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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 3, 2021 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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news of life from berlin killed in the line of duty defending the u.s. capitol police pay tribute to the officers killed when a car rammed a security checkpoint u.s. spy agencies had warned of ongoing threats to the government complex also coming up taiwan mourns its worst disaster in decades at least 50 died when a train slammed into a truck prosecutors believe negligence caused the tragedy. and another easter under the shadow of the front of. israel's vaccination drive mean families in jerusalem
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can celebrate together but pilgrims from around the world are staying away. i'm like welcome we start in washington d.c. where a police officer has been killed at the u.s. capitol it comes less than 3 months after a mob assault at the same location u.s. president joe biden said in a statement that he and his wife were heartbroken to learn of the attack and express condolences to the victims' family. the u.s. capitol in mourning the hives of american democracy once more the scene of a deadly attack. police vehicle spawned a perception to a school the body of one of their own. william evans known as bailey had
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served in the capitol police force for 18 years he died of his injuries after a car rammed into him and a colleague guarding a barricade the other officer is reported to be in a stable condition. police say they shot the driver after he emerged from the vehicle and started lunging at them with a knife he later died at a hospital. it's not clear whether he intended to attack people inside the capitol lawmakers were absent due to the easter recess but other sophos were there they were told to stay away from windows as authorities loxton the complex and mobilized troops. it was one of the most terrifying things i've ever seen it was just constitution completely lie with our national guard members face masks and automatic weapons. investigates is a night trying to discern a motive that say they do not suspect
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a terror link none the less the attack underscores that the capital remains a potential target for violence some extra fencing around the complex was recently moved almost 3 months after supporters of former president donald trump stormed the building a police officer died in the riot and another committed suicide days later this is been an extremely difficult time for us capitol police after the events of january 6 and now the events that have occurred here today so i ask that you key all u.s. capitol police family in your thoughts and prayers president joe biden said in a statement he was heartbroken and ordered that flags at the white test be flown at tough stuff. as you can imagine d.c. police are trying to walk the fine line between keeping the capitol open and keeping the people inside safe i asked d.-w.
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reporter william glu croft if security will be tightened yet again after this latest incident. i think it's important to remember that the security measures did work yesterday that that car did ram into a barricade a police officer tragically lost his life but the person was not able to get any further than that barricade and thousands of national guard troops who are still stationed there since those january 6th riots that insurrection are still there even as some of the fencing some of the security measures have been taken down but that said both the capitol police inspector general and a special task force that was put together by nancy pelosi the speaker of the house have both come to the conclusion that the capitol police are underfunded understaffed under-resourced especially when it comes to intelligence gathering and they recommend giving the capitol police force more resources especially when it comes to intelligence so they can monitor and be aware of potential threats to better protect the capital. a taiwan court has released on bond the construction
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manager allegedly responsible for friday's deadly train crash prosecutors have vowed to appeal at least 51 people were killed and more than 140 when a train smashed into a construction truck that had slid onto the tracks it happened at the start of taiwan's 4 day 2 sweeping holiday when families often return to their hometowns. prayers as bodies are transferred to funeral homes. and for those lucky to be alive they recount a scene of chaos. we heard the sound of a collision as we heard the collision the passengers in the train were thrown upside down. and all of a sudden i just fell from my seat to the ground i hit my head and saw it was bleeding. this train was packed with nearly 500 people with many cramming into the
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aisles without a seat but just as the train and today dara tunnel it slammed into a truck tearing the front carriages apart authorities allege the truck from a nearby construction site slipped on to the tracks after the driver left the handbrake off. prosecutors had issued an arrest warrant for the construction site manager. rescue workers describe a confronting picture of the wreckage. we found the dead bodies of the victims in the front carriage were stacked on top of each other and the carriage was twisted. disaster in decades and the government says flags will fly at half mast for 3 days of mourning. many of those on board the train were planning to celebrate the long wait cand in which many taiwanese return to their home villages to claim the graves of their elders authorities have begun
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a strict investigation into the catastrophe. highlighting now some other stories making news around the world at this hour media reports say security forces have shot dead at least 5 people across several towns in central mirror and more the junta has cut internet access in issued arrest warrants for online critics of these $550.00 civilians have been killed since the february 1st q. al shabaab militants have attacked 2 army bases in somalia according to reuters news agency bases located southwest of the capital mogadishu were hit by explosions a convoy of troops was also targeted an army officer says there are casualties on both sides and they have regained control of the bases christians around the world are marking the easter holy week for the 2nd year during a pandemic on friday jerusalem saw the traditional procession along the path of
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sorry the route christians believe jesus walked with his cross the modest crowd was made possible by israel's vaccination drive but turnout was just a fraction of past year. old city is normally packed with visitors from all around the world but this easter their churches are mostly welcoming local christians who can at least take part in some services. yes every step in the preparation of these special cookies for easter is where we her sister and i knew about him key is hosting family and friends at home in east jerusalem after a year of restrictions coming together feels even more special everyone here is vaccinated that makes it easier to keep the tradition of making a move with a suite mate of similar lena and filled with one that states or his star chose this see it we're happy it will be together. for this ok's. this is after this and that
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i cherish because it's passed from generation to generation this yr because of the fee and everything we managed to be together last year unfortunately couldn't we were just maybe $5.00 that there would cross out that with each other so we were able to though it. still everyone is cautious the method of preparing the sweets with a shape symbolizing the thorny ground jesus war and despond stepped in vinegar is handed down from generation to generation. drusilla old city is the center of easter celebrations for palestinian christians and usually for visitors from all over the world the church of the holy separate is believed to be the site of jesus' crucifixion his tomb and misery action last year it was closed several times because of the pandemic this year it's also very quiet here with mainly local
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christians visiting foreign tourists are not yet allowed back so for us last year was difficult because we couldn't celebrate in a nice way now there's a sense of looking forward to practice our rituals and go back to the holy places of the wreck of the i had people were really looking forward to go out during the year we had just stayed home and how many people would notice to celebrate together we really missed it. cruel no good on our last easter church services were limited to clerical stuff and streamed online for the community. but now those who have been vaccinated can attend. this if people can protest the page in person and them as this is an even more beautiful challenge because we can celebrate their participation we want to see people face to face who want to look into their eyes because who want them to live this experience to get them. back in the house the
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1st batch of cookies is written it's a way to come return to beloved easter traditions and a celebration of the crash will return to normal life. have now for round up some of the latest developments in the groan of virus pandemic india's daily corona virus infections have hit a 6 month high with nearly 90000 new cases reported the state of maharashtra may issue a full lockdown to curb the surge australia will continue to use the astra zeneca vaccine despite a blood clot in case the country's regulatory body has said risks of serious side effects remain low and argentina's president alberto fernandez has tested positive for the krona virus he had been fully inoculated with the russian sputnik vaccine in february 5th. some sports now and in the u.s. there's been a surprise political move by major league baseball the league announced it's moving
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the very lucrative all star game out of atlanta it's a response to george's new voting law that critics say markedly restricts racial minorities from voting thursday was opening day for baseball's top of the midseason all-star game in july attracts a big t.v. audience and is a key selling point for the host city. critics are slamming the move as a political decision but one georgia lawmaker is defending the baseball league against the backlash i think that you know everybody loves now to use that term council culture it's not council culture when companies decide to stand up speak their principles and values and understand that their consumers are also looking at what is happening here in georgia and that their consumers want to see the company do the right thing as well well today we tend to reserve special adulation for the
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biggest film stores athletes in musical acts but in ancient rome celebrity status was given to the strongest fighters gladiators brought crowds to their feet as they battled both man and beast to the death a new exhibition in italy is now paying home on to their history and their legend. on the big screen they alone heroes fighting for justice in reality plenty of us fought for fame money all their own freedom. this exhibition at the national archaeological museum in naples shows the history on display here bronze helmets and their weapons paintings of gladiators risking their lives. it is mostly came from the fathers reaches of the empire. they were kept at slaves
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other times they were exogenous but they could also be free men who decided to pursue this career and they were. most gladiators for twice a year at most and yet very few made it past the age of 30. their deadly shows in the irina were in some ways not so different from big football matches today. were able to fit all day for you bill and there were many stalls outside the amphitheater selling takeaway food. it was also very noisy and there would be music marking the various performances but. there's no doubt that gladiators were at the center of ancient rome entertainment industry visitors can now see the part they played in roman society on the museum's website and when italy's code with restrictions on listed in person as well. you're
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watching the news coming up next what's life heads back in 1960 you modern football was born don't forget you can stay up to date with all the latest headlines on our web site d w dot com and follow us of course on twitter and instagram i'm michael local there's more news at the beginning of the. carefully. to dig.


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