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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  April 3, 2021 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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this is a detail you use live from berlin germany's president tells people to pull together as the nation spends his 2nd easter under coronavirus traditions we're not pandemic well champions but we're not enough to train the new we in the federal republic of germany we may often have doubts but there's plenty we're capable of and it's ok to abilities not opt outs which batson out and thousands of coronavirus skeptics rally in the german city of chicago so far as a gathering of the so-called lateral thinkers movement comes from
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a peaceful. anti-war and mourns victims of its worst brail disaster in decades at least 51 people died when a train packed with holiday travelers slammed into a truck construction manager allegedly responsible for the crash has been released on bail. on the exposer welcome to the program german president frank meyer is making a rare appeal for national unity this easter weekend sign buyers asking germans to pull together and set aside a crisis of trust in the government there is growing frustration as corona virus infections rise despite months of restrictions on daily life if they already are also under fire over the slow pace of vaccinations the president is urging people to remain positive despite the setback. isn't enough some months ago after the 1st
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wave we were already complacently deeming ourselves a pandemic world champions and now it's the opposite we are practically vying to outdo one another in doom and gloom does everything really have to be a super liga of in germany as good to put it now shouting in triumph now sun can despair we're not pandemic world champions but we're not an utter failure no we're the federal republic of germany we may often have our doubts but there's plenty we're capable of and it's our capabilities not our doubts which matter now compass it. chief political correspondent linda crane joins me now to put the german president's remarks into context. speech seem to simultaneously encourage unschooled germans at what was the main message for you. i think he was doing exactly both of those things he began his remarks by saying that he knows that yet
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another appeal to patience and fortitude is exactly what people want to hear but in fact ultimately that is exactly what his speech did do appeal to both patience and fortitude he addressed himself to both political leaders and citizens saying quote call yourselves together and he reserves particularly strong words for the political leaders acknowledging that mistakes have been made in testing in the vaccine roll out in digital solutions for example in schools and criticizing the ongoing tug of war between the federal government and regional political leaders over responsibility for imposing or lifting rules. like us to listen to another clip and hear what you think about that. although we must all pull together my fellow germans we must give it everything we've got there's no use
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merely being outraged about others or about our leaders rather than constantly pointing out what doesn't work we should point out that things do work when everyone does their bit that is what i'm talking about when i talk about trust because ultimately trusting in a democracy means nothing other than trusting in ourselves. on. trust seems to be the big challenge for steinmeyer the one he thinks germans are needing to face why is that. well one reason is the nature of his constitutional role the federal president does not make policy what he do does is service a kind of moral compass for both citizens and for political leaders and you reinforces norms like trust and in fact germans trust has been very much undermined by those mistakes that i've made in terms of the vaccine rollout in
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terms of testing strategy and corona restrictions and also by the often contradictory course that has been taken by the political leaders who are essentially seem to be passing off responsibility for how much to tighten restrictions or how much to open the economy and trust of course is crucial for fighting the pandemic trust in political leaders decision making but also trust for example in fact scenes otherwise people won't get vaccinated and that's clearly a source of concern to the president ok and you just said you know stoudamire said vaccination is the most important step for ending the pandemic and he even said that he himself got vaccinated but how does that offer hope to people who are frustrated up at the slowness of the vaccine road who may want to be vaccinated but it's not happening. exactly germany is very much lagging behind other countries like the u.k. or the us still just about 11 percent of germans have received their 1st job
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and many are frustrated as you say however the president said in his speech and he closes with this message easter is a time of hope and there is hope out there the pace of vaccination is going to pick up significantly from now on everyone will have an opportunity to be vaccinated and then urged once again with the most. enthusiastic that people must avail themselves of that offer and he mentioned as you say that he himself has been vaccinated and by the way that vaccination was with astra zeneca which has in fact been the turn topic of a lot of discussion here in germany but that's the one he got and he said he fully trust it ok chief political correspondent melissa crane thanks for your insight. and staying in germany more than $10000.00 coronavirus skeptics rallied against lock down restrictions aimed at reigning in
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a 3rd wave of infections in the country supporters of the so-called lotter all thinkers movement marched in the southern city of ship garden participants range from the facts or as to elements of the far right who oppose current efforts to ratchet up restrictions many of those marching in stuttgart ignored social distancing rules and refused to wear masks. and earlier i spoke with benjamin alvarez gruber political correspondent who was at those protests i asked him what the situation was like there. all innocence have just said that this really is finished we're still listening to music there are some speakers a lot of people have left the area already more than 10000 people are believed to have taken part in several protests in the city of should go today and you mentioned already even police admit that the vast majority of protested did not wear masks and they had not hold on to the to the social distancing it was
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a protest at 11 am in the morning and police said in a statement that the already opened investigation against the organizers because people did not follow this rules despite that the police did not intervene even after we had some difficulty to ations this is an attack there was an attack on a journalist as well the police said they are investigating this event and another one is the one of a crew of german public media of idea who had to cancel a large show because stones were stones were thrown at them at the moment then these attacks on the media seemed to be a recurring event at the corral east. can you tell me quite apart from the hostility to the media what these protesters want if indeed there is any set of demands. that's right it's definitely a hostile environment for the media also from the speakers a lot of them were attacking the press for they call bridge the organizers to
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create a movement this lateral thinking movement there asking for immediate lifting off restrictions that they see as a violation of their basic rights they say that the effect of the locked on of the restrictions that already place to prevent the spread of the cold it of $1000.00 of the corona virus are way worse than the effect of the virus there was a speaker today who said that leading politicians and scientists even should be put on trial for their actions during this pandemic they have been rallying it's important to remember that this. movement started in this city in the city of good got last year in april and as you as you said it already there are covert 1000 dinars. vaccine skeptics people that don't believe that this pandemic is even real and that's exactly why the office for the protection of the constitution off the federal state they we all right now have put them under surveillance and just really quickly if you don't mind when you stand there counter protest as well
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happening in stuttgart what can you tell us. is right there were counter protesters which fights the try to prevent the people to reach this area because the protests in the morning started close to the city center but they did not achieve the police also put them on a side there where 10 protests happening here today some counter protests as well but we haven't seen clashes like the ones that we saw in the city of castile awful weeks ago where counter protesters clashed with protesters all right benjamin alvarez a group are in stuttgart thanks for that. and now for a roundup of some of the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic italy has entered a strict 3 day nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of the corona virus amid a recent spike in cases all regions are now classified as red zones with almost all shops closed and restaurants open only for takeout orders turkey has logged a record high of almost 45000 new cases in the most recent 24 hour period
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infections have surged since ankara ease restrictions in early march argentina's president alberto fernandez says he has tested positive for coke at 19 despite being vaccinated with 2 doses of sputnik v. in january. let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. thousands of people joined rallies across england and wales to oppose a proposed new law that would give police extra powers to curb protests there were scuffles between police and demonstrators in london legislation would allow officers to shut down or ban protests. a residential building on the outskirts of that's how a touch capital bangkok has collapsed killing at least 5 people the house in a luxury gated community had earlier caught fire victims included a residence and 4 rescue workers. according taiwan has released on
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bail a construction manager allegedly responsible for a deadly train crash at least 51 people were killed and many more injured when the packed train crashed into a construction truck inside a tunnel the accident happened during a holiday weekend which sees thousands of families return home to their hometowns. the start of a long recovery process cranes have now cleared 2 re a carriage is from friday's crash site but it will take about a week to clear 6 others still mangled inside the tunnel where rescuers expect to find more bodies. the front 1st carriage had the most serious injuries and greatest number of deaths even the carriage was split open and bodies one piled on top of each other. in the windows of. the train was packed with nearly $500.00 people many of whom were crammed into the aisles without
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a seat just as it entered a tunnel the train slammed into a truck tearing the front carriages apart authorities allege the truck slid onto the tracks from a nearby construction site after the break was not engaged prosecutors sold to detain the construction site manager who was later released on bail meanwhile taiwan's president visited dozens of survivors being treated in hospital. we heard the sound of a collision as we had the collision over passengers on the train with turned upside down. relatives of the victims visited the crash site on saturday to hold ceremonies for their loved ones an investigation into the catastrophe is ongoing. and we turn to sports now and in this holiday weekend and terminated a girly awaited match up took place between the 2 top teams in the bundesliga byer nick and leipsic fired came out on top gorecki goal in the 1st half was all they
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needed in the one win earlier 4th place club frankfurt defeated dortmund 3rd place will spur was a winner as was later christian hausberg came out on top and now underway hosting freiburg to morrow when you're on host cross city rivals. and in that frankfurt match dortmund were looking for a victory to move closer to the lucrative champions league qualification places the teams went into halftime all swear at one all but andres silva's late a header from frankfurt gave the visitors all 3 points that strengthens their bid for champions league football next season not for the 1st time this season dortmund were left to ruther inconsistent for. egypt's ancient rulers the pharaohs are being moved to a new resting place in a grandiose parade fit for a king or queen 22 gold colored carriages fit was shock absorbers carried the
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fragile mummified remains of 22 pharaohs for the 40 minute trip from cairo's egyptian museum to the new national museum of egyptian civilization after the trip the memories will undergo 15 days of restoration and laboratory before finally going on display in their new home. you're watching deja vue news i'm exposer thanks to you as you. can you hear me no no yes we're going to give you and how the law stands gentlemen songs that we bring you i'm going to match and see if times have surprised himself with what is possible who is magical really what moves them to want. to talk to people along the way maurice and critics alike join us the metals last stop.


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