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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 4, 2021 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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this is to give you news live from berlin jordan's former crown prince says he's under house arrest prince accuses jordanian leaders of corruption and incompetence the military has warmed him to stop damaging the country's stability also coming through steps of security on peace or sunday 2 years after wave of suicide bombings throughout the country so why has no one been brought to justice. and the showdown between the buddhists we go to the top clubs financially leipsic why they're still
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number. a michael look who welcome we start in jordan where former crown prince hamza bin hussein says he's been placed under house arrest in a video message the king's half brother sharply criticized jordan's leaders but denied being part of an alleged coup plot the army has warned him not to damage jordan security and stability amid a growing rift in the royal family. jordan's crime prince hands that bin hussein on his wedding day in 2004. i'm embrace from his half brother king abdullah. 6 months later the king would strip hands of his title of crime prince and give it to his
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own son instead. but hamza remains popular in jordan close to tribal leaders and seen as in touch with ordinary people he now says that's why he's been targeted. in a video sent to the b.b.c. hamza says he is under house arrest after being warned that he got too close to critics of the king he says he is not part of any conspiracy but he does openly condemn jordan's leaders this country has become corrupt from its ism and in this way. state t.v. earlier and nights that hamza had been asked to stop activities targeting quote security and stability it said security agencies arrested multiple former top officials as reports world of approach to unseat the king the army denies that the former crime prince himself is under arrest but alarm bells are ringing for jordan's allies which see it as a key bastion of stability in
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a volatile region. recent protests against coronavirus restrictions found concerns that stability could be wavering after years of austerity. but king abdullah has the backing of regional leaders and powerful friends the u.s. and saudi arabia are among those who have expressed support jordan security forces say investigations into prince hamza are ongoing for more i am now joined by reporter. who specializes on the middle and far east the government says the prince the former crown prince was essentially putting the country's security instability at risk were there any signs that this was coming. good morning to you michael well i think one can't emphasize enough how this feels like it's coming out of nowhere i mean jordan is a country that is you know it's in a tough neighborhood bordering saudi arabia iraq syria has
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a long border with israel and also the west bank and it's often seen as kind of an outlier in the region that is often unfortunately plagued with instability however if you zoom in a little bit into the internal situation i think one can see clues as to what is going on here so the country has really suffered under the code in 1000 hand demick economically and it has also had to go you know how to undergo some very very serious austerity measures that are starting to be really really painful for ordinary jordanians and as the report said you know prince hums as you know someone who's close to the people religious modest you know he was supposed to be the crown prince and his rhetoric that the ruling elite. you know has led this country into into corruption does resonate with some of the king's critics domestically and so that you know his death his rhetoric definitely plays into that he you know he
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did say that he did meet with some of the tribal leaders so one can then understand why the official view is that this was a destabilizing move on his part well jordan and it's monarchy or a close western ally of course what concerns might this incident raise among the countries allies. well it's important to remember that jordan is host to something like 1300000 syrian refugees so it's important for the international community as well that this country continues to be able to you know look after you know with the help of the international community of course but act as kind of the stable host and as i've already mentioned you know bordering all of these countries it's important that jordan also continues to. enjoy this this stability so i'm sure that this is going to be a development that's observed by powers around the world. i even how much thanks as
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always our let's take a look at some other world news making the headlines at this hour christians in jerusalem have marked easter sunday with the traditional mass in the church of the holy supposed worshipers could take part in this year's service thanks israel's easing of pandemic measures programs and tourists were absent though because of travel restrictions. and serve voting in a parliamentary election today which will decide whether prime minister boyko borisov returns to power has governed for more than a decade and been the target of anti corruption protests his party is expected to top the poll but could struggle to form a government. flash flooding and landslides have killed over 30 people in indonesia and east timor and more heavy rain is forecast electricity and transport routes
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have also been affected video footage shows a building being swept away in east timor's capital dili. an american diving team says it's reached a us navy destroyer lying nearly $6500.00 metres below sea level that would make it the deepest ship shipwreck dive in history the u.s.s. johnston was struck off the philippines in world war 2 the wreck was discovered 2 years ago. security has been stepped up across rely on the anniversary of the largest single terror attack in the country's history on easter sunday in 2900 suicide bombers targeted churches and hotels killing more than 260 people the islamic state group claimed responsibility but despite an investigation no one has yet to stand trial for the attacks chilling surveillance footage shows
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a suicide bomber with a backpack striding into a packed easter sunday 2019 moments before the deadly blast. the explosion here in san sebastián north of the capital colombo killed 150 people i was i heard about your stories and i jumped into the can i saw them i thought. the way something told. me is the mall tamia said tax also targeted to other churches and 3 luxury hotels most of the dead were sri lankan catholics although a number of foreigners were also killed the commission set up to investigate the attacks recommended prosecuting sri lanka's then president makes the policy ricin and it said political infighting surrounding the president had led to a lapse in security and
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a failure to act on warnings from foreign intelligence services. but families of the victims say they're not interested in a political blame game last month catholics across sri lanka came to church dressed in black to express their sadness that 2 years on those who organized the attacks have yet to be identified. the archbishop of colombo has said if the authorities fail to come up with answers by april 21st the 2nd anniversary of the bombings he will call for a nationwide campaign. turning to sports now in the big match on saturday title contenders leipzig welcomed the buyer new exide without its top score robert leaven dusky a win would put leipzig within a single point of buyer but the champion showed why they're chasing for a 9th league title in a row. judgment day for the young pretenders coach.
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and his players knew that to win against a buy in sight depleted by injury and suspension would be a shot in the arm in the bundesliga title race loss could see their championship hopes slip away. but by and strength in depth has helped them see off all comers 2013. did his best. to put byron one up after 30 minutes from an emphatic finish. fought hard to get back in the game but dani almost hit the target from a great position. minutes the. same time and. held on to win one with. it 7 games to go few would bet against the bandwagon from ruling on to
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another title. also on saturday dortmund played frankfurt with both sides looking to secure a champions league qualification the teams went into half time with each but under . for frankfurt gave the visitors all 3 points. champions league football next season and now fighting for a spot in the less glamorous. i'm in american football the rookie card of stuff the rookie card of star n.f.l. quarterback tom brady has just sold for a record 2 and a quarter $1000000.00 a 43 year old recently won his record 7th super bowl with the tampa bay buccaneers had spent his entire career with the new england patriots before joining his new team. over 20 years old and bears brady signature smashes a previous record price for a football card which was also from tom brady. well
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like most of europe belgians are spending easter under strict coronavirus rules but one tradition is proving resilient even during the pandemic belgium's love of chocolate it's providing comfort and even humor in these trying times w.'s teri schultz reports. a 2nd easter with the virus sapping holiday spirits keeping families apart with many stores closed under lockdown. chocolate shop adds flavor to her small town of law and say it's more than a business it's life in the village people customers behind music nor your essential we need you basically because now there is no truth of things left food and the. trip point touched hearts last year with the masked bunnies she created and donated to care workers this easter she's taking
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a tasteful jab at debate over vaccines which also play a role in which bunnies customers buy them this in-or the one that. i don't want the must come for the i don't want the vaccines all i want to vaccines and the mouse to give to a caretaker and just listen and think it's. they can talk about it. helps with home deliveries for those unable or a great to go out it's very important for people because. to. receive it on brussels famed square even the large producers have had to find new ways to cater to customers at least this year they're open last easter brussels was under a severe lockdown and while chocolate was considered an essential food item chocolate shopping would not have been considered an essential activity for which
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people were allowed to leave their homes so stores decided to close despite the pandemic overall sales fell by just 4 percent in 2022 belgian chocolates. in the resilience and won't in the long term suffer so much i think it's also typical for a moment. crisis that during the crisis and after a crisis people like ghosts lead to moments so for happiness and they built by chocolate. hopes by next easter pandemic themes will be passed say my parents haven't come back. she's already planning creation centered on families finally being allowed to celebrate together. and a reminder of the top story this hour jordan's former crown prince says he is under house arrest in a video past of the b.b.c.
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france in the same excuses the country's leaders of corruption the army denies he's being detained. you're watching t.v. news coming up next living in the digital age with a look at tracking a michael okun in berlin for me an entire to your thanks for watching. out. for the. former doesn't do. well.


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