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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2021 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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contest of the cathedral. people 12 o m d w. this is g.w. news live from berlin and the death toll rises in taiwan's holiday weekend train crash authorities now confirming better at least 48 people have died dozens more are injured rescuers are racing to help people still trapped inside to do you train . also coming up the young are protesters respond to an internet blackout with
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flower stripes and more marches but the junta shows no signs of stopping its lethal crackdown despite condemnation from the u.n. security council and this party is not on police in belgium to step in to break up crowds after an april fools day prank gets out of hand. i'm sorry kelly walked into the program i was 48 people have been killed in a train crash in taiwan dozens more were injured in the accident in which the train derailed after emerging from a tunnel and colliding with a truck survivors were seen climbing out of windows and onto roofs to reach safety rescuers are still trying to reach passengers trapped in some of these carriages.
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william yang has been following the story for us he's joining us now from taiwan william what do you know at this hour. so like you mentioned at least $48.00 people have been confirmed dead and dozens more than 70 people have been hospitalized and the good news is no more passengers are still trapped inside the train so after hours helping in trying to rescue them out of the form the train carriage is inside the tunnel. able to remove everyone but there are still bodies there waiting to be transfer over to funeral homes we're looking at some dramatic images of the train and william. we have heard that apparently a truck caused this accident can you tell us a little bit more about the details of what exactly happened here. so the driver of the truck reportedly parked the truck in appropriately on
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a slope and he did not put the brakes properly which caused the truck just slow and ran into the train that was going through the tunnel and when the train hit the truck the church of the carey just inside the tunnel hit the wall of the tunnel and causing many of the carriages of the train to derail and as we know or originally only the 1st 2 carriages were out of the tunnel which created a very difficult situation for rescuers to try to reach those trapped inside the dark tunnel and the cherry just to our deformed but after hours of operations and the evacuation they were able to evacuate all the passengers that are on the train . who would have been on the strand i mean as as we're hearing you know the death toll has been climbing was this a relatively busy time to travel for example. right this is actually one of the big long holiday in taiwan tomb sweeping holiday is
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a traditionally very family oriented holiday so actually because of covert well most of the passengers on the train. are going to tie dome where they're visiting families and trying to commemorate their ancestors and this is very unfortunate tragic tragedy happened over there on the 1st day of the long weekend and thirty's are going to expect that the accident might create some chaos for all the other traveling passengers from but for those who are on fortunately on this train 350 of them a lot of them are either in hospitals or it's very unlikely that they might be able to join their family as they originally planned absolutely correspondent william yang following the story for us and we have been checking with you every hour to see how it's developing we will continue to do so while you and thank you for your reporting. thank you. me on mars the military has shut
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down wireless internet services across the country until further notice protesters have responded with calls for flour strikes and marches daily protests against the one to take over have become increasingly deadly with more than 500 people killed in the past 2 months the u.n. security council has expressed deep concern about the deteriorating situation in myanmar amid worries of a potential civil war. up to 2 months of daily street protests a symbolic act brings new hope to the cause protesters in cities around me on my burnt the 2008 constitution a constitution that was designed by the military opponents of the hunter have declared it void and have written an alternative charter but with members of the democratically elected government detained finding a diplomatic resolution is becoming increasingly difficult elected leader
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uncensored she now faces new charges if convicted she could be barred from ever holding office again. her lawyers have only been able to see her briefly via video link we did not feel i'm not able to say whether she is aware of what is happening in the country due to the circumstances yesterday and today court she may know or not i can't guess. in your mind and yet it was good to see her today and yesterday via conferencing she is healthy. the u.n. special envoy for me on my has urged the u.n. security council to act she wanted the country is at risk of falling into civil war activists on the ground say the situation is dire we've this kind of oppression from the military and continuous effort from our forces it is very. civil war you know months time and i would like you know a few to the united nations to do something about it because we could see
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a lot of sanctions from the u.k. the united states and japan and other european countries but they hasn't been any form sanctions coming from that u.n. . oh many demonstrators now believe an alternative force is the only way to return democracy to me and my several of the countries minority ethnic groups already have on to my. as some have denounced the coup saying they will protect their territories and protesters. here's a quick check of some other headlines from around the world u.s. president joe biden has held his 1st cabinet meeting at the white house by then use the gathering to promote his new trillion dollar infrastructure plan the senate confirmed to the full cabinet last week biden has hailed it as the most diverse in u.s. history. dutch prime minister mark has survived one of the biggest political fights
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of his decade in power he's narrowly survived a no confidence vote over claims that he lied about coalition talks has not been forced to resign but his chances of forming a new government have been dealt a serious blow. the world health organization has criticized the speed of the covert 1000 vaccine rollout in europe saying it is quote on except allee slow the number of new cases across the region has increased for the 6th consecutive week and just 10 percent of the european population has been given their 1st vaccination dose the warning from the w.h.o. comes as the e.u. failed to meet its vaccination targets and distribution schedule by the end of march. fears and frustration are growing in germany with corona virus cases on the rise authorities reported nearly 22000 new infections on friday and 232 deaths the
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germans have lived in some form of lockdown since last year our correspondent lee only found how much time asked people in berlin how they would describe the government's pandemic management confusing this is pretty chaotic good. given the circumstances. it's difficult for everyone terrible. these berliners are not alone according to the monthly national survey. from the polling institute info to steam up 79 percent of germans are critical of all the countries managing the crisis it's the highest number since the start of the pen demick only 24 percent are ok with the measures as they are about the same say they go too far while half of germans think current measures are not restrictive enough the country is in the middle of its 3rd wave of the pandemic the number of new infections is rising
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exponentially with the highly contagious u.k. virus varian now dominant but the vaccination has been slow and the chancellor and state premiers can't seem to agree on a course of action. so many people are so frustrated with the government that maybe they have better ideas on how to handle the pandemic if you were to. what would you do differently. i actually i would look to countries like. or singapore or even thailand you know and just. what they do different. nobody likes like a hard lock down takes a lot of quality of life away from a lot of people it makes people feel lonely and taiwan managed to deal with that with the condemning very well from the start opening it up for open discussion and letting the ideas come back and go and go back and forth and finding out which is the best idea that's what i would do i would get as much makes
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a nation as possible for like everyone. you know just to make everyone feel safe and i feel like we can get out of this because it doesn't look like it's like it's going to be over soon and that's really frustrating. a lot of ideas for the chancellor her party is under pressure to show a way for what if elections were this sunday the conservatives would only get 27 percent of the votes 6 percentage points down from one month ago. mickens party still has some time to prove it can get it right until september when germany's general elections are held. and staying with the pandemic at an april fools day prank in belgium that quickly got out of hand police in brussels stepped in to break up a party in a park that was flouting social distancing rules and other anti pandemic measures.
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what started as an april fool's prank on facebook ended in chaos. brussels police mourned the party was a hoax and illegal but crowds came anyway tear gas and water cannon were deployed. we set a fairly short no not even we came to the park and the next thing we knew it was going up in flames but it's not right that they have the water cannon and where he with nothing it's not a case of. surprise used. but these pictures tell a different story dozens of injuries were reported on both sides the fake festival started as a facebook event called love boom it promised famous deejays and no coronavirus restrictions a clear violation of belgium's containment measures which was cool for tourists but i think that too much is being said i think their young people are not trusted enough they are aware of these fires and know how to care for too many rules are
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imposed on us that really deprive us of freedom just to suit your group it comes at a time when covert 19 infections are surging in belgium police have warned that the party goers could face prosecution. now the rescheduled tokyo games are less than 4 months away and 12 year old skateboarding prodigy skye brown is all set to be the youngest ever olympian when her sport makes its olympic debut in july she has fully recovered from a life threatening accident last year and is now ready to perform on the biggest stage. scalia brown is smiling again despite the tokyo games being delayed she's still set to become the youngest ever limpy and and sees the positives in the year long wait to compete. i thought my dreams are you know gone out i can be in a room 6 and. still sad but then i realize it was just the
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way then you know we just get more time to. get better and i got same time in my family but the delay of the games was not her biggest setback that year in june she revealed she had suffered hell wasn't full yet the accident left her with skull fractures and a broken left wrist and hand she was unresponsive on arrival at hospital but made a full recovery i'm down stronger actually. doesn't really mean he's drunk or but yes it was a pretty hard time right pierre insight at any. risk even for a back like norway or climb back on was it was during her recovery the half british hof japanese skateboarder spent more time on her other passion of surfing and may even treated as more than a hobby in future i actually want to compete in surfing take steve miller thanks.
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next month next year next there are breaks in paris. first things 1st though as her trailblazing debut in tokyo beckons. good for her we wish her all the lock and with that now you're up to date on the news coming up next it is doc film and the search for the last supper i'm sorry kelly in berlin thanks for watching take care. of the ship. we take on the. matter. of. relief.
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