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house arrest in a video past the b.b.c. friends' homes have been hussein accuses the country's leaders of corruption and anybody who criticizes them risks arrest. it's a news update at this hour state universe for its life and don't forget there's always more on our website www dot com and play richardson everland for me and a whole team thanks much for watching. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one to the shadow and a few newspapers in official information as a journalist i have worked on the streets of many can trust and they have problems are always the same core to the social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. go up should who can afford to stay silent when
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it comes to the fans of the humans and see the right to fold who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny harrison i work a d w. point . draw in munich honestly good champions german cups whenas champions league victors and now congress. and it's old thanks to one minute kanzi flick. now is a relatively unknown culch. elevated the standing in such
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a short period of time and how did he turn fine music from a crisis club into an on basic machine. click worked on 4 main sectors tactics. mentality. arousal. training. he's proven himself as one of the best coaches in the world and a humble one at that team and. is this you just want to snatched. one man show gets it's been on a farm team playoff game of the 55 year old his makes his progressive training methods with a simple human touch to bring boston back to the top. he's not finished yet.
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to appreciate flick success at ball and you have to 1st look at the tomatoes position the club was in when he arrived he was handed the job in november 29th seen up to nikko that his side had been spanked 51 front 4. it was an embarrassing result which left by an informed place but the cracks had long been widening for more than a year contract was just the final straw for a cause that which the football and the players were reportedly unhappy with the croatians man management and training since. the president's. plans a flick not expected to be bought and savior but rather an interim solution to a sinking ship however he not only studied the course he quietly put together the world's best team. so where did it all start for the flick. of course. he won 6 titles with the club
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in the eighty's before retiring prematurely to 2 injury that winning mentality and deep connection to the club has clearly helped him as a card. his 1st coaching stop was a bit small the point in the 5th division with victoria bauman tough he wasn't particularly successful eva and even suffered relegation but in 2000 he joined the ambitious hoffenheim and took them from the full team into the 3rd division it's there where he developed his coaching identity. and i don't suspect there's no more laws to open so you have been dishing as i said. flick then join the journey set up as assistant to your human love in 2006 he was integral to the world cup in 2014. many consider his tactical import invaluable and his personal touch was also boarded flic develop trust between the players and coaching staff and that team spirit helped drive germany to victory.
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in 2019 he was very united with as coaches assistant but it wasn't long before he was thrust into the limelight to take on the main job. 6 1st league game in charge story browsing and dominant for new victory over the police you don't think it was a stunt the club needed and slowly flick started to get done back to their best. from a december the varians went on an incredible strike 2020 dawn of the next 30 matches in all competitions. played on the bundesliga the german cup and the champions league. shock the console to offer a. flick forged europe's most deadly attack fine and scored a 116 goals. as in just $36.00 matches an average of more than 3 goals per game.
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the pinnacle came within a toothbrushing of boss a low enough to spines relentless and ruthless attacks when all opponents sought. the crowning victory was a one nil defeat of paris such a month in the champions league final. so how exactly did hunky flick turn it all around. flicks 1st time turning back into a pressing machine by pressing that when they tried to pass the light to come to. the progressive approach melbourne were always on the front foot something fleet outlined during his very 1st press conference. as most of you.
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got us to munch often city from the kind of to see video showing off one of the tiding to see us. on top but i don't want to. i thought. on getting him to you off he just now it's most of you know we don't. mind began to ross and harry their opponents ferociously in order to force turnovers their energy and motivation was relentless and i believe every position they faced. 3 of their 1st 5 goals against barcelona came within 10 seconds of regaining possession from pressure. also gave the team license to play their way out of trouble players knew each other's role. and had flix trust for the. consequence of.
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this being. let's just a name on. a want to try to mix them with possession football when necessary launching fast transitions to catch up defenses. i know i am. played risky football but flick still found a good balance in defense keypad david with jerome ball attacking. the ball and veterans combined with. to provide an at times impenetrable wall in fact flicks team caps 19 clean sheets in $36.00 matches. looking for a very hard line for his defense. left to
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expose at times it also their attacking game. the complex set up to create more chances talented front lawn. flick also made canadian. his 1st choice left back crucial factor in new approach. the road runner there to. me the youngsters pace was not only handy in attack but also when covering defense. speeds of more than 35 kilometers. but perhaps most importantly flick rediscovered boyens mojo after the team's drop in form he said about lifting his players' morale which included messi. the egos of
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a stablished veterans. and placing trust in talented youngsters. and the client dies and fall for the just being is for me yeah and interest question is not of god the ships are in carbon dating and acquits inside of mom most on getting a flat doll in a modern toughens of eyes must take all of us are not too often a fun bottle. for then fine but take thomas miller under code that she'd been a good part player but he was the 1st name on 16 sheet and flicks singled him out for special praise as he's on field general l.c. used to just as it was not just on his selling i don't. know so you can. just shoot to munch of just below. military grade that face in the bundesliga alone he scored 8 goals and made 17 assists within a $23.00 game spell on the flick. flick also placed his trust in you'll see what
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kimmy pushing a one time defend the higher up the pitch and the youngster fully embraced his new role. and she knows when all 4 to 6 or stone which i thought i might have been a bit on my own since there's a down the trees on there and the quality didn't also nash. not. to me is now one of the best midfielders in the world another example of how flip gets the most out of his players. without ever flicks coaching team also performed wonders during the coronavirus pandemic no club return from the enforced break all stronger. all the players went through an incredible physical transformation. well almost. everyone. i try not to be. that muscular my teammates
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less weight on my bones than my my bones to keep a little bit longer so while buttons fitness guru dr holder broich was behind the new training schedules flex drive and determination also motivated his players during a difficult period in lockdown but i'm for one since we should all. be done from front of us guy was martin want to i don't think so we don't. want to show you know the push to somehow know what's team just. in the d.c. . i don't buy most especially those who must just yet i must give up to look at an old to me to feel. it seems preparations saw them in superior shape to all of their opponents. both in the bundesliga and the champions league against every team they face they were faster stronger better off.
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with the club world cup title also in the 7 a stronger trophy cabinet kanzi flick has now won it all with by and munich. made from by munich we have our. slogan and the slogan mean so we are. afraid from nobody. slick buys into that attitude and he's hungry for even more success of the she love iced tea bit of caution bought them off the fiat of it's for buy it's done up on and it's mccomas well into focus enough you know it's even . so what next for hans the flick he's buying through and through and looks destined to forge the next great did a steal at the very enjoy. no
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healthy. person has the feeling. of snow. will be. checking how much i am and. the main thing is to stay healthy. not. to search for the last. least secret. little harder to vinci's masterpiece wrote a part of history. art restorers me to someplace in discovery. oh what. a mysterious mcconkey exists oh. d.w.
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. what secrets lie behind swallow. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore the world heritage sites of the cool w. world turned into 3 sixty's get me out now. there is definitely no way i could do that but it isn't a trick by the way it just needs the right technique and plenty of muscle power if only i had no more on that later in this show but 1st a very warm welcome to.


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