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tv   Auf ein Wort  Deutsche Welle  April 3, 2021 1:00pm-1:45pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin killed in the line of duty defending the u.s. capitol police pay tribute to the officer who died in friday's car of an attack at a security checkpoint u.s. spy agencies had warned of ongoing threats to the government complex also on the show taiwan more incidents worst real disaster in decades at least $51.00 people died when a train tax with holiday travelers slammed into a truck prosecutors believe negligence was behind the tragedy.
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omarion evanston welcome in washington d.c. police are paying tribute to an officer who was killed friday at the u.s. capitol the attack comes less than 3 months after a mom assault at the same location u.s. president joe biden said in a statement that he and his wife were saddened to learn of the incident and they also expressed their condolences to the victim's family. the u.s. capitol in mourning the hives of american democracy once more the scene of a deadly attack. police vehicles for want of perception to a school the body of one of their own. william evans known as bailey had served in the capitol police force for 18 years he died of his injuries after
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a car rammed into him and a colleague guarding a barricade the other officer is reported to be in a stable condition. police say they shot the driver after he emerged from the vehicle and started lunging at them with a knife he later died at a hospital. it's not clear whether he intended to attack people inside the capitol lawmakers were absent due to the easter recess but other staff as well that they were told to stay away from windows as authorities locks down the complex and mobilized troops. it was one of the most terrifying things i've ever seen it was just constitution completely to lie with our national guard members face masks and automatic weapons. investigators an hour trying to discern a motive that say they do not suspect a terror link none the less the attack on the schools that the capital remains
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a potential target for violence some extra fencing around the complex was recently moved almost 3 months after supporters of former president donald trump stormed the building a police officer died in the riot and another committed suicide days later this is been an extremely difficult time for u.s. capitol police after the events of january 6 and now the events that have occurred here today so i ask that you keep all u.s. capitol police family in your thoughts and prayers president joe biden said in a statement he was heartbroken and ordered that flags at the white house to be flown a tough stuff. well for more on this story let's bring in a reporter william glue craft so william have any further details emerged about the suspect and a possible motive it's very very sketchy picture right now investigators are only
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at the beginning of looking into what happened to this man was there currently working on getting warrants to look more into his online presence what's come out of his facebook profile at least what's been reported is that he seemed to suffer from a lot of hardships maybe even mental illness i said he was reportedly without a job and this may be have some contributing factor into what led him. allegedly to ram this barricade yesterday he's a 25 year old man from the state of indiana so there's still a lot to look into but so far investigators are saying this was not an act of terrorism it was very likely a lone wolf situation and there is no ongoing threat anymore at the capitol. and yet washington d.c. why is of course already on i mean after all the storming of the capitol by the insurrection has just happened in january now we're looking ahead are people really concerned that the capitol building is becoming more of
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a target for these types of aggrieved or even disturbed individuals. i mean this is always a threat and a concern remember the capitol is an obvious target for anyone with a grievance against the government whether it's a lone wolf or a more organized attack like what we saw on january 6th of this year. there's been many instances across the decades and even centuries of small and lone wolf attacks in the capital even in 1908 there was a gunman who stormed the capitol and killed 2 capitol police officers as he tried to make his way to then republican majority whips off there so these things do happen at the capitol and other government installations on both federal and state all around the country there is more focus though on the threat specifically of domestic terrorism and the abilities of the capitol police to have the staffing and the resources and the intelligence agency the intelligence the resources to to be able to handle new threats identify threats especially lone wolfs like what we saw
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yesterday which can be very very hard to detect w.'s william blue cross thanks so much we appreciate it to taiwan now where a court has allowed a release on bail for the construction manager who is allegedly responsible for friday's deadly train crash at least $51.00 people were killed and more than $140.00 injured when a train smashed into a construction truck that it slid onto the tracks it happened at the start of taiwan's 4 day too sweeping holiday which is when families often return to their hometowns. the start of a long recovery process cranes have now cleared to rig carriages from friday's crash site but it will take about a week to clear 6 others still mangled inside the tunnel where rescuers expect to find more bodies. the fronts 1st carriage had the most serious injuries and
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greatest number of deaths even the carriage was open and bodies were piled on top of each other. as the train was packed with nearly 500 people many of whom were crammed into the aisles without a seat just as it entered a tunnel the train slammed into a truck tearing the front carriages apart authorities allege the truck slid onto the tracks from a nearby construction site after the break was not engaged prosecutors sold to detain the construction site manager who was later released on bail meanwhile taiwan's president visited dozens of survivors being treated in hospital. we heard the sound of a collision as we heard the collision over passengers on the train with turned upside down. relatives of the victims visited the crash site on saturday to hold ceremonies for their loved ones and investigation into the catastrophe is ongoing.
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as correspondent joyce levy has been following the story for us in while ian and here's what she's been with this ng. it is a heartbreaking scene here at a funeral home in a county many families of the victims broke down after seeing the bodies of their loved ones some of the bodies are so torn apart that they are recognizable and the police have to perform d.n.a. tests to help with the identification process the youngest victim is only 4 years old and they are 3 u.s. nationals and a 28 year old. french national killed in the crash the authorities are still trying to get in touch with their families taiwan as a nation is very shocked and saddened by what happened yesterday many fall and he has from different n.g.o.s and religious groups came here today to offer emotional and financial support to the families of the fact tom's as well as the injured. so
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a crane truck slid down the hillside and hit the train that was passing by the tunnel yesterday it was believed that the truck was no one to talk to properly and caused the tragedy the police have already arrested the person in charge of the construction site and if he is found guilty he will be imprisoned for 5 years. that was d w correspondent joyce who was at the funeral home and holly in taiwan. all right let's get a check now of some of the other stories making the news this hour the last ship stranded by the grounding of a giant container vessel in the suez canal are expected to pass through this saturday that's according to the canal authority investigators will soon release their findings on how the ship got stuck. covert 900 vaccines have arrived in a remote indigenous village in brazil's amazon us state the country is stepping up
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immunizations to better protect its most at risk presidents brazil's outbreak is the 2nd deadliest in the world follows the united states the country currently accounts for about a quarter of daily coronavirus for lated deaths more than any other worldwide. well german president from vulture steinmeyer is set to make a rare appeal to the nation of this easter weekend amid growing frustration with the pandemic infections are once again surging in germany with more than 800000 new daily cases in a pre-court address which will air on saturday evening steinmeyer will ask the germans to overcome what he calls a crisis of trust in the government the pandemic has held up a mirror to our country reflecting our compulsion to lay down rules for everything our fear of taking risks the shunting back and forth of responsibility how can we
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change that and how can we make our institutions more resilient we will have to address that at the moment however we are in the midst of the 3rd wave and it will take all of our strength all of us together to overcome its. chief political analyst melinda crane joins us now to put to the german president's remarks into a bit of context for us hello to you melinda i'd like to go right to what he just said in that clip we played about germany facing itself in a mirror reflecting on this compulsion to lay down rules for everything a fear of taking risks shunting back and forth from responsibility what is the president driving at. well he's essentially driving at what is perceived by many people here in germany as a constant back and forth course of coded pandemic management so
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we have the minister presidents of the federal government meeting at regular intervals and then issuing pronouncements and then often a couple of weeks later appearing to take back those pronouncements or to modify them or different federal states disagreeing with one another about how to proceed and in fact the german constitution vests primary health policy responsibility in the federal states but the fact is that there's been a lot of tussling between them and the federal government about whether to tighten the restrictions loosen restrictions and many citizens have the sense that leadership is missing and therefore that is why the president issued what is a pretty clear warning or even a scolding to politicians coupled with concert about as you said a crisis of trust we have another short clip from these prerecorded remarks let's
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have a quick listen. all we must all pull together my fellow germans we must give it everything we've got there's no use merely being outraged about others or about our leaders rather than constantly pointing out what doesn't work we should point out that things do work when everyone does their bit that is what i'm talking about when i talk about trust because ultimately trusting in a democracy means nothing other than trusting in ourselves. all right melinda so you said just before it's clear that it's time our is addressing at least partly german politicians in this clip we just heard he's talking a lot about trust and also urging germans not just to focus on what's going wrong with the pandemic response what is his underlying message here and who is the target of that. well it's essentially targeted at both german
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citizens but also at german politics sensually saying look easter is a time for hope and there is every reason to be hopeful the vaccine roll out is now gathering speed many people will have the opportunity to be vaccinated but essentially he's saying for them to avail themselves of that opportunity they need to trust trust in the vaccines trust in the judgment of political leaders and therefore he's essentially melding these 2 hope. trust and it's crucial to know the german president doesn't set policy himself piece essentially the moral compass of the nation and that's why he's speaking to these overriding themes hope and trust the deadly chief political analyst melinda crane thank you so much. and before we go a quick reminder of our top story. the u.s.
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capitol police are mourning an officer killed in friday's car ramming attack in washington d.c. another officer was injured the suspect drove his vehicle into a security checkpoint emerged with a knife and 1st shot that. you're up to date now on t.w. news american evan steen from me and the entire team in berlin and thanks for watching. today don't miss our highlights. program on line w. dot com hi lord. devastated hosts of car week in the lawsuit cars carrying. effects of climate change coming from the large the forestation in the rain forest continue carbon dioxide emissions risen again. young people of the world are committed to climate protection. place
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so what impact will it was. because change doesn't happen on its own to. make up your own mind to. w e 4 minds. pastor gertrude martin's gives blessings in farsi the language of iran his church is open to among others refugees slated for deportation this may be their last chance for the ira from iran and i lease a lot of afghanistan as christians they were persecuted in their own countries and even face the death penalty they ought to be allowed to stay in germany says pastor martens for years he's acted in defiance of the german courts of i'm not worried
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about that in the least then they should just send me to prison. when berlin's church of the holy trinity was built a century or so ago the basement was meant to be used as a fellowship hall but now it's become home to refugees most of them from iran and afghanistan protestant pastor dr godfried martins has granted them church sanctuary the immigration authority and the police don't get past the door. now we're entering an area that at present not even the church members are allowed into so we can maintain the security of. reasonable price and also here in this area there's a quarantine room for newcomers. noire but when they come to us they have to go
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into quarantine for 14 days before they can live in the community with the others. that someone is in there now no no no he's done that and another one of them only one person is just been released and now the other one goes in. the big fellowship area only a little spaces left. on this side we have the sleeping quarters where our church refugees can spend the night. nothing conan does you know this is a room with a kitchenette a little fellowship room it's a kind of living room for the refugees from the increase in. the rooms generally housed 10 men are so they are all slated for deportation and only allowed to remain in germany until their data arrives most of them profess a christian faith and actively practice it. that means they pronounced as law and
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act punishable by death in iran the right comes from tehran knows he cannot return to iran he's trying to adjust to life in germany and learn the language we feel the more we ease the. ease. belief. in iran i wasn't allowed to press christianity officially learn more about christianity in your thora tease would have arrested or killed me push the. call and then. he's just the only opportunity i had to be active in it it was through the internet and my own research and i was a member of a home congregation and i remember and i would hear it so much when it all came out that i received threats and my family came under pressure they intimidated me.
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more sure that you should wear those. in the church the right has gained a reputation for his delicious soup. when he fled iran he passed to bulgaria and romania and eventually arrived in germany. could put a horse to water. he knocked on the church door and pastor martens let him in going i was a really. big if i told a hungry person jesus loves you and then sent them away without giving them something to eat so if i saw someone whose life was in danger and didn't take action. it would if i did that i'd completely destroy my own credibility. even in germany christian converts often live dangerously in the refugee shelters
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where there are radical muslims who see converts as a past hate infidels and threaten them this is what happened to alice a lot of afghanistan. i'm out of those i had a roommate at the refugee shelter who is a muslim. who started when he saw me wearing a cross. it was disrespectful to me and threatened me. reported it to the shelters managers and they warned him that the threats didn't stop and. even tried to throw me out the window on the 5th floor and jump out going to point over the past 15 years well over a 1000 refugees have found sanctuary with pastor martens now they make up the majority of his congregation most of the german members are getting on in years many of them help out the refugees with learning german for example often converts
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ask the pastor to baptize them 1st they have to attend a preparation course regularly among the topics of the christian doctrine and differences to islam at this session they discuss the church position on divorce the neophytes complete the course with an exam. well this is kinds a this is no a guaranteed pass. i've had some courses where over half the students fail only when these people have convinced me beyond any doubt that they seriously desire to become christians and that they understand why they want to become christians and i baptize them if somebody were just to say i want to become a christian because i think islam is silly that's not reason enough for me to baptize them in so told. their rock and elissa law both attend the preparation course at the church regularly they hope to be ready for their baptism by easter night the principal church service before the resurrection of christ.
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that's ahead and i'm already looking forward to the exam because i can get baptized afterwards i can be born again into a new eternal life so i'm really looking forward to it. now you know you can call it with i don't think up to them examine would be hard for me. even know my thoughts are completely focused on the baptism that i'll be born again and i'll receive the peace i have always sought after in my life that even if they do convince the pastor that they quite seriously desire to become christian that means little to our thought is the decision on asylum applications is made on a case by case basis and is often anything but transparent. is again and again i'm just stunned that this arrogance the decision makers and judges display when they say things like yes the pastor overlooked it for years but within
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just 2 or 3 hours we figured out that something wasn't right here to me. the assumption is that refugees are just pretending to be christians to get asylum. or the german immigration authorities may see it that way. but to me that's what's most important is that in my heart i'm a christian. the more us i'm not alone with my christian faith. i've already experienced that back in iran. you know most of all i'm a c.e.o. but too often that fails to impress the authorities and the asylum seekers often hear cynical arguments as to why they are to be sent back to their home countries that god lets them just last week i read a transcript of a hearing where at the end the decision maker said these are you say that you believe in eternal life then it shouldn't be any problem for you to go back to iran
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and actually be sentenced to death because then you get eternal life and that you should aspire to it the book common wish to be. zoe read stuff like that week after week. that was a direct quote the cynicism and unfairness only served to spur pastor martens on and his efforts as a rule germany tolerates the churches granting sanctuary to asylum seekers to save them from deportation currently that totals about 500 people in germany even so time and again legal action has been taken against clergy who offer sanctuary in their churches. i'm not worried about that in the least and then they should just send me to prison for giving the compared to what's in store for our people in iran and afghanistan even a prison in germany is still a luxury. pastor
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martin visits id in an iranian who was paralyzed in an accident. i didn't can't come to the church so the pastor administers communion to him at home. 35 year old i.d.n. had already come in contact with the christian faith in iran but that drew the attention of the authorities to him the muslim clergy have openly stated that they see the biggest threat to iran's internal security in underground christian communities meanwhile more and more iranians are taking ideas view of islam the state religion. the wars in iraq because by that the relationship will be my. we can't leave to be to give the form because you should marry us. it's not good if
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you are muslim and changes the equation it's very very never. a service at the church of the holy trinity the refugees have come up from below to join in but because of the pandemic only a very few worshippers who registered in advance are allowed to take part. ringback dollars 58 year old pastor martens preaches and farsi it's become routine for him he's taught it to himself over the years he has no family of his own he's devoted his life entirely to working for his congregation . the next step for elisa law and paradis baptism. the bottom of my future lies in the hands of jesus christ one of the 3 he'll have
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a good plan for my life again will i trust all that. man 2000 a year i've had problems to deal with since my early childhood that's again of course but when i look back now i know that jesus christ has always helped me. a quarter from the sun by way of the baptism i want to be with him always on the town but on the way for us and that's a coalition. so often in the meantime both have passed their baptism exam if the pandemic allows they'll be baptized into the christian faith on easter night but whether that will convince the authorities to grant them asylum is another matter.
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and into the. answer was exactly one year ago i was here standing on this way of singing dancing and playing my horn with the musicians by the lyceum officers are musicians and coping with the coronavirus crisis one year after the joint project notes are. march 20th. next d.w. . babies have superpowers. research is the certainly. the 1st 5 years set the course for future success. from their very 1st day babies in kansas and. just draw on what makes a child smile. hardly
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. people have to say 1st to us. that's right listen to the. reporter every weekend on d w. i've been invited to play a mambo because it's a year after most of the mambo and my friends have invited me to play with them.
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i thought oh no no no no no no no if you're this bell ringing and a lot of go a lot. of . the. band what about the q i'm sorry exactly one year ago i was here standing on the square singing dancing and playing
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my one with the musicians of the band the lyceum off a strong. ah it's a very different cuba than it was one year ago because of the pandemic but i'm really looking forward to seeing my cuba decision friends from the a profiler and finding out how they have spent this last year.
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i know that have been has really closed down when you see that have on its most famous barbershops flooded into. the city has a completely different feeling on the streets than the last time i was here but nothing can ruin my joy with my horn on my back i'm on the way to rehearse with my beloved have done a lyceum orchestra in their home a beautiful old cuban church called san felipe in old havana. it's very emotional for me because it's the 1st time i will see them in a year and i have been dying to celebrate the success of our mozart the mambo project with them.
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my. warrior. it's so nice to be a. memory when memory then very peppy the conductor of the orchestra rise in style for the rehearsal. i have a present for you yeah it was very heavy in my suitcase but we have for everybody. a cd. we were number one in germany number one in england number one in the us in the classical charts it's amazing really amazing so you can look you can look later and think.
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we're rehearsing a horn concerto by mozart far up coming concept no one knows yet if we'll be able to play the concert because of the coronavirus restrictions but we have to be ready just in case it's. hard.
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to know whether most of the mamba then end up with any i don't even know that they're us you know how give us how and. i knew enough and be more awake and when we got them for their boy i thought one thought i was asking the most we've got on . the end then once we got. there meant that no money but then think if i thought i now want to.
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make sense all the. time once i am better or you are. the fantasy i'm pretty sure that is. what i think that's. how it's have been there for you with no music on the street do you enjoy it as a musician to have silence or do you miss the live music i want to get to where i have which i could be in as is when you're a guy that if you go. and i know you're there. for dental yes i could get 5 bags. after the rehearsal i wanted to hear more about how my cuban music friends have spent this past year all the restaurants and cafes are closed so i invited viola player great and concertmaster have yet continued to my rented apartment in havana
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for a cathy c. to ok everything. i did see you my this was to be everywhere. for cubans music is like the dream you know it's necessary for the court. life. i mean we need it too but i have a feeling cuba is very special if it is in your bodies you need to dance you need to sing you need to feel a how did you feel in this time where you couldn't play coming to us and the mom will be with you to know that all this and good luck in a fight so i know he. cannot talk i must be i mean to console not that i'm alive for a year to tell him i'm not. taken baby and i want to look at where that one might really look i love them all to me and they go and don't say they're mine i said most people i can see have to be asking ourselves what i meant the daughter meant
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to know something we look at this. was. amazing you know. i had no live music yet here in havana so i asked her if you would maybe play something for me up here so at least we hear something live you think one out of one pattern nothing else in the book at a time and sam in front of us comes along. and then i'm all. going and i said. and. and. c
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members of the orchestra have told me that to them the new normal is getting up early to stand in food lines until the rehearsal started 2 pm every day they are absent. exhausted by the time they start to harass. one of the biggest differences i've noticed here and up on the other lines there are lines everywhere the cubans call it luck or not they stand in line all day long for sometimes they don't know what is in the shops the main thing is to stand in a line because they'll be something you can buy it's very well organized it may not look it big usually they know who the last person is in the line and who's the next person they're all wearing masks you have to wear masks outside here in havana but i don't see much social distancing going on. oh i.
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was. married in the room. same goes say. you have cuban schools are all closed because of the pandemic but at the home of junia. the charismatic saxophone star of mozart the mambo music teaching continues. it was one of the sort of what. 2 2 2 2 i was longing to place in cuban mambo again so i invited junia and 2 other mozart stars olivia at all the legal rights and i agree up to a spontaneous jam session up on the roof of my apartment. or a woman. who learned this the her.
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and. her.
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we have a few days off from or harassing and we don't even know if we'll be able to continue because of the restrictions so i decided that although i love mambo it's time i learned about some other cuban don says pick a union and i set off for the beautiful porch town of motown sus which is about one and a half hours from havana and much more peaceful my tom says is not only pepys hometown it is also the home of the don song. people we're going.
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first of all they wanted to show us the best view of the city up at the acme to de monsoreau. this bell ringing. ring the bell with you for the mambo for the song for all that you got me. yeah we did together gather. but i mean come on. when you want in the. form of by the nearby but a song goes.


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