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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  April 4, 2021 9:15am-9:30am CEST

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kings and queens of ancient egypt have lain in wait for thousands of years but they may have to wait a little longer before tourists flock back. you're watching news coming up next world stories of the week in reports from street with. how does a virus spread. why do we have it and when will all of us. just 3 of the topics covered and a weekly radio program. if you would like any information on the cloning virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at d.f.w. dot com look forward slash science.
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people have to say here's to us. that's why we listen to the stories reporter every weekend on t.w. . this week on world stories in russia the kremlin takes aim at tick talk and confronting racism in germany's catholic church but we begin in turkey where on kora has set a goal of vaccinating 60 percent of its population against coronavirus by autumn which means reaching the more remote parts of the country. almost 2000
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meters high up in the mountains is the village of alton that is in eastern turkey a few 100 residents one street also. and this is the doctor in charge of the coronavirus vaccinations here in the village. they nip at it and her team come regularly many home visits require some serious climbing but they're almost used to it now. no coronavirus cases have been reported in 4 months that's why some residents are skeptical about the doctor's visit but dana barrow this convinced that her commitment is important. that people in the villages live close together if there is an infection here it will spread very quickly and many don't like coming to the hospitals in nearby towns so we have to come to them. really.
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work on our hard work. getting his 2nd dose today when the doctors 1st came here a few weeks ago he almost keep them out. i was afraid at 1st here in the village they said the doctors were coming to kill the old people or the elderly die from the vaccination i heard and because of that we were scared a lot of oil. they never knows that there is a lot of false information floating around she and her team often tell patients that they themselves have been vaccinated as have their grandparents. that doesn't convince everyone but it did convince ali kazak. your you know knowledge of geography i hardly felt anything it didn't hurt at all less than a bee sting. of your. in. advent
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her team have given the last vaccination for today the way back to their car is once again perilous. the doctors are responsible for 20 villages and as long as there are doses they won't run out of work any time soon. tick-tock is one of the most popular social media platforms in russia but since users have taken to posting increasing numbers of political videos the kremlin has begun to take notice. time could be ticking for these tiktaalik bloggers the unlikely new enemy for the kremlin. the social network is mostly about entertainment with videos of cranks and dance routines. but this month at a meeting with the police russian president vladimir putin made it clear he wants
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the authorities to be watching anyway. it was limited to the green unfortunately we all know what the internet is and how it is used to promote unacceptable content it's critical for you to unite with other government agencies in order to monitor the web and be more proactive in identifying people who are dragging minors into committing illegal actions but the fact that minors are being dragged into illegal on authorized street protests as well is of course the violation of the law. to talk in particular has been on the authorities radar since the return of opposition politician i like see now by me to russia his arrest in january caused a wave of opposition protests across the country and a sudden explosion of politics on tick tock. teenagers filmed themselves at schools replacing portraits of putin. with portraits of. another to talk
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trend was videos of teens getting ready to protest and telling their parents they might get arrested. russia's media watchdog responded by calling on to talk to block videos calling for unauthorized protests and last week threatened to block social networks completely if they don't comply with russian laws. but these moscow tip talkers want to keep dancing to their own tune without thinking about politics every week the bloggers meet at this so-called talk house with their producers to consult about their accounts and collaborate with each other to stay on trend to talkers like that i need of a film 2 to 3 videos a day the 17 year old thinks the videos about politics were just a short lived trend. there's too much politics on tech talk i went on there during the protests and there was none of the usual content in my feed. cygnus blog on the sonia also says she doesn't want to talk to become
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a political platform. talking to social media platform for self-expression there's so much negative stuff around us already on state television and so on but being neutral may soon no longer be possible according to maxine potential he's one of the owners of the p.r. agency promoting these bloggers which. most bloggers are not for put in or against him they're just doing their thing but when they're told they're freaks when they're stigmatized these bloggers start feeling they're outsiders in this country and that's what makes them feel angry at the government. for now these 2 talkers are steering clear of politics but even they know that the kremlin will be watching closely if they ever get out of step.
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in the eastern part of the democratic republic of congo and islamised militia known as the a.d.f. has been terrorizing the local inhabitants un peacekeepers are charged with protecting them but is it working. it feels a bit odd to move in an armored vehicle like this while people outside seem to live a normal everyday life but the impression is deceptive this area is dangerous attacks happen almost on a daily basis the islamist militia a.t.f. has carried out repeated massacres killing more than 500 people in the 2nd half of 2020 with the u.n. troops we visit a clinic in my morea that has been targeted by a.d.f. in the past. as the director here he's witnessed gruesome attacks all of the militias slaughters people and when you see the animosity they have to kill these people how they cut off their heads you find the brain scattered all over
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they head off feet that leaves you with fear and traumatizes your heart. in one incident the islamists tried to kidnap 4 of his nurses. they found them in the waiting room and took them hostage once people realized it was i.d.f. they were very afraid but then the militia said they won't kill them they said it is not a day to kill. because of the constant threat the clinic is only open for a few hours in the morning women and children struggle to get the medical care they need a partner with whom we cannot go and have a can of corn from they have to stay at home to cannot move surely cannot go to school was woman cannot come to the clinic where the villagers have experienced a lot but many are reluctant to speak to us the local population is in a tight corner some of their sons and daughters have joined a.d.f. and often provide them with food but in return the villagers have to cooperate and
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provide the militia group with information or risk getting killed. and sometimes we are happy and sometimes we are afraid because they can come today or tomorrow they have now become our everyday people. just when we were about to leave a man wants to speak to us out of fear he doesn't want to be named. the government should help all the international community should help our government to deal with this phenomenon that has made a lot of people suffer a.t.f. should be finished finished finished. his frustration as possible and sums up what many people here told us off camera their feeling is they're being brutally massacred while the outside world needs to act. everybody is supposed to be welcome in the catholic church including refugees and migrants but sometimes members of
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a congregation may be exposed to racism even the clergy d.w. spoke with a priest from cologne. i do something i experienced again and again when i'm out and about in different church communities is that the 1st question is always where do you come from and i always say i'm from noise germany and then there was silence they got me to line a town it's a catholic pastor in the archdiocese of cologne apparently many people in germany still find it a little strange when they encounter a minister who is not white to line up time is repeatedly asked about his origins or is and salted with racist slurs the swell from quite a little park at leipsic. it was at the catholic convention in leipsic i was representing the archdiocese and i can still remember standing at the booth when 2 women approached the booth which i went to watch them in a friendly manner and put them wellcome. them and then one woman said which do
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gooder let you into the country without any emotion whatsoever rachel would see that and stop to listen. to learn a town is mostly concerned by 2 things in the catholic church in germany it's too white and too euro centric ascension of an s. . been in the direction to be it starts with the fact that many teachers of german theology don't even take into account all the other theological points a few in the world it's only fashionable or to be taken seriously from a scientific angle when it comes from the german speaking world and that's where the difficulties begin when you think you're the only one who is capable of interpret in the world or more. steve. this is. the 38 year old is responsible for new trainees in his diocese he advises and supervisors theology students or those looking to serve in the church
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for whom he provides rooms in his apartment to learn at times even spoke to pope francis about his vision of a more cosmopolitan church that allows more space for global perspectives and less racism. which it would dished. that he encouraged me to consolidate and develop this idea further to bring more scope into my teaching and not be bound by the small european world order precision. supply. they got me to land a time hopes others like him may 1 day no longer be constantly reduced to the color of their skin.
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and sarah was exactly one year ago i was here standing on this we're singing don't think i'm playing like one with the musicians of the lyceum orchestra are musicians and she got something with the coronavirus price said one year after the joint project mozart. march 23rd and. next on the leaders. they were tainted into a nameless mass their bodies near tools the history of the slave trade is africa's history it describes how the goods for power and profit plummeted and entire continent into chaos and violence between century and its rebellions the new frontiers of slavery the last part of our series slavery routes. in 45 minutes on w. w's crime fighters are back africa's most successful radio
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drama series continues from olympus odes are available online course you can share and discuss on w africa's facebook page and other social media platforms crime fighters tune in now. i think. i've been invited to play a mambo because it's a year after most of the mambo and my friends have invited me to play with them. good.


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