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tv   Markus Lanz  Deutsche Welle  April 6, 2021 5:30pm-6:30pm CEST

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just. explain. the young people you have the solution the future belongs. to 77 percent now every weekend. that. was crunch time in the bundesliga has matched a 27 featured some season defining fixtures with the campaign nearing the finish line a number of teams were facing pivotal encounters. leipzig had
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a massive chance to stake their claim for the title victory against by munich would keep their hopes alive while a loss would end their trophy aspirations. the stakes were also high for dortmund a loss against frankfurt would hand their opponents a big advantage in the race for the champions league spots and perhaps to rail any chance of keeping hold of their star map. of course the chances are not that small on the other end of the table half a 1000000000 face city rivals on your own with their book this league of futures still in the balance. sheet. a fellow relegation candidates minds can be upheld faced off knowing victory over a rival could be invaluable come seasons and. all that i'm all in the one to. sleep is make or break match day $27.00 let's start with the
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title. the good life cigar club with a relatively short history but began bishan they've made no secret of their intention to topple byron and secure their 1st title and for you really are not man and his team beating the champions in a saturday head to head would cut the gap in the table to just one solitary point byron's germany contingent weren't exactly on a high after the shock loss to north macedonia. and also he had picked up an injury while on his international duty but i'm not sick smelled blood and took the battle to byron with some meaty challenges and the champions did look somewhat unsettled. 7 minutes in look us in august was caught dithering but as ever alert to the danger manual neuer rushed out to clear the ball ahead of emil forsberg. lights it looked
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in charge in the early exchanges with for asparagus a false number 9 while biron were clearly missing their real number 911 dossier. in his place was another natural striker erik maxime sheeple motoric handed a rare start although he insisted it was just business as usual but. it's the same when i when i can play i will give every everything a 100 percent and try to help the team unfortunately he is injured and everybody knows he's very important for us but the good thing for us it's a team sport. lots of everything they could to break through the byron de chance but it wasn't them who would take 1st blood. peach of a pass from the arse of a chemist found thomas miller who cut the ball back from the byline for a correct sketch i hammered home 1st time. even without their star striker and with less of the. all and fewer chances fire yet again showed their lethal touch one
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mill in a 38 minute. with the visitors still on the back foot by an almost double their lead a few minutes later as levi sign a 4 star fine save from pay took a lot. now calls man's men still have the entire 2nd half to turn things around and after finally getting their 1st shot on target they started peppering the bar and goal. this season like only scored from 8.6 percent of their shots a decidedly figure against byron it was 0. 00 no goals meant no point and is it also game over in terms of the title. something out of the ordinary that 6 want to. get runners up is nothing to sneeze
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at but why aren't happy. the fact that some bits at the end of the day we're missing that killer instinct in the right efficiency in front of goal it's frustrating to do the hard work we put in we've dropped far too many points. it's an all too familiar tune for lights against other teams trying to challenge biron who will surely now clinch their 9th successive title. now that said today's game was a kind of final said we can do finals about a month of bizarre finale convert the rest go with the winner but it was a teammate who actually made the difference. nothing wrong with celebrating. as manuel neuer often asked to do. it was a good saw on being out of big quality opponents with a clean sheet as well. especially as keeping
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a clean sheet hasn't come vet easy for this season with just 7 so far. he's had to come to the rescue surprisingly often as seen again this is like. showing just why he is once more the reigning fifo world goalkeeper. on the show stopping from his well he's still a world beater. split itself for about one. in the flight suit and our match day hero will more. top minton frankford of both fighting for champions league action next season for dortmund it's almost obligatory especially with the ailing holland busting a gut and his agent chatting across europe to talk to the strikers growing number
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of suitors. the likes of barcelona rail madrid and manchester city are vying for a signature worth a reported 150000000 euros dortmund would really struggle to keep him without champions league action so that means moving up to a top 4 finish. and in 4th spot are frankfurt their opponents on saturday the task for dortmund was to close that gap from 4 points to one a task that would fall heavily on holland's shoulders but frankfurt are where they are for good reason they're a well oiled machine and have the supreme crossing talents of philip cost it's. the serbia international is currently the league's most efficient assist provider his target man is usually andre silva even if in this case he was beaten to the ball by nico schultz for an own goal in the 11th minute in a flash that gap in the. table had grown from 4 points to
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a daunting 7. at the other end holland was toiling away looking to add to his 21 goal tally. among his many assets are 1st time strikes even if they don't all hit the target. he's also admired for his determination and will to win which also includes tracking back and when he's on the ball he's hard to get off and. his vision and movement are also top class as seen again this weekend where he posed a constant threat in the frankfurt box but still he's only human and was unable to prevail against a well organized frankfurt side dortmund are far from a one man team of course and when emirates chan chested down this corner veteran defender maximals was on hand for a classic poacher's goal the equaliser just before half time rekindled hope for dortmund. and fortune smiled on them midway through the 2nd half.
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and the other ball into the box from kasich headed in by stephane hill's sancha. bradford over the moon as they sealed all 3 points. as it turned out no after a v.a.r. check the referee ruled out the goal for offside. not long after holland latched onto a long ball right where he likes them and bore down on the frankfurt goal in trademark style. but again it wasn't his day that all important winner eluded dortmund and to make matters worse 2 minutes from the end it was frankfurt who seized their chance. the golden assist delivered by who else but cost the score. silva was his
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22nd goal of the season put a huge dent in dortmund's top 4 ambitions frankfurt are still living the dream if they remain on course for their debut with parents in the champions league. absolutely before the game we really wanted to make that 7 point gap happen i'm now we have to defend. these points that's apartheid and. table but we still have a very long road ahead of us. it's also a result that makes holland's departure likely or with europe's biggest stage slipping away from dortmund the road ahead is looking extremely rocky. it will be a disaster if we're not in the champions league next season. so to be honest i'm really not keen on playing in the europa league or whatever i want to be in the champions league and i'm sure does too it's going to be really tough and. not
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exactly a confidence boosting statement perhaps tang's team can learn from replays of our best move of the weekend after being on the receiving end. granted it's not so much one move as a glass of them no one puts in as many crosses in the bundesliga as philip cost which a whopping $154.00 to date a solid more than the next my caustic shook his left hand side the french british side to duck to coast which again delivers the costs of the teams know all about the danger of cost of his crosses but most so much about preventing them they don't win he says up both goals for a spin teens and $14.00 to $6.00 of the season. close to johnson that diminished cross and again the goal make it the best closer to the coast h. but if you go to. his back scoring creating assists and he's full of confidence he
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set high standards for him self out there. kasich a key player for the high flying eagles now to the compact. after. the sun always seems to be shining in both sports as they chase champions league qualification 3rd in the table they get to lose in their own backyard this season the opening goal in their game against cologne typified their form right now even when things go wrong they somehow still go right. a collision between teammates a stumble and an improvised pass the 4 use a quick hello hit home a deflected finish in the 6. tonight monette. wolves gaffer all of it last no wasn't sure what he just seen but he liked it all the same. cologne keeper tino horn and sure the score stayed at one nil. most spork record
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a 15th one of the season now teams in far worse form. a ray of sunshine through the clouds a promising omen for stuttering leaving. some shelter provided a chance to banish the gloom off the back to back to feats on the home side started brightly faring better robbie's 26 minutes past found who picked out a surging kerim. the germans cross was inch perfect for lucas a lot of. live accusing them double their lead in the 72nd minute. send patrick shakes clear through and the chick did the rest. again it was all about the assist versus balance and weight of paul stats of a player far beyond his 17 years. shall give bullied home late home to keep things interesting
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a truly expert finish from class young when the veteran strikers sharing experience can be just as deadly as youth the dutchman's gold proved to be too little too late . to live back in the race for european football following new coach tennis balls 1st game in charge. of fellow european hopefuls club past looked in high spirits before kick off against freiburg both spans know that if they make the top 5 the season mark is too long we'll have played a crucial role yet it was freiburg construct 1st emogene demetre bitch tearing out valentia lloyd in the 10 minute. a rough week for germany defender materials tkinter was getting rougher. but it was given to his cross which led to his side 2nd tap equalizer. an unorthodox finish from too hot but
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the best always find a way. and the frenchman added a 2nd on the hour mark just off camera sending him one on one with flowing on the last. 6 goal of the campaign for 2 and a timely return to form miller got so very close. but just not close enough. glovebox blue stater european chances with a 21 win but now due to changes with little left to play for. it's easy to play with a smile when the pressure is off and both outspoken hoffenheim already looks at the mid table obscurity still another 3 points never hurt anyone. daniel caligiuri powerful run was proof that the desire to win remained the midfielder teeing up group of august to put the home side ahead of 5th goal of the season for outscored swiss winger. hoffenheim keeper all of a smile was
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a distant memory by the minutes. when route one to double the lead up to 23 minutes on still had a lot to do but finished with the club experienced when his sevens goal of the campaign. the goal of the day belonged to hoffenheim however. but strode catching in the football down the hall fully to give the business his full scope late in the game. he finished to warm in a match that never felt crucial. to guard striker sasha kolaches had. 8 goals in his last 8 games could he make it 99 stopping him was the aim for flying on co felts braman. there were no goals from anyone until the 81st minute when born as also finally found come objects. and 9th
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goal in as many outings actually not replace show brains new take out the stance on lance the ball into his own next. guard maintain an outside shot. now to the tables nether regions. time to get serious as 15th placed months hosted 17th placed. a relegation 6 pointer. with gifted a scoring opportunity in the 2nd half with unison book up broke down in the books. filled boss van comer couldn't bring himself to watch. brzezinski made it one nil much to his keeper been sent this delight. the visitors struck back through on the day as formalism up with 15 minutes to go. is 1st goal of the campaign after
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a woman to the mines. won all that remained doing nothing aside many favors but it was a welcome result for another side battling against the drop. the final game of the weekend was in berlin come to the league's only city davi even if not one with a big history primarily due to east and west berlin having been divided during the cold war. but things have certainly got it up since when you don't join tasha in the top flight what is an extra beauty to this game is the david versus goliath element especially. only with plucky little me on a course i have in the table of self-styled big city club. in just their 2nd season uni on a pushing for european qualification while paris has expensively assembled team are
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in danger of relegation. the very 1st fixture saw the onus favorites only to capitulate and catches olympic stadium going down 3 more. in the overall local bragging rights days it was almost square with 2 draws and 3 wins apiece some could emerge on sunday as the number one team in the capital. let's find out who knew him versus her to make up to 1st on. march who's a wasted no time making his presence felt in a very likely start. went one better. 10 minutes in one nil to a new. certainly no longer the little club overshadowed by the big brothers in the
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west of berlin. score a boom in part some just outside the city spent years rising through the youth ranks a passer but never managed to get a 1st team run out now he's a regular at his new home in the east. continue to probe and pressure and came desperately close to extending their lead but were frustrated by the book and a lack of clinical finishing. set pieces looked like half as likely as chance of a turnaround at affliction took this mathias a free kick just white. the resulting corner almost brought the equaliser. judge into one of the guys had to at least showing had his intent to fight their way back into the match. while unable to play to other joining the cold who knew him and half out were actually friends rather than enemies but times
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have changed and their dobby's are now showing more signs of a full blooded rivalry a bit of between material gain doozie and had the union bench calling for the former to be sent off but the referee was lenient showing both play as a yellow card despite can do z. being the obvious offender. and he didn't win himself any more fans with a new and when he was clipped by marvin fleet in the books just after the half hour mark. the ref pointed to the spot and half were handed a golden opportunity and. it was fired home by dodi look at bucky 010 at half time and indeed full time. in the 2nd half was largely a time of move rough and tumble as it turned into a scrappy dubey with the emphasis on scrapping. the fiery berlin job he
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ended with the teams sharing the spoils of their little ball and the coaches at least seems a fix comma. job yeah he could have taken a 2 goal laid. out it wasn't a baby. i get through self-inflicted arrow now potheads have managed to equalize if we try to get through but we were unable to do that and as i say it with 13 shots to 4 the concept that we didn't try. in this business for. independents i'm happy with the point but that's about it it was not dynamism in our tack or a defense aggressive bull winning all switching place moment or the most of it i met him on the. same was just far too monotonous with none of the zip that we saw from last week so it wasn't good enough to fall for half of one point was not good enough as they battle relegation while on your own remain in sevens as for who's
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top dog in berlin that one is to be continued. now the results it was business as usual for bahrain with that whenever leipzig softens loss to frankfurt lose their season in tatters relegation candidates minds feel it felt it can't have been an act settle for dramas so what with the top schools for match day 27. the. number 3 lions team effort for luongo that's because decisive strike showing off their champions mentality. pish looking forward but never run that my stuff is well good stuff remember that cafeteria. that is the club's oh kept here.
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in 2nd place company homes inch perfect finish off the outpost end to end counter-attack if you look at all dry hot is the only mound forward despite. some sectional goal for about dry hot. choice a rubber skills super low ball fully 4 hoffenheim strung. wasser kumara stole from robert strong. or you will bet it's there and watch it be so over it over a day. it's finer now top with just 7 games to go and with a commanding 7 point lead. dawkins are 7 points outside the champions league places
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a gaffe too far to bring. our 13 points from safety a task which seems beyond their reach but anything is possible for the other teams in a relegation dogfight which continues next matchday. while while the bundesliga title race looks seemingly over for another year there is still much to play for elsewhere katz's bid to escape relegation continues against a resurgent black box. found it doesn't get any easier for months okolona either the relegation rivals face off in yet another 6 points. now we have to beat them down the i reckon we'll get the 3 points. elsewhere surprise champions league contenders both borg and frank good luck holmes the battle between shop shooters phelps may cost and andre silva alone will be worth the price of
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a bushel ticket don't meant well champions league qualification is now firmly out of their hands but they can't give up all hope and must bounce back against short cuts in about position. but that doesn't mean that we can. still plenty of potential for surprises make sure to check out all the action on kick off next week the match state 28.
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the fight against the corona virus pandemic. now has the rate of infection been developing. the measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus update the code with special monday to friday on w. in mexico many pushed home loves us right now in the morning
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some people don't care about me because they think i have nothing to give. but 2000000000 you can do. to them i am everything. their homes. their food. their livelihood. but day by day i disappear. and so does everything akin. to 1000000000 people who care about me. me me me. and now. i need you in.
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the back. this is dave every newsletter from bad weather fresh bread to repair europe's troubles ties with turkey turkeys presidents ha ha oh do on a coach posts top or you officials are face to face talks and in ultra so-cal they find common ground on a gracious trade agreement also on the program into records around 800000 new covered 19 tracks was for the secondary of the rogue state leaders of the party with a stick to open up vaccinations to more people. i'm phil gal welcome to the program. top european union officials met with turkey's
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leader in an attempt to improve relations between the 2 sides commission president ursula found alive in the car council chairman shall michel are in ankara for talks with president ratchet type of arda and the discussion of turkey's demand for more in u.s. support for the millions of syrian refugees within its borders present i heard of one also once an easing of these the rules for turkish travelers both e.u. officials have condemns turkey's recent decision to withdraw from the istanbul convention on human rights. commission president person off on the line stressed that the e.u. would not approve closer ties with turkey unless fundamental human rights are respected we are aiming for an honest partnership and that means that a partnership between the you are in tripoli and evil so as to strengthen what brings us closer but also to be very frame and to address what divides us
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and today show michelle and i clearly underlined that respect for fundamental rights and the rule of law are crucial for the european union this must be an integrity part of our relationship took in must respect international human rights rules and standards to which by the way the country has committed itself as a founding member of the council of europe let's get more from t.w. correspondent dorian jones in istanbul welcome dorian let's start with that press conference we just heard from off on the line speaking of what else did we hear. well it does appear that while there's ascribing is cautious optimism there was a large part of the press conference was devoted to human rights concerns to importance of the rule of law stressing that these are important principles for the
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european union but beyond that we also heard about how they mapped out key demands of turkey been looking for an indication the e.u. does appear to be ready to accommodate some of them talked about that they both sides agree to work towards a modernizing of a customs union agreement between the european union this is something turkey's been looking for for many years and in fact in the past has been held up because of human rights concerns it seems now that they are ready to enter into into dialogue they also talked about to the importance of person to person the stressing of the importance of this arrest was part student exchange but also turkey will be seen that as a positive sign to its much bigger. liberalization for all of its citizens another important concession. on the line underlined these human rights concerns could possible hamper the progress of these concessions but she doesn't say they will stop them so that will also be seen as something important from her and also she
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talked at length about the importance of this migration deal between turkey and the european union they said makes turkey the gate keeper for migrants and refugees into europe your opinion of very key to that continues and also on the important parts of that deal the accepting back of migrants that have had their asylum requests in greece have been rejected and turkey takes those people back that's something that is also seen very important and they say they will be looking to turkey to go forward and to meet those commitments so at the moment it seems that both sides are seeing this as a cautious optimistic situation a positive environment. to. talk about. agreement and visa liberalization. bring the 2 sides closer together it was what 15 years ago 16 years ago the negotiations for you to become a full member of the e.u. began as a given a bad idea. well officially president heard one only retreat to
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take his commitment a few weeks ago to joining the european union but i think it's extremely significant that the worst turkey joining the european union was not mentioned once in the press conference by. it is i think a common excepted a fact on both sides that turkey's accession bit is all but dead at least for the short if not long term future now we're looking there both sides are looking for a way forward beyond turkey's accession be a more pragmatic transactional relationship and this meeting this meeting is seen as a crucial step in that process a long way to go yet key issues like resolving the ongoing tensions with greece over the territorial disputes that scene is something that's very important talks are going on with talking greece that is seen as think as key from the european perspective but both sides have are aware that there are many obstacles ahead dorian jones in istanbul thank you. and to india west state leaders are calling for
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a wider vaccination rollout as the country faces a record surge in corona virus cases nearly 97000 new infections reported on tuesday close to monday's record a senior health official has warmed up the fight against carbon 19 over the next 4 weeks will be very very critical hospitals across india are seeing an influx of patients with 1000 and they're turning up in record numbers the rising he says is leading medical experts to warn that this wave could be stronger than the 1st with new variants reported from south africa brazil and the u.k. . this. is. majority of cases are in the state of mind russia home to india's financial capital mumbai nearly 60 percent of all of india's new cases were found here in just over the last
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2 weeks curfew is now in place with tightened lockdown restrictions and it's being welcomed by some. of the other lock down is imposed that had least people will stay home safe and the coronavirus will be under control. the government has issued almost 80000000 vaccines it hopes to inoculate 300000000 people by the end of july and last week it opened its vaccine drive to those over 45 years old. but the coronavirus hasn't stopped politicians running for regional elections knowledge gatherings continue in several states talk to say not enough is being done to contain that risk and warned that cases may bellew in in the coming weeks it's our hoovered in that group. which is wanted for this right so i think the whole country needs to understand and start practicing it from today don't go out
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of the house and if necessary wired draws. people collecting in closed rooms maintain social distancing and never never step out of your house without a mosque many him may have thought the pandemic was behind them but now india may have to prepare for another deadly few months. ahead a vaccine strategy of the european medicines agency has said that there is a link between the astra zeneca 19 vaccine and blood clots germany suspended the vaccines are routinely used in people under 65 to 9 people died from a rare blood clotting after receiving it the a.m.a. has consistently said that the japs benefits outweigh the risks it's expected to release a new assessment of the drug on wednesday or thursday. meanwhile the u.k.'s medicines regulator is also considering whether to limit access to the astra zeneca vaccine
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british varada just julian tan told us about the cases of rare blood clots that have been recorded in the u.k. yes so there is generally 30 cases of which 7 have died in the younger population and the proposal to restrict the ashes and get to those who are older. like the over thirty's for example part of the problem is that you can actually the so many people up to the age of 50 over the age of 50 now restricts the option of the vaccine see much older people than 50 so slightly different from this scandinavian and european approach so we know that in germany and in sweden and even canada if we stick to the vaccine to those who are over 55. and that's to protect the younger population that seems to be more vulnerable to this severe adverse effect of the ashes and the vaccine julian tack here's
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a look at some more stories making headlines around the world starting in bosnia where hundreds of people have marched through the capital theri gave up demanding the government's resignation they blame political leaders for the slow procurement of vaccine countries reported around $7000.00 coronavirus fatalities one of the highest per capita death tolls in new york. emergency response ships are trying to prevent a dutch kaga ship which is drifting in the sea from sinking and causing an oil spill off the noise coast this footage shows the crew being the rescued by helicopter and brought to safety. there are protesters in the city of da way have held a candlelight vigil to remember those killed since the start of the military as dawn broke they marched through the town to say security forces have killed at least 570 people since february. diplomats are meeting in austria's capital vienna for talks aimed at salvaging the iran nuclear deal for us
6:11 pm
wants to revive the agreement which the trumpet ministration withdrew from in 2018 iran is refusing direct talks with the united states calling for sanctions to be lifted for european countries are seeking to mediate u.s. and degrading officials laid out the aims ahead of today's meeting our overarching goal is to ensure that iran's nuclear program is permanently and verifiably constrained and that on a permanent and verifiable basis iran will not be able to obtain a nuclear weapon. who to call whether the joint commissions agenda produces a result or not depends on the europeans and reminding the us of its obligations and the americans acting on their commitments let's get more from brussels correspondent to teri schultz welcome terry there have been some developments from vienna breaks up today. that's right phil of the man who is heading up the e.u.'s
6:12 pm
job of mediating between the parties in reconned mora has has tweeted that he had a constructive meeting with what's called the joint commission that's the east 3 britain france and germany china russia and iran he said it was a constructive meeting and he confirms that there is what he calls unity and ambition for a joint diplomatic process and that is for these 2 expert groups that are now working on on separate lists one for what the united states would have to do to rejoin the iran nuclear deal and one for what iran would have to do to come back into compliance with the deal and morris says that he is now going to intensify contacts there in vienna so that's our signal that these talks aren't ending tonight ron so this sounds like good news where would put on calm types of force where does this leave these negotiations. it's certainly good news when you look back at where the nonexistent talks were and relations and tone between the 2 sides under the trump administration with trump calling this the worst deal ever and and
6:13 pm
the iranians of course besting the trump administration so where the talks are now is that the americans will remain in vienna and the other parties the parties that remain in the nuclear deal including iran will also stay there now with the goal of the mediator of the e.u. would be to bring the 2 sides together the iranians and the americans to the scene table and try to to marry up these 2 lists and get the sequencing working so that both would happen in tandem and then everybody would be in compliance we're a long way from that but as long as the talks are going on it certainly isn't a blow up which was certainly one of the possibilities so people are sounding quite optimistic that the russian between iran and the united states is dialed down significantly since there's been a new president just explaining to us what's at stake domestically for the 2 sides . well certainly joe biden took a risk in campaigning on rejoining the nuclear deal there's
6:14 pm
a lot of opposition to it not just among the conservatives but even among those who would want to rein in nuclear activities from iran they weren't sure this was the best way to do it and that's because in the deal there are some restrictions on iran that expire within just a few years so a lot of people thought it wasn't tight enough that iran wasn't down permanently to stop its nuclear activities now in iran there's the same kind of pressure from conservatives and also just from the average iranian who didn't see the deal deliver economically the promises that the europeans made that you know that with sanctions lifted their lives would get better the u.s. reimpose those sanctions and the economic situation for iranians is still very difficult so there's a lot of pressure to dump the deal as well as pressure to get it back on track thank you so much for. i situ up to date i'll have more world news of the talk
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to no business updates in just a moment every day. every day. for us and for our partners. blueboy juice is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make seduced greener how can we protect our novels and there have been times when to do the following worst. we can make a difference for choosing reforestation over a g. force to recycling for disposable or smart new solutions overstrained said you know we heard those truly unique and we know that their uniqueness is what allows us to
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live and survive. why do those be important to soon to global 3000 on t w and almost. are the clouds of economic crisis finally beginning to clear the international monetary fund raisers atol the 1st global growth of 4 this year but it's a lopsided picture. also on the show calls for a minimum global corporate tax rate are getting louder starting with the u.s. treasury secretary janet yellen some in europe say they're all for it. time contactless shopping in moscow and why data activists are steering clear of it. this is your business i'm joined now by law on how you can join us sir. here's the good news the global economy is expected to grow by 6 percent this year the bad
6:17 pm
news the rebound will be far from even that's the message from a report by the international monetary fund out today while spending programs and vaccine rollouts are guiding richer nations towards recovery poor countries especially those that rely on tourism are falling even further behind as a result last year the economic crisis pushed an additional $95000000.00 people into extreme poverty defined as living on less than one u.s. dollar and 90 cents a day facts seem inequality and lack of polish support is worsening the situation so while there is a rebound there are some caveats here's i.m.f. chief economist he took open not what we are seeing is multi-speed recoveries around the world what that means is that countries that have very steep different stages both in terms of the pandemic but also in terms of their recovery and how quickly they're coming back to pre-code. g.d.p.
6:18 pm
levels so that's why we emphasize that now it's important to country should take a tailored approach which is specific to where they are in terms of the speed of their recovery and in terms of the country specific 3 sticks for instance how much do you rely on tourism because we know that that's going to be affected for a long period for more i'm joined by my bar he is the head of the world economic studies division of the international monetary fund welcome to you sir 1st off the k. message is that the frightening global outlook is mostly driven by the recovery of rich countries what kind of policy support is needed in poorer countries and the global south and africa to make the rebound more even across the world economy. well thank you for having me as you just heard on that clip from get a quote you know what b.s. seeing as multi-speed recoveries with the advanced economy is looking to improve their prospects this year on the back of strong policy support and with some mixed
6:19 pm
news coming out of the market developing economies there with china doing well but many others in the group still looking to get back on the part of your bill recovery in terms of the support that's needed to ensure that all countries get back on your recovery debts to be a concerted effort at the international that it to supplement what these countries i do at the national level policy spaces is very limited in many of these countries they're into this crisis with high levels of debt and the pandemic has worsened that situation so therefore it's imperative for the international community to step up its efforts in terms of the support of the health front right by ensuring equity . but also in terms of access to internationally quiddity so that these countries can meet the headlights of spending needs and continue on the recovery parts. but doesn't it worry you sir that rich countries and europe which itself has seen
6:20 pm
a sluggish vaccine roll over a lot are you worried about how they will be able to help developing countries struggling to vasey to vaccinate and recover from the crisis. well what's clear for awhile now is that the the only durable route out of this health crisis is if we've each got immunity and that allow all contact intensive activity to resume and for cross border travel to resume and the fastest way to get there is through widespread access to axes and at the moment we have a very secure picture with with advanced economies procuring a large monaco's is and it's true that the logistical problems with the rollout have been more difficult in some parts of the world and in others even within the advanced economy space but without a more equitable access to lope to vaccines without makan robust mechanisms for ensuring that excess doses can be redistributed from countries that have procured surpluses to those that need them without adequately funding the cold actually sooty which many nordic countries rely for their vaccine procurement and also by
6:21 pm
ensuring that we have for it export restrictions on vaccines nationalism all of the steps needed without which we're not going to see this year of recovery in in the global economy now briefly if you can is there any evidence that the pandemic has caused a rejigging of the ranking among the world's economies. well as as as we just discussed and as you heard in the clip we are after so much of out of the. feets and that of course means that the relative economic weights shift with this but this is a reinforce. this is reinforcing the trends that we've seen entering the pandemic when the weight of the global economy has shifted gradually towards emerging market in developing commies that's likely to continue going forward even with this with this these diverging recoveries of course the speed at which that
6:22 pm
that shift in weights was projected to date place has been has been revised now we don't expect that shift to happen just as quickly as we thought it would prior to the pandemic but the overall picture remains one of which is a gradual shift in the way the economic activity to words emerging market in developing economies. of our is the head of the world economic studies division of the international monetary fund we appreciate your insights thank you for having me now here's something else the i.m.f. said today it's in favor of a global minimum corporate tax us treasury secretary janet yellen has been calling for one especially to prevent corporate tax avoidance the idea is also finding supporters here in europe. the british virgin islands are highly prized by some corporations the ones that shift profits across national borders into shell companies in order to pay hardly any taxes u.s. treasury secretary janet yellen proposal for a global minimum tax rate of 21 percent was aimed at these companies washington
6:23 pm
urgently needs additional revenue because the pandemic is costing billions the u.s. treasury loses nearly $50000000000.00 a year to tax cheats according to the advocacy group tax justice network germany comes in 2nd and france is also among the top losers no wonder yemen is funding support in europe. the us treasury secretary janet yellen said yesterday that she's in favor of a worldwide minimum corporate tax write off this is a matter that i've been working on for a very very long time. but let's take the american 21 percent and use it as a global minimum tax rate and these could fly and also and the business the tax havens own side of europe as well as in your it's not only caribbean islands that are among the world's most attractive tax havens e.u. members the netherlands and luxemburg are also among the top 10 and that's why e.u.
6:24 pm
parliamentarians like sudan gold are grateful for the support from washington this is the moment we were waiting for and we will take you 21 press send and we will support it as a basis for global deal if they make that move we have a chance that this will become policy very soon because the public budget that you know everywhere globally we simply need the money. and so the pandemic could now make possible what seemed impossible for decades reclaiming huge amounts of tax revenue. now to some of the other global business stories making news. new zealand is opening a travel bubble with australia the 2 countries residents can travel without quarantine from april 19th more than a year after new zealand closed its borders to curb the coronavirus the country's tourism sector estimates the bubble will bring around $705000000.00 u.s.
6:25 pm
dollars in business. fronts will give 4000000000 euros in aid to air france k. alarm to try and keep the company aloft during the pandemic that will double the french government stake in the carrier to almost 30 percent make it the airline's biggest shareholder u.s. authorities have approved the move. google will stop using software from oracle to manage its internal finances it is switching to germany's software giant s a p that's a blow to the silicon valley based software giant google's decision isn't thought to be tied to its long running legal battle with oracle isapi shares rose of more than 4 percent on the news. 2 key credit suisse executives are leaving amid the meltdown of the american arcade goes hedge fund the swiss bank was invested in that drastic action as the lender of a $4700000000.00 loss from the implosion. well facial recognition
6:26 pm
technology has made contactless payment easier in russian supermarkets but there the activists warn against trading privacy for get away with your ear shadow by shopping in moscow cash cards and cell phones so yesterday today is a blink of a camera lens is all it takes and under the tap is paid to face i did acknowledge it is now operating in around 50 of the x. 5 retail groups moscow supermarkets. we want to make it convenient for customers they save time and don't need to get out there for a wallet just press a button the system or their face and they can go quickly or sister my. cellphone or facial recognition payment is only available to customers who have accounts with a major russian bank and for that they have to provide to the bank with their a biometric data one study by credit card institute shows 70 percent of russians
6:27 pm
would be willing to use of the technology once they've heard about it. never heard of it before and if you would you do it why not maybe. i don't know i ready for this not yet there's just enough so now they're going to recognize our faces to grangeville have to get used to that. yet facial recognition technology is already a part of everyday life from moscow more than 170000 cameras registered and regulated to public life half of them with the help of face while it's a blessing for police officers it's a curse for data protection advocates convenience or data protection which is more important in russia to fear of mass surveillance and to the misuse of personal data is growing despite the comfort technical progress offers some privacy. activist.
6:28 pm
campaigns against as it must use of facial recognition and is critical of russian law she says as they are too vacant to don't protect personal doctor well enough but paul has even sued in moscow city government without success much of. our biometric data is part of our private lives which no one is allowed to enter with their dirty shoes once it's deposited you can never get rid of this data your voice your gate in your face that's data that accompanies us throughout our lives. that became apparent to during recent opposition protests hundreds in the demonstrations over the last few months have been subsequently investigated and punished by police in moscow. not to dot a protection arguments haven't convinced software developers as they're currently under lies in customer reactions to the technology the goal is to later install
6:29 pm
facial recognition cameras in more than 6000 self-service terminals across russia. and that's it from us thanks for watching. what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360 degrees. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. g.w. world heritage 360 get here now. trying to save face. because i wanted to see if gemini was the last few years have been quite. early in . the average a long time but when it comes to. the odds for perhaps the biggest and the new of the a bloodhound a longer afraid i'd love to be in the news there are pros in there but when you
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think them all together they're realizing because of the way of living they are you ready to meet the devon and bird me right. you're watching news asia coming up today what happens after years of drought across the continent we speak to an expert on the economy about that and how climate change makes droughts even harsher. plus crews in taiwan work to recover the final carriages from the tunnel where the country's worst train accident in decades occurred. and new media.


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