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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  April 3, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm CEST

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christianity for me is stablished itself. both religious and secular leaders or eager to display their power. to trace began to. create the tallest biggest and the most beautiful structures this is how massive churches are for creative. cultures the phaedra which starts april 12th on d. w. . with. me. right now you could say berlin is in between in a state of flux actually like much of germany and in fact the world the lockdown
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continues as the pandemic spirals further out of control contact restrictions anxiety and no real end in sight the public and large sectors of the economy are feeling the strain and travelling remains strongly discouraged traveling is far from easy at the moment and i personally am still very hesitant about taking trips so i'm staying here and berlin and my hometown and despite all the restrictions on public life the city keeps evolving rapidly so there is even now a lot to discover plus. even under lockdown the city's on the move we'll show you what's new about town. we'll have a look at how berlin is presenting and so on line at the time of covert. and . will go far far away to south africa's kruger national park.
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there's a new underground star in town for a little subway system was recently expanded and while that may not seem like a note worthy of bet the result is pretty stunning. the new extended hue 5 connects a number of popular sites in the city center and many will become one in its own right. to learn more and needing to all must could go he's an architect and has been offering tours of her lens most iconic buildings for 25 years. i want to you think of they're going to see that house station well i think it's gorgeous it's a functional straightforward station built with fine materials but still attractive
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in this black and white a steadicam. these columns are in fact inspired by the vaulted cellars of the building that preceded the red town hall it's actually a kind of architectural archetype vaults supports and loads in pillars that directs the entire burden of the station onto a narrower footing between the tracks. what's also noteworthy is having all the furnishings integrated into it so they coordinated with one another the wastebaskets the benches the information panels and so on it's all been redesigned here so it follows the same design concept. now it looks very tidy. great view. this is all very well placed exit if you're a tourist making your 1st stop in berlin city center.
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when you say a ride on the new 5 is worth it simply to appreciate the design i'm sure. yes definitely i believe these are the most beautiful and up to date subway stations to be built in modern times all the designs were chosen in competitions which means the best of the best got the chance to make their ideas a reality that's always the result of a competition even if it means a bit more effort but for berlin city center it's well worth it. all to the stop at berlin's famous museum island is still under construction but its most spectacular feature can already be made out a ceiling full of stark. place architect max doodler got his inspiration from the scenery of a production of mozart's the magic flute. the
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fun is tax stop was completed early on and has already been used as a setting for movies and opera. was on the. particular detail that sets this station apart is what the architects call light capitals here you have daylight up above you can walk across the disks but of course it's also combined with auto official light that falls downward from these columns. then you have these spotlights in assuming that remind you of it's got something even supernatural about it i think you perceive subconsciously. we see the sky lights from above. the others so those are the columns of.
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the extension of the you 5 to 10 years 500000000 euros and added 2.2 kilometers and fun fact it's the 1st line to reach central station. the new line also takes us to another recent addition to berlin city center. a museum that connects culture and. its facade is a partial reconstruction of the former berlin palace seat of the pression rulers which was destroyed in the allied bombing of world war 2 it's been a very controversial project from the get go. if i am going to see this building as for a new center how do you feel about it. as an architect and i believe i can speak for many of my fellows i don't see it is the best solution to bring an imperial palace back to life. and i wonder if it's. message to the younger
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generation that we didn't know anything better to do than to copy the imperial age and spend so much on a building in the center of the capital city that was supposed to take us into the future as well as the humbled farm is intended to be a very future oriented facility but to choose a backdrop that conjures up over 100 years of a deplorable past i have to come out and say it that makes me wonder. if life and the decision to head down an example of east german architecture that after all represented a country for nearly 40 years and had already achieved cult status and had established uses. i think that was pretty uncalled for actually. so i can't really warm to the palace. for there was a huge debate over what to do with this site before construction began what with
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you as an architect and upper lehner half want it and. i would have liked to see the palace of the republic made over into a really good center pompidou like in paris where a modern building in the middle of the old town has become a major attraction for me i would have liked to see an experiment to last with the future here that's what the home boat pharmacy 1st to be but i don't think that started any favors. after 8 years of construction works the humble form was inaugurated in 2020 but because of the pandemic it remains closed to the public for the time being it can only be visited virtually. nobody knows just yet when visitors will be allowed into berlin's newest museum and while many others have reopened their doors the situation continues to be unpredictable.
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the little slowly berlin's museums are being allowed to reopen always at hearing to street covert protocols of course one of them is the famous natural history museum of the city let's take a look. and order to get any you need to book that timeslot online the museum is most famous for its dinosaur collection. towering above visitors at over 13 leaders this crack users are as is the world's largest standing dinosaur skeleton i'm here to see. the museum social media manager how are people responding to the museum reopening before and of course we're glad to see people come here again for. we're only allowed to open up under certain conditions that we have 2 time slots per day when 250 people can come in one of the morning and one in the afternoon and in fact the tickets for the 1st 2 weeks are booked out to no time at all yeah doesn't the start of the pandemic you build up an extensive online
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portfolio how's that going for them as a quote that are already active on social media from the coronavirus spread some things on what was added with a lot of tourists on instagram and you to talk to trying to bring in for example the generation cedars and we offered a guided tour is on you tube that gives users various perspectives on the exhibitions and then the research collections we also are going to podcasts beats and bones zeus's. podcast and shoot in one of 8 interview cluelessness museums for the talk of the. student visit as a football game. get us to leave more to the 12 forced. devices rio no. 6 talking so i definitely want to.
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know how do you measure the impact of what you're doing that's a. very popular at the just sure you had over 1000000 views of digital formals so i think you could call that a success we have the figures from the social media challenge this one in richmond where my instagram for instance one 3rd to earn their living with another 3rd and the rest of germany and the other 3rd by a world wide and so we're producing in 2 languages price. for let's natural history museum as one of the biggest of a kind in germany their collection and compass is there any 1000000 specimens since we were there the museum has had to close again because of the worsening pandemic situation. oh it has fast tracked global digitise a shell the music business is no exception the sector is among the hardest hit during the crisis with concerts here in germany come fluently relegated to our line platforms here's a look at one for a loser music seem still has to offer these days even if it's only is there are
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those and once. the berlin are full are more needy the city is premier concert venue is for the present closed. even so the berlin philharmonic one of the world's premier orchestras is holding concerts they can be heard on what's known as the digital concert hall an online platform. the digital concert hall was actually founded over 10 years ago concert recordings as well as documentaries and portraits of musicians can all be retrieved from the vast archive for a feat. burnham's 3 major opera houses the undisputed 1st among them is the berlin state opera on wanted in london boulevard which began as the royal opera into the pandemic is
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keeping the stage dark the house had been reopened in 2017 after 7 years of renovations primarily to make optimal use of state of the arctic used to design. in spite of the coronavirus the house has also been holding primaries already planned though come to the minimum in the form of online productions. there's a am. back on trends are you going to. back to the premieres we held on t.v. and online during the time of corona and o. own corona program as well had bigger audiences than otherwise 5 from one outside got number one should be pliable the online performances we chalked up an average of $10000.00 viewers per day and now for our broadcasts of lowing korean and
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general far from what we sense that they met with lots of energy and they enjoyed a wide distribution cough in the strict and if you consider that we've got 1377 seats then these numbers the upper is reaching now a very encouraging kind of movie doesn't want to get into. in addition to opera the concert spot the house august or the shops capella balun are also going online though because of the pandemic with repertoire for small ensemble. 'd ringback 'd the digital program after starts on today in london is acceptable free of charge but generally for 30 days only. music lovers the world over would
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do best to catch the shows as they can. collins club scene is of course world famous it's been languishing for over a year now the clubs and d.j.'s have meanwhile banded together to form an online network called united we stream. and then even stream stuff in its united we stream was conceived on march 18th 20 twentieth's by the berlin club commission . in the we claim club culture network as a fund raising and streaming initiative to help brennan's clubs through the crisis . in billionaire copes in their careers a player from. united way stream rivals can experience deejays in empty shot of clubs and on behalf of an rather unusual places around town as here in berlin city the tower in the natural
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history museum. now the platform has moved beyond there to become a worldwide active network. as things stand now the best way to experience berlin as a tourist can also be found online be about berlin app it's one among many possibilities. the about berlin app may not be a lockdown baby but. it really does do the trick if you're yearning for some berlin and your life initially it was developed as a guide for history based walking tours of the city well now it can be excellently reappropriated as a teaser of what tourists can expect once the city reopens in stores so that.
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the about during the cold crisis the about berlin app has taken on a somewhat different role normally it would be aimed at people wanting to take a self guided walking tour how has this app function of volved during the crisis itself and it's no worse than the thought of my regionally of course it was an app for our guests it's in 2 languages english and german for our international guests you're going to france now we've discovered that berlin is who have to stay in town are getting interested in it and getting to know their own city a little better and for that it's ideally suited as i'm not on the cab why did you decide to build the out around the city's history she told you this in from what our guests have told us we know that he street is a strong motivator for them to come here and so we've conceived it a bit differently as a story when you think of history you probably think of dates but we didn't do that
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if we took a completely different approach we thought ok we'll experience history through stories tend the home here not just hoping for recovery for berlin's tourism sector you're actively planning for it but how can you when everything is still up in the air. basically it's not all that hard to plan since where well there are hygiene concepts there's touchless ticketing there are times lots and someone once a little harder is finding out when we can start to run we're all chomping at the bit but don't know when we can start over is going to be going over. another highly anticipated. the moment is the reopening of the noir that's news am today it's still a construction site the original building dates back to the 1960 s. it was designed by german american architectural legend means founder who after 6 years of renovations the emblematic buildings were opened in august covered
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allowing of course but i did and you know what does the lawyer not to mean to berlin and to berliners it was a premier building for art in 20th century berlin built in 1968 when the wall was still up so it was the building for art in west berlin today in the reunified city we have several national galleries alternate sunan gallery for the art of the 19th century and this one for the art of the 20th century designed by nice phantom. yes but they are like busily renovating now what can visitors look forward to after the renovation it's not. renovated the building very strictly as nice found out or originally planted in 1968 we wanted to preserve as much of that as possible and so we'll be reopening with an exhibition that i think he would have liked very much namely of alexander calder an artist who made quite a few mobiles and large sculptures and would like this sculpture exhibition to
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recall the great age of western modernism in which this building to was created shuffle. the thought and i'm sure me so would have left it at that time really structural it must have been a huge undertaking to get a building like this in shape for the next 100 to 200 years. what were the biggest challenges he led it's actually a much larger building than you'd think at 1st because from here un you see this but it has this vast underground level for the collection and they've really taken everything apart some 40000 individual components have been taken outside the city refurbished and brought back again they regarded the entire building as one big work of the tufted that's what's the most special part of the new annoying that you know. i don't want to mention about it is that we actually took me found or very seriously even in the technical specifications so when you stand here on the
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terrace you'll notice it has no incline every normal terrace has an incline to let the water runoff but nice didn't want that he wanted this truly horizontal surface and to achieve it wasn't all that simple. we did it anyway exactly the way he passed. all the while that it's impractical but then it's very beautiful and elegant and. countless institutions around the world are anxiously awaiting the end of the pandemic so they can get back to business meanwhile the adam inhabiting south africa's kruger national park couldn't care less about this whole mess and this week's meet a local we catch up with a man who knows the place like the back of his hand bongo and the chief ranger of the park.
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hi guys my name is bond and to join a ranger in the crew going to park i'm ready to take you out on the safari come with me let's go. on from the eastern cape was born in canton and see which is east of fulton is a bit i've been testing the waltz ever since i was born. so walden less is more parts of the fields guard i have already to work in the group of pockets so amazing because kruger is so big they don't versity all the want like it's so rich. that is a martial. science one of the largest groups are wrong and those eagles actually
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when they're fully grown they can pick up a baby impala they specializes in morning time visits you can see the terrier sort of banging on the other side of the tree often there's a dispiriting world. every time i drive in these roads it's a new day every day i mean look at this vastness just open. it says just be. would you be not happy. but. there's a magic magic number. one come to some prior known the bridge this is where i work from with me.
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this special it's amazing because they utilizing what's been there as part of the history so to have but actually train with accommodation i think to most places where you actually sit and look at the water but not the water flowing underneath so it's really very unique to have that sound of the heap of good. the whole the ecosystem is here actually wanting to sometimes you don't need to go in the game you can just sit outside and literally the wild will come to you which is fantastic it's a sign of hope because last year was a very tough year for the tourism industry and then most of the leagues they've been laid off and there were. no money in every day you estimate about profit and driving through the park every day i mean with the long. single vehicle drive literally the animals would
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have been seen literally big elephant dung on the road lions leaping everywhere because there's no one there it's like they're begging for the top. it's become back to the sense that. i would suggest people they should come and explode kruger national park this is the best approach over. the. birdlet the metropolis between paralysis and relentlessness being stuck in this limbo as something extraordinary even for a city as used to transformation and disruption as per let. how describe the current 5 and berlin nothing's really normal nowadays as it does feel like the city is awakening from a deep slumber slowly timidly and with
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a lot of skepticism regarding the future but who knows maybe we'll soon be able to travel safely again i certainly hope to see you next time somewhere in germany or once more right here.
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initially. i thought there was and exactly one year ago i was here standing on this where the singer doubling up playing my morning with the musicians all about the lyceum orchestra how are musicians in cuba coping with the coronavirus crisis one
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year after their joint project mozart. march 20th. 30 minutes on the. babies have superpowers. to me such as the sets and. the 1st 5 years set the course for the future success. from their very 1st day babies it isn't. just strong what makes a child smile. born . we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. magic want to check. out smart for some such and some great cultural memorials to boot.
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double trouble before you go. all. of the morning. tryna. be approachable for. love. then go slowly slowly. only slowly the us will say. there's no there's no love. for the worker. those. workers were. a constant. a good story.
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to use. this is d w news live from berlin killed in the line of duty defending the u.s. capitol police pay tribute to the officer who died in friday's car of an attack at a security checkpoint u.s. spy agencies had warned of ongoing threats to the government complex also on the show taiwan more incidents worst real disaster in decades at least 51 people died
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when a train tacks with holiday travelers slammed into a truck prosecutors believe negligence was fun.


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