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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  April 5, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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this is g w news live from berlin tonight in germany a call for a harder longer coronavirus lock down the head of germany's conservative c.d.u. party and a possible trancelike candidate says tougher restrictions would slow the 3rd wave of the pandemic and be a bridge until more people are vaccinated also coming up tonight in hungary the government telling people it's ok to take off their face mask but one doctor says that is a lie and that the truth is what you'll find inside hospitals and tensions mount in
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eastern ukraine after russia defends its military movements near the border the ukrainian president accuses moscow of posing a serious threat and the prime minister who's going to court and trying to form a new government at the same time israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu launches coalition talks as witnesses are called in his corruption trial. i'm brant coffee it's good to have you with us after half a year of walk downs germany may be headed for even tougher coronavirus restrictions tonight more german leaders are calling for a harder lockdown easter weekend has seen a slowdown in cuba 1000 vaccinations in several german states vaccination centers have been closed and appointments restricted as local health officials blame a lack of vaccine supply. the country's health minister has promised that the
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program will pick up pace in april and supplies increase and local doctors begin administering the vaccines arming law shit is head of germany's most populous state north ryde was failure he leads chancellor angela merkel's conservative c.d.u. party. would disrupt. and in votes why i think we need a break locked on we have to build the bridge to the point in time where a lot of people are vaccinated i'm. i know that a lot of people are tired of the pandemic. but also that a lot are ready to go a step further and then i may or june to enter a new phase. in and i large majority of citizens are willing to take this step so that we have a better outlook and more planning security. reasons it makes. it good at so the bridge to a breakthrough success and testing means we need to double down on noise and
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a lot of areas feed into and move towards a locked on. to the. we want to bring in. professor of political science he joins me from here in berlin this evening it's good to have you on the program let me ask you about or mean lush it is his call for a harder lockdown is it motivated by the pandemic or is he motivated by politics here. well i think he is small motivated by politics because. we have a very polarized opinion about a lockdown or no no or no further lock down because we are already in a lockdown but at once to become chancellor of the federal republic he's in competition in his own party and there is mr zuda from the very young who has a very hot line on lockdowns and to go with public opinion i think mr lasher is forced to also have a heart of stands on the year but the people the public in germany would be annoyed
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if they had to endure a stricter walk down i mean how is this going to increase any politician's popularity. well the situation is that population is split i mean they're still as you said in your commentating there are still a couple of people who say ok if that is now sort of the last trick to geve i mean that's that quality bridge downside of the last bridge to what's a bit the situation which means another 4 or 6 weeks to get the vaccination program running and then we can go back into sort of normal times that is the strategy that he's now in gauging and you still have a lot of people being in favor of this but you are right there is an increasing number of people is annoyed and we have basically many people you know in the streets like concussive was a huge demonstration against the measures and we have also increasingly contest by some intellectuals writing manifestos for liberty and safeguarding democracy so
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it's a polarized situation but the bridge down i think the very fact that the employed bridge up down in small sort of it's the last bridge into something like normality and i guess that's what he wants to send as a signal you know hopefully not a bridge to nowhere who is calling the shots here we know there's a power battle between germany's government with the chancellor and the heads of the federal states isn't there. well there is and i think we are in a fragile situation anyway because. the end of march the so-called because it's all the law engaging all the measures has been running out so we will need at some point in new legal basie for bases for new measures and. fight ongoing in the government between mrs merkel the chancellor on the one hand and on the other hand the 16 mr president and so the president of the lender of germany and there has been a forum where the minister because it in the 6 minutes the president of the german
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lender has been called the siding on the merits but now it seems as mrs makar wants to get rid of this forum and pull the things to her in chancery so yes they is keep it in the government but especially between the top level the mess the level and the 16 sort of reaching the levels of germany you know we know that the chancellor she has threatened if the states do not follow the rules when it comes to protecting against the pandemic that she would step in does she have the authority then to take that power work. basically not as a constitution a small base that the lender of the 16 lead that the initiate has of serenity in germany so everything goes from the bottom up to down and i wouldn't know whether mrs machall at the end of the day has the power to basically wipe them off i mean wipe the 60 minutes the president of court decision at least that should be looked at carefully by someone yes and i think that in any way it's not easy i guess there
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was definitely not easy that is for sure but little science professor. we appreciate your time your insights tonight thank you. thank you. are doing here in europe hungary government is claiming down on independent reporting on the country's vaccination campaign and on the situation in hospitals hungary has one of the highest per capita death rates from code 19 in europe although it also has the highest vaccination rate corresponded funny heard from one doctor about the reality that said owens with the picture put forward by the government soldiers money for people checking into his hospital treating patients when we start to film the building go there and do your t.v. thing over there they ask us to film the parking lot according to staff inside the hospital is that capacity one doctor has to take care of 10 called patients at
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all is in short supply these are just some of the claims for hearing from inside the hospital from a doctor but we cannot verify these claims as all sorts of barred independent media from entering that doctor is. we need him after his shift 120 hour working weeks the average now he says but the hungry and government says everything is under control. tonight every effort a lot from the prime minister for those who get sick you shouldn't worry they will be cured that we have strong medical staff are they with them every day we are left wondering why did we not have time for today. that most of his colleagues don't want to talk in public because they are worried about repercussions we need to reach the people and tell them about this illness not to create panic but you see this is what this is about and this is why you need to follow the rules in an open letter to the government a large number of journalists requested access to hospitals. prime minister viktor
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orban responded in a televised interview. this is not the time to go inside hospitals and produce bogus videos and fake news. is a photojournalist he too would like to show what's happening in hungary right now stop filming the hospital this is a public space or it's a very common situation says martin. climb out of the past this affects to people who want to know the real situation inside hospitals we know that more than 300 people died today it's our job to tell the story behind those numbers. and again but. meanwhile many young people in hungary are starting to shed their masks without knowing what's really going on in hungary hospitals to them it might seem as if the pandemic is already over. and we know it's not so here's some more
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of the latest developments in the pandemic new cases in india have passed 100000 in a single day for the 1st time i mean the country now has the world's highest recorded infection rate britain has confirmed that it will take further steps out of the walk down beginning next week as it's vaccine program continues apace non-essential shops can reopen and outdoor dining will also be allowed and the jerusalem post is reporting that pfizer has halted shipments of its vaccine to israel after the country reportedly failed to pay for its last bag. authorities in indonesia and east timor say dozens of people have been killed in flash floods and landslides triggered by a tropical song heavy winds and torrential rain pelted a cluster of eastern indonesian islands as well as neighboring east timor emergency teams are struggling to reach people in some of the affected areas. in this village
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in lone hundreds of houses where swept away by a flash flood triggered by rain storms. this man is looking for his relatives who he believes have been buried under their house. must you be there i must you are you by any. means and i do susi to compute. dozens are reported dead and the death toll is certain to rise with many still unaccounted for. on the early morning of april 4th of we received reports that some areas have been heavily affected due to the storm drenching rain and extreme weather which also caused very high off show waves. here in the tank our province rescue workers are also trying hard to bring survivors to safety and evacuees have to hold on tight. but damaged
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bridges and roads ahead proving that efforts about 30000 people have been impacted by the floods indonesia's president has offered his condolences for the dead and called for vigilance. i urge everyone to follow the directions of local authorities regarding the danger of floods and landslides due to extreme grain for all did. more downpours are expected over the coming days with off show waves as high as 6 meters possible but there is hope for cyclon is reportedly moving away from indonesia. and here's a look now at some of the stories that are making headlines around the world as protesters in me and mark continue to defy military rulers malaysia and brunei say the leaders of countries in the region will meet to discuss developments activists say 6 more protesters were killed over the weekend the military has tried to stop
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the uprising with lethal force after launching a coup at the beginning of february russian president vladimir putin has signed legislation that would allow him to stay in office for 2 more terms until the year 2036 the change is part of constitutional reforms approved in the referendum last year putin has already been in power for more than 20 year. well ukraine's president is a war of the russian troop movements near his country's eastern border in a tweet he called last fails actions a serious challenge to the security of your grid the kremlin has denied its troop movements near the border pose any threat the united states has asked moscow to explain what it is calling provocations on the border. ukrainian troops that are russian backed separatists in the eastern donbass region both accuse each other of committing deadly attacks rising tensions after a long quiet phase. just
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a few days ago kiev accused moscow of moving large numbers of russian troops to the a cranium border. this has awakened grim memories of 2014 when russian troops also amassed at the border. should cease military escalation and immediately and unconditionally reaffirm its commitment to a political and diplomatic settlement and a cease fire regime. the kremlin sees no cause for concern saying russia is free to move its troops within its own territory presidential spokesman dmitri peskov has instead warned the u.s. and nato against stationing their troops in ukraine or near the russian border. such a development would lead to heightened tensions near russia's borders and of course this would require additional steps by russia to ensure its security. since 2014 more than 13000 people have been killed in the conflict over eastern
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ukraine a peace deal agreed in 2015 has not been implemented both signs in that conflict agree to a cease fire in july of last year. joined by our correspondent david stern who's in the ukrainian capital kiev getting need to you david so just how tense is the situation tonight. well i would say that ukrainians in the government obviously are very much focused on what's happening in the east and on the ukrainian border and in crimea which russia annexed from ukraine back in 2014 as you heard from the report there are reports of. troops and equipment moving into these areas there's a lot of posts on social media reportedly showing that as well and we've also seen a great deal of flurry of diplomatic activity and statements as we also heard there . ukraine's allies expressing concern most importantly
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u.s. president joe biden making his 1st phone call to president selenski since biden became president that's very significant but as you hear the russians say that there's nothing to worry nothing to worry about there at the ukrainians are very much focused and concerned of what's happening at the moment on the borders and the timing of this why is this conflict flaring up again now. well it really obviously that's the the key question why now and there are obviously there are a number of. surmises you know theories this is not the 1st time we've seen troops in a political letting on the border and if this is happening number of times over the last 7 years of this conflict this may be just a pressure con technique should be said also that the peace talks are going to have been in a stalemate and perhaps maybe this is
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a way of bringing pressure on to ukrainians these are what is being bandied about here in kiev obviously the ukrainians are looking for the possibility that there could be. an attack or more troops moving across but it's it's difficult to say exactly at the moment what the russian if there is a plan behind the russian movements what exactly that is we know the u.s. president biden he has sent clear messages about his stance on russia on putin and ukraine to the ukrainians do they feel a higher level of support from the united states at this moment yes well as i said this was the 1st phone call that biden made selenski. beyond the what the the other ukraine story the other u.s. officials were saying this obviously is a step in the ukrainians very much welcome this and it was. not long after the phone call and it made his own statement talking about how that might how welcome
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this was how how he felt the support of the united states and obviously this is something that the ukrainians we have been waiting for for some time since biden had become president all right correspondent david stand with the latest in kiev tonight david thank you. israel where attorneys have called the 1st witnesses in prime minister benjamin netanyahu is corruption the prime minister was in a jerusalem court today to face charges including bribery and fraud he could go to prison if found guilty and the case is unfolding with israel mired in a political crisis and struggling to form a government. israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu didn't want to appear in court but he had no choice the judges insisted on his presence while the prosecution read out the charges against him. he's accused of trying to orchestrate positive coverage in israeli media a massive abuse of power. netanyahu denies all charges which is why
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witnesses were called in. but the thought i could testify netanyahu left the district court in jerusalem to the cries of opponents. and supporters. who wanted to know i came here to support and strengthen my great leader only as the great he's unique he saved the jewish people and the people of israel they can't beat him they can't i don't know what are we thank you demonstrate for the rule of law and the democracy in israel we've been demonstrating for 4 years nobody who has been accused of crimes should be prime minister of israel. and this is the man who would decide that the netanyahu will remain prime minister israel's president wife and rivlin no political camps received a clear mandate after the elections 2 weeks ago forcing rivlin to choose a candidate to form a new government to help him decide he's been consulting with the various parties
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elected to parliament. i think and i can say that now after talking to you and the likud party that the people of israel should be very concerned that the situation could worsen enough to drag us into a 5th elections. riven hopes the decide by wednesday ethical concerns might play a role he says hinting at how netanyahu is corruption trial could influence his decision. well wait a minute yahoo is already israel's longest serving leader and seems determined to stay in power even while standing trial for corruption earlier we spoke to offer home bore a former speaker of the knesset and former in the room president of israel we asked him what this tells us about the state of israeli democracy. as a people both with time and again and time and again and is a very very persuasive conservative leader that there is
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a full generation who was born grew up whole way and you created into the situation of nobody else but me. so the fact that he is such a strong leader like helmut kohl was at a time in germany like other leaders around the world are worthless so many for so many years is in no way a very good point to his site to the downside of it is it looks as if the opposition known at which feels it is corrupt it is struggling he cannot believe her anymore he actually prioritizes piss on the agenda over the state's agenda took over at the fall seen actions just happen and we can have to do weeks ago so now the jury's out is it possible that netanyahu would have is again once again cabinet or with an alternative to rise and today the negotiations started and we do not yet know the jury's out all right from politics to sports sunday's big
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game sall. host had to in a berlin dark were looking for a win that would keep them in the hunt for european qualification and keep their city rivals mired in relegation trouble but had other ideas. hetta were forced into a change for the darby. positive covert 1000 test meant alexander was pressed into service and goal. not spurge on by their funds fireworks outside the grounds we knew one started with a bang. reacted well to push approvals 2nd minute header. but there was nothing the stand in keeper could do moments later. a rocket from underneath made it one nil to after 10 minutes. it looked like it would take at least a miracle if i had to to get back into the match pound one giulia writes when the
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referee deemed this challenge of material getting dizzy one of the of a penalty. dodie look at but he was stepped up and sent to the wrong way 1135 minutes and that's the way it finished after the 2nd half in which no one could quite get it right in front of goal. the spoils shared in the darby to the point as to neither sight much good. in motor racing the extreme all like trick vehicle series has made his debut with a team part owned by former formula one champion nico rosberg taking the inaugural title to his driving duo including australian rally champion molly taylor of defeat a team part owned by current f one of formula one champion lewis hamilton extreme these 5 are a series aims to highlight climate change and promote sustainability by racing in remote parts of the world suffering environmental damn much. but we know that
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a covert 19 can leave sufferers with lingering symptoms such as the teagan shortness of breath the w.'s london correspondent very good mascotte up with an operatic voice she has turned her talents to helping people suffering from what is known as long coded to help them breathe more easily again blowing bubbles to help with. susie zombies are trained. she has developed special greeting exercises patience and for some of them it's a bit too hard work at the moment but what it does is it just allows your voice a little bit of a chance to unpressed. sheba says it's thanks to susie that she feels well again and is able to take a few hobbies just a year ago she was suffering from a lung infection and needed oxygen 3 months on i remember feeling
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still fatigued breathless i mean literally from my bed to the bathroom i would just get breathless. was. the sheba i never dreamed that of all people seeing us from the english national opera would be the ones to help her brief arms down to show the heights in weekly zoom sessions participants learn to relax and improve that posture and most of fool to breathe and just hove that from and we think a lot about breathing down because. if you're over breeding you're taking in lots of there and actually tend not to be expanding so just giving people tools to slow things down and i think the minimum is really you know. being part of a group it's hugely important. not.
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to. i could have never imagined coming out of that darkness all by myself so it's been a huge support system for me it's like my family now we had i guess you can say our common purpose to get better and what be more beautiful way to think. about and heal them at the same time music and medicine have come together in this unique project and it's been so successful that it's now being rolled out in covert clinics across the u.k. . sheba dreams of singing on a real opera stage together with others like her and that dream could come true. as soon as school beat restrictions allowed in fish national opera to stage in very special upright. for the patients. began to sing.
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and sounds good to us you're watching the news live from berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour with more war news followed by the day you have to see the. cut.
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cut. cut. cut. cut. cut. cut. cut. cut cut cut cut. since the outbreak a little more hundreds of thousands of syrian christians. more want to live near. one of the oldest religious communities all the world is on the verge of extinction. and christians around the world are inches lee watching the development courage in despair help for serious christian. w. . the
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surrounding diocese run by a scam to jurors or dealing with anyone out there i killed many civilians i mean the irish coming in coming my father why they said i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself lactase the totally but suddenly life became alledge. providing insights global news that matters v.w. made for mines. as does times are good for the big. warning doesn't do very. good the most well not yet. the industry is controlling your
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thoughts the great books of the 20th century. present a hoax those. countries of the world may be factoring ignorance starts may 3rd d.w.i. . a growing number of christians from the middle east now live in germany our lives kirk has been here for decades he was born in southeastern turkey. but in recent years many have come from syria where christianity is fast disappearing but that's it it's not the 1st time this has happened in the middle east in my view that there are always wars and in the end the christians live the phillida.


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