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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2021 6:15pm-6:31pm CEST

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treated as more than a hobby in future i actually want to compete in a few weeks. and paris. first things 1st though as her trailblazing debut in tokyo beckons. and that's all from me stay tuned for a waltz with business. let's get right to the heart. or the. warming doesn't. talk of the most
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well not yet. the industry is controlling your thoughts the great books of the 20th century. present day hoaxes. created more. stores may 30. may be on the cusp of historic change as training begins in what could be one of the world's biggest oil fields but while the country needs the cash many fares will come at very versatile cost. a side effect of a coronavirus pandemic is that it's driven to digitise ation virus otherwise been sluggish well look it's an innovative way one business is feeding workers turning up town. i'm fighting blackouts with something like. house solar power is
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offering an alternative to kenyan businesses struggling with electricity out. in berlin welcome to the program. a supporter say it could change the course of namibia's history oil exploration company recon africa has begun drilling in the country's vango region it believes the area could contain one of the world's biggest oil fields but environmentalists and local s. and locals fear that exploiting those reserves could come to gretz a cost. the oil is thought to be under the cover and go basin a large area which covers most of namibia and botswana but also parts of angola south africa zambia and zimbabwe the region contains some of the world's most unspoiled landscapes and vast biodiversity some risk of extinction the local economy depends on tourism conservationists fear the environmental damage which
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would result from oil extraction here. the wildlife will be diminished and the beauty and pure nature that's here will be harmed in some way he worries that the drilling sites will impede the migration path for the largest population of elephants remaining in the wild if recon africa prove up the oil reserves they suspect are here they'll expand the number of drilling sites in the area and build vast infrastructure to support their plans to tap the oil villages living here are afraid their lands will be confiscated taking away their livelihoods as small farmers communities fear that contaminants from drilling would seep into groundwater used for drinking in the irrigation. going you know i can't afford a lawyer who would help me to stand up against an oil company if i don't go down or what to do because i think they're doing we don't know what the.
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environment experts have already accused recon africa of multiple breaches of their own environmental protocols the world wildlife fund namibia has called for a strategic environmental assessment of the exploration area before the new maybe in government approves any further work. pandemic has exposed the painfully slow progress of digitisation in germany many companies were ill equipped for employees working from home and schools unable to offer digital learning things are improving thanks to startups using the crisis to kickstart digital projects that may well last beyond the pandemic. the cafeteria is empty no one can eat here because of strict guidelines that are likely to remain in place for a long time and yet hundreds of employees in this frankfort business complex need
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their lunch and they'll get it thanks to clips a new app designed to order lunch while strictly adhering to social distancing guidelines customers order and pay by phone to me list ready for pick up and the lock box just minutes later for the company behind the app the pandemic create it's just the right environment to launch. the crew of our isp and demi came as a shock for us initially as many of our clients are restaurants and much affected by the lock down but now we have seen that the crisis is actually an accelerator for digital technologies demand for digitalisation is up and for us that's a big chance as france was. the pandemic gave a boost to the startup behind the app because going digital provided a lifeline for its customers such as restaurants that would have otherwise lost
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even more business although some see they would have invested in new technologies anyway like leading kater our own mark is in yard. and we've seen that the world is changing and much of what our guests do ordering paying is already happening digitally that's why we have to sided to rule out as commits technology in all our restaurants. as new technologies bring change to established business it remains to be seen what the long term effect might be. more on the state of digitization in germany chelsea de laney with. economist university of applied science. so they've been democrats certainly put a lot of pressure on germany and german businesses to speed up the pace of digitalisation is it working so far i would say digitalisation is not in a bad shape but by international comparison it's not looking overly good so it was
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a good idea definitely to have in those programs that have been put in place to dampen the effects of the pen to make to have some digital components included in the sense that some support measures knowledge support digitalisation in germany which support venture capital for example financing to start ups and these kind of things so that's going definitely in the right direction we need that. so germany is now in the midst of this 3rd wave of infections the vaccine rollout has been a bit of a disaster lockdowns are being extended what is the outlook now for the german economy. it obviously all depends on how the penn demick evolves right but given what most experts expect that the nose down substantially over the next few weeks and months. but the projections for the. 3 to 4 percent and also for next year so the losses in terms of production that the german economy incurred last year will be recovered at the latest by the end of
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next year and in that sense it looks like the permanent effects the permanent damage of the of the pandemic is not as pronounced as the 1st as we expected 1st. we've heard reports for example from the us of trillions of dollars worth of stimulus to help support the economy through at the pandemic have europe stimulus efforts gone far enough. it's quite obvious that the european government has done much in terms of stimulus to. the. part because. differently we have much stronger. protection laws for example we have these schemes schemes which. disposable incomes in germany and the european union so in essence these top measures to support income which are large part of the programs in the us are not as necessary
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in europe but there are still obviously as we talked about in the 1st question need to support infrastructure needs to support. these measures should be pushed further ahead than we are. now some of the other global business stories making the news german companies will present a plan next week to redevelop the port of beirut according to germany's ambassador to lebanon the ports and many areas around it we destroyed last august in a massive chemical explosion that killed 200 people the disaster deepened 11 and worst political and economic crisis in decades. egypt expects to get more than a $1000000000.00 in compensation after its suez canal was blocked. by a massive cargo ship a canal authority also warned an interview that the shit of a given. one allowed to leave egypt decides to go to court for damages.
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russia has with 20 manufacturers in 10 different countries to produce. a meeting between president vladimir putin and an official for the job production is already underway in india and south korea and other manufacturers could. this month . and you know it's the ally and says it will immediately start hiring pilots beginning with ago. $303.00 ready to meet growing demand for air travel is the latest sign of recovery in the us economy does arad lines says that this week it would no longer block middle seats as it has done since the start of the path that . now frequent electricity outages mean business is in kenya can struggle to operate as a consistent level to help them out to german startup is offering an alternative to the grid in the form of low cost solar power systems they're already making a difference in one of kenya's key industries.
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sent her love of flowers has brought grace ne a child a long way today she's the proud owner of a flower farm in the town of fico near the kenyan capital nairobi it's a certified fair trade company with more than $500.00 employees. or nearly 30 hectares of land are covered with greenhouses full of roses all of the flowers are grown without the use of chemicals once harvested the roses are packed and placed in a cold store ready to be sent to europe both the cold store and the artificial lighting use a lot of electricity but the power supply isn't always reliable in kenya and power cuts are frequent. grace near china has often had to decide whether to keep the flowers fresh using a diesel generator which is costly or to let the roasts die so for years she's looked for alternatives. renewable energy sources like solar power were
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always very expensive. but last year she got a solar system that offers up to 150 kilowatts of power financed with the help of a german startup called a cold to go. get us about the benefits. and. we also know that it was possible for us since the start just a few steps and to get to a place where we have. she now pays around $2400.00 euros a month to the start up it's a lot of money but still around 30 percent less than she used to pay for electricity after 9 years the system will be paid off and she'll only need to finance the maintenance costs. egos serves a number of businesses in kenya including another flour company called rift valley roses she. here they've set up
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a floating solar system. they called leader co-founder martin bot has come from germany to inspect the installation he's worked with solar power for 16 years and swears by it companies that use it to reduce their energy bills actually saving a lot of money secondly it's also saving c o $2.00 emissions and helping us to save the planet. the investment has definitely paid off for grace nea china and it's encouraged her to keep aiming higher and to sell flowers that are not only fair trade but also grown on a farm that's completely climate neutral. and just before we leave you a man from the u.s. state of georgia as have the last laugh after a workplace disagreement undress flattening said a mechanic's shop. $915.00 after he left his job but rather than send a check his former employer had dumped over $91000.00 or oil and grease covered
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pennies on his driveway but a coin company has now stepped in to help flatten cleaning the pennies and even rounding the total to give him a $1000.00 in cash. that's it for me in the business team here in berlin to check out our website for you to be accomplished business about. people in trucks injured one trying to through the city center more and more refugees are being turned away or at. least. seems. to be correct the only things we've demonstrated the. people sleep extreme groups. to be. room for more than 300000000 people or seeking. municipal employees
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because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. w. . laid for mines. you're watching news asia coming up today the tremendous challenge of vaccinating as many people as possible in a country the size of india pakistan president seeing means many clinics are left with empty appointments we take a closer look at why people are skeptical and what that means for the country's battle. taking on tesla meet the south korean scientist who says he must shoot the world's 1st driving car decades why then did it not hit the road.


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