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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  April 3, 2021 9:15pm-9:31pm CEST

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carriages fit was shock absorbers carried the fragile mummified remains of $22.00 pharaohs for the 40 minute trip from caro's egyptian museum to the new national museum of egyptian civilization after the trip the mummies will undergo 15 days of restoration and laboratory before finally going on display in their new. you're watching deja vue news i'm exposer thanks told. and you hear me now i guess we can hear you and how it all stands gentlemen sunflower will bring you i'm going to mass call and see if never touch have the full surprise yourself with what is possible who is magical really what moves that i'm part of some people and follows her along the way maurice and critics alike join us from apple sauce stocks to.
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the less supper by leonardo da vinci when it was 1st shown in $1499.00 he created shock waves through italy and beyond changing the world of art for ever but a 20 year restoration effort has revealed the awful truth of the original fresco only some 20 percent is still visible simply put we can no longer see you know or understand why this painting had such a devastating impact. or kid really. this is the incredible story of a hunt across europe following a trail of clues and documents hidden for centuries that suggests. but leyla go and
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his workshop painted another last supper a huge life size scale but none other than the king of france does that painting still exist if so can it reveal the secrets of the original fresco. this is where the story starts in the long run the most important fashion and business city in all of modern italy and in that sense love much has changed even in the 15th century milan was a bustling city filled with artists and musicians. of older cities states and italy the duchy of milan was the most powerful the most exuberant and the wealthiest buy for no wonder that many kings in europe wanted to conquer. to
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kuli because the man in charge the juke named little because for the song was a tyrant who had seized power in 14 he was than any other such rulers he was desperate to cloak his illegitimacy with the splendor of a renaissance court. the jew had many projects monastery complex called it just told by the pov via a new church building right here in milan called the sometime out a a that i cannot see but the biggest project of all was this massive cathedral deliberately designed to be the biggest church building in all of italy so naturally the city was a magnet for young artists and sculptors from all over the region. but while a lot of this artist wasn't from lombardy he was from florence the most exciting city in all of italy a wellspring of their. what was he doing painting at fresco in milan.
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answer may be found in a small village outside of florence called vincent. luna to was a natural child the son of a farmer's daughter katherina one day had a role in the hay with a promising young notary called 7 pm of course marriage was out of the question a bright future awaited says provided he married a wife from a prestigious family. that's why labor nardo was never truly part of the creative circles of florence around lorenzo the meeting with artists like the betty dillon dial or michelangelo these were folks who wrote latin sonnets and could hold their own and find society there not it was never part of that.
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but said piero never forgot his son and was only he's ready to use his connections to help him get work but the lack of a proper education left young leonardo at a major disadvantage. instead he was apprenticed to the workshop of one of the most prolific artists of florence and that i am here here leonardo learned how to mix pigments prepare panels for transfer large fresco drawings called cartoons to a plaster wall and eventually for akio allowed him to paint one of the angels in his panel of the baptism of cries it's obvious that leonardo's angel is much more beautiful than the rather dollar angel to the right painted by for tokyo himself. so how did he create such lovely and jelly faces the ensor by using
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a new invention called oils as most of florence still use the flat collars of tempera paint which dries quickly leonardo had begun to experiment with pigments mixed with oils the technique 1st developed in northern europe the advantage versus example is that in order to create a 3 dimensional object you pretty much have to mix every single color that you put in there or crosshatch it so you get the feeling that i mention but with oil you didn't have that problem you can have an incredible range from black to white hall most seamlessly sold this was a huge shift for for the artists and the renaissance good or i'm there is a classically trained artist who painted a live size re creation of the sistine chapel for the motion picture angels in the
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us and how were these oils made well they were ground up pigments that could be anything from bone through dry parsley to accost famous ultra in blue that came from afghanistan that was so expensive that it cost more than actual gold in its own weight my god more than gold yes it did. the 15th century the quadrant chantel was a an exciting time to be in florence it was a time of rebirth the renaissance the revival of the ancient world and the arts and science in literature and in engineering here for example filippo brunelleschi used roman engineering to create this vast dome over the uomo the cathedral of florence. while burlesque he was taking measurements of ancient temples in rome he had discovered that when you draw as street or
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a building all the horizontal lines seem to converge to a common center what today we call the vanishing point. rule esky had discovered the laws of linear perspective it revolutionized the renaissance art suddenly painters could create an illusion of 3 dimensional space as if the image they painted was a window on another world. you know for us it's almost impossible to imagine the impact of this innovation why because today we are surrounded by simulated images of fall of billboards television cinema they have conditioned our brain to interpret flat images as 3 dimensional reality but in the middle ages men and women never had that experience before and so they must have been utterly amazed by
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a painting like this one. the crucifixion by massager the 1st fresco in history to use linear perspective. people in those days most of thought it was some form of magic to see space weather was only a flat wall. there no no was also trained in the magic of linear perspective in the workshop of his master of akio and he too was amazed by the possibilities but as he began his 1st major painting they are now realized that linear perspective had one major drawback. it tended to see by fall the figures and inhibit their expressive power in many paintings the figures became like puppets fixed on a rigid grid 10 years later leonardo would write how to give you figures
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appealing air. look about you. when you see a beautiful face remember its features and fix them in your mind. so what layer nardo is saying is don't let geometry deprive your characters of feelings of emotions of psychological drama and the 1st bold attempt to do just that as a painting that hangs right here in the a feeds it called the adoration of the magic. unfortunately the monks who commissioned the panel weren't interested in moving the boundaries of italian art they simply wanted a pretty picture of the native any that people could recognize and worship. and so the work was stopped and the painting remained unfinished it would take nearly 2 decades before layer nardo group realize his great vision he talked about wanting
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to create his work of fame he could see but unless he's work of fame he could see the door to tell us works a thing that he wanted to create his own and so his destiny he felt he lay with a large a large court with a grand patron and a single person who was going to be writing the checks and that happened to be at the most powerful man and it'll lead me the 14 eighties and for the ninety's was the duke of milan lot of equals fortson and so that's why he went north in 1482 at the beginning working for someone who was in effect a prince and not just a group of monks that's why a layman are decided to turn his back on the forums and that's why he came here in milan filled with ambition not as an artist but as an engineer a military engineer even prepared and then press of pitch for the jew that
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catalogue all of us military towns. methods for destroying every fortress were strong and was built on a rock. i can also design different types of can which 100 stones and ball like a hail storm. leonardo's hopes came to look and it took several years for a joke live eco to finally notice the florentine artist. but the project he gave him a huge equestrian statue ended in failure the only thing that remains of this massive project are his studies. live in our 2 was ready to tackle the greatest most ambitious composition of his young career a series of 13 live sized portraits of men seated at a table for
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a wall in milan. how did the last supper project come about and who asked leonardo de painted. this may come as a surprise but we really don't know what we need to know is that the jokes for tended to favor home grown artists like giovanna them want to follow. may not have been particularly in magic at it but they delivered their work on time and on budget like this fresco of st peter martyr. what we do know is that the joke had chosen this church to become the pantheon of his dynasty actually it was part of a dominican convent and the abbot white away saw as opportunity so he asked the joke if he would build him a new or factory place to have meals for the monks complete with frescos.
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a refectory was usually decorated with 2 paintings a last supper and a crucifixion of christ. the last supper illustrated the institution of the eucharist. whereas the crucifixion depicted the redemption of mankind to the suffering of jesus the 2 condor points of christian theology. the most important for us go destined for the south wall was the crucifixion of christ this did you gave to giovanni dum one thought of fun no whose family had been working in the cathedral of milan for many decades. but who was going to paint a north wall. lane out of the vinci up to this point but lay it out or had done
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other than the failed the question project and the 2 small portraits was the production of plays and masks for the entertainment of the jucundus court was he truly going to be given this monumental fresco but laid out a was in effect the special effects man for the duke and so i guess we would think of him as a sort of a combination set designer costume designer and special effects person for these spectaculars that a lot of eco would have staged maybe a couple of times a year in the lion. that is why little nordo was determined that with this fresco he was going to stomach the moment. and they probably would have been expecting that he would have done a last supper akin to all of those that have been done primarily in florence in tuscany c.n.n. .


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