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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  April 6, 2021 1:45pm-2:00pm CEST

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the best always find a way. and the frenchman added a 2nd on the hour mark just off camera sending him one on one with flooding on the . 6th goal of the campaign for 2 and a timely return to form miller console very close. but just not close enough. glass blue stater european chances with a $21.00 win but now the 2 teens with little left to play for. it's easy to play with a smile when the pressure is off and both outspoken hoffenheim already looks at the mid table obscurity still another 3 points never hurt anyone. daniel kelly jurys powerful run was proof that the desire to win remained the midfielder teaming up revived us to put the home side ahead of 5th goal of the season for outfield swiss winger. hoffenheim keeper all of a bowman smile was
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a distant memory by the age minutes. when reforms to double the lead up to 23 minutes on the harm still had a lot to do but finished with the club experienced when his 7th goal of the campaign. the goal of the day belongs to hoffenheim however. but strove to catching him would pull them hopefully to give the business his full scope late in the game. it finished to warm in a match that never felt crucial. to guard striker sasha kolaches had 8 goals in his last 8 games could he make it 99 stopping him was the aim for flubbing and co fell spray meant. that were no goals from anyone until the eighty's. first minute when born is also finally found come
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objects. and 9 stolen as many outings actually do not replace show brains new take out the students on blast the ball into his own naps. maintain an outside shot at europe now to the tables nether regions. time to get serious as 15th placed months hosted 17th placed. for a relegation 6 pointer. with giftedness scoring opportunity in the 2nd half with unison book up broke down in the books. below filled boss van comer couldn't bring himself to watch. daniel brzezinski made it one nil much to his keeper been sent this delight. but the visitors struck back through under this formula with 15 minutes to go. first goal of the campaign off to a woman with
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a much smaller. one all that remained doing nothing the side many favors but it was a welcome result for another side battling against the drop. the final game of the weekend was in berlin come to the league's only city davi even if not one with a big history primarily due to east and west berlin having been divided during the cold war. but things have certainly added up since when you don't join tasha in the top flight what an extra beauty to this game is the david versus goliath element especially with plucky little rooney on acres ahead in the table self-styled big city club heritage in just their 2nd season pushing for european qualification while. hertz has expensively assembled team are in danger of relegation. the 1st
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fixture saw only owners favorites only to capitulate catches olympic stadium going down pretty much. in the overall local bragging rights stakes it was almost square with 2 draws and 3 wins apiece some who would emerge on sunday as the number one team in the capital. let's find out who new inverses had to be up to 1st on. march kusa wasted no time making his presence felt in a very lively start. went one better by 10 minutes in one nil to a new. certainly no longer the little club overshadowed by their big brothers in
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the west of berlin. the score of born in part some just outside the city spent years rising through the youth ranks a passer but never managed to get a 1st team run out now he's a regular at his new home in the east. continue to probe and pressure and came desperately close to extending their lead but were frustrated by the book and a lack of clinical finishing. set pieces looked like half as likely as chance of a turnaround a deflection took this mathias cooney a free kick just white and the resulting corner almost brought the equaliser. judge into one of the guys had a at least showing had his intent to fight their way back into the match. box. while unable to play each other during the cold war when you and tasso were actually friends rather than enemies the times. changed and that darby's are now
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showing more signs of a full blooded rivalry a bit of argy bargy between material good doozy and had the union bench calling for the former to be sent off but the referee was lenient showing both players a yellow card despite can do z. being the obvious offender. and he didn't win himself any more fans with a new and when he was clipped by marvin fleet in the books just after the half hour mark. the ref pointed to the sport and half were handed a golden opportunity and. he was fired home by dodie look at bucky 010 at half time and indeed full time. in the 2nd half was largely a time of move rough and tumble as it turned into a scrappy dobby with the emphasis on scrapping. the fiery ball in job he
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ended with the team's sharing the spoils of the little ball and the coaches at least seems the pits cama. jaws gallery could have taken a 2 goal late. it wasn't a baby. i got through a self-inflicted arrow now potheads have managed to equalize if we try to get through but we were unable to do that and as i say it with 13 shots to 4 we can't say that we didn't try to use. any song in this business for. independent so i'm happy with the point but that's about it there was no dynamism in our tack or a defense aggressive bull winning all switching play moment most of it i mean to mark the team was just far too monotonous with none of the zip that we saw from last week so it wasn't good enough to follow him for half of one point was not good enough as they are. full relegation while on your own remain in sevens as for who's
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top dog in berlin that one is to be continued. now the results it was business as usual for bahrain with their win over lights a dawson's loss to frank buckley's their season in tatters while validation candidates minds feel it felt it can't have been settled for draws so well by the top schools for match day 27. number 3 lions team effort for luongo that's because decisive strike showing off their champions mentality. commish looking forward but never run that by such as well good stuff from the lab but given the right. that is the club's oh crap here. in 2nd place how many homes inch perfect finish off the outpost and 20
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counter-attacking look at all try hard is the only one forward i despise. you see. some subtle goal for about trying hard. i'm talk top choice a robot stoves super low ball fully fucked up and high strung. wasser to laura stole from private store. where you will step it up there and watch it be so for it all for a day. it's fun up top with just 7 games to go with a commanding 7 point lead. dawkins are 7 points outside the champions league places. gaffes to far to bridge. our 13 points from
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safety a task which seems beyond their reach but anything is possible for the other teams in a relegation dogfight which continues next matchday looks. good . while while the bundesliga title race looks seemingly over for another year there's still much to play for elsewhere katz's bit to escape relegation continues against a resurgent club. found it doesn't get any easier for months okolona either the relegation rivals face off yet another 6 points out. we have to be tough on the i reckon we'll get 3 points. elsewhere surprise champions league contenders full spooled and frank good luck holmes the battle between shop shooters may cost and andre silva alone will be worth the price of
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a virtual ticket i'm don't mince words well the champions league qualification is now firmly out of their hands but they can't give up all hope and must bounce back against short. when about position. but that doesn't mean that we can turn around so still plenty of potential for surprises make sure to check out all the action on kick off next week the match day 28.
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since the outbreak to live. hundreds of thousands of syrian christians. want to live here is. one of the oldest religious communities in the world is on the verge of extinction. christians around the world are interesting watching the development courage and despair help for syria's christian. 30 minutes on d w. e
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colby's in germany to learn german english binnacle why not learn with him d w z e learning course because vic. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing. measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus up to the code of special monday to friday on t.w. . more than 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. with christianity firmly established there is
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a greater demand for houses of worship. and both religious and secular leaders are eager to display their power so churches become palaces. the race begins create the troll wants to biggest the most beautiful structures. the best stonemasons builders and the architects of the future with each other to even begin to carjack slave this is how massive churches with towers that pierce the clouds like skyscrapers are created. contest of the cathedral church of people 12 o t w. the
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but . this is the gov news live from berlin india is hit by a 2nd wave of the corona virus as new cases soar to almost 100000 for a 2nd day in a row the state leaders call on prime minister narendra modi to open up vaccinations to more people also coming up a top official of the european medicines agency says there is a link between the astra zeneca corona virus.


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