtra for example i don't want you doing a good job of it so the last number is you know the food you think that will buy this is gone and the cases that it really went as it is when you start indonesia and forget awaiting the must come out for social gatherings this so each comes up and surprises you so it is a guide is it is you would appropriate behavior well at well it isn't what isn't situation just going to be had be it under your pillow got the chance just to buy
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and you know create the beds and the back of the that was required to face the so and this time down you must remember that norm goal weight is related treatments have also started and beds are being occupied for that so this isn't was limping back to you know kind of a regular situation and then that is the surge so non-corporate treatments will have to be again because down to increase bet's focal with patients and that's again where is a good system will is that this that is the me people more beds but public private partnership the government is gearing up to set up all those makeshift facilities it's required and down and meet up down which is also being discussed. total jati joshie of the head of vaccine strategy of the european medicines agency has said that there is a link between the astra zeneca very day 19 vaccine and blood clots us reacher many suspended the vaccines recent very routine use in people under $65.00 to $9.00
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people died from a rare blood clotting after receiving it the a.m.a. has consistently said that the jobs benefits outweigh the risks it's expected to release a new assessment of the drug on wednesday or thursday and the u.k.'s medicines regulator is also considering whether to limit access to the astra zeneca vaccine or british virologist julian tan told us about the cases of rare blood clots that have been recorded in the u.k. yes it is generally 30 cases of which 7 have died in the younger population and they're now trying the person to restrict the others and get to those who are older . the thirty's for example part of the problem is that you can actually the so many people up to the age of 50 over the age of 50 now because streets of the vaccine see much older people than 50 so it's likely different from this system than even
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a european approach so we know that in germany and in sweden and in canada if we stick to the vaccine to those who are over 55. and that's to protect the younger population that seems to be more vulnerable to this so there was effect of the ushers in the vaccine. dr julian tan so here are some of the latest developments in the pandemic starting in new zealand which is announced it will open a travel bubble with australia from the 19th of april allowing quarantine free at movement between the neighboring countries singapore says that from next month it will accept visitors who use a mobile travel past containing digital certificates for $1000.00 tests and vaccines it's one of the 1st countries to adopt such an initiative and new data from israel suggests fascinated people are unlikely to pass the virus on the people who have not been vaccinated the study indicates that as the number of vaccinated adults increases infection rates amongst unvaccinated people in the same community
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decreases especially amongst children. organizers of 3rd here on their picks are continuing to deal with kobe down 19 disruptions which have not received the consolation of some pool based qualifying events exactions swimming federation has cancelled the other n.p. qualifies for diving and artistic disciplines where should you take place in tokyo next week and reach a council because code rules mean that technical officials are unable to enter the country 15400 athletes if you had to japan for the games which begin on the 23rd of july. is reminder of october story this hour talking you officials have held talks with turkey's president earlier on in ankara as you know from the line of shall michel said that express concern about to its commitment to human rights by grazing and refugee policy for also on the edge and. that's it you're up to date
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suppression. of the our business use there is next with general do a good. got some hot tips for your bucket list. corner. for food share and some great cultural memorials to boot. w. travel we go. through can inspire change. people. go out for coffee and.


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