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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  April 4, 2021 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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present a hoax. created memory manufacturing ignorance score 2 thirds. this is or news live from berlin mass detentions at the highest level in jordan officials insist the former crown prince is part of what they call a malicious plot to destabilize the kingdom also coming up pope francis gives his traditional easter blessing and urges rich countries to make sure that 19 vaccines are fairly distributed to the world. and voting in
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a pandemic area holds elections despite being gripped by a 3rd wave of coronavirus actions no postal ballots allowed and officials in protective gear deliver voting papers to people in quarantine. welcome to the program jordan says it has uncovered a plot to destabilize the kingdom involving the former crown prince the government maintains hamza bin hussein and others were undermining security as many as 20 high level officials have been arrested hamza denies being part of a conspiracy. according to jordan's security officials the king's half brother bin hussein had been under investigation for some time the country's foreign minister said the former crown prince was trying to mobilize tribal leaders against the
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government with support from abroad. i mean the investigations monitored interference including calls with foreign parties were guarding the suitable timing to start steps to shake the security of our steady jordan. 16 people including a former adviser to king abdullah and another member of the royal family were arrested the military initially denied arresting hum's i've been hussein and said it had issued him a warning for his actions but in a video statement sent to media on saturday prince holmes that claimed he had been placed under house arrest for associating with critics of the royal family there is no conspiracy. it's. restricted.
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to distract. though he no longer holds an official title remains a popular figure in the country. it's just not right for prince homs or to be linked to these people these are people who jordanian see as questionable who are really frowned upon. in what. we do not want to see anything no matter how small happened in this country this country is now in a stable and secure and i ask god to have this country remain stable and secure. and many see the stability in king abdul of the 2nd he has enjoyed widespread popularity during his reign jordan is widely seen as an island of carbon a troubled region strategically located between israel syria saudi arabia and iraq
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the u.s. u.k. and several arab nations of all expressed their full support for the reigning monarch. and for more on this we're joined now by. he's a political analyst and columnist the deputy prime minister is accusing prince hands of working with what he calls foreign parties to undermine the security of jordan what does he mean by that. well actually this is surprising this is a very surprising statement by the foreign minister and actually we usually in gordon we don't have any let's say enemies or somebody or any foreign power that is interested in this applies in the country so basically this was a bit surprising and as long as the foreign minister talked about this i guess there should be also concrete evidence as for there so basically this might lead to a new. let's see confrontation for door than with this new reality although all
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we in jordan believe and there that there is nobody targeting the internal situation of jordan so the issue is been explained as well from their reaction of most of the countries are to the issue yesterday happened yesterday like the support endorsement of king of the lucky him from all over the world so this means that. in reality we don't feel that there is anybody interested in this destabilisation of jordan so i think the government is a blight soon to reveal these concrete evidences in order to be credible and then and especially also for the interior an audience on the part jordanian public opinion i mean what when he talks about foreign parties there's a could be a number of countries including saudi arabia your neighborhood who were mohamed bin salman has been engaged in a number of foreign adventures that are people talking about that as a possibility. well i i don't think that there is an evidence for there simply may
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be there are not meant of that resting of power the law works were moments of man might lead to this but not forget that king abdullah laws last visit was confronted and so the man and he went along with the crown prince and this might be linked also to what's happening here then immediately the 1st country to endorse. his majesty's airports while he was saudi arabia this means there. are politically speaking or diplomatically speaking there is no proof that the saudis might be interested in such issue otherwise i think there are all the law wouldn't have been addressed in this way prince hamza spoke of poor and incompetent governance in that video without naming the king but could this be the remark of a bitter half brother deprived of his status as crown prince or is there truth behind really saying. well it's not new that he left. his death as
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a crown prince it's more than 15 years now that he's not a crown prince so basically i don't see direct link between that specie that he after that he had a lot of very famous letter saying that he has no desire for governance and he would understand this then he appeared in recent years morse lee engaging in domestic issues so it's not it's something unusual surprising to see that these words which is common and boredom i though it recently in public opinion there's very high criticism toward the public the food let's say governance of governments not being said from a member of the royal family is a bit shocking or surprising and for sure it's risky because it opens. let's say kind of affection which is another story in jordan but in fact jordan is based on the strength and unity of this time elite we never with that so if i
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want to remember. in the previous. can call saying it was a very smooth transition and therefore it's a bit surprising foci will thank you so much for helping us try to understand the surprise political analyst in a math christians around the world have been celebrating easter under the shadow of the pandemic for the 2nd year running pope francis has given his traditional blessing from st peter's basilica and rome he stressed the importance of vaccines and urged rich countries to ensure supplies are fairly distributed to their poorer neighbors. it believed to be putting a blessing for the faithful. pope francis address just a small crowd compared to the usual tens of thousands on easter sunday but his message was one for the world. into.
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the entire international community. in the spirit of global responsibility to commit to overcoming delays in the distribution of vaccines that matter facilitate the distribution especially in the poorest countries in. the pupil very traditional resort the catholic leader focused his message on the world's most vulnerable including those suffering from the coronavirus pandemic and he called for an end to armed conflicts around the globe like that in syria where many also gathered to mark one of the most important christian holidays of the year. and middle man missi had it just as christ suffered this week the holy week for christians for the salvation of humanity we are also suffering every day with the long war that came to us with the coronavirus pandemic the economic pressure and the families who emigrate. they were among the
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millions across the world who found ways to celebrate despite the covert 9000 restriction. in jerusalem however this year's worshipers were allowed to participate in mass at the holy settled considered the holiest place in christianity but even there the pandemic was front of mind. i think about my fear for brazil. and they cannot. believe. it's. like the pope in rome they to speak of hope amid the pandemic. like the pope in rome they too speak of hope amid the pandemic.
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and now for some other developments in the pandemic germany's health minister is considering lifting restrictions for fully vaccinated people according to built newspaper a study shows they are unlikely to spread the virus britain is planning trials of vaccine passports for sporting events and nightclubs and india is seeing its highest number of new infections in 6 months 93000 cases have been reported in the last day vogue area has been holding elections despite being in the grip of a 3rd wave of corona virus infections exit polls suggest that pro europe prime minister boyko borisov will be reelected he's likely to face complex coalition negotiations however only in person voting was allowed election officials wearing protective gear took ballot papers to people quarantining at home while garrett is the e.u.'s poorest member state. and we're joined now by reporter alexander
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detention sophia alexander thanks for being here how have coronavirus coronavirus restrictions affected the election. good evening the voting just ended here in bulgaria the polling stations close to date pm local time and according to the 1st exit poll 6 but if we thought that the next bulgarian parliament will give it a searching you call it kiss in the last couple of weeks the country does not throw the possibility to vote online if your postal votes this is affected elections here will be with tens of thousands of bulgaria squat in a modern 10000 in the hospital polling stations were opened in some of the hospitals voting stations will also available but. very active during these elections there were long queues in front of many of the folk on the tix to 5 polling stations that were open to other countries that lead to problems with local tow it is but they were late. oh ok well there's also been months of
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anti-government protests. borisov hold on as prime minister. this is doing most of the school project to enter the parliament he already said that they will not support i mean it's a book full fought 4 of them to the government which lasted 4 months as you know thousands of bookends took to the streets in the sum of 2020 and the queues the government of could option and incompetence. and bulgaria as you know is the poorest country in the european union at present is there any prospect of life growing better for many people. this is the hope of many years one of the lowest ranking members in the past into nationalist groups and perception in the next and the worst thing in the us with oh well that's what this going to cause this is one of the reasons that many book events took to the streets last in them and that changed whether or not such a change will come it's still unknown ok thank you porter alexander jetted
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reporting for us from sofia. and we turn to sports business league of football now and the wind up to the 27th match day of the season featured a berglund dari between oneone and her to berlin the fiercely contested match up ended in a draw giving her to a much needed point in its relegation battle earlier today stuttgart edged to bremen saturday's big match saw biron defeat 2nd place leipzig frankfurt beat dortmund well spurred was a winner and gladbach defeated tribe or so of the scores mean for the standings with just 7 match days left in the season byron are now 7 points clear of leipsic wells bergen frankfurter sitting at 3rd and 4th when your own is 7th in the 2nd half of the table you see her near the bottom at 14th 2 points above relegation trouble. japan's famine famous cherry trees are in bloom again
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this year is the earliest flowering on record thanks to unusually warm weather a cherry blossom festival is taking place in the town of tony oka near the fukushima nuclear plant festivities resumed and $2171.00 evacuation orders ended pandemic meant the festival was cancelled last year now locals can enjoy the spectacle once again. you're watching t.v. news coming up next a documentary on millionaires living in congo one of the world's poorest countries on exposure thanks for watching. can you hear me yes we're going to give you and how long stands and i'm sorry it's now bringing you i'm going to map and you. surprise yourself with what is possible
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who is from our group really want to move back and want. to talk to people who flew along the way maurice and critics are joining us from echols livestock.


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