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before tourists flock back. japan's a famous cherry trees are in bloom all across the country a cherry blossom festival is also taking place in the town of tommy oak and near the fukushima nuclear plant the annual event resumed in 2017 after the easing of evacuation orders but it was cancelled last year because of the pandemic. there up to date d w news omarion evans dean thanks for the company. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when will. you just through the technical and weekly read your progress. if you would like any information on the crawl of virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast so you can get it wherever you can get your podcast you can
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also find us and. science. people have to say here's to us. that's right we listen to stories reporter every weekend on w. according to my fitness i've already taken 2628 steps today and i got 7 hours of deep sleep that's about average this devise can even determine my mood seriously but is that really a good thing how healthy is self optimization autopsy today on ship. do
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i get enough exercise to eat the right food have i had enough water today am i relaxed enough according to a recent survey about 33 percent of the global population has already tried out digital health records the market for fitness wearables has tripled since 2017 and it looks set to grow much more say experts why are we so obsessed with self improvement and is there something wrong with us not according to a psychologist you would have mongst off. the principle. is a part of our developing further which is one of the human fundamental needs it's part of all of us but there is a different talk about self optimisation this entails reaching optimum capacity. and this is often linked to self value and status. we
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try to get fitter and eat better to improve our bodies but what about our minds well also apps and gadgets that contract our mental well being and in these times of crisis many are starting to use such trackers but how do they work i took a closer look. no question the world is asked more often it's also what i've been asking myself for days now i've been using delio to check my mood in the morning at midday and in the evening i can choose from 5 emotions this morning i would say that i'm good. i tell delio what i'm doing how i'm feeling and the app translates data into statistics. there i'll hold a riot because available online they are almost like digital diaries a place to record on hold and activities. evaluate this information and draw conclusions about psychological help. can apps really analyze the uses.
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as a person can have so many different emotions feelings are very complex and these apps can simplify complex matters in such a way that they might end up being not useful. delio can only track my mood when i'm using it actively it doesn't know what happens in between and that information doesn't turn up in the statistics. i don't think the ad was that useful for me personally but it could be helpful to record one's daily activity in order to recognize certain patterns but to do so you already have to know yourself quite well that. the take other factors into account quite a bit. now that i'm in the office it's time for the next test feel wristbands can measure the sweat on the use a skin this information will be linked to mood related data. i
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will input my mood into the app now that's a joyous because i get to see my colleagues the respond money to some biometric data on my blood pressure for example and translates them into emotional patterns and will recognize them when i'm joyous in the future. i don't know how precise these measurements are but on the basis of my responses to questions about concrete situations be able to propose certain mindfulness exercises there are all kinds of variables such as these on the market now some claim that they can recognize or use emotions to their laws others detect and measure brain activity all these headbands wristbands wrings measure physical data and give advice on how to improve mental health some even say that they can help people to overcome depression but you did must of have some warning worse in this regard. we should remember that we should never transfer responsibility for our own life and psychological well be. for
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health to a digital app it can be helpful to use them but it's very important not to use them responsibly and to be aware of the risks. after work i like to switch off and this news had been says it can help according to the makers did use a 7 senses to detect the brain's electrical activity which it then transforms into understandable experiences so the user can wind down and meditate if i'm not calm i will hear sounds of a storm which will remind me to concentrate on my breathing if i'm feeling calm i will heal some of the late. i can hear some very light rain and some wind. and from time to time the earth chirping that indicates that i'm really were an expert or. what i'm talking to when it's getting heavy on the interior through so i think a bit of concentrated. i
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would say that new trick is going to help people to go about their everyday life in a more mindful way but it is important to not relinquish full control and to not take them and the exercises they prescribe too seriously i doubt that such gadgets can really have uses with serious mental health issues for now people can still decide themselves whether they want to use these quantified self absentee vices but what if they didn't have a choice what if their employers ordered them to use a mood tracker. lots of work multitasking and difficult exercises this is daily life at tiny a start up based in munich the founders vision of the future is one where employees only receive as much work as they can actually carry out the idea is that software should a lot there were loads on a magically so that the software can do this is have to wear a device that measures the pulse all the time and there's a camera that films their faces the eye. is to measure their stress levels and
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emotional states and then their workload can be calculated my art is one of the developers he says he's not interested in surveillance or storing data flow. is a tutor this can be described as the perfect state between the feeling of being under challenge to the board and the opposite which is being stressed and swamped that place in between is when someone is challenge who can cope with the task in hand that is flying flow. but do we really want a world in which software can get such a deep insight into an employee's emotional state phillips no select from the german research center for artificial intelligence things not. we don't want a situation in which such software leads to the surveillance of employees with the result that someone might be fired if they don't perform adequately or if they're going through a rough patch personally and the system detects that it's with subsequent negative consequences this has to be prevented. at this munich startup
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employees have to actively agree to be tracked but will this always be the case these systems force people to share intimate information how is the data used and by whom. of course apps must collect data to quantify progress for example in health related research apple has collaborated with academics and published a variety of studies based on data collected by volunteers and this model watches it might sound like a win win situation but i'm not so sure about giving that much personal information to a private company. health absent victims trackers collecting data when users are sleeping eating and exercising but they also gather other information for example regarding location users often have no idea what is done with their data benedict who is a lawyer who says the terms of use are frequently formulated in
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a very vague way. and many companies are just connecting information and don't even know what they want to do with it but sooner or later there will be some kind of commercial use for the data right now data is already being sold for targeted advertising directed at certain groups and individuals health insurance companies are also very interested in such data some of them are already offering cheaper rates to policyholders who agree to track their own health related data the system for this is great for those who are healthy it's not so great for those who are not in the end it leads to people being selected according to their risk seeking so the . user should think very carefully about the amount of personal information they're willing to divulge to some sops. data protection is obviously a big issue but do the apps even do what they say they will now all kinds of new fitness apps and gadgets flooding the market they're supposed to encourage users to
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exercise more without a trainer but do they really work. there's a wealth of research into the question of whether it makes a difference if a person uses an app and tracks their activity or not and so far what it's showing is that it makes a huge difference to people's motivation many are more likely to commit themselves to their health and stick to it if they track their activity and see visible progress but it is not yet been proven that this actually makes an impact on health and whether users really do more exercise we just don't know that yet. in addition some fitness apps can actually increase the risk of physical damage artificial intelligence and instruction videos can help people tailor physical activity to their own needs so that people are more likely to hurt themselves if they do the exercises wrongly and can't ask a real life instructor for advice. if
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a user wants to do something right there is a lot of work involved good trainer will have a certain experience that i'm. trainers made of flesh and blood still have an important role to play. and that doesn't just go for fitness apps even small devices can have huge drawbacks a friend of mine wanted to track all the stages obviously to optimize a sleeping pattern but he got so stressed out by the whole process that in the end he couldn't sleep at all and that might be helpful for some but not for others it's very important to find the one that's right for you this is what the expert says. is the individual or her sin is unique and not even the best dabs can map all the highly individualized elements that make a person and help them to develop an app make suggestions based on aggregated data
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so it can never be tailored precisely to just one individual basically no user should ever follow is just blindly but always ask whether it really makes sense for them personally. however for a person in crisis any kind of support is better than none at all so even if it would make more sense to talk to a professional and out with at least give an indication of the direction somebody wants to move in and how they might want to develop so i would say use the apps but make sure you always question their advice. about the amount of hard. what about you have you used fitness apps and have they helped you reach your goals. on social media on d w dot com if you want to find out more about these gadgets check out our you tube channel by phone now and see.
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what happens when people live by their feet this ministry is adopt letting people know hey you're not alone like. many people think a monastery is an ideal world it's a nightly basis of books but we're just ordinary human beings religion today. for a life more vibrant more creative thief matters. next on t.w. . days have seen the ballots. to be set as the sets in the. past 5 years set the course speech a success. from their very 1st day. and made a. strong might makes
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a child smile. what secrets lie behind small. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. w world heritage 360 get the maps now. i am. god. every 10 years the spotlight forms on a small town and of area when its residents recreate the story of christ suffering and death half
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a 1000000 visitors flocks into oberammergau they come from all over the world but the villages don't to phone the passion play just a tourist they do it because they made a vow to god to commemorate his goodness in this way when the plane the black death threaten their village with extinction 400 years ago as i type this person one spear the passion play lives from the fact that we have a message as many people and that we derive that message from the gospels that we ask ourselves of what's important today when that's mine and we focus on particular aspects of the story this was after that that we look for the things that are important for contemporary society of course the death of jesus is central to the passionate like his but we ask god why did he die on the cross on his own courts that's what we need to focus on the sort of us why were the people so angry why were the religious leaders against him why did people follow him and what did he want to achieve we have to show all that in our passions like v.m.
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at least as our intention avoiding that cycle. october 28th. preparations are underway for the next over on macau passion play. in a few minutes the names of the 2020 cost will appear on this board. for the past 10 years the director christian struggle has responded with a difficult question which of the town's residents is most suited to trade jesus well his mother mary who punches pilot now he's made his choice and it's been confirmed by the town council behind closed doors both of those funny thing big able on that in every other theater in the world the director chooses the cast he
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wants but here it's not so simple every resident born in. or is lived here for 20 years has the right to a role in the passion play so whether i want to or not i have to cast that i never start with a number from my 1st production in 1900 i had 1400 adults now we have 900 adults and 450 children to cuba and i like the fact that the qualification of being born in the overall market you are living here for 20 years says nothing about the personal social standing or religions of their gender or their orientation. this is a cross-section of our village to the stores this. is a lot of media interest who will try jesus to act as a chosen one of them has already played the role twice. frederick myatt remembers the 1st time he was cost. the majority don't want to opt that i wasn't
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expecting it because i was an ob the part then suddenly i saw my name on the board and i was gobsmacked it changes your life i come one day to the next one in that he says leaving sean as the man who portrays christ you have a responsibility towards the village and the passion play off as a few are the focus of attention and you have to deal with that it. must be home again. there are 2 actors for each of the main roles they alternate in more than 100 performances but if you put it listed on the board knows that their life will change after months of rehearsing they will perform the passion play for half a year that's hard to reconcile with a normal job to have a place one of the main roles usually has to take vacation for the length of the run the passion play demands everything of the participants.
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but it's not just the main roles that are announced today christians to kill an assistant director up to look aracoma have also decided who's to play roman soldiers and residents of jerusalem. more than 2000 people will take part in the production. for most other amoco families it's a tradition that's passed down from one generation to the next. the 1st given that yes that tradition is almost 400 years old everybody has pictures in their home showing grandad as a roman soldier or grandma is mary magdalene or your book that we've all over it everybody has some kind of connection with and even people who have just arrived in the village or want to be involved in some way but it could be that basically the seat of the for 12 months people hardly talk about anything but the passion because you want to get people's personal crystal for that. that that's. his being. even what role is the talk of the town in
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a few months the so-called hair and beard each will be proclaimed from then on men may no longer shave or cut their hair less of course they roman soldiers for me here in the here's a song for me personally it's a sign that we're all getting ready for the passion play. quite literally growing into the role for her to her name of allah the night of oxnard. with a population of some 4 and a half 1000 ober-ammergau lives 100 kilometers south of munich on the northern edge of the alps germany's highest peak the sushi pizza and king boutique the 2nd scary chow palace linda holds a close by no wonder the village is one of the various most popular tourist destinations. although the passion play is staged only once every 10 years it has a permanent influence on the village. the gospel story is painted on the facades of houses in all its variations. the numerous souvenir shops so carvings of saints
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apostles and crucifixes. of around mcdowell represents a tradition that makes the gospel narrative accessible in many forms. the villages crucifix carvers are as famous as its passion play which has been attracting visitors since the 19th century. some with them were english and critics as it was free the british the swedish and the danish royals and the austrian hausberg been here a little while. frederick myatt knows he'll be tied up here for the next 10 months 5 times a week from mid may until october the residents of oberammergau will rehearse jesus's suffering and death each performance lasts more than 5 hours it's a mammoth undertaking devised to come from from a $1500.00. 1000 visitors come from all over the world to see the passion play at
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the end is jesus you are at the center of things for them that's where you just so you have a responsibility each day that you appear on the stage to perform as well as you possibly can to go to bed early the night before to know other lives and to stay healthy because really after portraying jesus has had a bad day it's especially noticeable on those of. his a festive atmosphere in oberon macau today the villages enjoy celebrating and they also like to do so on stage 12 months before the passion play they put on a show depicting the play that led to the village committing itself to a tradition of religious theater. well the midst of. this. experience $1633.00 the black death is ravaging southern germany bringing still more death and destruction in the wake of the 30 years war the village goes into
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lockdown to stave off the epidemic but a man from a neighboring village already infected with the plague manages to circumvent the watchmen the result is predictable. the black death carries off children women and men. thanks to the great leader played by raucous ripple who's also one of the actors portraying jesus in the passion play as his hands for my finally the residents of oberammergau discover a way out of their suffering i can say because i see more. than just because of that i am. other. big god surrender she gave. us he said i was sad.
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i feel that i shall have. to promise to stage a passion play every 10 years eventually defeated the plague the village chronicle relates that from the day they took the vow nobody in the village died of the disease what. i decide this year compared. to. october the 20th 2018 on this day it's not just actors appearing on the stage at the ober-ammergau theater but real priests in an ecumenical service the village residence for a new devours a 16. 33 as they do before every stage into passion play. i did this to live this side the fresh truffle off fit to back out to test it
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slightly this past year should be out. of the. jewish christian music my client was to my week is one of the great passion hymns in the trumpet we can obama going on the outside on the sets and i think there's a different approach to religion in obama but often outside of the church the church has the same problems here as in the neighboring villages. that i have received. to go but i'm a couple films don't view that passion play is a specifically catholic event and haven't for decades but when to write to christians one of the main roles to a muslim it costs something of a stir. but i can also pray in arabic because we muslims also pray in their vic. from my whole family who live
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as muslims even my relatives in turkey and in the my grandmothers and grandfathers and my cousins are all pleased you know this age they know very well that it's a christian play but they say it's great you're doing it. you don't have to be a christian to understand religion or state. when the cost is presented to the media this special interest in the fact that. a muslim will be playing a train teaching. you consider yourself all this is over i've been asked if it's a provocation that a young man from a turkish family is playing judas you know it's not just in casting the roles my only consideration is who i can envision playing better who i see in the role how good is. see onstage. with me. they'll devour sheep and cattle they will not stop that worked out. this.
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winter 2019 the 1st rehearsals of cold they held in the town smaller theater the actors familiarize themselves with a new script in small groups playing judas genghis guru tries to persuade jesus to lead a rebellion against the roman occupiers this concentrated work on the script opens up new perspectives. when you suspect it's him i mean nothing my image of jesus has changed a bit after all the changes to the script were changing the performance a bit and also seeing the roles a bit differently so he's also thought to myself that's what jesus is really more than jesus and that is what he was a person who wanted to teach people how to behave towards each other to love one another even when it's hard. it's violence is no solution is a divide this can and you have to draw the good out of people's this and not simply hope for the best selves and people have to stand up and do something themselves and the people don't understand that dimension is pushed on and if they're stupid.
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when somebody slots us in the face we're supposed to tolerate it. here a lot. you know they're. still cool isn't system the act is imagine how they carry it to thinks and feels this involves dealing with religious issues. being to be the case if you do so if you aren't really interested in what we're perched raying here and that includes an interest in religion then you can be part of it in many of the discussions we've had here of course i've noticed that he brings a different perspective a muslim perspective to the last supper and other things he has a genuine interest in the production of the wealth truck with. a previous off. you go to lead them the people will rise and will drive the wretched romans from our land. if you do not be afraid of the romans do not be afraid of those who kill the
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body but cannot kill the soul rather be afraid of the one who can destroy both soul and body love your enemies. i need a course no one who must must of course when you have one of the big roles you have to approach it differently it was possible and i must say i found a completely new understanding through the passion play and by portraying jesus team in the. i think about the themes and she says this message it slightly differently. i have to say i've developed a new enthusiasm for the themes from it i view it as a great gift to be able to think about these issues so intensely and see the mythos otherwise you can perhaps only do this as a student of theology we have the opportunity to think about them intensely every 10 years and i'm going to set.
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up another often after the years a says this if i thought of account i often used to think that jesus is arrogant when he says i am the way but i think he means it differently so i am the way to god to show you i'll tell you if you do this and be like this the decision of this is side in which we live would be better and jesus is often quite pragmatic and straightforward talk not theirs and he says if somebody is hungry give him something to eat and when somebody is naked give them clothes discounts and when he's a stranger give them shelter that's very simple. and that's what makes me think of so i jesus is like a compass device he knows what's good and what's bad is of you to mention actually everyone knows intuitively what's good and what's bad uses for in jesus challenges us to follow that inner voice and say do what's good and don't do what the bad just
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fools i'm for that's very simple that's consonant. orientate you on god not on what's better in the world what sort of and what's more just ahead of us to face this in the veil and it stop. he's a decent and i think that churches have sometimes forgotten how to bring this message across. they often focus on whether it's right to let divorcees who remarried go to communion in the bishop so suddenly important. but jesus was definitely with the people. they mention he broke bread with judas people. nobody's perfect you have to be able to forgive and he shared bread with somebody maybe did something wrong like this. i think jesus wouldn't think about it for a 2nd that we're going off to. suck in my skin the marriages can crash sometimes it happens like this it's hard so when somebody finds
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a new partner he shouldn't be excluded off of the he also just wasn't going to haha . then if you think it. does he should have. had. the. time to make a show you. the most to do it so move. on it was loopy this is my 4th production and i remember when i was 25 and directed the passion play for the 1st time the actor playing jesus had to take a lot from me it was i was a young rebel so jesus had to be rebellious to get there it was very important to me that jesus was rebellious. but one grows older and suddenly in 2010 i thought it's not important to me at all whether he's allowed to take and suddenly i discovered places in the gospels that said i will not cry out and one will not hear
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my voice in the streets he wasn't somebody who got ahead through a noise and rebelliousness but resolutely and it's really interesting that you discover jesus a new every 10 years makes. if that's what's on for the 2020 production the context stubbornly became much more important to me that all the refugees and people on the margins of society are treated. i discovered the social jesus much more strongly and i thought it's crazy that there were similar social issues 2000 years ago we had that i was a stranger and you didn't give me shelter if i was poor and you didn't give me anything to eat then if you look in that direction you suddenly find that jesus gives very clear answers as to how we treat foreigners and refugees or people on the margins of society we shouldn't treat them as we do it's not what jesus intended.
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oberammergau in the group of the so-called even though they haven't been the usual heavy snowfalls this year the passion play theater is the largest building in a few niche and was constructed in $898.00 is specially to stage the play some other musical and theatrical performances also take place here but it's 1st and foremost the passion play theatre. it is. the full rehearsals are held in freezing temperatures for the 1st time in the history of the passion play each actor is registered elektra honestly attendance at rehearsals is compulsory another reason to check attendance even actors playing minor roles received some financial compensation. from the under c.s. to my practice the 1st rehearsals in a passion play theatre give you
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a wonderful feeling. before that of the song to rehearsed in a little theatre that's employed but here you have the feeling that these people are people you've hardly seen for 10 years and the minds of the so. only the village gathers and stands together on the stage in the future and there are many wonderful people among them since the author of a. scene you come to the passion play theatre for the 1st time aged 4 or 6 or 7 then 10 years later you're a teenager and you recognize that it's a great experience inside the village has a great time putting on this production it's an audience of people develop an emotional connection to the passion played very young as a child or as a teenager that's the office you know if the the youngest have just as much right to be on stage as the oldest people over 90 and it's a great experience for all of them and wonderful time soon it's.
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this rehearsals of the shadows by alarming reports of a life threatening virus on march the 11th the world health organization dictated code that 19 pandemic could place to be staged. with just 3 months to go before the 1st performance unfinished props lie scattered around the world a tour in. a business is this the passion play is part of our d.n.a. we need it as you get that feeling at rehearsals i have it now when i call a rehearsal for 450 kids they come straight away it was for me a lot of ways of going to form little groups run around and shout big about out or shout stop it stop me old sheep and goats pick up our racket partners with a lot of the was that's the orchestra pit watch out it's over with this week i always say that's why the
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passion play has survived so long because it's our biggest social event. everyone meets up from every section of society women men children and teenagers old and young or if you do it simply our. the biggest social event and everybody wants to take part is i think that's one that i. was. the outside this to colusa hands on to write to help. for all the after the of august the august both have it was the fox dr who had was right there right. there afaik had it shocked out i don't think the trunk up off of. much $92023.00 flags at the entrance to the amoco at the time of the great event but a shadow who's full on the production this year the village council which even
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embellishes has come to vons with the passion play has cooled to press conference the play has to be cancelled he said the dreaded bit of a bitch off overcome ago has of course become economically dependent on the passion play and this will probably hit lots of people hard. what we've seen very clearly at rehearsals during the past few weeks is that the residents of oberammergau are totally committed to their passion play and everybody sorry it won't take place now you want to have the moment at that moment i felt almost relieved but the actors were also standing around the square other people who i knew were crushed by the decision they take an unpaid vacation or dropped out of university for a term used to. weaver hurst almost every evening for months on end. all of them did the month it looked as if i was a it was like a bubble burst a little bit and i also feel deflated and it's so stupid you don't even talk apple plots.
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off the opposite when they cancelled the play lots of people were depressed so was i that it was like somebody flew in the rug out from under your feet all my plans for next year were turned upside down instead of the day it was decided yesterday evening that we won't cancel the passion play so the kids postponed until may 21st 2022 for if you can. it's i want to call that the threat of a pandemic what's made ober-ammergau famous for $400.00 g. is has now temporarily closed the village. the portrayal of christ suffering and death which the residents of oberammergau vowed to perform when their village was struck by the plague in 1633 famously ends with christ's resurrection that message of hope is part of a program
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a gas legacy this time the actors will just have to wait another 2 years to proclaim it that's close to it certainly christiane said everyone will play the same parts will all come together in 2 years let's hope in good health you know i'm already looking forward to it.
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thank you as have see the ballots. to be set as the sets and. the 1st 5 years set the coolest the key to success. from that very 1st day fabian comes in.
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strong what makes a child smile. 15 minutes w. . every day counts for us and for our planet. goodnight is one of those ways to bring you more conservation. how do we make see this remark how can we protect habitats what to do with all our waste. we can make a difference by choosing smaller solutions overstrained said in our ways. global ideas limited series of games move 3000 onto w. and ahmad. more than 1000 years ago
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europe witnesses a huge construction boom. with christianity firmly established there is a greater demand for houses of worship. and both religious and secular leaders are eager to display their power so churches become palaces. the race begins to kind of create the tallest. maybe it's just. the structure. builders are going to hard to compete with each other. to do our jobs. this is home massive churches with the towers that pierce the close like skyscrapers or.
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contest of the cathedral. people 12th on g.w. . this is d. w. news live from berlin mass detentions at the highest levels in jordan the former crown prince claims he's being held under house arrest officials insist he is part of a malicious plot to destabilize the kingdom also on the show pope francis gives his traditional easter blessing and urges rich countries to make sure cope with 1000
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vaccines are fairly distributed to the poor. and lockdowns cut down the numbers of rhino hunters in the libya they're all.


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