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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  April 4, 2021 12:03pm-12:15pm CEST

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stability in a volatile region. recent protests against coronavirus restrictions found concerns that stability could be wavering after years of austerity. but king abdullah has the backing of regional leaders and powerful friends the u.s. and saudi arabia are among those who have expressed support jordan security forces say investigations into prince hamza are ongoing for more i am now joined by reporter. who specializes on the middle and far east the government says the prince the former crown prince was essentially putting the country's security instability at risk were there any signs that this was coming. good morning to you michael well i think one can't emphasize enough how this feels like it's coming out of nowhere i mean jordan is a country that is you know it's in a tough neighborhood bordering 5 year maybe
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a iraq syria has a long border with israel and also the west bank and it's often seen as kind of an outlier in the region that is often unfortunately plagued with instability however if you zoom in a little bit into the internal situation i think one can see clues as to what is going on here so the country has really suffered under the code in 1000 hand demick economically and it has also had to go you know how to undergo some very very serious us terry measures that are starting to be really really painful for ordinary jordanians and as the report said you know prince homs as you know someone who's close to the people religious modest you know he was supposed to be the crown prince and his rhetoric that the ruling elite. you know has led this country into into corruption does resonate with some of the king's critics domestically and
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so that you know his death his rhetoric definitely plays into that. you know he did say that he did meet with some of the tribal leaders so one can then understand why the official view is that this was a destabilizing move on his part well jordan and its monarchy or a close western ally of course what concerns might this incident raise among the countries allies. well it's important to remember that jordan is host to something like 1300000 syrian refugees so it's important for the international community as well that this country continues to be able to you know look after you know with the help of the international community of course but act as kind of the stable host and as i've already mentioned you know bordering all of these countries it's important that jordan also continues to. enjoy this this stability so i'm sure that this is going to be a development that's observed by around the world. i even how much thanks as always
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i put francis is celebrating easter and room by offering the traditional. blessing for their 2nd year in a row you're looking at live pictures now the pope led a scaled back service in st peter's basilica because of pandemic restrictions normally easter mass is held in open air in st peter's square in front of tens of thousands of pilgrims italy is under strict 3 day lockdown over the easter weekend a 2nd look now at some of the other world news if you o.p.'s says that has started withdrawing its forces from to grab a rebel group launched attacks in the northern ethiopian region in november prompting. troops to cross the border their tree and forces have been accused of
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human rights atrocities including the massacre of civilians rape and looting. flash flooding and landslides have killed over 50 people in indonesia and east timor and more heavy rain is forecast electricity and transport routes have also been affected video footage shows a building being swept away in east timor's capital dili. an american diving team says it's reached a u.s. navy destroyer lying nearly 6500 meters below sea level that would make it the deepest ship wreck dive in history the us as johnston was stung off the philippines in world war 2 the records discovered 2 years ago security has been stepped up across sri lanka on the anniversary of the largest single terror attack in the country's history on easter sunday in 2019 suicide bombers targeted churches
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and hotels killing more than 260 people the islamic state claimed responsibility but despite an investigation no one has yet to stand trial for the attacks chilling surveillance footage shows a suicide backpack striding into a packed church on easter sunday 2019 moments before the deadly. the explosion here in san sebastian north of the capital colombo killed 150 people was i heard about that he was drawing and i jumped into the can i saw that my daughter. who works on the full. premier simone taney is the tax also targeted 2 other churches and 3 luxury hotels most of the dead were sri lankan catholics although
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a number of foreigners were also killed the commission set up to investigate the attacks recommended prosecuting sri lanka's then president makes the policy ricin or it said political infighting surrounding the president had led to a lapse in security and a failure to act on warnings from foreign intelligence services. but families of the victims say they're not interested in a political blame game last month catholics across sri lanka came to church dressed in black to express their sadness 2 years on those who organized the attacks have yet to be identified. the archbishop of colombo has said if the authorities fail to come up with answers by april 21st the 2nd anniversary of the bombings he will call for a nationwide campaign. stream like in security analysts a sangar of bay are going to witness the attacks 2 years ago he shared his
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experience of those tragic events but i still remember i was with my. 2 kids at the show. when the bombs went off and i was a few minutes behind going to the restroom. supper in. in the body. of the police my puss. yes the memories are still society and me and my family so we share the pain and yes. we do for some sort of. the authorities report the presidential commission of inquiry to the point which the latest report is incomplete there are names that i've been. hearing mention
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such as the prison. defense secretary on negligence. there was also a. report on basically their report highlights says there were recommendations so why isn't getting implemented out why isn't faced a question that the general public has. made it it's quite sad. and there's not be. any charges or anything in anybody in response to. that was security analysts assange begun to secure a speaking earlier turning a sports now in the business leaders big match on saturday title contenders leipsic welcome to buy in munich side without its top score robert leaven. a win would have put leipsic within a single point of biron but the champagnes showed why they are chasing for
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a 9th league title in a row. judgment day for the young pretenders like say coach yulia knuckles man and his players knew that to win against a buy in sight depleted by injury and suspension would be a shot in the arm in the biggest league title race while a loss could see their championship hopes slip away. but by and strength in depth has helped them see off all comers since 2013 and leone go did his best robot leave in dog skin person nation to put by on one up after 30 minutes to pick up work from thomas miller an emphatic finish play pick fought hard to get back in the game but danny almost failed to hit the target from a great position on 52 minutes. with the goal was 9 minutes later but manuel neuer broke legs and hearts this time my. knuckles man was left to rue those misses has by and held on to win one with the champions no 7 points clear with 7 games to go few would bet against the byron
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bandwagon from ruling on to another title. egypt has staged an elaborate tribute to its ancient civilization on saturday night 22 while mummies were escorted through the streets of cairo to a new national museum egypt hopes the pharaoh's golden parade as it was called will help revive the country's all important tourism industry. glorious parade to the fairies of ancient egypt. the 18 kings and 4 queens carefully carried in climate controlled cases from the egyptian museum where they have to welsh for over a century now they will have a new home in the national museum of the gyptian civilization. ramsay's the 2nd is among those being married as is queen hardship suit one of
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ancient egypt's few female pharaohs she was sent to wear full spirit to overcome the traditional gender roles of her time. the ceremony aimed to showcase egypt's rich history on one level by doing it like this with great pomp and circumstance the mummies are getting their due these are the kings of egypt i mean these are the pharaohs and so it is a way of showing respect people who understand that there is an incredibly important historically and also important now because this is part of egypt's economy. sure islam is in fact one of egypt's main economic sectors with the pandemic halting global movement the country is eager to draw to wrest back. the message it's very important what is good to tell the people through the butt end of the month is that egypt is safe we need people to come back. these kings and
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queens of ancient egypt have lain in wait for thousands of years but they may have to wait a little longer before tourists flock back. you're watching news coming up next reporter looking at churches offering a last chance for asylum michael okuda in berlin please stay tuned for more news at the beginning of the next hour. more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction.


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