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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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there's one allows us to live in. the why do you fear. the results of d w. this is g w news a live from berlin and security alert in washington d.c. the u.s. capitol is a lot to down after a car rams a barricade killing a police officer and injuring another a suspect armed with a knife is reported to have been shot dead also coming up on the show taiwan's the deadliest or train disaster in. the packed train inside
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a tunnel after colliding with a truck at least 51 people have been killed and dozens more injured. oh in play richardson welcome to the show we begin with some breaking news from washington d.c. where the u.s. capitol is again the scene of a major security incident police say a car rammed a vera came outside the capital killing at least one officer and injuring another the area was put on alert after supporters of former president donald trump rioted on january 6th but officials recently had begun scaling back barriers put up afterwards citing a reduced security threat. and a few minutes ago the u.s. capitol police gave a press conference with more details of what happened. because. if
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that's that. can lead. to more fear. that it. has that stuff that's a good deed that will look like in. our home that gave him that. nothing on earth but. other stuff that kids are flocking to or u.s. capitol police officers have look at which are let's have them all. are such. that this are. the stuff that. seems. to me must have thought. of
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although. it is a fairly. hot. water. and we have our washington bureau chief even as paul on the line from war you know what else can you tell us about this incident. well oh please just turned on just wasn't one of the capitol and attended the press conference we heard the officer one officer officer is dead and the suspect is also obviously a shot so this comes as a moment those times when we're in washington just so it has to open up again people are really kind of hoping to enjoy a beautiful weekend you know it does riding my bike through the disney people are shocked to know little we don't know even though all this all the. suspect we don't know if he was alone is there is more to be expected but what we know is that this
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city is on high alert again and for our viewers who perhaps perhaps are not so familiar with washington d.c. at the city can give us a sense of how close the suspect actually got to the capitol building. very close to the main entrance and you know the capitol building was hadn't stopped off to the storming of the capitol of generally fix it with just a couple of months ago right and they just crawled and dying also because people living in this area many many washingtonians really requested that they wanted the cities to be coming back to normal so the topic was able to come really close to a capital building. this is the main and. that was kind of a close call and you mentioned the city has been on high alert after the storming of the capitol by a mob of armed insurrection in january how fast was the response to this incident compared to that event in january. very polished you know this. i think you can
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feel a big wave of the capitol police that says that things could happen in college i have for them generates 6 so that was a very fast response and there are a lot of sets still in the city and you can see them everywhere they say they all still here we don't know the exact number yet but so there is a hot a high police attendance not only here right at the capitol the capitol hill but also downtown also close to the white house so washington is kind of getting prepared for the case that something more of my test but even so there aren't any signs of said right now. have we had any indication from police that there may be other suspects involved or that this may end any in any way moving forward beyond the suspect who who police are saying has been shot this is something we all through just all of the police here at the various press conferences it's just i
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live in the point where there aren't any indication whatsoever but it does to a whole new this is really an ongoing situation here and we don't know yet so what is false will be over so people who are on high alert as we are waiting for boarding for information coming from the police. as you've mentioned that the city doesn't feel like it's on high alert across the city in various a different point can you give us more of an idea of what that looks like to you as a reporter working in washington d.c. i mean how do you get the sense that the capitol is being protected right you know we have to keep in mind the washington post an unusual old could play he's just come from his ago and i'm sure that many of all it's good i suppose really. good sitting we were able to read it won't drop to the white house it was just too small little since you were able to walk because a couple if you could talk to politicians making their way or. building is.
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very unusual. here and even more so off to the polling also passes will generally see some other citizens it's very different the day they put attended to everywhere tried to control cars of people watching in the white house there is still a lot of fighting around the white house those who want to show progress all know biden being sworn in all of the president was you know from the council towards the white house is open to join.
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our bureau chief in washington d.c. thank you very much for your reporting. and turn our attention now to taiwan where at least a $51.00 people have been killed in a train crash a crowded train appears to have come off the rails inside a tunnel after hitting a truck thousands more were injured in the incident in eastern taiwan and many travelers were on the move during a holiday weekend which people traditionally tend to family graves the government has ordered an independent investigation after the initial rescue operation is complete. shuffling to safety one train carriage routes at a time these passengers are being rescued from taiwan's deadliest railway disaster in decades. and all of a sudden i just fell from my seat to the ground i hit my head and sore it was
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bleeding. the train crowded with more than 400 people killed in a tunnel off to slamming into a truck that rolled onto the tracks from a nearby construction site the impact ripped some carriages of pot and crumpled others. rescuers worked for hours to reach trapped passengers. many of whom were rushed to hospital. many people were crushed under the train seats from the collision and there were others on top of the seats so those at the bottom were crushed and lost consciousness. the accident comes at the start of a busy annual long holiday weekend when taiwan's roads and railways a usually packed investigations into the cause of the crash are ongoing. and there are new hopes of a breakthrough in negotiations over iran's nuclear program washington has now indicated its willing to discuss returning to
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a nuclear deal with the in direct negotiations in the austrian capital vienna an international agreement that was reached in 2015 aims to limit iran's nuclear activities to trumpet ministration unilaterally pulled out of the deal 3 years ago iran has recently resumed enriching uranium to well above the deals limits. for more i'm now joined by hussein deny of the hamilton alucard school of global and international studies in bloomington indiana and his work focuses on u.s. iran relations thank you so much for joining us on the detail the news and was one of the challenges in these negotiations has been that both the united states and iran want to see the other side make the 1st move what has changed to make these negotiations possible. well nothing you tiriel really has changed except that i think there's a recognition on both sides that time is increasingly not on their side and that if they continue on the same path that they are that there will be no her hurdles that
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they would have to get over in order to get back to anything or deal but all indications are that the united states basically has decided to revive the nuclear deal and not to expand the scope of negotiations to include other factors such as iran's regional activities or its missile program as part of the new discussions to get back to the deal so you that optimistic that both sides will be able to angry on a path to comply with the iran nuclear deal once again. well i think my confidence would be linked to how well the diplomats handle the next few months of these negotiations if they manage to build confidence and actually get back to a path where they can very quickly establish a process that the terms of the previous deal can be restored then i would be optimistic but if there are new problems either domestically by their respective
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audiences that are put in the foreground they can't handle them well obviously there will be. more difficulty ahead and what kind of domestic pressures are both sides facing when it comes to these negotiations. well on that side of the iran there's a timeline issue the presidential elections in june are coming up and the conservatives in iran are determined to get back to. claim the mantle of grievance against the united states to be the victim of yet another unjust american action in this case going back and start war the nuclear deal and on the u.s. side there's considerable domestic pressure both from the republicans and within that there are some elements of the democratic party that iran has simply advance the ball too fast and get him at any rate the terms of the previous deal are getting closer to some of their sense of causes and perhaps there should be more
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expanded approach to getting clear here so a lot of considerations there but let's assume that everything does go well in vienna next week what would the next steps that look like. well as both sides have hinted at that would be a great deal of diplomatic choreographing got needs to be put into place to determine what corresponding actions have to be taken by each principals and each capital what sanctions go 1st are arts crept away and what iran has to do in terms of ocean backs and scaling back its nuclear activities from the past 2 years or so and that diplomatic choreographing effort everything goes well be the next stages in this process and i would expect that would take place in multiple meetings and perhaps bilateral talks between the united states and iran or the coming weeks the world will be watching closely hussein of an eye from the hamilton a lot of our school of global and international studies thank you so much. let's
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take a look now it's mother's stories making headlines around the world protesters in a myanmar have been marching to remember the more than 500 people killed by security forces since the military seized power in a coup in february the who to has also a shut down wireless internet services. clashes have erupted in the disputed region of kashmir villagers threw stones at security forces they responded with tear gas and rubber bullets delhi says an earlier indian operation tildes 3 militants many locals support either independence or pakistani rule over kashmir. and ukraine's president says his army is a ready to retaliate against any attack the landscape has welcome support from u.s. president joe biden in their 1st phone call there are reports that russia is moving troops toward its border with ukraine. and we have
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a reminder of our top stories at this hour. one police officer was killed and another injured when a car rammed a barricade outside the u.s. capitol in washington d.c. a suspect armed with a knife has been shot dead and. so is all for now coming up next in our in-depth look at the pandemic because we're going to special of course there's always more on our web site www dot com and claridge's and amber lynn from the whole team thanks much for watching. the phone against the coronavirus tend to. the rate of infection the been developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update nineteen's. w.
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o. guys this is the 77 percent of the platform was to get these issues and share ideas. you know all the. way to the delegates. the young people who didn't have the solutions could you just amongst. 77 percent now. on t w. the law. going to school every morning spending your day together with other kids in classrooms none of this can be taken for granted anymore education in times of the pandemic our topic today. welcome to or 900 special on this good friday
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a public holiday in many parts of the world but soon the struggle starts again trying to keep up with the curriculum despite lockdown. every morning the via royal family has to decide which of their 4 children gets to do online schooling that day the family in the believing capital of pos only has one smartphone just like many other families in the country. then there are also problems with the internet connection. there are so many different apps classrooms zoom and so on. and most of them only work with the high end phone and decent internet when i go to work at 10 am there's only one suitable phone left here and so 3 children are left with nothing. like the platform for virtual school lessons was set up by the bolivian education ministry
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the government insists the system has been set up in a way that ensures everyone can access the online classes. but we set up a time table that regulates who can use the platform when each day is allocated for a different school so it's not like all the children have to use it every day. but obviously the system still needs further optimization. here so you. are using the school platform is free of charge but accessing the internet is very expensive in bolivia a problem that christiane leone has long been urging the government to address. he set up an advocacy group to draw attention to the problem. to believe you only got fiberoptic internet in 2018.
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network does dow cover most of the country but almost households are still are not connected to it all. bolivians dashiell telecommunications. bernie states that one gigabyte of data costs $5.00 a price not every family can afford going to morrow. so let me get a look at only those with more money need afford internet access even so education is no longer free in bolivia because right now the more money you have the morning emerton can be any math the education ministry has promised to provide $30000.00 computers to at least to prove the hardware problem but that won't be enough for all many families like the year as it will have to continue finding their own solutions to ensure their children can take part in online schooling until the vaccine rolled out advances enough for children to return to the classroom.
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should schools remain open or should they be closed to stop the spread of the virus let's bring in jonathan silk principle expert in a merchant who preparedness at the european center for disease prevention and control in stockholm good to have you with us and i know that you conducted a study into coded 900 schools. when it comes to keeping schools open or not what are your findings. thank you very much for having us 1st of all we're constantly updating the literature and revealing other studies on this we're finding that of course like any what we call parma surgical interventions if you close something it's decided that leads to less social mixing so will have an impact on the overall transmission of youtube so that's a potentially important measure of what we're seeing and what the most recent literature shows is that on the 2nd wave and more recent closures of schools have less of an impact than they did in the 1st wave and this has to do with. schools
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have adopted in the way that they've been practicing they're not operating as they did and prepared to make locals but they're doing more measures internal the. safety keep students safe to try to keep teachers there and those measures have an impact and so we think it's it may be necessary to close schools there's no question about that with the new parents circulate in but the general concessions that show you know. relates to trying to keep schools open and close in the money as a last resort i mean would you 1st of all were could you define that last i mean who or what determines what to this last resort would be that has to be a decision makers in the local context to understand the transmission levels understand the burden on the health care system of the current levels of i.c.u. and so on and to really do a proper assessment of what measures are place in schools if everything has been tried within the schools to really keep transmission or not and then what sorts of
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levels of schools that's also not make it a binary thing schools do not need to be just fully open or full they closed the hybrid models and there are different age groups that are important to consider so it's not just a whole either or situation in most cases either there are lots of options there for with or it's you make is doesn't necessarily make it more easy to mount to the right conclusion. do we actually know where children catch the virus in the 1st place is that happening at school do they get from teachers from all the children or do they bring the virus into the school because they catch it at home. that's a fantastic question and we've been trying to understand that better in terms of the school settings themselves and what we've actually found is that there are very few documented instances where you see large breaks in school settings so transitions certainly happens in schools but the literature from many different countries in europe and global it's just that there's not necessarily the need for lots of breaks and in school settings what we wonder and what we need to know that
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more about of course are what happens to children not just in the school itself but after school extracurricular activities on the way to school on the way home from school and of course as you mentioned in household settings there's also the possibility of transmission so you don't have precise numbers on that but the information on the schools is that they can actually be operated safely without too many instances of large operators i mean these these these still quite trying a very confusing time so a lot of parents feel safer having their kids around and some in some countries miscalls reopened and decided to not send to their kids back to school because they don't trust the situation do they have a point. it's really hard to assess that without knowing the specific details of the context in which they have made those decisions like for certainly understand why people are worried there's a lot of research also from from germany a large study just from scotland recently that shows at least for the parents of
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younger children there does not appear to be an increased risk of the parents catching the virus from from their children even up periods when they've been sent back to school we also know that by and large the number of severe outcomes in children is very very low we're we're not seen any change in that even with the new variants we've been following very closely in a millions of cases and children particularly younger children fall of the same age graded so we know how it will be continued to be the most risk all the. older adults but children really have very very rare instances of severe outcomes such as hostile as asian or right but we do know the children can carry that and they can spread the virus so what do you make of the concept of home schooling wouldn't that in this moment in time make most sense. you know it's true that children can transmit the virus and as i mentioned it appears to be the case that they
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transmit it somewhat less than an adults do and they've also to be less susceptible to the virus than the novels do i am i by no means an expert in education and homeschooling but i what we wonder stood from the vast amount of literature that exists that it is very difficult for children to to be home and we understand as well that there is a gradient so those of learning loss from children is loss in children from well off backgrounds but from deprived backgrounds vulnerable backgrounds this can be really detrimental submitted to the education and even the health and well being of children so all these things have to be taken into account there's no easy answer for the patient up a but these are the things a decision makers do need to consider indeed a lot of food for thought there for decision makers donna sense from the european center for disease prevention and control in stockholm thank you so much for your time as he steps thank you very much thank you well and time for your questions now over to derek. how long can facts seem side
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effects last conforte indicate it's working. i want to leave all the speculation about blood clotting and the astra zeneca vaccine behind for a minute and focus on what we know for certain about common minor side the facts reported in connection with covert vaccines pretty much all of the ones approved so far in various parts of the world appear to be pretty react to janick which means they regularly cause mild side effects like like pain and swelling at the injection site as well as things like like fatigue headache fever chills or aching joints the single shot johnson and johnson back seen appears to cause those effects somewhat less often in 2 dose m.r.i.
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they vaccines they seem to occur more commonly after the 2nd dose while the opposite seems to hold true for the astra zeneca vaccine. another point worth mentioning is that younger people seem to react more often and more powerfully than the elderly it's thought that's because they have more responsive immune systems authorities say the symptoms can last a few days but in most of the firsthand reports that i read this subsided within 36 hours the good news is that side effects while unpleasant are actually a sign that the vaccine is doing what it's supposed to do which is laying the groundwork for an immune response so that if you are infected with the virus your body can get to work straight away wiping it out personally and more than happy to
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experience a day or 2 of discomfort if i know that i'll be protected afterwards from a potentially life threatening case of covert 19 that sounds like a really great deal to me. and finally shopping malls are closed amid not condemning lockdowns a school in the u.s. state of vermont to decided to make use of the empty space students can now take lessons from amazing small why not well that's all for now thanks for watching. e-coli africa. drought instead of rainy season in rwanda climate change is threatening harvest a startup is now increasingly yields it's out in forms farmers about the plants water needs and some lower energy and sure is cheap irrigation. climates marked
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coal for go. next on d. w. . what keeps us in shape what makes us sick and how do we stay healthy. my name is dr carson the i talk to medical experts. watch them at work. and i discuss what you can do to improve your health. state use and let's all try to stay good shape. on t.w. .
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the forums are good for giving. those. drunken clothes well yes. the industry is controlling your thoughts of the group. 20th century. present day hoax is. a great memory. showing you. may 3rd. hello and welcome to another edition of africa i am sandra twee no video coming to you from kampala here in uganda well it has we nearly 5 years since this show focusing on environmental issues foster went on air and we're looking forward to
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reporting on more and more amazing projects and great ideas for protecting.


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