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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2021 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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ass if you get it wherever you get your pod cast you can also find us and dot com. this is d w news live from berlin and taiwan's deadliest train accident in decades at least 34 are feared dead and dozens more injured after a train packed with holidaymakers. inside of a tunnel rescue operations at the site in eastern taiwan are still ongoing. but also coming up the un security council strongly condemns escalating military
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violence in the on the market but the junta shows no sign of stopping its lethal crackdown on protesters who oppose the takeover and german tourists flock to the spanish island of majorca for the easter holidays despite coronavirus travel warnings just how risky is this trip to paradise. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program of these 34 people have been killed in a train crash in taiwan dozens more were injured in the accident in which the train rails after emerging from a tunnel and collided with a truck survivors were seen climbing out of windows and on to roofs to reach safety rescuers still trying to reach passengers who are trapped in some of these carriages.
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dramatic images there correspondent william yang has the view from taipei is following these developments for us as we've heard there dozens of deaths have already been confirmed by the police is that toll expected to rise. fortunately i think we're going to expect that told to continue to rise at least 61 have been hospitalized and some of them has pretty serious injuries and at least 72000 fold half injuries are still trapped in some of the carriages like you just mentioned and one of those that's already come from the conductor of the train the head of the train basically half of it is totally destroyed and he was originally not found it was later found on the street like inside the tunnel. and we heard that a truck actually caused this accident walk us through what exactly happened so
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initial inspection showed the truck which is actually owned by the time when rail way of gordie's contractor did not part properly on a slope that's nearby the train track and so it's. only slow and then ran into the train that's emerging from the tunnel and then causing the tunnel some of the carriages to hit the wall of the tunnel and creating the very serious derailment that we saw what happens next at the scene of the accident. so. ration is to the back who aren't remaining still trapped in some of the carriages and also is trying to. derail truck train is not going to cause serious traffic jams because as we know this is the 1st day of a long weekend and a lot of people are relying on the train and the railway to go between the east coast from the south to north and then go into other parts of taiwan so that's
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actually a very neat transition like railway transfer point for taiwan so that's going to be the priority for the authorities william gang on this developing story for us we'll be checking back with you as as it develops further thank you so much for your reporting and. in myanmar there is growing international concern over the military's use of violence against peaceful protesters members of the u.n. security council have expressed deep concern about the rapidly deteriorating situation and have strongly condemned the deaths of hundreds of civilians including women and children thousands of people have fled into neighboring thailand. after 2 months of daily straight protests a symbolic act brings new hope to the cause protesters in cities around me and burnt the 2008 constitution
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a constitution that was designed by the military opponents of the one to have declared void and have written an alternative charter but with members of the democratically elected government detained finding a diplomatic resolution is becoming increasingly difficult elected leader aung sun suu chain now faces new charges if convicted she could be barred from ever holding office again. her lawyers have only been able to say her briefly via video link. we did not feel i'm not able to say whether she is aware of what is happening in the country due to the circumstances yesterday and today a court she may know or not i can't guess. in your mind and it was good to say had today and yesterday by a conference saying she is healthy. the u.n. special envoy for me on my has urged the u.n. security council to act she wanted the country is at risk of falling into civil
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wall activists on the ground say the situation is dire we've this kind of oppression from the military and continuous effort from our forces it is very. civil war you know must try and i would like you know a few to the united nations to do something about it because we could see a lot of sanctions coming from the u.k. united states and japan and other european countries but they hasn't been any form sanctions coming from that un. oh many demonstrators now believe an alternative force is the only way to return democracy to myanmar several of the country's minority ethnic groups already have. as some have denounced saying they will protect their territories and protesters. that's going to look at some other stories making headlines u.s. president joe biden has held his 1st cabinet meeting at the white house biden used
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the gathering to promote his new 2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan the senate confirmed to the full cabinet last week biden has hailed it as the most diverse in u.s. history dutch prime minister mark rutte has survived one of the biggest political fights of his decade in power he's narrowly survived a no confidence vote over claims that he lied about coalition talks has not been forced to resign but his chances of forming a new government have been dealt a serious blow. belgian police have clashed with a large crowd gathered in a brussels park after a fake concert was announced on social media as an april fools day prank police said that 3 officers were hurt and $22.00 people were arrested large gatherings are banned in belgium due to surging infection numbers. and pope francis has begun
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celebrating the christian holy week of easter by leading a mass in st peter's cathedral in rome but the popes have skipped the traditional service commemorated jesus's last supper other events over the weekend will be restricted. well thousands of germans flock to the spanish island of majorca every year during spring break but this year in the middle of the pandemic chancellor angela merkel is warning against this vacation in times of the coronavirus controversial as it is considered a so-called demick driver the majorcan themselves are torn between the hope of economic recovery and the fear of the virus our reporter john philip schultz finds out from tourists and locals whether all the fun is worth the risk slowly but surely playa de palma is filling up with tourists again this is where most germans who book a trip to majorca over easter choose to stay restaurant owners are pleased every
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day beach bars open up their outdoor terraces but it's not just the beach that's popular activity has picked up at doctors' offices as well starting this week tourists must get tested for coronavirus before returning to germany. you have ferry assumptions you can make an appointment to the airport then you don't have to wait at all but you pay more as far as i know there are also 2 other places near here where you can take a test so personally i don't think it's all out to be honest we won't be doing this again it was nice to get away for a few days but the hoops we have to jump through to return and the fear that comes with being tested is too much what if it comes back positive the whole thing is just exhausting. despite virus fears the island expects more than 40000 german guest this easter but things look completely different in my glue for just a few kilometers away normally this location is firmly in the hands of british
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vacationers. but unlike the germans they're not allowed to travel at the moment. those who do face hefty fines so the mood in the town is. 50 to 60 percent of the businesses here will have to close completely. it's simply become impossible to pay rent without any revenue. right now the infection rate on me or karim ain slow but it has been slowly rising some fear that the island will soon close again completely fall rodriguez comments on the back and forth between reopening tourist attractions and re imposing restrictions with the spiting characters in new york is local newspapers for him the pandemic has shown that mass tourism on the island is a thing of the past it's like a medicine the right dose is great but too much is dangerous and used to work well
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on the island but then suddenly 5 times as many tourists came many in the tourism industry are exploited in the eighty's it was better less tourism leads to a better quality of life. in the meantime several hotels on the island have already been converted into quarantine accommodations and this is where some german vacationers who tested positive are staying they are required to wait at least 2 weeks before they are allowed to return to germany and correspondent philip schultz is standing by there on a beach in majorca tell us why are so many germans vacationing amid the pandemic. we're right here at the beach as you can see there is something like holiday shearling more or less at least especially since the weather has been quite nice in the past days but it's at the same time it's it's not really
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a holiday as we used to know it's nothing is left of the reputation of my arkansas notorious party place for example. bars have to close ups 5 pm people can sit in cafes during the day but then they can just go for a walk or they go back to their hotel rooms so nothing is the same as it used to be on the record and those restrictions that you're mentioning are just some of the safety measures that are in place how strict are they how do they work well majorca is really put very strict measures in place and they are also in force in a very disciplined way i've seen it myself at the airports 2 days ago it took me almost an hour to fill out all the held forms the whole secularization forms household health checks and i also to show a justification letter that i travel as a journalist so my york out really wants to show. security holidays during the
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punjab make possible and of course for them the upcoming summer season is much more important than this easter break though so they don't want to put this at stake by any means. are people in general in the country in spain worried about another wave of infections and what are the case numbers like at the moment. yes they they are worried that's for sure and it's also sometimes a difficult situation between the locals and the tourists as you know there's also been a very heated debate in german the lately if it's really responsible to travel in the times of punjab. how do they make us all be they almost feel. as if they are considered criminals but they are definitely not to blame for the rising infection numbers that we see here in spain at the moment numbers are rising again people are already talking before the weight of infection and
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a lot of health experts blame it mainly on the relaxation of measures in the past week here on my our cast members but they are also rising but on a low level compared to the rest of the country. young philip shelter reporting from a hawk i thank you so much. so you're watching news a quick reminder of our top story police in taiwan say that at least 34 people have been killed and many more injured in a train crash the train derailed in the tunnel after apparently hit in a truck rescue operations are continuing that is the island's deadliest rail disaster and at least $48.00 are. going to have more on that developing story of course at the top of the hour in the meantime you can always go to our web site w dot com or download our outs of global play or from the app store which will give
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you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for breaking news if you're part of a news story you can also use the op to send us photos and videos of what's happening and you can watch this program a live stream. up next business with my colleague chris colfer i'm sorry kelly in berlin thanks for watching. people in trucks enjoy it when trying to trying to seduce him to more and more refugees are being turned away in order. to please please the tanks in syria. to be used for the film and we're not against demonstrators. people who leave extreme. going through.
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the rubble and moving through.


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