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tv   Markus Lanz  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2021 10:30pm-11:31pm CEST

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this is how massive churches with towers that pierce the clouds like skyscrapers are created. contest of the cathedral stars people 12th monty w. . a push to bring the iran nuclear deal back off life support and the united states of back on board 3 years after donald trump unilaterally withdrew from the accord talks in vienna will aim to find a way forward if he says both washington and tehran the other countries remaining in the deal including germany france russia britain and china are hoping for a breakthrough and claire richardson embroil and this is the day.
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i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal america's maximum pressure on the sofa you know. we were writing to meaningful dialogue with iran and we are very clear eyed about the hurdles that remain the fact is this was a horrible one sided deal that should have never ever been made as we have said to find a mutual return to the g c p a way. if the new u.s. administration wants to proceed maximum pressure they're going to fail we don't anticipate presently that there will be direct talks between the united states and iran through the process that we certainly remain open to. also coming up the city that never sleeps gets a reason to stay up after a dry spell for live entertainment new york state reopens theaters concert halls
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and comedy clubs at limited capacity one of the lessons from the damage is just how much people just hunger and need music and theater and dance and any sort of life are tuning in to counter personally. it's something that really. people need to say without any food or water. washington and tehran will attend international talks on reviving the iran nuclear deal the negotiations are scheduled to begin next week in the austrian capital vienna and they represent the most concerted effort yet to reverse the decision of former president donald trump to leave their agreement 3 years ago was signed in 2015 by the obama administration the nuclear deal limited iran's nuclear ambitions in exchange for the lifting of international sanctions claimed it was a bad deal that would not prevent terror and from acquiring a nuclear weapon and made
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a campaign promise to rip it up now the new administration in the white house sees things quite differently president joe biden has promised to revive the accord saying the u.s. will lift sanctions if test run abides by its terms but next week in vienna don't expect to see any direct talks between washington and tehran iranian former foreign minister zarif made that clear on twitter he said the aim was to rapidly finalize sanction lifting and nuclear measures for choreographed removal of all sanctions followed by iran ceasing remedial measures no iran u.s. meeting necessary. well trita parsi is the executive vice president of the quincy institute for responsible state craft in washington d.c. his work focuses on the u.s. iranian relations iranian foreign politics and the geopolitics of the middle east and he's written a book entitled losing an enemy obama iran and the triumph of diplomacy it focuses on the strategy of the obama administration and toward iran's nuclear program and
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it traces the course of the complex negotiations that led to the 2015 nuclear deal and the parsee it joins me tonight on the day a very warm welcome to you so iran wants to talk or not directly with the united states what is going to be the role of europe and other global partners in making this happen. well the europeans will play a very important role and making sure that the right type of choreography is found that have both sides can come back fully into the deal the u.s. is outside of the deal the iranians are inst side of the 0 but have reduced their obligations and that needs to be reversed as well mindful of the fact that the iranians are taking the position that if they start talking directly to the u.s. right now it would be tantamount to negotiating the u.s. has returned to deal which in their view means that the u.s. would get more concessions for agreeing to to same deal that it agreed to already 5 years ago on the iran is not going to do that that's part of the reason why it's so
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important for the europeans to be there now in the middle and try to find that choreography that can bring both of them back into the 0 at which point direct talks between the 2 sides can commence but as you say the issue has long been who goes 1st in making a move how are they going to find something satisfactory to both sides i think who goes 1st and has a natural solution an obvious solution is that they both go at the same time and there are going to be some tricky things because some of the measures that the iranians need to take may take a month to month some of the things that the u.s. needs to do it may take a little bit longer some of it may take will be shorter i think this can be resolved in the sense that they can actually have a choreography in which they both take a binding decisions on what needs to be done and when it needs to be done now when it needs to be done can be a few weeks down the road but the binding decision is taken at this stage in time and that way both sides can say that they did not go 1st in reality of both of them
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went together that would be a solution that would be appealing to both their domestic audiences but i mean clearly there is mr trust between the 2 sides especially as biden has been under pressure from european diplomats back at the start of his term to move quickly to lift some sanctions so that iran would reciprocate why do you think that we are seeing movement here now. well in the beginning it was quite clear that the administration of byron straight how to focus more on some of his domestic issues getting the covert relief on through the senate and congress and as a result seem to not want to touch this issue mindful of the political capital it would. utilize and consume the administration felt the need for other issues it appears that the are past that now because not just on this issue but on some other issues they're now moving forward to signal their standing is that they want to quickly get back in to the suited peers that some of the 1st domestic matters that
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they needed to attend to are now past them and as a result they're shifting their focus to this issue which is much welcome because there's not much time left the iranian elections are very soon and this needs to get done before the iranians are slowly and their pre election mood and atmosphere and i will be asking more about that in a moment but i do want to say china clearly has vested interests in these talks as well when i play a sound bite from the chinese foreign affairs a spokesperson and we can pick up the conversation again. really iran's nuclear situation is at a critical stage china has always maintained an impartial position and played a constructive role it will actively participate in the conference to consolidate the opinions of all parties and to pull the agreement will probably put to me see the question so try to address this for me if you can why is china so interested in reviving this agreement. well china together with the europeans the russians and others were paul audio they were originally agreement and it's important to them that there is no proliferation of nuclear weapons in the middle east it's also
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important to them that there is no war between the united states and iran has it would destabilize the region 40 percent of china's energy is coming from the persian gulf the same is true for the europeans and the russians what i think we are seeing however there is a higher profile of the chinese compared to 6 years ago they seem to be more willing to push and put pressure on the parties to get movement and i'm not entirely clear as to why that is but i think it may have something to do with the fact that there is also now more tensions between the united states and china than there was before because some of the things that the chinese have said and done so far is to put pressure on them by the ministration to start paying right attention to this issue and move faster i think they see this as an opportunity in that regard but i want to return to the elections that you mentioned that are coming up in june in iran how much time pressure does that create i mean is that really going to be a make or break moment if elect if they're unable to come to an agreement before
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those elections. both sides can pretend that this is not that critical but it absolutely is critical because it is quite likely not entirely certain but quite likely that the next iranian president may be a hard liner that much like trump in 2016 will run on a platform criticizing in opposing the nuclear deal right now you have in the us and in iran 2 administrations they were actually the same ones that negotiated this deal 6 years ago and to get the movement that is necessary while these people are still there they still have you know familiarity with each other it makes everything much easier but also because both of them want to get back into the uk we do not know for certain what the next iranian administration will want to or not and as deeply deeper we get into the iranian election season the higher the risk also is that because of political issues on the iranian side it will be more posturing by sharon that will be highly unhelpful for the negotiations so we've
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already lost frankly 2 months that it's critical that this will happen that this movement happens much faster now to proceed from the quincy institute for responsible state craft in washington d.c. thank you so much for coming on a day. like are you. and if the show will go on in new york some theaters and concert halls are set to reopen tonight for the 1st time since closing their doors almost a year ago audiences of up to 100 people will be allowed to watch indoors or up to 200 in outdoor venues while some new york politicians are concerned about loosening coronavirus restrictions to send many performers are excited to bring their talents back on stage. the virus can't stop the music and the virus can't stop the dancing that was
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a message from broadway performance in times square back on march the 12th. of may we all be back together again soon inside of theater a blaze with light and creativity passion strength and purpose. because i know we will and you know what one day may we never have to wear these for again masks again. it was more a message of hope than intent knocking a year since new york gatherings of more than 500 people shuttering the city's vibrant theater scene. performers have gone creative ways to entertain their audiences. the steinway and strings. to be seen and social distancing in a cramped store front window. the eagle audience outside on the sidewalk.
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it's wonderful york is always like that they always improvise when something bad. riley and they come back to. being behind the glass was only ever a substitute for the real thing. it really is exactly like being in a fishbowl because we feel. you know way a little disconnected. there a little insular. this new york consciously tests a return to the dance of broadway preponderant make the hope is that vaccines and tests could get handled a large scale reopening by the fall. and we're going to speak now to christopher howard he is an actor and a dancer who joins me now from new york thank you so much for joining us 1st of all i just want to ask you what this last year has actually been like for you personally well i was on
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a broadway touring show when the pandemic started and we actually ended up closing the show in march of 2020 so the company and of sending us home. delayed the show for a few weeks kept trying to push back which back and ultimately closed the show so myself in a bunch of my other colleagues in broadway shows in new york and touring companies around the whole country have lost our jobs and have been unable to work in over a year and does this reopening mean that you are then going to be able to start working again do you see that on your horizon. for me particularly no because the show i was doing has closed permanently because of the financial impacts of the pandemic so unfortunately no i do not have a show job to go back to at this moment some of my colleagues do have a broadway productions to go back to in new york but broadway theaters are not opening yet as of today we know that new york state is allowing 33 percent capacity and some of their performance venues the broadway theaters have not yet begun to open some smaller regional theaters some off broadway theaters might gradually
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reopening within the coming weeks but no broadway production specifically are scheduled to open until at least october ok so it's not all the venue taking this opportunity to reopen and i want to ask you new york state currently does have the 3rd highest rate of coronavirus cases in the country per capita and you know what safety measures are going to be in place to ensure that your colleagues are able to stay safe while they work well for any broad reproductions of the actors are covered under the actor's equity association which is the actors union here in the united states and they're ramping up a lot of protocols for the producers of these shows that they're required to follow in order to employ these productions that includes a testing and includes a modifying spaces that includes modifying staging of productions to encourage social distancing our union is also advocating for arts funding because the more funding the arts can have the more we can test we can modify or spaces we can make
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sure that you know casts crews orchestras audience members are all safe and healthy and of course we're encouraging everyone to i get a vaccine as soon as they're eligible absolutely and for the audience members who are going to these shows and aside from presumably wearing masks are there any other hygiene measures in place. they are still encouraging social distancing in the venue so even though some entertainment venues are up 33 percent s. need they will be socially just an audience members will be just since masks of course will be required. again the more the sooner people get vaccinations the sooner we can get back to work now i'm sorry to hear that you've lost your job in this pandemic as a result but trying to look for a silver lining of some sorts did you find that your colleagues are and that the industry as a whole in any way kind of made some advancements it toward making online theatre as exciting as the real thing you know to make it more accessible to people who might be watching from home yes absolutely there's been a lot of opportunities during the endemic for people to participate and zoom on
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skype and do readings of plays to do concert versions of shows and we see now it's you that some broadway productions have been recorded and they're being released to platforms like disney plus like netflix for example the died in a broadway musical of that scheduled to reopen december 1st is coming out on netflix before it reopens on broadway so that will be coming out october 1st on netflix for people to watch around the country before they can come see it again in the theater and what's really great about a lot of these life productions to these record productions that are being put on zoom months even on netflix is that a lot of them raise money they're used as a charity event to raise money for the actors fund for broadway cares equity fights aids to help people like us who are unemployed right fantastic christopher howard thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us and they have course thank you . tension of back here to germany now where fear and frustration are growing as
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coronavirus cases increase in number authorities reported nearly 22000 new infections on friday even though germans have lived in some form of lockdown since last year our correspondent larry fun hamish dion asked people in berlin to describe the government's pandemic management let's take a listen to what they had to say. confusing. pretty chaotic. given the circumstances. it's difficult for everyone terrible. terrible. these berliners are not alone according to the monthly national survey. from the polling institute in far to steam up 79 percent of germans are critical of all the countries managing the crisis it's the highest number since the start of the pandemic only 24 percent are ok with the measures as they are about the same say they go too far while half of germans think current
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measures are not restrictive enough the country is in the middle of it stirred wave of the pandemic the number of new infections is rising exponentially with the highly contagious u.k. virus varian now dominant but the vaccination will test been slow and the chancellor and state premiers can't seem to agree on a course of action. so many people are so frustrated with a government that maybe they have better ideas of how to handle the pandemic if you were. one day what would you do differently. i actually i would look to countries like. or singapore or even thailand you know and just. what the different. nobody likes like a hard lock down the takes a lot of quality of life away from a lot of people and makes people feel lonely and. to deal with that with the very well from the start opening it up for open discussion letting the ideas come
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back and go and go back and forth and finding out which is the best idea that's what i would do i would get us mad max in the nation as possible for like everyone . just to make everyone feel safe. feel like we can get out of this because it doesn't look like it's like it's going to be over soon and that's really frustrating. a lot of ideas for the chancellor her party is under pressure to show a way for what if elections were this sunday the conservatives would only get 27 percent of the votes 6 percentage points down from one month ago. party still has some time to prove it can get it right until september when germany's general elections are held. and thousands of germans have troubles of the spanish island of my yorka for easter break for many it's practically an annual tradition of but
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german officials are warning against overseas vacations because of the danger of spreading the current virus our reporter philip schultz is lucky enough to be on assignment there he finds out from tourists and locals whether all the fun is worth the risk slowly but surely playa de palma is filling up with tourists again this is where most germans who book a trip to majorca over easter choose to stay restaurant owners are pleased every day beach bars open up their outdoor terraces. but it's not just the beach the popular activity has picked up at doctors' offices as well starting this week tourists must get tested for coronavirus before returning to germany. you have various options you can make an appointment to the airport then you don't have to wait at all but you pay more as far as i know there are also 2 other places near here where you can take
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a test so personally i don't think it's all that bad to be honest we won't be doing this again it was nice to get away for a few days but the hoops we have to jump through to return and the fear that comes with being tested is too much what if it comes back positive the whole thing is just exhausting. despite virus fears the island expects more than 40000 german guest this easter but things look completely different in magaluf just a few kilometers away normally this location is firmly in the hands of british vacationers but unlike the germans they're not allowed to travel at the moment. those who do face hefty fines so the mood in the town is clogged. 50 to 60 percent of the businesses here will have to close completely. it's simply become impossible to pay rent without any revenue. right now the infection rate on the yorker remains low but it has been slowly rising some fear
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that the island will soon close again completely fall rodriguez comments on the back and forth between reopening tourist attractions and re imposing restrictions with these biting characters and new yorkers local newspapers for him the pandemic has shown that mass tourism on the island is a thing of the past. it's like a medicine the right dose is great but too much is dangerous and used to work well on the island but then suddenly 5 times as many tourists came many in the tourism industry are exploited in the eighty's it was better less tourism leads to a better quality of life. in the meantime several hotels on the island have already been converted into quarantine accommodations and this is where some german vacationers who tested positive are staying they are required to wait at least 2 weeks before they are allowed to return to germany.
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well christians around the world are marking the easter holy week for the 2nd here in a row the pandemic means the celebrations are more muted than usual jerusalem's old city is normally packed with visitors from overseas now it's mostly local questions and they can at least take part in some services. us every step in the preparation of these special cookies for easter is where we her sister and i knew about them key is hosting family and friends at home in east jerusalem after a year of restrictions coming together feuds even more special everyone here is vaccinated that makes it easier to keep the tradition of making. as we've made of similar lina and filled with walnuts dates or mr chose this seared we're happy to be together for this ok so. this is after this and that i cherish because it's passed through generation to generation this yr because of our of the book and
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everything we managed to be together last year unfortunate we couldn't have all the real we were just maybe 5 that there would cross on talk with each other so we were able to do it. still everyone is cautious the method of preparing the disk reads with the shape symbolizing the thorny ground jesus war and despond stepped in vinegar is handed down from generation to generation. to rooster limbs old city is the center of easter celebrations for palestinian christians and usually for visitors from all over the world the church of the holy separate career is believed to be the site of jesus' crucifixion his tomb and resurrection last year it was close several times because of the pandemic this year it's also very quiet here with mainly local christians visiting foreign tourists are not allowed back.
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so for us last year was difficult because we couldn't celebrate in a nice way now there's a sense of looking forward to practice our rituals and go back to the holy places of the wreck of the called those i had people were really looking forward to go out during the year we had just stayed home and how important it is to celebrate together we really missed it during the war not good on our last easter church services were limited to clerical stuff and streamed online for the communities. but now those who have been vaccinated can attend in person i can. tell you this year's people can criticize page in person and their mass this is an even more beautiful challenge because we can celebrate their participation and we want to see people face to face who want to look into their eyes because we want them to live this experience together about the bottom of the deck in the how's the 1st batch of cookies is ready it's a welcome return to beloved easter traditions and
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a celebration of the gradual return to normal life. that was the day but don't forget the conversation doesn't stop here you can find us on twitter either at the w. news for you can call me at airports and so much for joining us have a great weekend. the best. to.
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africa. to young visionary. with a dream. i graduate said uganda's social innovation academy talent to come here to land how to turn their ideas into successful businesses i never knew that's what i'm doing this big i am now. in my country africa. 90 minutes on d w. i'm david and
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this is g.w. news a lot of our from birth lead security alert in washington d.c. the u.s. capitol is a lot to down after a car rams a barricade killing a police officer and injuring another suspect armed with a knife has been a shot dead also coming up on the show taiwan's deadliest train disaster in decades the fact a train derailed inside a tunnel after colliding with a truck at least 51 people have to and killed and dozens more injured. and hopes of a breakthrough in negotiations over iran's nuclear program the world's powers of
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schedule talks for next week 3 years after donald trump pulls out of an international agreement. hello i'm claire richardson a very warm welcome to the show the u.s. capitol is again the scene of a major security incident say a car rammed a barricade outside the capitol killing one officer and injuring another they say the attack does not appear to be related to terrorism but their investigation is still ongoing washington has been on edge since january 6th when supporters of former president donald trump stormed the capitol. and the u.s. capitol police have given a press conference with more details of what happened. at approximately 102 hours this afternoon a suspect entered what we refer to as the north barricade of the capitol.
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the suspect rammed his car into 2 of our officers and then hit the north barricade barrier assets time the suspect exit the vehicle with a knife in hand our officers then engage that suspect he did not respond to verbal commands the suspect did start lunging toward us capitol police officers at which time u.s. capitol police officers fired upon the suspect. at this time the suspect has been pronounced deceased to u.s. capitol police officers were transported to 2 different hospitals and it is would a very very heavy heart that i announce one of our
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officers has succumbed to his injuries. and for more on the story let's cross to the job of correspondent and dean in washington d.c. and lee what else do you know about this incident. yes so there is actually very little that we do know. the name of the suspect has been released here is the 25 year old man from well local sources say indiana. and also we know that the police officer who succumbed to his injuries is a former police veteran. i save a little bit more information on it the suspect how close it did he actually get to the capitol building. wall as as you just heard in that statement he got to the northern barricade so you can see you maybe a little bit in my background here you can still see one of the ambulances so you
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did get closer and that is also due to the fact that the barricades have been brought down over the last few weeks right so. passengers passes by you have been able to get closer. and so has the suspect so after something like the storming of the capitol that took place back in january why was it that security measures had been relaxed in the days or weeks ahead of this incident. well see the big question that was raised after the insurrection at the capitol was why wasn't information passed on fast and within the law enforcement and the police here and that is something that i've been working on they've been trying to get this information flow to work better and. they must have thought they got this under control they have this handled and that's why they were bringing down the barricades and sadly it seems that. well. it
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wasn't enough it does i suppose in relation to the incident in january 6th how quickly did authorities respond to this event. i mean there were much faster of course because there were more prepared to know why. there was . certainly one. suspects one person who's who's on the barricades who is trying to get closer to the capital. so it was definitely easier my guess therefore also fast . as we don't have any indication that there may be other suspects emily the city has been on high alert as you've told us for you're working there as a reporter in day to day life what does that actually look like what you see on the streets to give you the give you the sense that security is high. you know well i mean the day started off with it's it's easter weekend right so a lot of past and a lot of people are out and about it's gorgeous weather many have come down to
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lawson's for which washington d.c. is famous for as well and of course this does cost a bit of a shadow on the whole atmosphere. it felt like with the 2 is opening up again and now it feels like ok maybe maybe. not. as fast as we know it's the question isn't how many how many do we need more national guard here do we not. it is i think people are. frightened but also know that at my house is supposed to continue difficult questions for the city in the days ahead and we've already been in washington d.c. thank you very much for your reporting. and at least $51.00 people have been killed in a train crash in taiwan a crowded train appears to have come off the rails inside a tunnel after hitting a truck dozens more people were injured in the incident in eastern taiwan many travelers were on the move during
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a holiday weekend in which people traditionally tend to family graves the government has ordered an independent investigation after the initial rescue operation is complete. shuffling to safety one train carriage ruth at a time these passengers of being rescued from taiwan's deadliest railway disaster in decades. all of a sudden i just fell from my seat to the ground i hit my head and sore it was bleeding the train crowded with more than 400 people killed in a tunnel after slamming into a truck that rolled onto the tracks from a nearby construction site the impact ripped some carriages a posh and crumpled others. rescuers worked for hours to reach trapped passengers. many of whom were rushed to hospital. many people were crushed under the train seats from the collision and there were
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others on top of the sates so those at the bottom were crushed and lost consciousness. the accident comes at the start of a busy annual long holiday weekend when taiwan's roads and railways a usually packed investigations into the cause of the crash are ongoing. and there are new hopes of a breakthrough in negotiations over iran's nuclear program washington says it's willing to discuss returning to an international nuclear deal with via in direct negotiations in the austrian capital vienna an international agreement reached in 2015 aims to limit iran's nuclear activities trump administration holds out of the deal 3 years ago iran has since and recently resumed enriching uranium to well above the agreed limits. and for more on this i'm joined by former u.s. career diplomat frank with us wizner in a new york he was ambassador to india egypt and the philippines and he is currently
11:09 pm
an analyst at the iran project which they think tank that supports the iran nuclear deal and buster thank you for joining us on a d.w.i. how optimistic are you that these negotiations will be able to point the way to reviving the iran nuclear deal. i believe the news today is good news but i don't discount how complex the negotiation will be and held long it will take i believe it does however provide an opportunity for the 2 sides to come together and did achieve a goal set out some weeks ago during a turn for the united states to return to the j.c.b. away on a compliance for compliance basis that is the united states returns to the deal that it left when trouble took us out of it and the iranians route pull back or roll back of the steps they've taken to announce their nuclear
11:10 pm
capability compliance for compliance and there's at least a road ahead but the choreography of the steps will be complicated they do want to ask you about that because one of the challenges has certainly been a both the united states and iran want to see the other side make the 1st move in terms of compliance so what has changed here to make these talks possible well i think they've found a formula that permits of both sides to reach out to each other using the instrument elegy of the joint commission and the good offices of the europeans to make certain that the ideas are transmitted back and forth until there is a negotiated understanding that's the way i believe it's going to work. but the details are going to have to come out and i don't have them now you're a former u.s. ambassador you've worked in numerous positions in the state department why do you
11:11 pm
think that iran has ruled out face to face bilateral discussions. iran made it quite clear. going back to the trumpet ministration that they would not return to direct negotiation with the united states with a pistol of sanctions pointed at their head. and the fact that the administration's changed and the sanctions are still in place the iranians would argue leaves them just as badly off today as they were then of course there are a number of other changes and they i'm certain would acknowledge them but what they've needed to have in hand before face to face negotiations can begin is some confidence that the steps they take to are turned compliance will be matched by steps the united states will take to return to compliance and that's
11:12 pm
what we're looking for compliance with compliance and in your view has the by the administration today a signal to iran that it would be a good partner and is negotiations. i'm not privy to direct communications and i don't think there been any directly between the united states and iran but do the iranians understand if they didn't cept the fact that the united states was prepared to come to the table in good faith there would be a meeting coming up in vienna so i'd like to think that it least the point is clear however it was communicated and i thank you very much ambassador frank was that we appreciate you coming on to. this pleasure to be with you thanks so much. and the rescheduled tokyo games are less than 4 months away and 12 year old skateboarding prodigy skye brown is all set to compete when her sport makes its a limbic debut in july and she's fully recovered from
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a life threatening accidental last year and is now ready to perform on the biggest stage. sky brown is smiling again despite the delay of the games she's still raring to go for gold in tokyo and sees the positives in the year long wait to compete. i thought my dreams are you know. i can be in the room fixing my. heels sad but then i realize it was just the way then you know we just get more time. we get better and i got some time in my family but the delay of the games was not her biggest setback that year in june she revealed she had suffered her worst full yet the accident left her with skull fractures and a broken left wrist and hand she was unresponsive on arrival at hospital but made a full recovery i'm done stronger actually. isn't doing me stronger
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but yes it was a pretty hard and sight at any very warm risqué before back like norway or lamb was. during her recovery the half british half japanese skateboarder spent more time on her other passion of surfing and may even treated as more than a hobby in future. i actually want to compete in something takes few weeks. next next year next year or next and paris. first things 1st though as her trailblazing debut in tokyo beckons. and before we go i remind her of our top story at this hour one police officer was killed and another injured when a car rammed a barricade outside the u.s. capitol in washington d.c. . is suspect armed with a knife has been shot dead. that is all from me for now my colleague watch is up
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next with the business headlines and you're always find more on our website. or his office on social media at the end it is simply richardson in berlin for me the entire team thanks for joining us. to. lose.
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old positive signs for the u.s. economy the latest figures show american businesses created almost a 1000000 jobs last month but president biden says the country isn't out of the woods yet. one side effects of the coronavirus pandemic is that it strengthened digitize a nation where it's unwise been sluggish can an innovative way one business is fading. down. i'm content restrictions have stemmed the flow of tourists into cuba and the foreign cash that comes with the meat the cubans tending to
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cryptocurrency is. a sustainable business on robots in berlin welcome to the program the u.s. economy added 916000 jobs in march as it continues to bounce back from its pandemic slump there were high levels of hiring in new construction leisure and hospitality sectors u.s. unemployment has fallen to 6 percent though that is still well above the preponderance of 3.5 percent president joe biden welcomes the improving figures but . not to get carried away this morning we learned that our economy created 900000 jobs in march needs a 1st 2 months of hard news duration as she more new jobs created in the 1st 2 months in any administration in history we still a long way to go to get our economy back on track after the worst economic and job
11:18 pm
crisis nearly a century. the coronavirus pandemic has exposed the painfully slow progress and digitize ation in germany many companies were ill equipped for employees working from home and schools are able to offer digital learning but things are improving thanks to startups using the crisis to kickstart digital projects that may well last beyond the pandemic. the cafeteria is empty no one can eat here because of strict guidelines that are likely to remain in place for a long time and yet hundreds of employees and there's frankfurt business complex need their lunch and they'll get it thanks to clips a new app designed to order lunch while strictly adhering to social distancing guidelines customers order and pay by phone to me list ready for pick up and the lock box just minutes later for the company behind the app the pandemic creates just the right environment to launch. the crew of ours
11:19 pm
pandemic came as a shock for us initially as many of our clients are restaurants and much affected by the lock down but now we have seen that the crisis is actually an accelerator for digital technologies demand for digitalisation is up and for us that's a big chance. the pandemic gave a boost to the startup behind the app because going digital provided a lifeline for its customers such as restaurants that would have otherwise lost even more business although some see they would have invested in new technologies anyway like leading kirar a mark is in your audience. we've seen that the world is changing and much of what our guests do ordering paying is already happening digitally that's why we have to sided to rule out as canapes technology in all our restaurants and. last new
11:20 pm
technologies bring change to established business it remains to be seen what the long term effect might be. and i got a bit more on the states of day just. to chelsea delaney has been speaking to fed unfixed now an economist at the betting's university of applied science so they're going to make has certainly put a lot of pressure on germany and german businesses to speed up the pace of digitalisation is it working so far i would say digitalisation is not in a better shape but by international comparison it's not looking overly good so it was a good idea definitely to have in those programs that have been put in place to dampen the effects of the pen damage to have some digital components included in the sense that some support measures now which support digitalisation in germany which support venture capital for example financing to start ups and just kind of thing so that's going definitely in the right direction we need that so germany is now in the midst of this 3rd wave of infections the vaccine rollout has been a bit of
11:21 pm
a disaster lockdowns are being extended what is the outlook now for the german economy. it obviously all depends on how the pandemic evolves right but given most experts expect that. substantially over the next few weeks and months. but. projections for this year our around 3 to 4 percent and also for next year so the losses in terms of production that the german economy incurred last year will be recovered at least at the latest by the end of next year and in that sense it looks like the permanent effects the permanent damage of the of the pandemic is not as pronounced as 1st expected 1st. from bella's university of applied sciences speaking to. me that now france is known for its world beating chefs but the pandemic has put a lot of french cokes out of work in paris however one business is saving them from
11:22 pm
having to hang. by providing restaurant quality mails to locals in lockdown. with everything shut down the french are cooking more at home though that's often not as good as in a fine french restaurant but when some talented amateur started cooking for their neighborhood it opened up new possibilities. for soon to transform into a business and these 3 friends have only one goal to make food a pleasure. the measurement in it is that used to hang a menu in our apartment building the neighbors could order by text message. if you can very simple dishes for 10 euro's each you know if it's on about only and my friends and i thought why don't we do this in all with powers. truth now twice a week pierre luis sorts fresh ingredients from the wholesale market into boxes he doesn't cook at himself anymore that's done by some 30 trained cooks all of them
11:23 pm
jobless right now inside of the ingredients for 10 servings everything that's delivered to the cooks homes by bike and often. stephanie put alone is trained as a pastry chef and cook she thinks it's important to wear an apron home like in any restaurant. and plenty of it some people say cooking is easy but that's not true cooking means to create something for others you have to set your goals. to these dishes stuffed roast veal with potatoes and for dessert apple crumble for 15 year olds the recipe and instructions were sent to the cooks the night before. that i'm on it about that it's like your grandmother's home cooking the stews and casseroles but we're open to all suggestions the pundits get what they did it because we got it through stephanie to the long nose homemade roast just done now
11:24 pm
it's time for deliveries. she takes the 12 feels right to her customers doorsteps the direct cooks to. on an average day they make almost $400.00 meals together. really almost a regular customer it's very interesting and can remain true because it's always delivered on time having your neighbors cook for you the founders say it's not just about food it's also about a little social contract in the big city. now some of the other global stories making the business news united airlines says it will immediately start hiring pilots beginning with a group of $300.00 to be ready to meet growing demand for air travel is another sign of recovery in the u.s. economy delta airlines said this week it would stop blocking middle seats as it has done since the start of the pandemic. russia says it deals with 20 manufacturers in 10 different countries to produce its vaccines but make the fall is a meeting between president blood amir putin and an export marketing official for
11:25 pm
the job production is already underway in india and south korea and other manufacturers could reach full capacity this month. in chile plans to close its borders amid a rising corona virus infections chile has emerged as a leader in coverage vaccinations 35 percent of its population is already inoculated that hasn't stopped infections from rising the closure will start a for the 5th and last for 30 days. now tourism is crucial to the cuban economy but during the pandemic it's taken a major hit last year the industry lost out on an estimated $2300000000.00 in foreign currency so spouse no wonder an increasing number of cubans are finding overseas cash through another source crypto currency trading. closed hotels and hardly a vacation are left in the cuban resort of our dero the consequences of the pandemic hit many people on the caribbean island particularly hard the tourists used to
11:26 pm
bring u.s. dollars into the country the hard currency needed for people there to buy so many things remittances from relatives abroad have also dried up since former u.s. president trump tighten financial sanctions against the communist ruled state western union has not been allowed to send money transfers there since the end of last year out of necessity many cubans started getting involved with crypto currencies says 33 year old programmer erik garcia. the concept behind sending remittances to cuba through crypto currencies can be interpreted in this way you are anywhere in the world you buy crypto currency is because it's easy for you and there are hundreds of pages that sell you that crypto currency and you send that crypto currency from your wallet to relatives in cuba. bitcoin and other crypto currency is have another advantage since cuba's currency reform at the beginning of the year the domestic peso is hardly worth anything crypto currencies on the other
11:27 pm
hand can be used to buy and pay for many things and some cubans are speculating on an increase in the value of digital currencies. a change in currency has occurred and a devaluation came with it one way to protect yourself from devaluation is by acquiring crypto currencies that are backed by a market value in dollars. many cubans seem to ignore the risk of crypto currencies losing value and in the event of a crash the likes of bitcoin theory and like coin are not backed by any central bank. and finally a man from the u.s. state of georgia has had the last laugh after a workplace disagreement andreas platen says a mechanic shop owed him $915.00 after he left his job that but rather than send a check his former employer don't over $91000.00 and grease covered pennies on his driveway and now according company has stepped in to help them by cleaning the
11:28 pm
pennies and even rounding the total up to give him a $1000.00 back in cash. so for me in the business team here in berlin if you want more from us do check out our website deed of your com slash business until next time goodbye and take a. peek at africa. young visionaries. with a dream. joan joan and graduates of uganda social innovation academy talent to come here to learn how to turn their ideas into successful businesses i never knew that's what i'm doing this big i am now. in my country for a good. 60 minutes. the fight
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