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which has a very long history of cotton agriculture. the abolition of slavery had unexpected repercussions in africa in the eyes of europeans the emancipation of former slaves concentrated along the coast of africa justified sending in their armies the belgians then the french settled on the western coast the british followed in nigeria and on the eastern coast all in the name of progress and the good of humanity. about the fight against the slave trade in zanzibar led to control than occupation moves in us although initially there was no intent to colonize this fight against the slave trade almost inevitably led to colonial occupation i don't get. up to. where ever britain intervened it applied pressure to put an end to the selling of slaves. in $873.00 it
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negotiated the abolition of the slave trade with the sultan of zanzibar. this is in some ways ironic that the british came in to abolish slavery and slave trade but by doing it it really forced people to say if we tried to export slaves we would use the slaves within to produce things that we can export. spurred on by these grand moral principles a number of europeans went off in search of adventure ready to invest in the raw materials that their continent needed the missionary dr david livingstone became the figurehead for abolitionist explorers the people who supported these missions
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businesspeople people with money so they probably had some idea of why they're interested it's not just interested in finding talk. of africa but when it comes to missionaries living standard was actually quite clear here in your what the capitalists what interested me. organization he told them that this is philanthropy plus 5 percent that there is an interest for you as a businessman and he said quite openly philanthropy joined us to fight against a very. abolish slavery because there is an interest for you or you will produce cloth to sell to the people. some explorers made the most of the local merchants advice and logistical support among the latter was to put it one of
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the most important slave traders in central and eastern africa he controlled an immense territory along lake tanganyika with the help of henry morton stanley went up the congo river and coerced the traditional village she says into signing contracts that stripped them of millions of acres of land for the benefit of the belgian king leopold the 2nd after landing in bangor morio. penetrated deep into central africa and renamed the cities of kiss on gandhi and kinshasa after himself he was soon joined by other european explorers who entered africa from the west these expeditions marked the transition from evangelizing missions to imperialism. as a young boy began to trade along the settled route in iran the congo he traded over a large area and was the most powerful figure there. also
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had his own almost no army. although now in a state of neglect to putin as house in zanzibar tells us much about the fortune amassed by the powerful merchant in his autobiography he recounted his negotiations with stanley and the belgian diplomats. stanley arrived with a dozen europeans we met at the consul's and he told me. we wish you to accept to become governor in the name of belgium and that your voice the belgium flying in the districts are under your rule i hosted wanted stanley falls when i arrived on my amended the same wherever we came. former slaves were enlisted in the conquering armies weapons in hand the french the belgian and the british went deeper and deeper into the equitorial forest.
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europeans placed peasant communities under military control and forced them to produce palm oil rubber cocoa coffee and of course. it's very clear every single state used forced labor all of them. in some cases this labor strongly resemble slavery or they would take people from their villages and pay them almost nothing especially for so-called public works yet. they had to provide for their own food and were later sent back home where some no longer fit in. if you do feel. in this forced labor system missionary's became witnesses to the farmer's abuses armies bankrolled by the belgians terrorized villagers and quashed rebellions every bullet was counted and
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to prove that they had used their weapons efficiently soldiers had to bring back the hands of their victims. a stray bullet meant an innocent could lose a limb. in funny just to feel. they had to justify domination violent military conquest 1st civilized society. africans were therefore instilled into accepting the supremacy of europe to accept the civilizing mission europe claim to could undertake in africa. and africa. with its droves of doctors anatomists and colonial it minutes. traitor's europe used race as a scientific tool to justify its domination africa became a margin is entity relegated to the very bottom of the human scale. race and the
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struggle against slavery as principles with the 2 pillars of colonialism. the continuation of racial hierarchy is off the emancipation is not remotely surprising. because it was all there in the way so much the oppositionists thought the numbers of oppositionists who truly had a conception of african culture african men and women in any way equal to that was relatively small. even the most egalitarian of oppositionists assume that you know british culture is civilized evolved at such rights that i mean that's part of the that's part of our understanding. once they had progressed deep into the african interior the europeans build
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railways to the coasts at the end of the lines the capitals of the new colonies group the car log douala. luanda cape town dar es salaam. palm oil rubber cocoa and ivory were transported to these ports and then shipped all over the world. and. at the time of the colonial conquest african rulers with whom the europeans had been trading for 5 centuries were deprived of all their rights.
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brazil one of the 1st territories to seal large scale sugarcane fields florida was one of the last to ban slavery on may 13th 1888 the princess regent of brazil ratified the so-called golden law ending 450 years of afro brazilian enslavement. moving into what is so nice to be thought yours as well but as you get on with a victorious abolitionist movement in brazil was a conservative one led by whites the movement wasn't radical it didn't include black people watching a jew but as you essentially it said that brazil had to progress and civilize
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itself. will get acidosis it is this idea of progress and civilization directly depended on the elimination of the barbarity of slavery but it's got a good deal more as yet at the same time this movement also intended to raise black people from the history of brazil them being. the a goose they stay because in a sense they were considered barbarians at the minute in. the writings of rhyme window nina rodriguez a professor of forensic medicine at the university of buy here illustrate this point. in 891 he reflected on the destiny of slave descendants. the negro race in brazil will forever constitute one of the factors are our inferiority as a people it would be important to determine to what extent this in for yards he lies in the negro populations inability to civilize itself on the home mixing races
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compensates this in free are insane. both the government and the planters wanted to whiten the population of the former to erase any traces of slavery the latter to reduce their dependency on these newly freed workers in 891215000 europeans arrived in brazil 3 times as many people as in the darkest hour of the slave trade human trafficking was replaced by the immigration of millions of poor europeans. eleana what racism didn't cause slavery it's the history of racism that stems from that of slavery not the other way around all that. over the course of 12 centuries an estimated $9.00 to $12000000.00 african captives were transported on the transom herron and eastern brutes from $1516.00 onward in 3 and
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a half centuries $13000000.00 men women and children were deported to the americas amidst the pillaging abductions famines wars and epidemics this globalisation of violence caused the death of an estimated 15000000 africans direct and indirect victims of imperialism historians are still evaluating the demographic economic political and social impact of this human tragedy this criminal enterprise unparalleled in scale to this day. i think will truly be making progress when we all accept the history of slavery as all of our history so this through slavery is not black history and it's not just the history of white colonization but the history of human equality is the legacy for all of us that's a legacy we all must contend with right not a white person only thinking about themselves as the decision of a slave holder but the white person thinking of themselves the sin of
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a slave to the black person view themselves as a sense of slave holders right thinking that we've inherited the basic structures of these societies right these basic inequalities but what we do with that is up to us that can really help us move forward as a society. is quite as simple as it seems. to understand the why. we need to take a closer look. experience not
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to mock. delusions. i say a little bit and exactly one year ago i was here standing on this is where the singing thing i'm playing my morning with the musicians of the lyceum orchestra are musicians into not coping with the coronavirus price says one year after the try project mozart 1000000 mom. march 20th and. 60 minutes on the little. small acts can aspire. to be the people making the best go out for a come some time sitting right in the join them as they set out to save the environment to learn from one another and work together the 4 of the 1st few church
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the because do you all for tuning it down for those. on d w. played the but . this is the new. from birth a police officer killed in an attack at the u.s. capitol president biden says he's going after events in washington d.c. the latest from the u.s. also coming up another pandemic christians around the world holding celebrations at music for the sick in fear of running out of runway people cite the
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disruption. and counting down to the guy and that could be the beginning of the end of my munich stranglehold over the bundesliga. a lot could be about to rise on easter sunday. i'm at the how it works in the program we start in washington d.c. where a police officer has been killed at the u.s. capitol it comes less than 3 months after a mob assault at the same location u.s. president joe biden said in a statement that he and his wife were heartbroken of the attack and expressed condolences to the victim's family. the u.s. capitol in mourning the hives of american democracy once more the scene of a deadly attack. police vehicle spawned a perception to
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a school the body of one of their own. william evans known as bailey had served in the capitol police force for 18 years he died of his injuries after a car rammed into him and a colleague guarding a barricade the other officer is reported to be in a stable condition. police say they shot the driver after he emerged from the vehicle and started lunging at them with a knife he later died at a hospital. it's not clear whether he intended to attack people inside the capitol lawmakers were absent due to the easter recess but other sophos were there they were told to stay away from windows as authorities locks down the complex and mobilized troops. it was one of the most terrifying things i've ever seen it wait just constitution completely lie with our national guard members
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face masks and automatic weapons. investigators are now trying to discern a motive that say they do not suspect a terror link nonetheless the attack underscores that the capital remains a potential target for violence some extra fencing around the complex was recently moved almost 3 months after supporters of former president donald trump stormed the building a police officer died in the riot and another committed suicide days later this is been an extremely difficult time for u.s. capitol police after the events of january 6 and now the vents that have occurred here today so i ask that you keep our u.s. capitol police family in your thoughts and prayers president joe biden said in a statement he was heartbroken and ordered that flags at the white tightest also be flown at half staff. well a washington correspondent for the go dan is following this story for us we asked
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to if anything more is known about the attack was a possible motive. apparently he has posted online about fear is the cia and the f.b.i. and so that could indicate maybe mental illness. mental illness as a as a cause for why you did this at the same time national media has reported that he will follow all of the nation of islam. not could indicate to suggest a logical motive but at the end of the day the suspect is dead now and so should be very difficult to discern. what drove him to this point. that washington correspondent and we caught doing speaking to us a little earlier ok let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world rescue efforts are continuing at the site of taiwan's davis trying to indicates more than
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50 people were killed and more than 140 injured when carriages. the trying to buy the truck as it was emerging from a tunnel almost 500 people were on board more than 100 of those didn't have stick. around 100 protesters gathered into the turkish city of his temple on friday demanding that president. reverse his decision to withdraw turkey from a land trading protecting women from violence demonstrations have been ongoing in the country for almost 2 weeks. well there are new hopes of a breakthrough in negotiations over iran's nuclear program washington says it's willing to discuss returning to an international nuclear deal with tehran in direct negotiations in the austrian capital vienna international agreement reached in 2015 i am to limit iran's nuclear activities the trump administration then pulled out of
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the deal 3 years ago iran has recently regime enriching uranium well above the grade limit. where they are asked daryl kimball from the control association what was known about the advances iran has my with its nuclear program and where the tehran now posed a greater threat. well it poses a greater threat today than it did in 2018 when the trump administration unilaterally pulled out of this agreement this 2015 deal that had rolled back nuclear capabilities and since that time since trump pulled out iran has retaliated by exceeding several of the key limits established by the agreement they have increased the amount of enrich uranium that stockpiled they have begun to enrich to higher levels closer to bomb grade but not quite a bomb grade they have begun deploying advanced more advanced kinds of centrifuges
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they have threatened to reduce cooperation with the international atomic energy agency but have not quite done so and they're poised to do more if a deal is reached with united states soon to on arrival the sanctions that were put back in place by the trough of ministration so this opportunity for indirect talks next week in vienna i think is a critical opportunity to salvage this agreement and to stop us back from the brink of a nuclear crisis over iran's nuclear capabilities if the stakes are very high however liable is the information international monitors have do we really have a complete and clear picture of iran's nuclear program at this point. well i think we do the iranians have been exceeding the nuclear limits but they have not
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restricted the i.a.e.a. from having access to their known nuclear facilities and they're still allowing the agency to access on quick notice some of the other facilities that the agency is concerned about so i think we have very good insight as to what iran's capabilities are. they at the time the 2015 agreement was reached it was estimated that it would take at least one year for iran to amass a sufficient amount of highly enriched uranium to make one bomb and then they'd have to make the actual device but just that their material now that time period is estimated to be somewhere between 3 and 6 months so we've got good insights the problems of iranian capabilities have grown in retaliation for the reimposition of u.s. sanctions. that was daryl kimball from the control association speaking to me a little earlier on now for round up of some of the latest developments in the
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coronavirus pandemic now and the u.s. centers for disease control has updated its guidance to say fully vaccinated people can travel within the u.s. without getting tested or going into quarantine afterward russia meanwhile is working on a program to offer a people abroad the chance to get vaccinated against 19 in russia with its would make the shot from july and the netherlands is posing the vaccination of people younger than 60 years old with the astra zeneca shown earlier this week german authorities also hold to the use of the vaccine so i think is of real blood clotting. christians around the world are marking of the east a holy week for the 2nd year in a row the pandemic main celebrations are more muted than usual francis is presiding over a scaled back ritual for the catholic church and run worshippers can take part in some small ceremonies but a year on from the 1st lockdown many are tired of the disruption to their spiritual
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lives. it's a quiet holy week here it's in pieces square normally rome is filled with tourists and pilgrims for the 2nd straight year usually in the vatican or under a strict lockdown over easter to contain a surge of covert 19 infections. is the 2nd easter i have to spend with my little family does my husband does so because i cannot to reach my parents and brothers and nephews which leave in a different region so this is going to be the same for many families and this is a bit sad but also we are a bit tired of this situation right now we know we need to be like this but it's sad this year it's better than last year because last. month it was possible nobody was permitted to leave their houses this year we are the situation people
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can come to church but the through to the ceremony as. well as some church events will take place the vatican is scaled down east with the faithful encouraged to follow services in the pope's message on t.v. radio or online the public is advised to stay home and police have stepped up patrols to ensure people don't gather. but usually continues to see hundreds of deaths every day nearly 110000 people have died across the country due to covert 9 tain with this new wave there is one difference the vaccination rollouts but it is being slow the vatican has joined the vaccination drive and is hoping to inoculate more than 1000 vulnerable people over. a new kind of ceremony for this holy way. to some sport now and in the u.s.
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there's been a surprise political move by major league baseball the league announced it's moving the very lucrative all star game out of atlanta it's a response to georgia's new voting board that critics say markedly restricts russian minorities from voting thursday was opening day for baseball's top league midseason all-star game in july attracts a big t.v. audience and is a key selling point for the host city. critics are slamming the move as a political decision but one georgia lawmaker is defending the baseball league against the backlash i think that you know everybody loves now to use that term council culture it's not council culture when companies decide to stand up speak their principles and values and understand that their consumers are also looking at what is happening here in georgia and that they are consumers want to see the company do the right thing as well the gemini now and some they say is the most
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important match of the season in the bundesliga 2nd place lot seacoast 1st place by munich the defending champions a logic win would put them within a point of top spot with my mentor and confidence on their side and lot 6 chances have been bolstered by an injury that will keep buying shop shooter robert leaven dusky out of action. when a club has. to leave this kind of talent. this kind of goal scoring powers. this robert levin dusky on the sidelines or in the stands it's going to hurt the guy was on track this season to actually break a 49 year old boy in his league a goal scoring record. and then playing for his home country poland he suffered a knee injury expected to put him out for a month so how can byron beat the club nipping at their heels leipzig without their wonder score is he pushed by shiftings mci l get you riled up about this because i
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don't have anything that i'm speed maybe we redistribute the team a bit we do have other players who can play at this position so we approach this in a positive way because the fun it is now yeah it's a challenge for us but we'll face that. there's much to face in leipsic at leipsic stadium it is one bundesliga club that doesn't fear the defending champs in december they played by in 2 or $33.00 drugs at by and with 11 dusky so player and coach and confidence is their. coach you really are not goldman says biron is obviously better with their top scorer but leipzig has game plan won't suddenly change. over the course of the bonus legacies and so far as levin dusky scored almost half of byron's total goal count leipsic have spread the scoring out. in this lemon dusky less matchup between the top 2 clubs the 2nd place team on paper have an edge. and
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a reminder of the top story this hour. u.s. police officer has been killed and another injured after a car brand a barricade outside the u.s. capitol in washington d.c. a suspect with a knife has been shot. and that's all for now at special program is up next don't forget you can always step back with all the latest headlines on our web site to be found it. can also follow us on twitter and instagram as well the handle you need is at d w news i'm anthony have more headlines coming up in 45 minutes to. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus update 19 special. on t w. a little guys this is the 77
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percent stepped up for his suits his shoes.


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