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and last week it opened its vaccine drive to those over 45 years old. but the coronavirus hasn't stopped politicians running for regional elections knowledge gatherings continue in several states talk to say not enough is being done to contain that risk and warned that cases may be loosened in the coming weeks it's our border hoovered in that group the. roots of the one thing for this right so i think the whole country needs to understand and start practicing it from don't go out of the house and the necessary avoid. people collecting enclosed rooms maintain social distancing and never never step out of your house without a mosque many him may have thought the pandemic was the high end but now india may have to prepare for another deadly few months. let's go right to delhi for more we
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can speak to public health expert dr joe she's the south asia head at the center for disease dynamics economics and policy thank you so much for joining us here on d w let's start 1st of all with this new surge in inspections how worried are you about this i thank you for having your book this is definitely what is the speed of the rise of fiction has been something which is a concern james thieves are driving this more than 99 percent of the data in the country mind ash i checked this current year out and the speed at which that it gives is that i think and in this case also the mortality numbers that i think is something that if you look and so that's interesting is that 10 states are really driving this new search what is happening in the states that's leading to so many more infections. well it's a mix of
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a lot of factors but most importantly the behavior for pete which has set in and you know with the fall in the number of pieces and the lax testing and tracing it was a sense of or a belief amongst the people that you know it's about to go over it 19 these but it's come back because of kids it being a vitus and it was the invasion so it's come back with a vengeance there's been pleased social interactions that because of the culture change of season and the waiting for the then coming in so all these factors which people not wearing masks but also interacting more freely has led to this rise in young girls you mention pandemic fatigue that's something we're seeing really all over the world i mean he also mentioned wedding season what about larger gatherings is that really a big factor as well well yes definitely as we all know i mean the more the number of people the greater the interaction and the the chance of
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transmission not good or not i this and it will change and be that we have a lot of thought going through their students you know in the religious festivals for different religions within the country and are waiting to see the image of usually very large in india even with the craft of not more than 50 or 60 individuals these were not very strictly enforced so as it is now and that they didn't immediately blacks believe you had a vote not wearing them are sent into mealy feely and even a small infection like a call girl you don't go for a change or a fever very lightly is driving this surge this anger as the biggest one ok from your perspective what do you think needs to be done now do you need do does india need a tough new lockdown or should zax nations as has been suggested been they open up to more people. well lockdown the merest illusion for you know what the speed of 15 we are actually in this disease because you're too steep
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but definitely be have to have smart a strategy is one which the country already undertaking is opening up vaccination for more age groups to be had not been closer people in more than 45 years and about people going in for vaccination in respect of any one what would you do you put on to a baby be unique or smarter it's been interesting i mean don't don't as even though i don't even seem to have stayed you don't have to be pretty doggone good strategy where the are finding more cases have very strict enforcement of the law going measures last may disobedience and you know me so considering it best track exactly why this dream going on. got me in for dr joe the joshi joining us from delhi very good to have you with us now a senior official at the european medicines agency has said there is a link between the astra zeneca coated 1000 vaccine and blood clots last week germany suspended routine use of the vaccine in people under 60 years of age that
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was after 9 people who had received the vaccine died from rare blood clotting the a.m.a. has consistently said that the benefits of the shots outweigh the risks and it is expected to release a new assessment on wednesday and let's get some perspective on the story now from the u.k. we're joined by dr julian tang his of our ologist in the city of leicester welcome to the w that we keep seeing the astra zeneca vaccine being linked to these rare blood clots and i want to get your opinion on this how safe is this vaccine ok so the 1st in the series that this but seeing is safer than having the virus itself will occur overnight in causes also complications including blood clots that are much higher frequency than the vaccine so relative to the virus itself if the vaccine is safe. there are concerns however about these rare blood clots that we're seeing do we know what factors make people more likely to develop these clots ok so
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there's a difference here a natural infection causes more clotting complications an older male patients and those of diabetes and obesity so the authors of the vaccine proposed adverse effect we've seen this in this in younger females so it was the opposite picture to what we see with the virus infection i suspect all of this is linked to a time high performance response that you seen some people and not in others in both the vaccine response of those folks as well as the virus national infection what about in the u.k. because you know that millions of people have received the astra zeneca vaccine there already has the data shown similar cases of these blood clots there. yes so those generally is 30 cases of which 7 have died in the younger population and they're not trying to proposing to restrict the others and get to those who are older. thirty's for example part of the problem is that you can actually the so many people at the age of 50 over the age of 50 now they can't restrict the option
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of the vaccine see much older people than 50 so a slightly different from this scandinavian and european approach so i know that in germany and in sweden and even canada it was strict to the vaccine to those who are over 65. and that's to protect the younger population that seems to be more vulnerable to this severe adverse effects of the ushers and the vaccine you're a mention there of the different approaches that we're seeing in europe like here in germany only offered to people over the age of 60 so what do you think is the right approach the right way to administer this vaccine. so the people most vulnerable to severe disease and death from cuba 1000 of the older people and we're seeing fewer of these adverse effects from the vaccine in the older population so giving the vaccine to the old over sixty's that we should be fired seems to be a good idea to actually you know hit 2 birds. with one stone essentially where you
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have the cutoff for the human population is difficult to say presumably have other problems with vaccine supply locally as well as the other factors may have other adverse effects as well as we see in pfizer in the dirt about since the road across the usa in launching numbers so i think everybody will have a different profile on how to try and figure out which population yes benefits from the vaccine with a few side effects going forward looking at their relatively few of these are those effects with the absence of are seen so far with more and more cases come forward and i think there will be more you must hear more kind of universal profile of who comes and to make these docs recommendations for the 2 sons of vaccine. who have to leave it there dr julian tang a viral just in leicester thank you so much for joining us. now to some other developments in the pandemic new zealand has announced it will open a travel bubble with australia on april 19th it will allow quarantine free travel
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between the neighboring nations starting next month singapore will accept visitors who use a mobile travel pass containing digital certificates for public 1000 tests and vaccines it is one of the 1st countries to adopt the initiative and new data from israel suggests vaccinated people are unlikely to pass the virus on to others who have not been vaccinated a study showed that as the number of vaccinated adults went up infection rates among unvaccinated people in the same community went down especially among children . well many people around the world may be asking how their governments could have been better prepared for a pandemic they may want to look to chile for some answers the latin american country had established ties with the chinese biopharmaceutical company sino back long before the covert 1000 pandemic began and although chileans are still facing coronavirus restrictions they're on their own craddick vaccination campaign has gotten off to an encouraging start. father christian cousin is
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leading the lord's prayer in the side aisle of his church some fernando ray the rest of the building has been reserved for a more urgent matter under the eyes of st francis chileans are being vaccinated against the corona virus an injection in the house of god. we have agreed to serve as a vaccination center after all we are currently in a state of war so we also have to help our country and the people of. chile as health department is making use of churches across the country to roll out the vaccine the small nation is one of the fastest in the world and getting it done but it's not just the churches stadiums and parks are also part of chile's vaccination campaign there are solutions that aren't hindered by bureaucracy and that's one reason why chile is vaccination program is such a success another reason is this man alexis color because the university biochemist
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made the crucial contact with china so that chile could get hold of millions of vaccine doses early on. our scientific contacts were instrumental in getting a contract in place early on that committed sign of act to supply chile in a timely and prioritized manner for the product. as well as the contract it was also important that chile's researchers could demonstrate the vaccines efficacy. lexus calera says involvement has helped to build confidence here in the chinese vaccine while germany still had reservations about it the university is rector explains. before the study only 50 percent of chileans trusted the active ingredient from china now things are different because we were able to credibly show that it works today more than 80 percent trust the vaccine.
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but despite the vaccine success the infection rate in chile is rising sharply so a strict lockdown has been imposed again anyone out on the streets needs a permit. but why are infection rates rising despite progress in the vaccination campaign apparently many chileans became careless. we're coming out of the chilean summer and people wanted to relax they didn't always protect themselves the beaches were full many people went back to having parties even though they were forbidden. so for now people in chile will just have to be patient before they get their freedom back. let's go to round up some other headlines now north korea has become the 1st country to drop out of this year's tokyo lympics authorities say they made the decision to protect athletes from covert 19 south korea has expressed regret over
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the decision saying it had hoped the game fred provide an opportunity to improve relations. mozambique's military says it has regained full control over the coastal town of palma jihadists from a group linked to al qaeda attacked it late last month palma is located near natural gas projects worth some $60000000000.00 aid groups say tens of thousands fled the fighting. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been nominated by the country's president to form a new coalition after the 4th inconclusive election that yahoo now has $28.00 days to break an unprecedented political stalemate and cobble together a governing majority in consultations held by president reagan rivlin on monday that yahoo received the most endorsements from parliamentary factions. and top diplomats are meeting in austrian capital fianna for talks aimed at salvaging the iran nuclear deal with the us wants to revive the accord which former president
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trump withdrew from in 2018 iran is refusing direct talks calling for sanctions to be lifted 1st european nations will mediate between the 2 sides. top european union officials are meeting with a fair to one and today to see how serious the turkish president is about repairing relations everyone rolled out the blue carpet for its counterparts he said he wishes to turn a new page in relations with the e.u. european leaders have criticized her his record on human rights an increasingly assertive foreign policy in recent years officials hope the rare meeting will lead to a new chapter in relations after a period of unprecedented tension. thousands of istanbul citizens protesting turkey's recent decision to leave the convention named after their city a treaty aimed at fighting violence against women it's one of many points of dispute between turkey and its neighbor the european union but since the end of last year relations seem to have improved turkey has toned down its rhetoric and
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shown renewed interest in reconnecting with the e.u. that's been welcomed in brussels especially since the bloc relies on turkey to take in migrants its part in the e.u. turkey deal we will further and gauge with turkey on issues such as migration financing high level dialogues and modernizing the customs union if turkey does not move forward construction constructively if it returns to unit actual actions a problem cations in particular in the eastern mediterranean of course we would suspend these corp measures relations reach a low point when turkey started drilling in the mediterranean sea in areas that countries crease in cyprus consider their territory turkey has now put these activities on hold but other strains remain for example turkey and the use diversion policies on regional conflicts like libya and syria and you concerns over
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democratic standards of turkey even if the e.u. and turkey and are hoping for a new chapter in their relations cooperation between the 2 will likely remain fragile. our correspondent there in jones is standing by for us in istanbul hi dorian can you tell us how significant today's meeting is and what both sides are hoping to get out of it. well this is being presented as potentially a pivotal moment in turkey relations. reset this is what diplomats are talking about and laying down a framework where the 2 turkey in the e.u. could start to work constructively to read together this comes after a year of turmoil between the 2 and the fact that the 2 senior e.u. officials are coming to turkey in a time when people really travel for face to face meetings is seen as a major diplomatic victory for turkey in itself and this is very much
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a reward for turkey starting. with its neighbor greece she's an e.u. member the 2 countries have even frighten the possibility of military conflict over ongoing territorial disputes in the chin and the mediterranean and the fact now that turkey is talking with greece this is seen by the e.u. as taking a more constructive approach and very much a reward for that approach now they will be looking for concrete measures to look for a framework going forward between the 2 very much. is that still on the table. no i think while it is still a turkey still officially and e.u. accession applicant few people believe that that is going to happen in the near or far distant future what we're seeing here now i think is an effort for mapping out a relationship with turkey eason seen as an e.u. member but still a fact that they can work together going forward and turkey is so important to the
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e.u. and to put it in terms of this migration deal turkey's infectivity europe the gate keeper for migrants and refugees entering europe on such a role to continue they will be talking about money and they will also be offering the incentive visa free travel liberalization also a customs union agreement modernize seize a key things that turkey want these are seen as a carrot so that the e.u. believe they can offer to keep turkey on the the constructive road but speaking to you speaking to human rights groups and people there is a growing fear that the talk of human rights has now been slid off the agenda as pragmatism now the order of the day few expect that the e.u. will criticize turkey over what is seen as remarkable to tear a shitty schumer right only last week take the 2nd main opposition party has a kosher case opened up against it by state prosecutors and turkey's pulled out of this women's stumble convention which has drawn international criticism but little fallout is expected between turkey and the e.u. correspondent during jones in istanbul thank you russia is vestey
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a newspaper is reporting that jailed opposition politician alexina volley has been moved to a sick ward of the common critic was jailed in february and has been on a hunger strike since last wednesday to protest the lack of medical care with parliamentary elections less than 6 months away authorities are cracking down on kremlin critics but they could be facing new threats including from within the traditionally loyal communist party you get is that we show and travel to the southwestern city of saratov where she met a local politician who was determined not to be silenced. in the footsteps of lenin. sees himself as a politician of the people just like his communist forefathers but he has a huge social media presence. because you tube channel has over a 1000000 subscribers fight for your rights is the motto here. his social media accounts show him fighting against corruption and for more
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equality including as a representative in the regional south of parliament and beyond that ankara doesn't shy away from criticizing the kremlin and the ruling united russia party. its your actions the actions of the russian government of your president of your united russia party you gave our national riches away to oligarchs. and now one that anchor is facing what he says is a political campaign against him local politicians have accused him of corruption for monetizing his social media accounts he could face a criminal case that could prevent him from running in the upcoming dumas elections . the government is afraid of people uniting uniting around a concrete political program which provides an alternative to the course they have taken. throughout my whole career during the many hours of live streams online or in my videos i never asked people to follow nicholai blundering co.
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i'm just asking people to be political if you don't like what i say follow your own line the main thing is to not give up. in russia there are traces of the soviet past everywhere including in south of the communist party is still popular here and across the country even though critics say the party ultimately follows the kremlin line but even russia's so-called systemic opposition parties have recently become an outlet for people's anger at the government. last. here the arrest of a popular governor from the right wing liberal democratic party led to weeks of protests in russia's far eastern city of. every monday. has his office hours the 35 year old spends most of the day with constituents people stand in line for support with issues from benefit applications to problems with corruption. i've placed my hopes and. i've heard how he talks to people
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and i've heard his speeches. in russia they don't like people who tell the truth it's always been that way so if he's trying to get the truth out to people naturally he becomes undesirable to the government if you can see how he acts at all as parliamentary session c.i.'s uncomfortable questions the authorities don't like that but. experts agree that the kremlin might try to keep people like john that anchor out of federal politics. ahead of the duma lections the kremlin makes clear arrangements with the main opposition parties about which candidates can run and what results they should get they don't want to let anyone in who will rock the boat. but despite attempts to intimidate him it isn't ready to give up. people today are hungry for justice and for truth they don't trust the authorities on the whole. so i went into politics to prove to citizens that lawmakers can work honestly people will be able to choose from. is already preparing his campaign for
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the duma elections and he hopes he will be allowed a fair fight. did have a nice emily show in reporting there let's get a reminder now of our top story at this hour indian state leaders are calling for a wider impact and they should roll out as the country faces a staggering surge in corona virus cases nearly 97000 new infections were reported tuesday covering their record high in the western state of my restaurant has seen more than half of the total cases reported in the past 2 weeks. coming up next on news asia water worries in much of asia record droughts are forcing farmers to dig ever deeper for the essential resource. cruised in taiwan approached the end of a somber times we're covering the reckless riders train disaster. and will meet the artisans in india will turn the car just face face into problems. such as those
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stories coming right up on new news asia stay with us.
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problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there what i'm going to. want to know their story in full migrants terrified to employ a model information from our grants. to try. you're watching news asia coming up today what happens after years of drought across the continent we speak to an expert on the economy delta about that and how climate change makes droughts even harsher. plus crews in taiwan work to recover the final carriages from the tunnel where the country's worst train accident in decades occurred. and new media group.


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